Ice Box Cake in a Jar (Revisited)

Ice Box Cake in a Jar (Revisited)

Ice Box Cake In a Jar

When I was younger my granny used to make this dessert called Icebox Cake.

It was my favorite.

Like stand in the kitchen and watch and sigh and giggle and try to stick my fingers in the whipped cream and wipe the bowl clean kind of favorite.

Lately, I’ve been trying to start a few traditions around here and I thought it would be the perfect first day of after school snack.  I would make it and have it chilled and ready and covered with whipped cream and tiny chocolate chips. And when everyone got off the bus I would greet them at the door and they’d snack and I’d hear all the middle school gossip.

And in my new tradition day dream I would be having the perfect hair day….

…..wearing an apron.

Ice Box Cake

And so I packed up my dreams and aspirations and headed to Wal-Mart.

There I stood in aisle 11 searching high and low for the elusive Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers.  When I asked where they were they sent me to the jello aisle and the baking aisle and I finally landed at the cookie aisle.

Not a Famous Chocolate Wafer in sight.

(total aside:  as I am writing this….these pictures are making me so hungry)

Ice Box Cake Mason Jar Recipe

They all tried to help.  Really….they did.

They researched.

They searched online and in the database and some food directory to see if they could find the cookies….

….and finally told me the tragic news.

They don’t carry those cookies in Kentucky any more.

What?  Oh…..nooooooooo.

I almost started crying.  All that frantic searching and planning the after school snack and the perfect hair day and those amazing dreams of wearing an apron…..

….fizzled out like yesterday’s news.

Ice Box Cake Revisited

And as I stood there forlornly looking at the cookies and wondering if I should just buy a box of Chips Ahoy and call it a day….

….a lady approached me in the cookie aisle.

I think she was an angel in disguise.  She understood my dilemma and offered a solution.

What about chocolate graham crackers? she said.

Similar, but not the same, but a little different and maybe add a little hot fudge and don’t forget the mini chocolate chips.

And what if I reinvented it in a jar? I said.

And right there in the middle of aisle 11….the heavens opened and some of her angel friends sang and if I closed my eyes I could hear the hallelujah chorus.

So here’s my icebox cake in a jar (reinvented).

Ice Box Cake In a Jar

Ingredients (makes 4 standard size mason jars full):

1 box of chocolate graham crackers

1 quart of heavy whipping cream

2 Tablespoons of confectioners’ sugar

1 teaspoon of vanilla

hot fudge

mini chocolate chips

Mason Jar Desserts Ice Box Cake

1.  In a large metal bowl, mix cream until soft peaks form.

Add confectioners’ sugar and vanilla and continue to mix until stiff peaks form.

Note:  my friend recommended I put a metal bowl in the freezer and let it get cold before I used it to mix up the cream.

2.  Crush the graham crackers.

Note:  I put them in plastic bags and used a rolling pin.  They were so easy to crush up.

3.  Add a layer of graham crackers, then whipped cream.

Repeat until you fill the entire mason jar making sure the last layer is whipped cream.

Top off with a cherry and mini-chocolate chips.

4.  Chill. This is the most important step.

Let the mason jar ice box cakes chill in the fridge for 4-6 hours before serving.

5.  Serve with hot fudge and extra chocolate chips.

Mason Jar Recipes Ice Box Cake

PS  The jars didn’t make it through 1/4 of the middle school gossip.

My granny would have been proud. 🙂

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  1. lolol…..Shhhhhh…. I am at work .. but I took a weeee moment to look at your post that I just saw pop up in my email… the only issue with that is….. OF COURSE I BUSTED OUT LAUGHING…. right about at the point where the “Heavens opened up”……………………………………… 🙂 🙂 🙂 …. but hey, a little humor pick me up … and a new recipe!!!! 🙂 🙂 …. Thanks Karianne!!!!

  2. i LOVE this idea Kari Anne!! and those wooden spoons…..i.die.
    it’s all perfection, like always 😉

  3. Where were you last night when we were looking for a dessert recipe!? 🙂
    We are all over this tonight. Thanks!

  4. Mmm, mmm…yummy in my tummy!!
    Where can I get those white spoons? : )

  5. How fun and clever!!! I am DEFINITELY looking forward to testing this in our kitchen 🙂

  6. I am never disappointed when I come visit your blog! Thank you for putting a smile on my face and some inspiration in my heart!

  7. I have no doubt you’ll be the most popular mom on the block when you have a fridge full of these!..BTW- enjoy that apron day, I know your kids will too:)

  8. those cookies!!! are hard to find. my grocery has them on an end cap in the frozen food aisle, with the ice cream toppings!
    it sounds like you did a wonderful ‘make do’….and they are beautiful. I am sure your children loved every bite!

  9. These look so delicious!! I have made the icebox cake several times (CT still sells the Nabisco wafers) but never thought to make it in a jar. Definitely going to try using the graham crackers as the wafers can get pricey if you need several packages. Great post – the perfect way to start my day!

  10. This looks sooooooo good! I can’t wait to try it and am disappointed in myself that I didn’t know chocolate graham crackers existed.

  11. Rowena Philbeck :

    Kari, that is so cool. I remember that as well. My how we forget some things till someone else brings it up. Great recipe. I will have to make that for my grandkids…and me of course.

  12. Hey Pal
    That was my favorite dessert!! Loved it. It was a challenge to make the cookies stand up so you could get a roll. I still see those cookies here in Texas. Wish I could send you a case.
    I know your kids love such a wonderful snack. I only made it for company! But your kiddos are lucky to have such a cool Mom.
    Love the spoon and the photos.
    Keep up the good work

  13. Proof that dreams and aspirations can come true at Walmart of all places.

  14. Your posts are like a breath of fresh air blowing from Kentucky to North Carolina! And you, dear Kari Anne, are just a pure ray of sunshine! I love reading the blog with a great cup of coffee in hand; seeing such beautifully vivid posts like the one from today. I’m thinking the “icebox cake in a mason jar” recipe is just the ticket for our girls movie night this Friday!
    Best wishes, with a cherry on top, from NC!

  15. You surely are a keeper in the Mom category. Really, KariAnne. I know they loved it. And, there seem to be angels around when we need them.♥

  16. This looks amazing friend. Thank goodness for all of your Walmart aisle interactions!

  17. What a wonderful tradition to start for your kids! I’m going to check to see if I can get the wafers here in GA, if not the grahams sound just fine-thanks for this! I too want to know where you got those cute spoons:) I thought it was just a clever graphic!:)

  18. What I want to know is…..was there red lipstick to go along with the apron and the perfect hair?


    Love this recipe, can’t wait to try it.


  19. Always the family favorite growing up and still is!!!! I could eat both logs by myself – your version makes it even easier to ‘grab and go’….just what my hips and thighs need, Icebox Dessert To Go!!!!

  20. Yum! I think you just earned the blue ribbon for “THE BEST MOM”!

  21. LOL I think she was an angel in disguise. She probably understood your dilemma! I think you’re right. We should start some awesome traditions in our families. Thanks for the daily smile.:)

  22. Delicious, but those spoons! Where did you get those spoons!

  23. OH.MY. That is all. Thanks for sharing, Karianne…

  24. I knew you’d win the day — instead of an apron you need a cape– supermom!!! And I really can see you in a cute red apron with your red lipstick and red toe nails. Yep!! Before you know it Joy the Baker will be calling you for advice! How did the kids like your dessert? Big Hugs!

  25. How Scrumptious this sounds Kari Anne.. Yumm-O !!! I will have to try this when my son and his girlfriend come next weekend for a visit. Thank you so much for Sharing your memories and inspiration with us !!!
    Always look forward to your next ’email alert’ !!! :):)

  26. KariAnne – Wow…a fun fabulous dessert…and those spoons are fabulous too. Love reinventing recipes and this one is brilliant.

  27. That looks soooo good. I am going to have to make this for my boys. They would love it. 10 minutes? I can do that. I even have a super cute apron from Sur La Table hanging in my pantry. The only problem is…I think it makes my hips look big…which may actually be a good thing when I’m standing in my kitchen making dessert. That will keep a girl on her diet while staring at chocolate graham crackers and fudge. Thanks for the great recipe.

  28. Sounds delicious!!! Almost makes me wish I was still of the age where an after school snack was warranted!!! 🙂

  29. I remember those chocolate icebox cookies very well, it was a favorite summer family gathering dessert my Aunt would make. How wonderful for your kids to bring a great memory back, but…….after you put your apron on, were you wearing your “red lipstick”…of course your kids will never appreciate all this until they become parents, and ? bloggers. Always nice though to meet an angel.

  30. They look so good! I remember ice box cake from when i was a child. My mom made it with graham crackers way back then. She layered chocolate pudding, vanilla pudding, and in between graham crackers. Your dessert looks wonderful! I’m hungry now! Have a happy day!!


  31. Tummy is rumbling as I write..a perfect package of sweet yummiest, portable and a delight to the eyes. Not sure when I am going to make this but won’the be soon enough! Thanks Kari Anne.

  32. Looks so yummy. How lucky the kids will be when they get home. I have a similar dish using crumbled brownies. I’ll have to share that one.

  33. Lynnette Martin :

    Fond memories of mom in the kitchen on holidays… Metal bowl & the hand mixer beaters where ready in the freezer for whipped cream & dessert!

  34. Looks amazing ! Hubby is on a diet, but I guess that’s more for me, ha ha !

  35. Looks so yummy! I always loved it when my mom made us a treat for after school. Such great memories. It looks like you guys are making them too!

  36. De borah Wilkins :


    I usually find those cookies in the ice cream aisle with the toppings. Might want to check the next time you are there. I find it hard to believe that they don’t carry them. Also, I just searched on Amazon and if you key in chocolate wafer cookies, you can actually buy them on-line (hooray)!!!!! With prime, you can have them quickly. Love Prime!!!! We mothers of twins have to stick together……All the best.


  37. Oreo thins would have worked on this because they are so thin. They are new and maybe Ky doesn’t carry them yet. Only a few stores in NEKS do. Thanks for the wonderful smiles you give us.

  38. Looks yummy:) I can understand why they didn’t last that long!


  40. YUMMY! You are such a super sweet Mom, KariAnne! Ice box cake in a jar sounds just great for the first day of school snack. I wish there had been more traditions in my family when I grew up. Now I have to check if I can find anything to make dessert of in the kitchen :).

  41. Wait! The entire state has bailed on Chocolate Wafers?!
    I’m afraid this means I will never be able to visit you.
    My mom also made a version of this – perfect little stacked up wafer towers – each one separated with whipped cream and then the whole thing iced with whipped cream.
    She wasn’t big on aprons and I was too focused on dessert to notice lipstick options. But boy do I have good memories of those.
    Your version looks delicious. And those photos are amazing.

  42. I wanted to tell you that my Grandmother used to make a cake with Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafer’s as well. I was talking to my uncle about the cake so it sent me on a mission to find them. I searched high & low to find the wafers. It happens in AZ & NM they are sold at Albertsons. Most of the time they are in the ice cream condiment aisle. So please do a Google search, you’ll be much happier when you have the ingredients you want. I hope Nabisco doesn’t stop making them. There is actually a Facebook Fan Club for them 🙂

  43. I’d love to know where the adorable spoons are from as well! So cute!