It Is Tough To Be an American Historical Figure

It Is Tough To Be an American Historical Figure


I spend the evening consoling a fifth grade Jackie Kennedy look-alike.

Tomorrow the entire class would be full of famous characters in history….

….and my Jackie wasn’t even ready.

Her gloves were too big.

Her wig was a left-over clearance item that looked like it should be in its own music video.

Her pearls were “mom pearls.”

And she couldn’t understand why Jackie didn’t wear feather earrings.

And her twin sister…..Betsy Ross…..

…..was skipping around waving the flag.

It was enough to make a president’s wife cry.


We fixed the dress.

And the gloves.

And brushed the hair….and trimmed the rock star right out of the wig.

And told Betsy Ross to sit down and eat a carrot.


At the end of the night….when the costume was ready and the speech was prepared….

……I went to tuck her into bed.

I hugged her and told her she would be amazing.

And that we were so proud of her.


She yawned and turned her head towards me.

“Thanks, mom,” she said sleepily. “I think it’s going to be okay….but I’m kind of worried about John F. Kennedy. 

He didn’t even start on his speech and yesterday he was goofing off with Abraham Lincoln.”

I couldn’t help it….I laughed out loud.

“Good thing you are there to keep John F. Kennedy on track,” I said with a smile.

She shrugged and sighed.

“Husbands,” she said and rolled her eyes. “Someone needs to manage them.”


Good thing there aren’t any husbands like that around here. 🙂


May your Halloween be joyful and happy…..

…..and full of plenty of treats.

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  1. LOL….your have the most amazing blog…love your stories..and this one is so cute..I follow your travels and beautiful decorating excursions all the way from Nova Scotia!!!

  2. It clearly isn’t easy, but how fun. And, how exciting for you to have two such famous women living in your house.

  3. Hee hee! So wise for being so young. I bet Jackie will be amazing and Betsy Ross too. Have a Spooktacular Halloween! Trick or treat. Smell my feet. Give me something good to eat!

  4. So cute Kari Anne! I love children and the things that they say … Never a dull moment! I hope you and your have a wonderful Halloween day! =)

  5. Oh my goodness…LOVE this!! Girls are so smart!!

  6. I just lol’d over my coffee — God Bless that sweet Jackie K! Hope your Halloween is full of fun… can’t imagine it won’t be!
    xo Heidi

  7. That’s my girl – hmm- mm – perhaps it’s the name. Hope they have as much fun as Daniel Boone did. The costume choices are very indicative of what is to come – hope the day is as special as they are. Love you.

  8. I have a sneaky suspicion that your kids sound just like their mom. Loved that story. Loved the images more.

    Happy Spooks and Spells,

  9. That is so adorable….what a darling post! and your porch is stunning!

  10. Love that story!!! 🙂

  11. That is ADORABLE ! I love your blog……

  12. What? We need a picture…I hope you share:) Laughed out loud about JFK goofing off with Abraham Lincoln! 🙂

    • Christy!

      I just added one! And the best part….they asked me if it was going on the blog. 🙂


  13. Ah, Miz karianne, you hit another one! I keep telling you what a great Mom you are….they are so lucky to have you. And lucky to inherit your awesome personality traits, too. I mean seriously…. young Betsy Ross apparently has the yippee-skippee part of you (at least for today), and Miss Jackie got your perfectionist and sensitive genes…not to mention her astute observations of husbands and males in general! Your twins are adorable. Guess they got that from you, too!

  14. I follow you for your stories. I love decorating.
    I love your home and ideas…… but I follow you because of your wonderful stories.
    thank you. (:

  15. That is just so funny. No one can tell a story like you. Love your blog. Your home is beautiful. Always enjoy seeing what you have done.

  16. Out of the mouths of babes….what a great story so early in the morning! They obviously get their winning attitudes from you! 😉

  17. Sheryll & Critters. :

    Oh how fun again. And I agree with Trina, that your kid’s sound as fun as you are to be around.

    I need to send myself an email reminding myself to show this porch to my boyfriend. I want so much to copy your house numbers…….. and I am also now considering black to paint my front door. I have white trim around it now, but thinking of painting it black also…… the house is a very pale yellow concrete block with Deepest Woodlawn Green from Glidden (or it is what I think matches) shutters…… with brick under the windows. And I put a brick red metal roof on it when I first bought it……. and the fairly new windows are framed in black. I know, most was like this when I purchased and I thought I could not change the brick, so went with that color roof. Believe it or not it is a cute, little cottage, even with the myriad of colors. But what to paint the front door? It has never been painted and looking a little rough about now….. so help?

  18. Happy Halloween, my friend!!!~~Angela

  19. That sounds just like something my 4 year old grand would come up with. Wish I could meet the twins. If they have half your personality they keep the world rockin’.
    love ya,

  20. Out of the mouths of babe’s! Thank you for my morning smile 🙂

  21. I just LOVE your blog…and your stories. Just sayin. ;o)

  22. So I had visions of you in that commercial where the mom is cobbling the school outfit together that morning and it turned out excellent. For all you both know Mr. Lincolns mom doesn’t even know how to make a stove pipe hat.

  23. Your writing always cracks me up! You are crazy creative. I hope you post pictures of the President wives.

  24. Oh my goodness, they are adorable, Karianne! And Jackie looks perfect 🙂

  25. This is the way the holiday is supposed to be spent. Just love the porch and the décor and the conversation with ‘Jackie’… Delightful! Thank You and Happy Halloween.

  26. Double the fun! Thanks for sharing with us. Your girls are adorable (but then, you already know that!). They remind me of my 8 yr old grand daughter. Her dad works from home. We were discussing marriage recently and she told me that she was going to live next door to her husband. Why? Because he would be working from home and she did not want him cluttering up her house with UPS boxes!!

    BTW the Gatehouse porch looks fantastic!!

  27. They look adorable! What a great story.

  28. Linda Andersen :

    oh those girls are so cute!!! loved the husband statement 🙂

  29. Great Jackie costume! I dressed up as Jackie once. I was 23, the year was 1982 and it was a “come as your favorite sixties character” party. I definitely felt I was the best dressed person at the party. How could I not? First, everyone else was in tie dye and fringed leather. Second…well, I was Jackie for goodness sake! I felt fabulous.

    Thanks for your blog, I am really enjoying it, I appreciate your humor.

  30. So funny! When my daughter was about 4 years old, she was Mary and another preschooler was Joseph for the Christmas pageant (they just had to sit on the podium with baby Jesus while the bigger kids did the rest of the play). My little Mary didn’t move a muscle through the whole performance … but Joseph got antsy, abandoned his wife and baby and hung out socializing with the angels … yeah, these husbands can be difficult …

    I LOVE the famous characters in history idea. What a great way to incorporate fun into learning AND eliminate the less-than-appropriate costumes all in one fell swoop!

  31. Love when you share family stuff! Perfect!

  32. This is so cute.

  33. What fun! When my youngest was in 3rd or 4th grade, she was Betsy Ross, but my crowning achievement? My 2nd grader Princess Leia. Complete with real side-buns. And very painful hairpins, according to her . . . 😉 But it lasted ALL DAY, so I rate it a success! LOL Happy, Happy Halloween!

  34. L.O.V.E.

  35. Wonderful post! The story is cute and funny. And, the pictures and decorations are great! Wow!

  36. I hope Jackie and Betsy enjoy all that Halloween brings. Sweet story.

  37. Wise and wonderful girls … just like their mom! Such an endearing story.

  38. This post is beautiful and timely for me. Trying to balance several things at once. You pulled it all into perspective in your beautiful way. Thank you!

  39. As usual, that was the most enjoyable blog EVER in the history of EVER!!!!! You are an awesome decorator, but I gotta tell ya, it is the stories that get me everytime,,,, after reading it THEN I scroll back up and look at the pictures….You know you have a book in there right????? One day you will have to publish ” It’s a Blog eat Blog World” by karianne 🙂 I will be the first one to buy it….

  40. This is great. I could see it all as I read it. I also LOVE the front porch.

  41. Awe! Just too precious – I envision that years down the road when your little girl is a grown, married woman you two will reminisce, hug and laugh about her young wisdom. Marvelous post – have a blessed, safe Halloween day

  42. Kelly Lathrop :


  43. Keep them close. They grow so fast! love your blog and I wish you and your family a very Happy
    Halloween!!! BOO. Did I scare you.

  44. As I was reading I was only hoping you were going to post a pic of ‘Jackie’ and ‘Betsy’….thanks for not disappointing. They both looked awesome! oxoxo

  45. Your girls looked amazing…what fun! We are getting prepared for what promises to be an evening of great excitement…we usually have at least 500 Trick or Treaters in our neighborhood…they bus them in from the surrounding farmland…and I adore checking each and every one out! Thanks for sharing!

  46. I love your stories!!! Your girls are amazing, and both seem to have gotten different things from you. LOVED the husband comment;):) She is absolutely correct:):) Now, WHERE did you find those lanterns????????????? I ADORE them!!!! XO, Pinky

  47. Note to self: Reading KariAnne’s blog while drinking coffee is not a good idea…. Now I have to clean my screen…. After I finish giggling! The girls look amazing and I love your blog!

  48. How precious!

  49. Your daughters are so cute…and the costumes are wonderful! Fun post!

  50. LOVE!

  51. LOL!! love your blog!!

  52. Such a fun post! We had a home made Halloween this year, due to govt shut down. The 10 year old daughter made the coolest astronaut suit using sweats, lots of white duct tape, some actual NASA mission patches and two cardboard boxes. The 14 year old used a pair of musical note covered flannel Jammie pants and a long sleeved white t-shirt with sharpie musical measures drawn all over it to create her sheet music costume. The youngest went as a vampire courtesy of plastic glow in the dark vampire teeth she won in the class prize box. We sewed the inseams of an old pair of pants together to make a black cape with a stapled on paper collar, and make-up, black leggings, and t-shirt completed the ensemble. I must say, I was very proud of each of their ingenuity. I just love that we have a holiday where you can dress up like whatever you want and walk around you neighborhood with your friends. Yay Halloween!
    The Other Marian

  53. Your girls are wise….and they have done Jackie and Betsy proud…two of some of my favorite women of history!…

  54. Oh, such a cute story, thanks for sharing it with us.

  55. oh my cuteness! Best costumes ever!

  56. Totally adorable! Oh how wise “Jackie” is… 🙂 Totally made me smile. Thanks for sharing.

  57. How sweet were the girls costumes! Love your front door and the Halloween decorations are amazing.
    I don’t know how you do it but you make blogging , family obligations and decorating look easy 🙂

  58. I thought this was moving. Touching. Tender. Sweet. Brought back memories of 19 years ago when my daughter became Gerald Ford…and then a prairie woman clutching her baby in the dusty road of the playground…how I sewed and we used her great great grandmas apron…and how serious your Jackie was about her role…I had to wipe a tear or two…we as teachers assign these projects and don’t realize the lengths kids go because they must look just so…I’m very proud of you as a parent as well as your Betsy and Jackie.

  59. Too precious!!! Reminds me of a time, no too long ago, when I had a Betsy Ross and a Davey Crockett.

  60. Does history know that Jackie and Betsy were TWINS? Surely this is a major historical oversight.

    Your girls are adorable. You have the best stories. 🙂