IKEA Hack Bathroom Shelf

IKEA Hack Bathroom Shelf

IKEA Hack Bathroom Shelf

You know it’s a good IKEA hack when your children are impressed.

They are a tough crowd.

You can completely create a paneled wall from 1 x 2’s and they shrug.

Add a plate rack (with a recipe) to the kitchen?  Maybe a raised eyebrow.

But make shelves on a bathroom organizer?  Take 30 minutes to make a project and have the peanut gallery stand up and cheer?

Winner winner chicken dinner.

farmhouse bathroom

It started here.

This is the bathroom refresh.

If you missed the story of the bathroom and the refresh and the helpful advice from a few of my friends….you can see it here.

The number one thing you asked about was the leaning towel holder.

farmhouse bathroom plants

Here’s a few from the front so you can see the shelves a little bit better.

And you don’t have to fill the shelves with random ivy plants and soap in a nest.

You could stack towels or wash cloths or buy beautiful shampoo and conditioner bottles from the random hygiene section at Ross Dress for Less.

total aside:  have you ever shopped that section?  Amazing….I’m telling you….amazing. 

farmhouse bathroom soap

Want to make your own bathroom organizer and impress your family and friends?

Here’s how we made it.

Soap not included. 🙂

IKEA Hack Bathroom Shelf

1.  Start with the towel holder from IKEA.

You can see it un-hacked here.

IKEA tip.  Tell yourself you are only there to buy the towel holder.

Don’t get distracted and come home with a hammock.

Do as I say.

Not as I do.

shelf project

2.  Measure and cut shelf

For each shelf cut one board 15 1/4″ by 5 1/4.”

Cut two pieces of wood 15 1/4″ by 2″.

You can have them cut at the home improvement store.

This will make one shelf.

shelf DIY

3.  Attach the side pieces to the main board

You can nail them or glue them.

A good wood glue works well here.

After you finish with the shelf, you place it on the rung of the towel holder.

The lip of the shelf holds it in place.

finsihed shelf

Here’s the shelf from the side so you can get an idea of the width.

We made three shelves for the unit.

total aside:  I photographed this on my sidewalk.  Doesn’t it make the prettiest backdrop?

IKEA Hack Bathroom Shelf Project

Here’s the finished project.

Hope yours gets a standing ovation.

PS  If you read this blog….I just wanted to thank you today.

For your support and encouragement.

For your amazing biscuit recipes.

But most of all….for the comments and e-mails and sweet notes that make me smile every day.

You are a rock star.

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  1. Is it really possible to get ONLY the one thing on your list when shopping at IKEA? 🙂
    I shoot for the $200 and under shopping goal. 😉
    Happy Monday!

  2. Awesome! ♥

  3. Fantastic idea! On my way to IKEA …

  4. Love this hack! Right back atcha for making us smile! : )

  5. You only came home with a hammock? That’s what I call restraint! Love the holder hack Inspirational as usual!

  6. Love the organizer!1!! I live in Lexington and hate that we do not have an Ikea!! I would live there. What Ikea do you shop at?

  7. Donna Marie :

    I love the Ikea hack. Wish I had room in any of my three baths to use it. You are a rock star!!!

  8. I can use one of these in my bathroom! Great Ikea hack.

  9. KariAnne , I was so inspired by your porch swing makeover that I kept my old swing that was destined for the trash . I am going to give it a beautiful new coat of paint and enjoy it for a few more years ! Thanks for the awesome inspiration and your sense of style and humor . You always brighten my day !!!

  10. I wish we had ad IKEA close by. I probably would take a back pack and plan to stay a week or so. I love what you’ve done. Great job!! You are our leading rock star 🙂

  11. Love your bathroom and the ladder! There are so many places I go into where I cannot walk out with only the items on my list, including IKEA. I have never been in a Ross Dress For Less. I have a feeling once I do visit, it’ll be another star on my shopping list.

  12. Absolutely BRILLIANT Karianne! LOVE it!

  13. What a great project!!! And yes, your sidewalk makes a very pretty backdrop!!! Have a wonderful day!!!

  14. Love your sidewalk! But I love your IKEA hack more:D lol! I was actually looking at the sidewalk and thinking, “Wow, what is that? Maybe I might try and replicate that with paint!” Great job on the shelf, and the soap looks adorable in that nest:)

  15. Nice such a great idea

  16. Wish we had an IKEA near by! Great hack!

  17. Love, love it Kari!….Another genius idea!…Great Hack…and pass the chicken dinner please!….

  18. … Hi KariAnne… I love the display ladder… My 16 yo Grand daughter made a similar one to this in her woodwork class at shool last year… looks great in their dining room.. xxx
    Hugs…. .Barb xxx

  19. Damn girl…. you’re GOOD !!

  20. Okay, this project marries two of my favouritest things in the world…vertical storage and ladders…how did you know??? 🙂 Seriously, I live in a very small house and floor space comes at a premium, so anytime I see a clever and beautiful storage idea utilising vertical space, I squee like a schoolgirl! That this genius storage solution also strongly resembles a ladder look-wise really knocks it out of the park for me…SOLD! Our nearest IKEA is about two hours away BUT their Canadian site sells the exact same kit at the exact same price AND delivery is not only possible, it is extremely affordable! *does the happy, happy, joy, joy dance* Please come dance with me you wonderful, beautiful, brilliant, totally amazing ROCK STAR, *YOU*! And thank you for doing all *YOU* do and being all *YOU* are…*YOU*are truly such a joy…always!

  21. Great project – many thanks for sharing

  22. Such a smart idea Karrianne – love it! But you could write a post about a piece of kleenex and I’d still be enthralled because your writing style is so enjoyable. I always walk away from your posts with a smile on my face. You Da Rock Star!

  23. I have never been to IKEA – but I’m thinking a trip might be in order. Love this hack!

  24. I’m sending this to my daughter, we’ve been looking high and low for a ladder for her bathroom. She just spray painted a dresser (like I always do) and called to tell me it was the hardest thing she’s ever done. Ha, wait’ll she see this “easy” project. Thanks for sharing.

  25. I actually wish you had come home with the hammock. I would have loved to have taken a nap in it. I do love the shelves – great form and function!