Industrial Farmhouse Decorating

Industrial Farmhouse Decorating


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A long time ago in a land far away….

….remember when I decorated a room for La-z-boy?

I called it industrial farmhouse decorating….which is a cross between the vintage style of a turn-of-the-century farmhouse and the simple industrial lines of an old warehouse.

And besides….it sounds fancy and extra official…..

….as if I thought the whole concept out in advance.

Exactly. 🙂

The whole experience was fun and exhilarating and wonderful and challenging…..

…and the room looked a little something like this.


I designed a sofa for them and then shopped their showroom and found wood coffee tables and burlap lined baskets and flower felt pillows…..


…..and industrial shelving and iron spheres and wooden pedestal table and accessories and a herringbone rug…..


….and a chair that looked like this.


Remember how we all loved the chair and I told you I picked it for the room at the last minute and I wasn’t even sure if it was going to work because it was such a bold houndstooth pattern and how I had no idea it was even reclined back until I had finished and invited everyone over to the space and I was sitting in the chair in the middle of a really good story when all of a sudden I leaned back….

…right into a recliner.

I wish you could have seen the look on my face.

It was priceless.

And it was at that exact moment….

…..that I fell in love with the story-telling-houndstooth-reclining chair.


Well….houndstooth chair that’s a recliner and you’d never even know it…..

….meet the farmhouse.

The chair arrived on Friday to bells and whistles and shouts of joy….

….and promptly made it’s way to the family room.


You see….as a thank you from La-z-boy….they told me I could pick one thing I wanted from the room and they would send it to me.

And of course…..

……was there even a choice?


And even though it wasn’t in production yet.

Even though you couldn’t order one.

Even though they explained that it would take months and months and months to get here.

I chose the chair…..

….and it was worth every minute of the wait.

PS  The chair watched MadMen last night.

And we both agree…..this season isn’t going so well.

We just saw Don Draper eating a box of crackers in his bathrobe.  🙂


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  1. Oh!! How I wish I could have been there for the storytelling. I would have had my phone ready to snap Kari’s surprised expression. The chair that’s a recliner but doesn’t look like one is wonderful. {ahem} I normally don’t like recliners but I’d welcome your hounds tooth recliner in our house with open arms. The big bulky monstrosities that took up an entire room gave the poor chair a bad rep. Be careful when you’re drinking your sweet tea — you may lean back too fast 🙂

  2. Perfect choice! Love it!
    xo Heidi

  3. The Lazyboy room is my favorite room you’ve done – well, not counting every room in your home…..and the gatehouse. I want to shop in the Lazyboy warehouse. Love the chair – although I would have had a horrible time choosing from all the loveliness in the room. I would have had to recline and think about it for a long time!

  4. It looks perfect in your family room! Who knew a comfortable recliner could be so gorgeous?! Your room looks great!

  5. What a great chair! Enjoy!!

  6. I’m in love with the chair.

  7. I love you use of bold (large houndstooth) with subtle colors.
    It seems to end up elegant and cozy at the same time.
    Have a great day!

  8. I love this chair!!! The fact that it is a secret squirrel recliner just makes it that much more awesome!!!! IT is the Sherlock Holmes of chairs. 🙂

  9. Yvonne Ester :

    I love how the houndstooth chair looks with your paisley area rug……it’s perfect !!!!!!

  10. Love the chair- good choice! I’ll be looking at Lazy-Boy furniture for our new house. Everyone needs a recliner, especially if it doesn’t look like one!:)

  11. Love brown…love hounds tooth….this is brilliant together. Was the chair comfy? Of course it was…it reclines! Enjoy!


  12. You know…that IS a fantastic chair! Enough said! 😉

  13. Very cool chair!!!!!!!!

  14. Miz karianne, you most definitely deserve that chair. And I absolutely LOVED that room….
    good job, and happy reclining!

  15. Maureen Brinkmann :

    Yep, I NEED that chair Kari Ann

  16. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS KARIANNE! The EXACT fabric is arriving on a slightly different chair Friday at StoneGable! I got the same fabric! And I love love love it!!! Well, just goes to show you… we have excellent taste (giggle)!


    You sooooo deserve that chair,you did an absolutely fantastic job on that room Karianne and the chair looks gorgeous in your room!!!! 🙂

  18. I love this room and want that chair! I hope it’s available at my local showroom! Great choice Karianne!

  19. I loved your room back when you designed it….and I still love it. And that recliner..Yeah!

  20. GrandmaSewvy :

    Had to look for a recliner when my hubby had hip surgery. I was shocked at how gorgeous Lazyboy furniture had become. For years I had denied my husband a recliner because of the horrid, bulky style. Two recliners later and I’m a believer. People have to be warned they are recliners before sitting down and really never believe us until they test the chair. The recliner you have is so wonderful I just might need a third one.

  21. It matches perfectly in your room! I think I might have been torn between the chair and the rose covered stool!
    Hugs, Lynnie

  22. The room you decorated/designed for La-Z-Boy is my all-time favorite. There’s not a thing I wouldn’t want to duplicate, including the houndstooth chair. It’s amazing. Thank you for continually inspiring and encouraging with your designs, ideas and stories 🙂

  23. Love it! You chose wisely, the chair works so well with what you already had in you family room! I love that room that you designed for La-Z-Boy, it would have been so hard to choose just one item to keep. Recliners sure have come a long way from the one my dad used to have!

  24. I LOVE this chair!!! We watch Made Men too and things aren’t going so well for Don. It is funny even though he is a despicable man, don’t you find yourself rooting for him and hoping he will turn it around??


  25. I would have picked that chair, too, in a HEARTBEAT! Love it!!!!

    Happy Spring!! 🙂

  26. Peggy Zortman :

    Miss KariAnne, you are definitely a rock star! I wanted everything in the room you designed for Lazyboy. And then you bring the houndstooth chair home to Thistlewood Farm and it is perfection! You are amazing!

  27. I need, I want, I’ve got to have that chair !!! Martini in hand !!!!!!!

  28. This piece really makes the room. While I am not a fan of the larger houndstooth print, I love the color. But most of all the design of the chair. The lines are clean and reclines! ! Great design Lazy Boy

  29. I love it when a piece of furniture looks one way but is “more”. Like the tailored lines in your new recliner. Fashion and comfort together–a win-win!

  30. Mildred Hoppe :

    I want to know about the rug on the floor under your coffee table. From where did it come?
    And the pillow in the infamous houndstooth chair?
    Love the neutrality of it all….and your blog….and your decorating style.
    Many thanks!

  31. KariAnne, Love your new chair! Of course, I totally believe your room should have won the Lazy Boy design challenge…don’t know what those who judged were thinking!!! Houndstooth is such a classic…You won’t grow tired of it. And…how nice that the chair does not look like a recliner, but is! The men in my household would be diving for that chair! We have had several Lazy Boy recliners over the years and they have held up well. Enjoy!

  32. Now you and the chair can tell stories together maybe in bathrobes eating boxes of crackers or maybe you can swap the crackers out of cookies. LOVE the chair!

  33. I have a persimmon houndstooth runner at my front door and it is a stunner. I love houndstooth, have since I was a kid. Am considering painting a houndstooth stencil on ceiling in kitchen..or at least some room in my house. Love the chair!

  34. Great chair! I never knew a recliner could be so good looking. You have lovely taste!

    Happy Monday! Hope you have a great week!

  35. Awesome chair! I’m sure you look fabulous in it!!~~Angela

  36. I love, love, love the room you designed for La-Z-Boy! I just bought new living room furniture from them, after having my old stuff for over 20 years. I am curious about the wooden piece with the drawers and cubbies with the alphabet letters painted on the front of it. Is that available from their showroom? Your new chair is fabulous. Enjoy!

  37. Love, Love, Love!! That is a beautiful room! What are those wire spheres hanging?? Would love to fine some.

  38. What a great looking chair! I can imagine how excited you must have been when it arrived.

  39. Jerry Stocks :

    You are without a doubt the best story teller ever. I so look forward to receiving your blog.

  40. Lisa Castillo :

    Oh goodness! I love this chair and everything about your room!

  41. I remember this room since it was my FAVORITE and I voted for you. You did an outstanding job and I too love this chair! How hard it would be to pick just one thing, when I want the whole room!!!!

  42. You picked the right thing! That chair is lovely and I love the unit for storage with the alphabet. Oh boy is that an idea! Great Great chair.

  43. You made a great choice, Kari…I loved that chair the minute I saw it in your “space” (and you really should have won that whole contest…sniff!). I am thinking about some houndstooth pattern somewhere in my own home. Love it!


  44. Perfection! I loved her in your showcase room but she looks even happier here 🙂

  45. This chair is fantastic and both your own family room and the room you designed are gorgeous!

  46. The plaque over the fireplace, did you make it or is it a decorative purchased item? Maybe from the Lazy Boy store?

  47. Robin Stephens :

    That’s an incredible use of oversized houndstooth. Looks unashamed yet stately. I’m in love.

  48. I absolutely loved your design for la-z-boy and voted everyday. Winner in my book. Same goes for bhg. Keep doin what you do.

  49. The room you designed is my favorite look EVER! I wish Mad Men would wrap up already….it’s dangerously close to 70’s – and NO ONE wants to see Don Draper in a polyester leisure suit ;-(

  50. I LOVE that chair…it’s the clear choice in my opinion and looks fantastic in your living room.

  51. That chair is to die for…and of course it looks perfect in your house!!!

  52. KariAnne, if you ever get tired of the gorgeous houndstooth chair….please let me know!!!!!!
    It would be most welcome down in Texas!!! ; )

  53. Love..Love..Love…the chair!!! did I mention I love chair? lol Your room was awesome…..


  54. oh it looks so so SO good, KariAnne! I love it – I wouldn’t have waiting forever for that chair!

  55. I mean – I WOULD have waited forever for that chair – I type faster than I think sometimes 🙂 Happy week to you!

  56. Yay for surprise, getting your favorite thing! And such a fun thing too. You might as well get the one thing you’d never find anywhere else. Well done sweetie. And that was one hell of a room. Now I want to hang metal orbs in mass from my ceiling. Too bad I don’t have a farm house. Hmm…but I do have an office and a pair of metal Mexican star lamps that need a home….I’ll let you know. And give this post credit for the idea, of course.
    The Other Marian