How To Make a Pallet Wood Letter

How To Make a Pallet Wood Letter



You probably already know this….but I live in the country.

Like the middle-of-no-where-thirty-minutes-from-Wal-mart-no-stop-lights-in-the-county kind of country.

It’s beautiful.

And wonderful.

And makes you catch your breath sometimes.


And when you head to Wal-Mart to buy Captain Crunch.

You pass a whole lot of this along the way.


And when the corn top’s ripe and the meadow’s in the bloom.

You see lots of this.


And when you want to be inspired…..there’s a whole lot of this.

Pallet wood.

Which I have used before to make this and this….

….and maybe one day….I’m even going to try this.

But today we’re making a pallet wood letter.

Just turn right at the cornfield and I’ll have the sweet tea ready. 🙂


How to Make a Pallet Wood Letter


pallet boards or reclaimed lumber

wood glue


nails (or you can use a nail gun)


Step 1:  Disassemble the pallet

Remove the pallet boards from the pallet and rip each board down the middle.

Each board will then measure approximately 2 1/2″ wide.

(total aside number 1:  you don’t have to use pallet wood for this project.  You could use paint sticks or yard sticks or even random sticks from your yard.)


Step 2:  Cut out a piece of plywood 18″ x 18″

Lay the pieces of pallet wood end to end and stagger them like bricks.

Glue the pieces of pallet wood down.

Then nail each piece in place.


Step 3:  Determine the font you want to use.  

Ariel Black is a really good font. Or Impact is a good choice.

Print the letter out on your computer and take it to a local copy shop and have it enlarged to 16″ tall.

The width of each letter will be different depending on which letter you are cutting out.

Then trace the letter on top of your plywood which now has rows of pallet wood glued and nailed on to it.

Then cut out your letter that you’ve traced with a jig saw.  You will cut through the plywood and the pallet wood together at the same time.

(total aside number 2:  You could always just make a smaller letter and skip the copy shop step)

(total aside number 3:  These asides are like when you used to take Jane Fonda aerobics and she would totally adjust each of the exercises for different levels.)


Step 4:  Frame the cut-out of letter

Frame out letter with pallet wood.


It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Just measure and cut pieces that fit around the edges.

Sometimes they won’t line up exactly perfectly.

That’s okay.

Character is perfect for a pallet wood letter.


Depending on the letter you may have to cut some of the pallet boards at an angle.

Then nail the boards in place.

Sand the letter thoroughly to make sure you knock down all the rough edges.

Then finish it with wax or polyurethane.


You could make monograms or simple words like “Eat” or “Joy” or numbers or punctuation.

The possibilities are endless.

And if you like a smile with your pallet wood….here’s a corny joke my son told me yesterday that totally made me laugh out loud:

What did the number zero say to the number eight?

….Nice belt. 🙂

PS  In case you love the letters….but don’t want to make them yourself….

….my brother is trying to raise money for his adoption journey and he just added a few to his ETSY shop.

Click here to see them.

PPS  If you like farmhouse kitchens….be sure to check out my post today over on the Lamps Plus blog.


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  1. Love this KariAnne! Just peeked at your brother’s shop and I want that table! Actually, I want a dining room table made just like the letter! So amazing. We live in a country setting too KariAnne. But here, the highway is a 3 minute drive, the beach and lighthouse 2 minutes, and Target 10 minutes. I have often dreamed of living in a setting like yours. So perfect.

  2. Farmhousefancier :

    Here’s another good one for your son. Why is six afraid of seven? Because seven eight nine! Get it? Eight sounds just like ‘ate’ , and seven is real hungry, so watch out! (My guess is that he’s already told this joke a hundred times, but I just had to pass it on…Nice woodworking, ‘guy’ post, btw…

  3. Love the rustic letter AND that cool door shelf, too!

  4. Love it! Read your blog everyday! Love the gray wreath! Did u make it also?

  5. I love this! Look forward to reading your blog (my favorite) every day.

  6. What a beautiful idea. I definitely need to try this out! x

  7. That’s beautiful…love all the different colors of the wood…..and you made it sound so easy to make, thanks!

  8. That is so unique and wonderful!

  9. Just stunning! I love your brother’s Etsy shop too! I’ll be pinning and sharing …

    🙂 Linda

  10. Oh goodness – your brother goes to my church – I had no idea. He is terrific! I will be ordering from him soon. (:

  11. This is simply awesome KariAnne…awesome!!!!! I love it and how incredibly original! You really are a master…one thing you can’t do…???? and that is disappoint!!!! : ) hugs and then a few more!!!

  12. This is awesome Karianne!!!! I love it!

  13. Karianne, your blog is my favorite! Even more than the pallet wood letter, I love the wreath! Have you shown us how to make that?!

    • Karianne, I’d love to know about the Bark Wreath also! Looked online, at your brother’s Etsy shop, and the wreath is not one of the items he offers. Is this something you made? How about an instruction blog, if you did!?! Love everything Thistlewood Farms!

  14. Love it..Classy look.

  15. Lurve! I’m going to attempt your burlap wreath/bows on my mantle….and I’m so OVER the red walls in my kitchen – suggestions?

  16. I love this KariAnne! I bet this would work well using the reclaimed lumber from our barn that I had my hubby rip down last time we were in Alabama. I love the personality this letter has. Thanks for sharing!

  17. You amaze me your projects are always out of this world. Thanks for the inspiration xxx

  18. This turned out amazing!! I really enjoyed the pictures too, so pretty and peaceful!


  19. Oh the possibilities for this fun project! I love the rugged, but clean lines on this & now I must go find some pallets. Do you have a tutorial on the fun wreath too? Love the natural look of the two of these together. Thanks for the inspiration!

  20. LOVE this gorgeous wood project Karianne!!! Read your post over at Lamps Plus too, thank you for all of the beautiful farmhouse inspiration 🙂 xo

  21. I just knew I had a new joke for my children’s librarian . . . but she knew that one already! 🙂

    SUCH a cute letter! And “M” would be a LOT like making a “W!” 😉

  22. Hey Karianne, what an awesome idea! Monograms are one of my very favorite things!! Just wish I wasn’t a little skeeeeeeeered of power tools, lol! Maybe one day 🙂
    p.s. my 9-yr old daughter loved the joke 😉

  23. Your son’s joke is a good one…I love corny! I’m interested in that wreath…have you shown us how to make that already? If you haven’t will you…please? 😉

    • I too am interested in the wreath. I’ve searched your sight and not found it. I’d like to make it. Please give more information.

  24. I love this idea Karianne! I need to find some pallets around here. The framing really sets it off beautifully. I’m putting it on my never-ending list of “I want that”! Cute joke too! Have a blessed day. xoxo

  25. Oh my, KariAnne! I have lived in the same (as your’s) setting all my life. I was born a country/farm girl and after 53 years I’m still a country/farm girl. We just built a new home on a hill with a 360° view of farmland and timber. It’s breath taking during every season. You and I are lucky! No wonder I can relate to every one of your posts.

  26. Love this idea!

  27. My daughter told me that joke abou 2 years ago, and I thought I was the funniest.

    And it IS you doing the jigsawing, in your hoop earrings and full red lipsticked, 3m sporting glory, yes? Because I can totally picture that. Actually, it makes me smile just thinking about it. I need to come hang with you in Kentucky sometime. I’ll bring the Diet Coke.

    The Other Marian

  28. I am in pallet heaven! Great creativity!

  29. I think you made that “W” for me, KariAnne! Love, love, love it!

  30. This is such a great idea! I don’t think I could ever pull it off though! If you like to link up I am co-hosting Tell Me Tuesday at! We’d love to see you there!

  31. The letter is very cool. I also like the wreath next to it. Did you make that too?

  32. Love this idea! Great tutorial!
    I have been doing some back reading and see you love Milk Glass as much as I.

  33. Sheryll & Critters. :

    I totally love it. But it sounds way too hard for me to make. And too with the letter S…… not so sure I want to spend the money ‘yet’. I would have to buy some pine planks, no pallets I know where to find …. anyone know for Jacksonville, Florida on the west side of town?

  34. That is a really, really cute idea. W was the first letter of my last name before I married. That turned out really great. Love the little BELT joke. Here’s one for you (kids). Why was SIX afraid of SEVEN? Because Seven EIGHT (ATE) Nine. Love those funny little things- xo Diana

  35. Thanks for letting us ride shotgun on your way to town. Love your letter. I’ve been walking around my house looking where I could put one discreetly since my husband is anti-alphabet! The only letters I can manage on the walls in my house are in Chinese or ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

    Your wreath is stunning. Since I am a new recruit, I couldn’t find how to make it when I scoured past entries of your blog. Is it something you made?

    Thanks for your joke! I shared it with my math teacher friends and my nieces for when the Greats get off the bus this afternoon! Most of all thanks for brightening everyone’s day!

  36. I just love this. I have yet to make anything with pallets but I do have a nice stockpile of old, weathered wood and fence boards I use for projects. Thanks for the great tutorial!

  37. KariAnne, thanks for your brother’s Etsy account info…..for those of us that aren’t quite so handy. I just placed my order with him! I ordered 2! I know I’d have to share with my daughter (in law), so figured I’d just get her one. Love your blog!!!!! Take care, and God bless!

  38. Is there no limit to your creativity Karianne?? And it looks like it runs in the family ;).

    Our weekend home is about 20-30 minutes from anywhere, so I can relate. I think my blood pressure drops around 20 points when I’m there. I’m not sure how I would feel if I was there 24/7…guess I’m a ‘country mouse/city mouse’ kinda gal, but I also always feel like one should ‘bloom where planted’.

  39. LOVE the wood letter! I can’t wait to get my husband to help me make one. (Although, after the two projects he helped me with today, I might have to give him some time to recuperate.) By the way, looking forward to meeting at the Chapel Market next month!

  40. Just love your letter “W”… You are one very talented family!!!

  41. This is gorgeous! LOVE!!!

  42. “W”onderful!

  43. Also wondering about the wreath…love it

  44. Karianne, I am DYING over this DIY. I have made pallet letters before, but never this beautiful. I have a stash of pallets in my garage and this is the PERFECT project for them. Soooo creative!

  45. I love your letter! I want one, but our initial is B and the round part of it might be tricky…but I can show Larry this and hope he gets the hint…maybe? Great tutorial, Karianne! I’ve pinned it.
    Debbie 🙂

  46. Mark and I are pallet obsessed, so of course I had to call him over to my lappy to see this brilliance. Adding it to our pallet TO DO list! And off to pin and tweet and share it all over kingdom come. Thanks for the inspiration, yet again, Karianne!

  47. Wow, that letter is gorgeous. I am also totally in love with the wreath. I am always on the lookout for pallets around here. I am luckily close enough to the “country” that they are pretty easy to find.

  48. Oh my goodness I love this! Like in a LOVE this love this kind of way! It turned out so beautifully! Now I need a pallet…good thing I work in distribution and have easy access. Thanks so much for the inspiration to play with pallets!

  49. KariAnne… beautiful photos and great project. Hope you have a wonderful week!!

  50. This is just gorgeous! I am definitely making one of these. Maybe I will make each of my sisters one for Christmas. Thank you for such an inspiring idea! Cheers.

  51. Woza- isn’t she a beaut? I am not surprised I saw this baby all over Pinterest before I could even check out blog posts for the week- who could keep her a secret!! I adore it!
    xo Becca

  52. Where you live looks beautiful!
    I love the rustic style of this project

  53. I love the wreath by the pallet letter also! It’s gorgeous!

  54. I love the idea of making that letters by using a wooden pallet. I think my kids will love it also if I try to made this one in our home. Very brilliant idea! Thanks!

  55. I LOVE the look of this and really wanted to try it out, but neither Arial or Impact fonts would work for the letter ‘S’ since they are so round. I searched quite a while before finding one that worked great for ‘S’. Check out the font called Freshman if you are needing an C, G, J, O, R, S, U, etc.
    I just thought I’d share in case it might help someone!

  56. I really like your big “W”, thinking about the possibilities on a smaller scale, for entry shelf. New to your blog and now knowing why I can relate, I live in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma. 15 mins from town, which consist of a bank, a $ store, and 2 convenience stores (which sit side-by-side and are the same brand) – (odd). 40 mins from the nearest Wal-Mart, and a hour and 45 mins from the city (aka: Oklahoma City). I live in the second house on a two mile dead-end dirt road. And I have the run of 20 acres, love my little ranch life.
    My husband and I bought this place the end of May this year, we have spent the better part of our summer cleaning up fence lines, the pond and barn in prep for the winter. Now that it has started to cool off we have moved our attention inside, I now have no more popcorn ceilings, no ugly industry strength glued down tiles (except for the two baths and laundry closet – crap that’s a lot) and no more ugly pink and blue or purple carpet. I DO have tapped and mudded ceilings and clean concrete floors. There is so much work to still be done to this 1990s built home that has decor from the 80s, but I am finding inspiration in your blog and your projects, so “Thank You” keep up the good work!!