Hydrangea, Pears and Blue Jeans

Hydrangea, Pears and Blue Jeans

Fall centerpiece

Yesterday was learning day.

I learned that you can hollow out pumpkins and use them as vases and fill them with hydrangea.

I learned that a magnolia flower makes fall even brighter.

I learned that you can create this entire centerpiece for under $10.

And I learned that perspective?

It’s a really good thing.

hydrangea and pear centerpiece

Yesterday morning as I sat drinking coffee thinking about actually moving my feet, one of the twins burst into the room.

Actually she lined danced across the floor.

It was a sight to see.

She kicked her feet high in the air, kind of spun around, did a jumping jack and ended with one final twirl.

leaf plate

I simply stared at her in disbelief.

She was wearing me out.  That was a lot of moving and jumping and twirling and spinning first thing in the morning.

I got exhausted just watching.

She grinned at me, flipped her hair, plopped down in the leather chair next to me and kicked her floral sneakers high in the air.

hydrangea centerpiece

“Mom,” she said exhuberantly. “I just love my new jeans.  They are kind of stretchy, but not too stretchy and not too dark and not too light and they fit me perfectly and the bottom rolls up exactly how I like it.”

She punctuated her statement with another kick in the air and added, “Seriously, Mom.  They make me feel like I can do anything.”

I smiled to myself and took a sip of coffee.

magnolia flower

“I’m so happy you are happy,” I told her.  “And the best part?  Jeans like that only get better with age.  The more you wash them, the better they’ll be.”

She cheerfully nodded in agreement.

“So now you’re ready,” I smiled at her.  “You have your jeans and you’re ready to take on the day.”

“Mom,” she said.  “You’re so silly.  The jeans are great, but I didn’t really need them for that.”  Then she hopped out of the chair, grabbed her back pack, laughed out loud and headed out the door to school.  As she walked away she added with a grin and a final toss of her curls over her shoulder….

….”Jeans or no jeans, I’m always ready to take on a day.”


She’s right.

Perspective isn’t just something.

It’s everything.

magnolia hydrangea

PS  Happy September.  I hope you like the glimpse of the hydrangea, pear and magnolia table.  And get ready because I’m about to go all fall decorating on you. 🙂

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  1. What a cute tale….it convinced me that I need a pair of jeans like that!!! Lol.

  2. Love white pumpkins as a centerpiece. I used them for my sons rehearsal dinner and they were marvelous! I love the white in white theme you made. So peaceful!

  3. Like Mother, like twins! Love the plate with the leaf- and the whole setting!♥

  4. Karianne, be careful w/the hollowed out pumpkin if you have allergies—I did that a couple of yrs. ago & it was beautiful . . . but then my allergies kicked in because it molded on the inside. I could not figure out from where the allergy was coming until I finally discovered the mold. I don’t know how to keep it from happening and if anyone does, please post!

  5. Leslie Watkins :

    Always love pumpkins as a vase. But, the white ones?!! Oh, my. Love. And I love the joy of a happy thistle. You always make us feel like we are there…Off to buy some of those cute jeans. I’m just sure I can flit, twirl and kick my shoes in the air…hold the cartwheel…Happy Friday, friend!

  6. So back in the day before kids I was a florist and we cleaned out pumpkins for floral arrangements all the time. I hope you placed a liner inside. Love the magnolias someday I’m going to plant a tree and enjoy their wonderful beauty year round. I seem to have apples on the brain and a few other neat elements for fall.

  7. Thanks for pointing out that we all need the occasional pair of “great jeans.” Happy long weekend!

  8. Bring all the fall!!!!!!


  9. “like Mother Like…. ” Well you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 …… and I’m loving that hydrangea & Pumpkin thing!!!! Gorgeous !!!!! Happy September to you and yours !!!!!!!

  10. Love hearing about the kids!
    Love my new soft stretchy jeans, too!
    You have inspired me to break out the fall decor!

  11. Oh my love this arrangement! Hoping you do something with wheat! Going to use my mom’s wheat dishes in the dining room so hoping you will have some ideas! Enjoy this perfect and I mean perfect day in Kentucky!☀️?☀️?

  12. I’m so ready to see more of your fall decorating! I miss my children being that age and loved how you love her so much! They grow so fast and are on their own before you know it. Thanks for making me smile!

  13. Beautiful arrangement! Would you share any tips for using the magnolia as a cut flower?

  14. Haha! nothing like a little attitude. And if jeans can do that, look what perfume can do. This has to be my most favorite ad ever and certainly I need some no matter what it smells like:

  15. If only more kids could be like her!!!

  16. Wow…what a wise young woman! But…I still want a pair of jeans like that! 😉

  17. Magical unicorn jeans! I need a pair! Actually, she probably gets that optimism from good parents like you 🙂 Any youth…lots of youth….

  18. Hahaha, Miz karianne….that twin is the one exactly like you, isn’t she? And let me tell you, I have two new pairs of jeans….exactly like that! I love them, and they do make me feel like I can do anything….and believe me, these days I need all the help I can get with that.? But then, I am a teensy bit older than she is, sigh….
    Thanks for the smile this morning, and have a blessed day!

  19. I always have such a hard time looking at your photos when I’m concentrating on what you’re telling me. I have to go back and take a look and marvel at how much they inspire me. Then I come down and comment. Yep! Perspective means everything and my heavens such enthusiasm and cheerfulness is catching. I’m a morning person so I can appreciate being chipper. At nighttime, I tend to get grumpy. Have a Happy Labor Day!! Hugs!!

  20. Wow! What a gal you have there, wise beyond her years. Love the pumpkins, love the hydrangeas, the pears and can’t wait for Fall. Thanks for sharing your world with me.

  21. Your fall display is lovely! The pears are perfect additions and hydrangea is a favorite. And those jeans – yes! Your daughter’s perspective is perfect ☺

  22. Now I NEED a hydrangea, pear and magnolia table too!!!! I ahve all but the punpkin. Is yours faux? I have everything else, even the magnolia!!! Thanks!!!!!

  23. PS, where did you get the leaf plate????

  24. What a great morning! All mornings should start like that. Thank you for sharing and making my day much better…but you always do!

  25. You combined more than a few of my favorite things here, Karianne…magnolias, pears, pumpkins, hydrangeas…beautiful Fall centerpiece! And the tiny dancer who knows it takes more than the perfect pair of blue jeans to face the day? Wise beyond words. 🙂

  26. What a wonderful story and what a delightful daughter. You made my day!

  27. Your posts always brighten my day and make me want to be a better person. Your daughter is very wise for her age and you have taught her well. Love seeing photos of your children and hearing what they are up to. Happy Friday sweet friend!

  28. I just love the centerpiece! Jeans can make ya feel kinda pretty!

  29. Awesome as always:)

  30. Oh, to have the light-hearted spirit of a young teenager. If only that could be brewed and served in a coffee mug!

    Have a great (extra day) weekend.

  31. Bring it on, KariAnne! I am so ready for your fall decorating 🙂 Your arrangement is gorgeous!! Makes me want to sing…white pumpkin vases, filled up with hydrangeas. Magnolia leaves, make me feel like Joanna. Pretty green pears just for show, not to eat…these are a fee of my favorite things. Yay for fall, ya’ll !!!!!

  32. It’s so wonderful that your daughter feels so confident.

  33. Lanita Anderson :

    Love the centerpiece!! Who would have thought to pair these items together….they look amazing!! Thanks for sharing – and so looking forward to all of your upcoming fall posts! Happy Weekend! 🙂

  34. That’s *YOUR* little girl! You must be sooooooo very proud!

    And I am crushin’ on your white pumpkin centerpiece…LOVE the dash of orange in that table runner…it’s just utter perfection…like the awesomest pair of jeans! 😉

  35. One thing that makes me very happy at age 65 is that I still wear jeans and have not settled for sweat pants.

  36. OHHH to be young again….ohhhh to have twins! Always my dream but I’ll take my two boys.
    I’m hopeful someday to be blessed with that double experience and double energy…my daughter in law has lots of twins in her family:)

    LOVE the hydrangeas and the entire centerpiece. Living in Minnesota our colors are ready to start changing over…pumpkins everywhere…we have had several full days of no humidity but…I just want to hang on to summer for a little more time.

  37. Perspective is everything- so true! It’s wonderful that the little Thistles already know that. Oh, to have that spirit of the young when all is right with the world. I love your centerpiece, it incorporates beautifully simple elements for the perfect start of Fall. Thank-you for a lovely post!

  38. Love that trio…magnolias, hydrangeas and pears. Gorgeous!

  39. I love her attitude!
    And I’m ready for all the fall decorating you have lol! Love the beautiful centerpiece, too!

  40. So fun and pretty. With what did you cut your pumpkins?

  41. Stunning! Bring on the fall decorating!!!

  42. Michele Riggsbee :

    I love this sweet post! Your twins are so adorable! After meeting them at the Becoming Conference these posts are much more special and really make me smile!

  43. Love Love Love. It is so delightful. Of course everything you show is beautiful.
    Sounds like you have a wonderful child in that girl. Twins are really something, my hubby and I have identical boys, our oldest and youngest children were girls and they both have twins. Oldest are Identical mirror image twins and the youngest a boy and our only granddaughter out of 8. They are all such joys.
    Enjoy while you can we are now watching great grands which is really great and I still love my jeans and denims.L
    I am in N. Al and the hydrangias have been bountiful and beautiful this year. I have about 18 large bushes. running out of a place to put the dried ones but can’t resist.

  44. I just love the way your daughter thinks! So precious!! Your tablescape is stunning and can’t wait to see all of the rest of your gorgeous decorating!

  45. Middle School Wisdom…..you can’t beat it!

  46. Kari Anne – look forward to your posts everyday, you are such an up person and your family and your home truly reflect that .
    I do have a question – in a few of your other fall posts, you have photos of a lovely solid wood pumpkin, can you tell me the source for it? I have been drooling over it for quite a while! Thanks so much

  47. Love the pics of your tablescape from all the different “perspectives. ” (Couldn’t resist.) You are a wonderful writer.!
    Brightest Blessings,

  48. There is nothing better than a
    great fitting pair of jeans, or
    that gorgeous centerpiece!! : )

  49. Tell her that I said she will go far in life… very far.
    Love you.

  50. Sounds exactly like my 4 1/2 year old granddaughter! I love the excitement that anything is possible…I know I still have it and it takes a younger visionary to remind me! I want you to know, I’m so excited you’re coming to Raleigh next Saturday at my favorite quilt store–your fabrics are precious and I chose two for my September Apron Give-Away. Meeting you in person is a dream come true, XOXO

  51. Stunning tablescape! Absolutely beautiful!
    Kate | TheOrganizedDream.com

  52. I love every season and as a new season approaches, I anticipate it with excitement! It is usually a trip to homegoods that sparks that!

  53. I had a pair of jeans like that once. 1974. So low-rise I think the zipper was all of 2 inches long. Perfectly faded, soft, covered in embroidery with bell bottom legs that would have made the Liberty Bell jealous. Wish I had kept them as an artifact. And just to prove that at one time my waist was the size my thigh is now. Lol

  54. I enjoy your blog

  55. What a great attitude to have at that young age, and so early in the morning. She is being raised to be one bright, strong woman.
    Have another cup of coffee mom…


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