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bookshelf hutch

Did you know that there are formulas for the perfect headline?

At the risk of stating the obvious…..I didn’t.

Did you?


Think about it.  How many times have you seen a magazine cover or blog or online news site and you see a headline that you HAD to click on?  Your finger hovers over the enter button and you know don’t have time… have 17 loads of laundry and a sink full of dishes and Big Brother just started and you have to know what that scheming Russell Hance’s brother is planning as Head of Household…..

…..but you click anyway.

I wish I could write a headline like that.

And I’m working on it.

You see…..I was so inspired by my wonderful creative genius headline writer friend (ummmm……yes……Miriam…..I’m talking to you) who constructs click-worthy headlines every day.

She referred me to this article on how to write an amazing headline.



So I wrote a few just for you.

I wrote a few headlines that would really make you want to click on this project about a wall hutch that used to be a bookcase that used to sit on the floor that was flipped upside down and hung on the wall with crown molding added to the top.


Do you see the help I need?

I already told you the entire project and you haven’t even clicked yet.



Are you ready?

Ready to be wowed?


I dare say….possibly even overwhelmed by the mere clickability of these headlines.


Here goes:

Little Known Ways to Turn a Bookcase Into a Wall Hutch


Get Rid of Your Bookcases on the Floor Once and For All


Now You Can Have a Hutch In Your Kitchen That Used to Be a Bookcase


Give me Five Minutes and I’ll Give You a Bookcase Makeover


What do you think?



Head turning?


I’ll be here all week 🙂


In the meantime… is the project in pictures…..

…..because I really think the headline says it all 🙂

A wall hutch that used to be a bookcase

that used to sit on the floor

that was flipped upside down

and hung on the wall

with crown molding added to the top





Cut Crown Molding


So currently….the journey continues for the perfect headline.

I’m going to study up a little more.


In the future.

You see….I really don’t have time right now because I just saw this article on 25 New Recipes for Cranberry Bread…..

…..and I had to click 🙂


 If you want more molding inspiration….click here to check out all my other molding projects.

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  1. I get it. This is really a good tip if you give it some thought.

  2. Anne Presley :

    Although the idea with the headline is to draw people in- much like a smile- there must be content or character to keep them coming. Without the content or character it (post or article or person) is a mere shadow and not worth reading or knowing.
    Obviously not your issue – so to me it’s more than JUST a headline.

  3. WOW. i want to crawl inside your mind and have a look around….. this was a great idea!

  4. What ever the headline I’m sure glad I clicked! That was genius turning that bookshelf into a hutch! Now all I have to do is learn to cut crown molding with my miter saw and I’ll be in business. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Oh, yes. I’ve read all about those headlines… I’ve even started openly gawking at the tabloids when I’m in line at Kroger… but, I don’t think that “Gwen’s porch lies and cheats it’s way to a new paint of coat” is going to fly…

    Hmmm…. what’s a girl to do?

  6. What a cool idea! As for titles…hmmm…well, I find that more traffic shows up when I clearly state what the post is about. As I prefer to be vague and I really don’t care so much about traffic, my titles are a challenge for those who wonder what I’m writing about. Anyway, when reading, I enjoy getting right to the heart of the thing, which is that amazing reworked piece. Beautifully done!

  7. Your display looks lovely! I am in love with your blog and style!

  8. Karianne,

    That bookcase to hutch is just amazing! Now when I see a bookcase at a yard sale or thrift store, I’ll see it as a lovely hutch instead!



  9. The headline “It’s all about the headline” made me click 😉
    I usually click because the headline describes something I want to learn more about.
    BTW the crown molding really made a statement on the hutch aka bookcase.

  10. I would look at your posts regardless of the headline. What a cool upside down bookcase.

  11. If you’re headlining, I’ll be in the front row to heckle you all night long!

  12. That looks great, Karianne! Really? A bookcase ~ I never would have thought it. It looks like it had some lovely detail to start with along the sides and what was the top, but the crown molding really gave it a finished look.

  13. Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Flea Market Makeovers :

    You draw me in even without the perfect headline. I love visiting your blog. You are talented, witty and always fun. Love the hutch/bookcase/shelve!

  14. I dont care what your headline is… I click on your posts every time for the beautiful pictures and fun content.

  15. I did not know. I use to have a monthly column in our high school newspaper that was called “did you know…” and I remember our teacher telling me the headline was perfect because it was an invitation. I never really thought about it until this post – and trust me, that was a looong time ago 🙂
    Love the hutch.
    I think Gwen’s title about her cheating porch is funny – it would probably get me to an article.

  16. You don’t have to worry that I give a rat’s behinder about the headline, because that’s just clever creative as all get out no matter what you write to make me click.


  17. omg I laughed and laughed and laughed at this post. You are such a funny girl!!! and I used to have a bookcase almost exactly the same as that one, too. Damn! I could have flipped it and hung it on my kitchen wall and dispersed with my idea for a stupid pantry cabinet that I can’t seem to find enough time to build…. sigh.

    Your headlines need some work, I think. They’re a trifle long.

    How about “My Bookcase Flipped Out!”

    or ” A Case for Hanging”

    or “The Plates kicked the Books Out”

    ok, maybe not…

    thanks for the laugh. My private name for your blog is Coffee and KariAnne because I love to read your posts fiirst thing in the morning. They set my day off perfectly!

  18. Gorgeous and inspiring. Hey your plant is still alive on your desk and doing well. I like that in all the white you had a pop of green 🙂

  19. How awesome is it that I just saw your house featured over at Perfectly Imperfect!! You are really on your way, and I know how thrilled you are about it. Remember I was there when Layla said she knew you 🙂
    Genius idea for that bookshelf.

  20. Good tips on writing headlines- I know my blog post headlines could use a little jazzing up. Love the bookshelf turned hutch too! So clever.

  21. You are funny !!!!!!

  22. Clearly it makes no difference what you call or … or headline it … we’re still gonna read it and eat it up and leave a comment about how so very clever you are about it!




  23. I get it…got it, good, now I have to work on that as well. Love your shelf btw!

  24. No worries about a headline here….you had me looking forward to reading your post after I read my first Out With the Old.

    What a genius idea to hang a bookcase upside down on a wall with some trim. I wish I had a mind that works like yours. Look out Goodwill all of Karianne’s readers will be knocking each other down to get their hands on a bookcase.

    Looking forward to what tomorrow brings regardless of a headline.

  25. WELL DONE!!!

    You are a blog magazine, lady – looks great and love all your edits with picovers and the like, so pro.

    And you could have a page line headline anytime, I will click on it anyway – you’re one of the best of the best.

    ♥ <blog love

    Have a fabo week!!!

  26. Coooooooool shelf idea! How about “See How Karianne Turns Decorating Rule UPside Down!”

    I would have NEVER EVER THOUGHT OF THAT in a million years. That’s why I have you in my blog list! Oh yes!

    But my hubby would have gone crazy trying to get the corners to match on that crown molding. He’s getting better at it though!

  27. Whoops, forgot the “s”. There goes my job as a headline writer!

  28. Love it! You always get me with your headlines and your openings. I dont think it’s something you have to worry about.

  29. That is too stinkin’ cute! That would be the shelf that was a part of a hutch and the headline that used to be…..OK you know what I mean, right? Love it all and thanks for the lesson. I have a terrible time with my heading and appreciate the help.

  30. Kari, i laughed so hard reading your post, and Gwen’s comment was hilarious, too. I agree with everyone, I read your posts regardless of the headline, because I know they will be amazing. if I didn’t know you, though, WALL HUTCH THAT USED TO BE A BOOKCASE THAT USED TO SIT ON THE FLOOR THAT WAS FLIPPED UPSIDE DOWN AND HUNG ON THE WALL WITH CROWN MOLDING ADDED TO THE TOP would get me to click, just to meet the fabulous personality behind such a title. 🙂

  31. New reader here and this post has me hooked! You definitely sold me on the headlines–I definitely laughed out loud 🙂

  32. Good point…..Great advice…..LOVE that shelf!!!!!! So cute! Now you have me thinking about a shelf I saw the other day for 3.00 just like that.Yes I said passed up! I am putting my coffee down,getting dressed and driving to see it it is still there.Today is 25% off too!

  33. KariAnne. Really? I was having enough trouble thinking right-side up. And, now you are telling me to think upside down! Whew! We should be scared.

    And, there you go again. I love this.♥ You already know I love you.♥♥♥

  34. “An Upside Down Beauty”

  35. As a matter of fact, I DO know the value of a good headline. My husband was a journalist after all. That is why he always writes the headlines to my blog…’cuz he’s good and punny like that. Love the flipped bookcase!

  36. For me…alll the “headline” needs to say is “you’ve got mail from Thistlewood”…!!!…Love your upside down bookcase photo!!…Now that made me laugh !!!…Another great project Kar!!….Looks fantastic!…

  37. Fabulous project! Franky, I wouldn’t care if you labelled one of your posts ‘Turd’, I’d read anything you wrote =))

  38. Clever, crazy creative, cute and classy – you, your blog and the bookcase!! 🙂

  39. That is SO dang cute! I need a new house where everything can be white (sign).

  40. Genius and I am going to read that article on how to write a headline. Oh and Willie is not Russells nephew…he is his brother!!!

  41. What a great idea.. gonna have to try that..I have the perfect bookcase..Too cool..looks great…

  42. Okay, before scrolling and continuing on, I was seriously sitting here trying to figure out how you got those vases attached so they’d hang upside down! Duh! See you could’ve written “amazing and mysterious upside down milk glass” and I would’ve bought it!

  43. This is a pretty idea, no matter what you call it!

  44. This project is wonderful! I love how you look at things in different ways…and I’m going to check out the headline article, too!

  45. What a great, great idea!

  46. That is such a stinking’ cool idea with the bookcase! You are flipping brilliant!

  47. I love the hutch, such a great idea. Crown molding makes everything look better. I get a kick out of coming up with clever titles but I really didn’t think about it get more readers to click on the post. I love your title about the books kicking out by the dishes. Very cute.

  48. What an incredible project regardless of the headline!!! : ) GORGEOUS! hugs…

  49. Awesome idea! And it looks great! And i will always click on your posts because they are so fun to read!

  50. I wish I could think up clever and grabbing headlines too! But, whatever YOUR headline, I love your blog and always CLICK:) XO, Pinky

  51. I just love the bookcase! In my mind I am searching my house for one to flip. So great. I wanted to say I click everyday because you always make my laugh no matter what the headline. I always check in with you to help me get inspired and to crack up. Susan

  52. All I have to see is Thistlewood Farm and I click. 😀 You always have great ideas and this one doesn’t disappoint either. Have a wonderful week Karianne.

  53. Gee Singh Newbanks :

    The headline that makes me click is always the same ‘Thistlewood Farm’ That is enough for me. It’s a guarantee that I’m, 1) going to like what I read ; 2) Going to get a giggle [ I did!! Maybe even a series of giggles] and 3) I’m going to luv… luv!! the project.

    I had a similar hutch top. Came on a maple hutch (2 piece) from my mother in law. I/we turned the bottom part into a bathroom vanity with an aluminum basin as a sink. The top part ( like yours) I put on the curb.
    I am now kicking myself in the …. hind quarter.

  54. You make me smile. Brilliant, of course! As for the headlines, I’ll be waiting, ’cause I got nuttin’. In the mean time, I’m “head over heels” for your book case. xo, K

  55. Ok I am no good at writting catchy headlines that make people want/need to read my post and I can’t do witty or funny either I kind of just suck……………….now I can say if I saw the headline…………”Little Known Ways to Turn a Bookcase Into a Wall Hutch” it would make me want to read more………….just so you know……………now onto the bookcase turned hutch it looks bloody awesome but then what else would we expect from someone as talented as you…………..

  56. You sure can work wonder with a little bit of crown!

    It’s gorgeous :)))

  57. Such a great idea, Kari Anne! I love how it turned out! So pretty.

  58. Seeing Thistlewood Farm in my Inbox is all the headline I need 🙂 Genius idea for that beautiful bookcase and looks perfect in that space. I’d love to be able to see things like you but for now, I’m heading upstairs to start turning bookshelves over!

  59. Wonderful transformation, Karianne!

  60. Girl….with rooms like yours, you don’t need headlines! I love your style!

  61. You are so creative! That was such a brilliant idea Karianne! 🙂

  62. My opinion – you don’t need to worry about great headlines with incredible pictures like that! I would LOVE to see more of the room with the new hutch in it. As it is, you just tease us with little glimpses of the room. You use whites in such a delightful way!

  63. I love the project, and I don’t care what headline you put on it. It’s fabulous!

  64. O.K. that bookshelf/hutch looks suspiciously like a vintage Ethan Allen bookshelf that I have and don’t have the slightest idea what to do with. Now I know. You had me at “Headline”!

  65. You can have an empty headline, and I’ll still click on it (although, oops, I’ve been a bad and busy blogging friend lately, and haven’t been visiting my friends as I like to)! I LOVE, love what you did to the bookcase … genious! And, I love how crisp it all looks put together … Fabulous, girl, fabulous!

  66. I suck at writing headlines. And I have issues with punctuation in my blog post titles, which doesn’t help!

    Your flipped out upside down crown moulded bookcase turned hutch looks great 🙂

  67. What a beautiful job! I love. You have a new follower 🙂

  68. Hi,

    My second time joining in Met Monday, so my first time to visit you.

    Wow! your better than Martha S. honestly. TY for this great idea, that I totally bring back home in Sweden.

    Happy mid-week-
    /CC from Stockholm

  69. I love this!! I am going to keep this in mind for the next house.:-)

  70. Great tips to draw readers in. Titles are important.
    Mary Alice

  71. It’s divine! You could even put more things on the very tip top! Love your whites!

  72. Wow! That is amazing!! Thank you for sharing. Visiting from Wow us Wednesday. Would love it if you would share this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Wishing you a grand week. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  73. What a wonderful idea turning a book shelf into a hutch. Great writing tips too, sometimes I get so wrapped up in the projects and photography I forget about the writing. Thanks for the literary kick in the butt :-)!

  74. I think I struggle with titles almost more than anything else! Thanks for the laugh, and this is a brilliant idea!

  75. Cool! Love your ingenuity, Kari! And I’ll click on any headline you write… regardless. 🙂
    xo Heidi

  76. oh, that is GORGEOUS!!!!

  77. VERY creative / looks awesome!

  78. Headline or not…you are wowing me gal!!! The first photos defied the need for a headline. The hutch, the placement of the hutch, and the rest of the room…simply gorgeous!!! Thanks for the fabulously turned upside down, think outside the box inspiration. Did I say thanks! Oh yeah…thanks…again!

  79. Headlines are important and your’s are no exception! They’re great! Of course, I love this bookshelf turned hutch! You’re amazing!

  80. Awesome, you rock my socks off! What an amazing idea! I would have never thought of that! I am going to copy you, I have a hutch top that I am going to flip upside down but it needs a top added. What did you do to make your plates stay in place?

  81. You are so creative! I love it!

  82. Very, very sneaky! wow, I love to see how people think outside the box….Wonderful things happen and you hit the mark…forget the headline…just keep thinking the way you do…

  83. Headlines are NOT my forte. I look forward to reading the article on how to write a better one…Great use of a bookshelf by the way. Never would have thought of something so creative!

  84. MMMMMMM, cranberry bread….. oh yea, I clicked from MMS FFF (secret code)

  85. I love it! (You never fail to make me smile or laugh!) I also love picture with the white Queen Anne chair near all the other white. I have a set of 6 Q.A. chairs that I want to paint white, but wasn’t sure I’d like it against the my white board and batten. Turns out I love the white on white!

  86. Wow, fantastic idea, and I love it white with all the milk glass! I have a collection and didn’t think it would look good once I paint the hutch it’s on, but seeing this, it really does work! Thanks! No fears left for me now.
    Debbie 🙂

  87. Sweetie Pie, You don’t need headlines. Once I saw just one of your “projects” I was totally hooked. I plan to “click” on everything! What talent .. what vision. This is my new best blog. Thank you inspiring me and getting me off the chair and onto my own painting, sanding, waxing, building, tweaking projects.

  88. I love this! I have been looking for something for my kitchen for a very long time. Now, if I could just find this somewhere. Any ideas on where to buy one?

  89. Marisa Franca :

    You don’t need a headline – if you wrote it I will click on it – YES!! you are that good. 🙂