It is a Red Red Room

It is a Red Red Room



A while back Sherwin-Williams contacted me and asked if I wanted to participate in National Painting Week.

Ummm…is the sky blue?

Do I love red lipstick?

Do extraordinary earrings make an outfit?

Why….yes….Sherwin Williams….

….yes….I would.  🙂

If you read my blog you know I’m the president of the Sherwin-Williams fan club.

I’ve painted my house Rice Grain (SW 6155) and Mindful Gray (SW 7016) and my favorite color of all time….Anonymous (SW 7046).


Every. Single. One.


But the challenge that Sherwin-Williams laid before me…..

….was to paint a room red.



Do they know me?

Have they taken the tour of the farmhouse?

But you see….my incredible wonderful rock stars….you know me by now.

And you have to understand…..

….how much I love a challenge.


So I gathered my courage and my creativity and my paint chips….

….and looked to a tube of my favorite red lipstick for inspiration.

And I found it.

My favorite red…..

…..Gypsy Red (SW 6865).

It’s perfect with just a little cool undertone and a true vivid hue.


And I used it to transform the art house from this….


….to this.

Want to see how I did it?

Here’s a fun video we put together that shows the step by step of how I layered the room…..

….and made it dance (the video will totally make you dance, too). 🙂

And that’s the room was created….step by step.

With a little imagination….I transformed the art house in to an English-inspired office.

I wanted a get-away……a retreat….an office space for a husband who is the unsung hero of Thistlewood Farms.


Life is hectic.

And busy.

And full of distractions.

And I knew that he needed a space he could call his own.


A space to store his books.

And his notes.

And his papers and his maps.


He is a coffee drinker.

For organization we cut a coffee crate in half and added a back to each section.

This created one-of-a-kind large storage crates on the wall.


I added tins for pens.

And I layered the desk with vintage books from our high school library.

And I used an antique weight set as paperweights on the desk.


And behind the desk I transformed these styrofoam panels to look like wood (tutorial on this to come soon).

I just layered on different hues of paint using this brush from Sherwin-Williams.

The short handle made it so much easier to create the look of wood and get into all the nooks and crannies.


The unsung hero of the blog loves his space….

…with it’s vintage finds and brilliant red walls.

it’s functional and beautiful…..tucked away at the end of a winding sidewalk with a fresh pot of coffee ready to go.

And it’s a space he can call his own.

Well…’s his space…..until we outgrow the craft room at the gate house and I remember I have that left-over can of Exclusive Plum (SW 6263).


Totally kidding.

Maybe. 🙂

For more red inspiration you can stop by I Heart Naptime and House of Earnest.

Tomorrow is full of pink inspiration with Decorchick, Home Stories A to Z and The Decorista.

For more painting inspiration this week….be sure and visit the National Painting Week website!

disclosure:  I was compensated by Sherwin-Williams for this post and participate in National Painting Week.

But all opinions on offices and red paint are completely my own.

For more information…please see my disclosure policy here.

Sharing at Kim’s.

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  1. You are a rock star…this is an amazing transformation!!!!!!

  2. the room is fabulous! cant wait to see about the art behind the desk.

  3. An amazing room! Love the red and all of your touches has made it so special. It’s hard to believe the square piece is not wood! You’re so good!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  4. Oh. My. Goodness. I LOVE this red color.

  5. Wowie doodle! That’s one sharp room! Hubby is a lucky guy! 😉

  6. This is my favourite room yet! I have been wanting to paint our great room red for years, but my husband thinks red is “dated” ha! Wait ’till he sees this!

    You continue to be a RockStar xo

  7. Amazing job! Looking forward to the tutorial on transformation of those stryofoam panels…LOVE it!

  8. This room is fit for a King…a Blog King…hail King Denton…your Queen has bestowed upon you a room that is simply AMAZING in every way!!!! (plus she used natural shed antlers…YAY Kari : ) lol!!!! The red is so REGAL and SOOOOO Old World WOW!!!!! LOVE IT!!! hugs…

  9. I love the room. We to became brave and painted my sons room red. He chose the color. It turned out really nice and calming. Love the song you added. Can you tell us who the singer is?

  10. wow.. girl, you arent good– you are GREAT~!!!!! that could be an exec office at the United Nations– seriously. I know cause I have been in a few of their offices and yours is BETTER by far..

  11. The red is fantastic. So rich and masculine but not overly so. It looks traditional yet modern too, does that make sense. I simply love it. Can’t wait to see more of your ideas and how you went about them — Where are you and your red lipstick?

  12. Miz karianne, you hit another one clean out of the ball park! I swear, I do not know how you do everything you do, and I am amazed that your head doesn’t explode with everything going on there!! LOL Can’t wait for the tutorial on the faux wood……gorgeous….and the red. I bet your sailor-man won’t be able to concentrate on anything for very long, because the red will remind him of the girl with red lipstick and flat-ironed hair……
    and so the love story continues…

  13. That’s styrofoam? I can’t wait to see that tutorial. It totally looks like wood.

    The room turned out beautifully, KariAnne.

    Red can definitely be one of those tricky colors to work with and you selected a lovely hue. The accessorizing is amazing and truly brings everything to life.

    It’s a bold and super makeover and a fun read, as always.

    Have a wonderful day,


  14. Look at you with your rockstar video!!! Love it and the room turned out beautiful 😉

  15. I’m obsessed with the pillow on the wingback chair. The whole room works together to set off the pillow. 🙂

  16. Flat out FUN!!

  17. Since red is my favorite color, this is right down my alley! LOVE it! It’s a gorgeous red…so rich and elegant. The entire room is perfect!

  18. Wow!!!! Red is my favorite color anyway…but this is AWESOME. Way to go girl!

  19. I love it and I’m not a red person. Good to see someone using color. Accessories take it over the top. Neutrals look good in photos and are easier to work with when decorating, but I simply need more color. Great job!

  20. The room turned out great! What a fun and daring moving move! soooooo……I was wondering….where did you get the cool clock? :-)! Kellene

  21. Karianne!
    First off let me just say: Awe……….How seet of you to make your dear, hubby a room to call his own. And I’m sure he wouldnt call it too freshy. ha! This room turned out so rich and warm. A true man cave with the red and the wood. My husband is always saying: I need a room too, you have every room in this house,I need a room for my stuff.
    Ohhhh Pshaw Doanld!
    Seriously, this is a great room. What really caught my eye was the ornate carved wood – You said its styrofaom!!!!!!!?!!!!!?!!! Get outta town!! I just fell out of my recliner! That is over the top GORGEOUS!!!!
    I love all the lil doo dads- the clock, the vintage weight set, and that gold letter is super cute!
    Keep on keepin on!

  22. As always…DANG GIRL!!!!! Way to go! So….Whatjado with the sink? Is the pipe capped off? Where did you get the piece the AH-mazing Styrofoam (really?!) is sitting on from? What the story about the rug? How do people sit in chairs on rugs if the chairs don’t have wheels? I have a hard enough time getting chairs to move on hardwood much less on a rug. Okay…. maybe I need to dial back the caffeine juuussst a bit. (Sad part is I haven’t had any this morning! 🙂

  23. Speechless! Drop dead gorgeous!!

  24. LOVE love love.
    I once had a red bathroom and I loved it.

  25. Cool room. I especially like the print on the pillow. Jacobean?
    Nice job!

  26. LOVE IT!!!! Can’t wait to hear how you did the Styrofoam art work. And I love the wooden boxes cut in half for paper work…You are amazing…

  27. KarriAnne you did it!!!! AGAIN!!!
    You are Amazing!!!

  28. Okay – WHERE DO YOU FIND ALL THIS COOL STUFF??? The room is fabulous, just like you. And everyone had you pegged as a ‘neutral’….! WOW!

  29. You totally fooled me. I was about to call and ask you where you found that great salvaged wood door. Incredible job.

  30. Totally FANTASTIC! But I wouldn’t expect anything else 🙂 Life to the full! Melissa

  31. You know you are a miracle worker, of the house décor kind of course, when you can turn boring ol STYROFOAM into a rich piece of antiquified (my word not websters) wood!!! Don’t keep us in suspense, can’t wait to see.

    I know I say it every time, but seriously, your writing and tongue in cheek humor is just about the best thing ever and should put you at the top of refreshing blog writers. I don’t know which I like better, the décor or writing some days.

    So would you share your source for the faux wood shades on the lamp and that super uber cute rug? I think I saw some similar mini shades at Lowes just yesterday. They seem to be catching up with the times because they also had a pretty French scroll shade as well.

    Thanks Girl!

  32. You have totally outdone yourself this time, girl!! This space it To. Die. For.! I cannot wait for the tutorial on those wood-look plaques 🙂 What an amazing room!

  33. WOW!! Now you can add video production to your list of titles!! Love it all!! You must have a whole team working for you by now. So great to see all your inspiration and that you share with us all. 🙂

  34. I love this room! We just painted the door in our entry red and I love it! And seriously – styrofoam?? I can’t wait to see how you did that. But I think my favorite is the strorage on the walls made from a coffee crate! Love your work Karianne!

  35. I LOVE the! Those are styrofoam? You can’t possibly be serious?!

  36. KariAnne – I just simply love your blog! It always puts me in a great mood! I LOVE THE RED ROOM! It’s gorgeous – I can’t wait til you post the tutorial on the faux wood foam panels – I thought they were real wood!!! Magnificant!! Have a wonderful rest of the week!

  37. That would scare me a little too! I’m so glad you took the challenge though because, wow!!! It just makes everything pop against it!!


  38. NOW you’re cookin’!!! I understand it’s the easy way out for you blogging girls to have neutral walls so it doesn’t distract from the items you put into the rooms, but Girl, I LOVE color and most of us actually have color in our real rooms in our real lives. We aren’t having to play to the camera to show off something each week, so we can afford the luxury of having beautful colored walls to show off our stuff. I’m sitting in a yellow room that feeds into a gold dining room, a green hallway….sigh….I love color. It’s GREAT to see you focus on the color of the walls, not just color through furniture and accessories. You should try actual color IN the house sometime. :-), not just relagate to to an out-of-sight location. It always amazes me that while having such a colorful personality, you don’t express yourself wth more permanant color in your home.

    You’d be surprised, once you dare to break out of your “neutral-driven” life (actually, if you’re in neutral, you CAN’T drive…hehehe) how EASY it is to live with colored walls! White ceilings, with blue walls and dark hardwood floors….Deep tan walls, white trim, with chocolate accents, red walls with pink accents, black wall with peach-colored burlap drapes and grape-colored chairs…..what sweet dreams I can conjour up with those palates. Remember you only live once, and you’re young only once….why waste it on neutrals!!! Don’t just add a colorful bedspread, dare to adorn your structural elements (walls, ceilings, stairs, doors) in your home with color!! It will empower you more than you know! LOVE the red, it’s my favorite color!!!

  39. Totally luv it! The room went from boring to vibrant!! Luv the English Country feel…
    Hugs, Gee

  40. That room is SICK!! In the nicest kind of way. Your hubby must be over the moon at the care and attention you put into this room, just for him. And wait, that video, WOW. You are way too talented, and thanks so much for sharing it with all of us. Like so many others, can’t wait on the tutorial of the styrofoam panels.

  41. Jennifer Ferrell :

    Just as I expected when I heard about this “red room” challenge….it’s absolutely AMAZING!!!!!! Can’t BELIEVE that’s styrofoam?!?!?! Holy smokes!!!!! Love knowing you KariAnne!☺️

  42. KariAnne,
    OMG all I can say is WOW!!!!!!!! Another incredible inspiration!!! I LOVED the video. I had goosebumps!!!!
    By the way we LOVE Sherwin Williams Paint and bought over $800 worth of it when we painted our house 2 years ago. It’s such beautiful paint. I do want to change some color in a couple rooms. Thanks for always being so inspiring and for making us feel happier after we leave!! xo Lisa

  43. LOVE.IT.ALL.!!!!!! You are a amazing…. I’d love to spend a day inside your evil genius brain. I adore the video too! Did you put that together by yourself?

  44. I was so looking forward to this post and you did not disappoint! Beautiful! I can’t believe you made Styrofoam look like wood! And…I have never been a big fan of red (although you look sensational in red lipstick!), but you have made a believer out of me. Years ago we switched from Benjamin Moore to Sherwin Williams, I love it.


  45. Oh Karianne – it is FABULOUS. So sophisticated and it completely says “British Lord” to me. Of course I can not stop the screechy voice in my head saying,, “Red Rum” (from The Shining). Eeee! But that aside, it is so, so great.

  46. Wow KariAnne! You really nailed it with this room! I love that old library feel that this room has. I can not believe that art piece is styrofoam, it looks so much like real wood. I am certain your awesome husband will love having a space of his own that is equally awesome, Rock Star wife created for him.

  47. I love this room, what amazing color and the layering of the decor – fabulous.

  48. Looks great! I’m sure your hubby is loving his space!
    I just spent the last few months getting rid of all the red in my house, walls, rugs, accents, all of it. Couldn’t do it anymore! 🙂 Have a great day!

  49. Gorgeousness! What a great spot for hubby! I love it! That lipstick red! LOVE!

  50. KariAnne, tell us he LOVES it?!!! It’s an amazing transformation!

  51. Love, love, love the transformation! I’m more of a neutral wall color person (in love with white furniture with touches of antiques in natural wood) but this room makes me wish I had a room to paint red, too!!

  52. Perfect. Man. Cave. S.W. A. K of lipstick red.


    KariAnne,this is absolutely GORGEOUS,I just LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the color,and the Styrofoam panels too are absolutely gorgeous.You just never cease to amaze me and I hope that you are very proud of yourself and all that you do,because you really should be!!!!! 🙂

  54. Kari Anne, you have been blessed with the gift of creativity and once again your talent is inspiring us to also be “brave”. What a wonderful gift you have given your husband.

  55. KariAnne, your creativity and talent is amazing! You Are BRAVE!

  56. Sweet Mother of Mercy girl you knocked this OUT OF THE PARK!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy cannoli I am almost speechless! I love every single detail. Styrofoam????? No way. The visions you see astound me. I know your hubby is in Heaven with this space. BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. I LOVE it!!!! You knocked this challenge out of the ballpark, Karianne. So proud of you. ( and the video is awesome.)

  58. It’s fantastic KariAnn!

  59. Amazing! I love the gate house and thought that was a brave design, but red is fearless. Painting the bookcases the same color as the walls is just brilliant. As always you rocked it!!!

  60. Wow! I love the red–it looks so sophisticated! Your husband will have to wear a smoking jacket complete with an ascot…and, oh…have a pipe! as he settles in to read the paper! 🙂

  61. It’s gorgeous, Karianne! Of course we knew it would be. Can’t wait to see the tutorial for that amazing wood art behind the desk! XO

  62. You absolutely are the BEST at pulling a room together! Who would have ever thought to paint a bright red lipstick color on the wall for a gentlemen’s room. And… works. You amaze me!

  63. Wow…KariAnne…I love red too, but would probably never have painted walls with it…until I saw yours! What a gift of love for your husband! Love, love, love the coffee crate storage on the walls…going to keep my eyes open for something similar since I’m a coffee addict as well. Love the faux wood Styrofoam panel board as well…can’t wait to see tutorial on that. Once again…you do rock! My husband, the builder, also loves Sherwin Williams paint and it’s the only paint his painters use. Love the office…an inspiration! Warmly, Gracia

  64. Turned out SO great, Karianne…I bet your hubby loves it!

  65. This is such a dramatic change and I love it! Totally worthy of your husband (because I know how hard our behind the scenes men work!) I better not show it to my husband because he might just want his own room! My son has a red room with a chalkboard wall since he’s the budding artist in the family.

    I revealed my craft room makeover (with Behr Paint 🙂 on the blog today. I’d love if you’d take a look. You and I are kindred spirits and BOLD women!

  66. What a fantastic room! I always think of red as overpowering, but here is really is a highlight for all the terrific furnishings and objects.

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE PILLOW!! I know I am shouting, but it is with unabashed enthusiasm! Can you please give me the fabric details? I would love to use this to reupholster a couple of chairs in my home. Thanks!

  67. No freshy decorating here! It’s stunning, Karianne.

  68. Absolutely fabulous! I’m brave with color, I’m neutrals challenged. This shows just how multidimentially talented you are!

  69. Kari, this is seriously gorgeous and those panels are styrofoam? My mouth fell open.

    I CANNOT believe those are styro things stained and
    added to a wooden background board? Are you serious??
    I thought it was an old salvaged relic. YOU are simply amazing.

    Cannot wait to see your follow up post on that!
    Thanks for sharing.

  71. I adore this room! I love the bold red! In my new house I decided to steer away from lots of red, but now I want to go back. Thanks for renewing my love affair with RED!!