Industrial Farmhouse Cutting Board DIY (and a Brilliant Idea)

Industrial Farmhouse Cutting Board DIY (and a Brilliant Idea)

industrial farmhouse cutting board

Have you ever worked on a project before and you couldn’t exactly figure it out?

I mean… knew it had potential.

You knew it was almost there.

You knew it could be amazing.

But no mater how hard you tried and worked and adjusted and twisted and turned, you just couldn’t exactly figure it out.

And so you pressed paused and thought for 12 minutes….

…and all of a sudden life handed you a brilliant idea.

Oh good.

Me, too. 🙂

cutting board DIY project

I’ve seen cutting boards before like this in high end magazines that cost as much as small island in the south Pacific.

But I have these four kids.

Kids that play baseball and have cheer uniforms and eat groceries by the sackful and who I want to send to college one day.

And so I have to get creative with my plans for fancy cutting boards….

….and make my own.

cutting board DIY

To make the project, I started with a cutting board.

This one was left-over from a my brother’s butcher block counter tops.

I liked it because it was thick and butcher blocky and full of potential.

industrial farmhouse casters

Next, I found casters at the home improvement store.

Here’s a few caster tips:

1.  I got the ones with the lock.  Much better to be able to lock my cutting board in place.

2.  I got smaller industrial looking ones that were about 2″.  You can see the size on the box when you go to the caster aisle.

3.  I also got the ones you can attach to the surface, rather than the ones that insert into a hole that you drill.

caster attachment

Here’s a close-up of the caster attached to the bottom of the butcher block.

It swivels.

And it locks in place.


Here’s the underside of the cutting board with all four casters put in place.

I loved the industrial look of the casters and how something so simple that only took about five minutes to attach made such a big difference.

But I wanted to add something more.

I wanted to take my cutting board to the next level.

And that’s where the brilliant idea comes in.

Industrial farmhouse kitchen

I wanted handles.

But traditional hardware wouldn’t work.

You see…most traditional door handles attach from the back.  As in…you put them on the front of the cabinet door or drawer and attach the screws from the back.

But this is a cutting board.

There isn’t a back.

And in addition, the cutting board is relatively narrow, so any of the larger, industrial handles wouldn’t fit.

What is a cutting board maker who’s trying to put four kids through college and keep them in Honey Nut Cheerios to do?

handle hardware

Enter the amazing idea.

And for the solution, I went all old school.

A window sash handle….the kind that I have all over my house because my windows are vintage.  You can find them in the hardware section next to the pulleys.

This handle attaches from the front and it’s small enough to fit on the cutting board.


I know….right?

Thanks life. 🙂


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  1. I love it, you are just too clever lovely lady.
    BTW your kitchen just looks amazing, everytime I see that platter shelving, I nearly pee my pants, I’m so going to make one of those one day. x

  2. Thanks so much for the DIY! I just had butcherblock countertops put in my kitchen and the installers cut two boards out of the piece where the sink sets in! What a cute idea! Love it!

  3. Michelle Rudis :

    Yes, simply brilliant! And beautiful too.

  4. This is brilliant! Seriously brilliant. And useful. And cute. Can I have your permission to possibly steal this idea a make 3 or 4 for sale in a barn sale I am participating in this June? I have been looking for something cool and small, as I only want to enter 10 things or less in the show. I need to earn the $350 for the hardware for sliding barn doors in my family room. I have (hopefully) 3 book lamps, a light blue and white side table, and a few gilt mirrors right now. And don’t worry. If you say “no” I totally respect that. I wish more people would ask before taking and selling other people’s ideas.
    Raising my Diet Coke in salute,
    The Other Marian

  5. Cute. Nice to have those big counter spaces!

  6. I am obsessed, obsessed with putting wheels on EVERYTHING. In the past mostly industrial resteraunt equipment …. But now you have taking my obsession to a new level!!!

  7. Dolphin clapping!! Brilliant!! Seriously!!

  8. Well I call that “Meals on Wheels”:)
    Clever and fun.

  9. Not just brilliant, but ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!!!! I have to make myself one immediately!
    Hope you have BRILLIANT day!

    Terri 🙂

  10. Your kitchen is divine Karianne! I think I just may have to try this one myself 🙂 It is so perfect!

  11. Good morning KariAnne,
    Well, I see you survived being at Hancock’s yesterday! It was so nice to meet you and hear your sweet and bubbly voice. Now when I read your posts I can hear your voice in my head and it’s wonderful!

    Please tell me you already had this post ready to use sometime and that you didn’t go home last night and make this cutting board… You looked awfully busy answering questions and promoting your new fabrics and I bet you were exhausted when 3:00 hit! Thank you for the packet of fabric blocks…I’ll have to lay them out and see what I can come up to make with them.

    My hubby and I didn’t leave Paducah till late in the evening…we went downtown and hit the shops in the historic district.. Thanks again for being a part of my very fun day!
    Blessings, Jeanne

  12. I saw the wheels on your board and laughed, said “that’s cute!”. So cute. And the handles…brilliant. Love those ideas that pop into my head from out of the blue. Have a wonderful day, KariAnne.

  13. Nan, Odessa, DE :

    Wonderful idea!
    How thick is the wood?

  14. Love this look, Karianne! This is “necessity is the mother of invention” put into practice! Beautiful and functional!

  15. Leslie Watkins :

    Oh, yay!! You solved ANOTHER problem for me!! Thanks, amazing friend!!

  16. Linda walkup :

    Oh this is beyond clever! Original and unique just like you. Loved meeting you at Hancocks yesterday, your fabrics are charming!

  17. Woo hoo!! You did it you clever lady, you!! Normally if you walk a way a second it’ll come to you like a bolt of lightening. I’m glad you can now send your kiddos to college. Now, I don’t have a handy brother who’ll give me section of butcher block. I wonder if you could purchase (at a yard sale or Goodwill or someplace CHEAP) a thick cutting board and do the same? What do you think?? Sending hugs have a wonderful day.

  18. Such a cute cutting board! So many different and endless possibilities with this too…. I’d love to see a version with copper or bronze handles and wheels (with dark stain on wood) that would be fun or even black hardware for a dark industrial look. Well done 🙂

  19. Simply brilliant! I am imagining a charcuterie meal with this in the center of the table… Perfect!!!!
    Now I want one. Sigh… why is Kentucky so far away from Florida?

  20. Genius! I love this idea! Not only is it terrific on its own (I think I could even do it myself), but if you used it on a table with other platters, cutting boards, etc., this would be at a different level. I guess I’m always thinking about making a table more interesting.

  21. As my Momma always said… When there is a will, there is a way. We are both impressed and proud of you! Love it. Any left over butcher block?! lol

  22. Thanks for the laugh. I noticed the cutting board on wheels right away and thought “roll me the cheese, please”. My second laugh was the remark “meals on wheels”. Its almost like a skate board on the counter. O my, the kids will have fun with that one.
    Jean McGee

  23. I LOOOVE this!!! I want one NOW!! Oh dear, hubby JUST left for Lowes. I really want to do this! Thanks for the tips!!

  24. Love it!

  25. Brilliant!!!

  26. AWESOME! I love it!

  27. How cool is this? you see things in such a unique and beautiful way! I’m not an Industrial kinda girl but I do like this idea. Karianne you amazed me once again!!! I think I might have to make one for my daughters and daughter in love!!

  28. Thank you! I love this and plan to copy your idea. I feel like you just gave me a huge gift.

  29. Oh my goodness. I need one of those just for that moment when someone says, ‘Pass the …” Swoooossh.
    so flipping cool.

  30. You are such a cool DIYer!!

  31. Brilliant!

  32. Nice presentation platter as well.
    Love it!

    Now let me take a moment to just sit and stare at your beautiful home. Something in those colors make me feel both calm and awake. I’ll be just here on one of the island chairs, don’t you mind me.

  33. mountain raven :

    love it,have every thing but the window pulls. I have been reading your site and truly enjoy your style.


  35. I love it! It’s like a little car that drives cheese around. You are so clever! 🙂
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  36. Beautiful kitchen! I love the old school feel.

  37. Bloody awesome

  38. My first email from you, and I think it’s simple but brilliant!

  39. You are the one!

  40. I also believe your leather handles I have seen you make and display here would look good, also!

  41. Very nice! This would be a cute way to serve cheese and salami! You are so handy!

  42. Once again, you do not fail to impress.

    Seriously, girlfriend, how do you sleep at night with all your brilliant scheming designs in that pretty head of yours?

    Well done, KA!

  43. Yvonne Ester :

    What a treasure you are! Thank you!!!

  44. Wheels on a cutting board. I love it! Brilliant. 🙂

    Thanks for joining TOHOT, Karianne. You make us smile.

  45. Clever, clever girl. What an absolute delight this post is!!! Thank you so very much for joining the gathering at Thoughts of Home on Thursday.
    You also made me laugh out loud with your day in the life post. I needed it as this is college finals week for me. 🙂

  46. Thank you so much for joining us at Thoughts of Home on Thursday.
    I love cutting boards, and yours is wonderful- as are all of your projects.

    And then there is your photography- it is off the charts.

    White Spray Paint

  47. Oh you smarty pants you! This is just too cute!

  48. Another lovely idea, Kari Anne. It’s so clever of you to put those wheels on the butcher block cutting board! Thanks, as always, for sharing this on #shinebloghop this week. It’s always such a pleasure to have you join us!

  49. Very cute, and very creative and DIY-of you! LOL I just got some new flexible cutting boards this past week; I need to remember to use them though and I haven’t put them into the drawer yet. HA!

    Thanks for linking up at Christian Fellowship this weekend! Be blessed!

  50. Maureen Ryan :

    I’m new to your blog and I’m so impressed with your home and your ideas! We have the same IKEA kitchen island but we use it differently — yours is so nicely styled — it’s inspring. I think you must have stained the butcher block top a beautiful rich color and polyurethaned it, too, to get that luster! Thank you for sharing your great ideas and spirit!

  51. KariAnne you are a so clever, I pinned ( of course) thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop xo

  52. Oh girl, you are too clever! I want this cutting board, but I best keep it away from my son… I could see him swingin’ his ‘ol dinner plate on that thing, eating up everything in sight. So clever! Featured you this weekend on Party Junk, thanks for linking up!