How To Make a Memo Board

How To Make a Memo Board



Dear over-sized, over-burdened, heavy ladened hay truck,

I know today…..somewhere a cow will be happy.

I know the farm called and wanted its hay.

I know you are carefully observing the recommended hay truck speed limit of 10 miles an hour.

I know.


But can you and all that hay hurry it up…..just a little…

….please. 🙂


I’m the one behind you with the little bits of hay flying on my windshield.

With the dark sunglasses and red lipstick and little bits of gray paint all over my hands.

The one in the middle of a project….who tried to pass you on the last straight away.


You probably didn’t see me….what with all those giant hay bales and all.

We’ve been traveling these winding country roads at the overwhelming speed of nine miles an hour.

And I’m really trying to be patient.

But can you please tell the cows….

…..that my zinc faux finish needs a second coat? 🙂


How to Make a Memo Board

(with an amazing faux zinc finish)



thin wood board (approximately 18″x30″)


measuring tape

template for top of board

pallet board (for pencil holder)

Dremel Moto Saw

gray paint

silver metallic paint

black metallic paint


 Step 1:  Draw your template on your piece of wood with pencil

I have the template I used if anyone needs me to send it to them.

You could draw a simple half circle or whatever design you want.

After we sketched the template on the wood with a pencil….we used the Dremel Moto Saw to cut it out.


I love this saw!

It’s so easy to use and fun and perfect for cutting out a design like this.

I think I’m going to use it next to cut out monograms for picture frames.

Just make sure you follow the directions that come with the saw to set it up and get started.


Step 2:  Cut out a piece of metal flashing for the back

The saw cuts metal, too!

To make the memo board magnetic we used the saw to cut out a piece of metal flashing for the back.

We just cut a simple half-circle out of metal.

Make sure you wear gloves when handling the flashing….the edges are sharp.

File down any rough edges with a metal file.


Step 3:  Attach the flashing to the back with glue

Follow directions on the glue.

Let dry.


Step 4:  Cut out a pencil holder from pallet board

My brother is the genius behind this.

He took a 2 x 2 piece of pallet board (from the side of the pallet) and ran it through a table saw to get the groove.

I love the rustic look of it.

Attach pencil holder to the bottom of the memo board.


Step 5:  Paint a base coat of gray on the memo board

Let dry.


Step 6:  Create the zinc faux finish

I found this amazing paint at Home Depot.

It’s made by Martha Stewart.

It has tiny flakes of shimmery goodness in it.

I bought two jars of the silver and black metallic paint to create the zinc finish.

It really looks like zinc…..and it shimmers


Take your brush and brush it in horizontal strokes across the memo board to mimic the look of zinc.

The finish is mostly the silver metallic paint with a small amount of the black for depth.

Let dry according to directions.


The project takes a little time….but it’s so worth it.

The memo board looks amazing.

And it only took me 14 minutes to make the journey home.

14 minutes full of swirling hay.

14 minutes to start singing “Rhinestone Cowboy” to myself.

14 minutes to smile and watch the sun beams dance across my windshield.

14 minutes to remember sometimes we all need a slow drive behind a hay truck… take a moment to breathe….

….and count our blessings. 🙂

 I was compensated for this post by Dremel….but all opinions on hay trucks and saws and memo boards are completely and utterly my own.  

Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

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  1. This memo board is great. Speaking of memo boards, remember your bicycle wheel clock? I totally thought of you when the Bed, Bath and Beyond flyer came in the mail and there were bicycle wheel memo boards for sale! And since I had never seen one before, in my mind I gave you all the credit for the idea! 🙂

  2. SO, so, so, so, so CUTE!!!! LOVE this Karianne!!!! I totally want to make one! 🙂

  3. KariAnne… Love this! A little out of my skill set but I am in awe of your talent! Have a wonderful day!

  4. Love the memo board! You know, there are just some times of the year that traveling country roads are not the most relaxing – planting, harvest, and HAY! LOL

    Have a great day, and stay cool, Sweet Lady!

  5. you continue to amaze and make me wonder… how can one girl have all this in her head & wear red lipstick? love it

  6. I live in the country too and always seem to get behind a log truck or tractor when I’m in a hurry. Love the shape, a perfect tombstone for Halloween. Would you please send me the template? Thank you!

  7. Zincalicious!

  8. You know what? I’m power tool challenged, but am seriously intrigued by that Dremmel. I think I could do that … maybe …

    And your memo board looks amazing. And zinc-like!

    🙂 Linda

  9. I love how simple the memo board is, but such a statement! And that Dremmel saw is the cutest scroll saw and might just be the thing I need (most saws are impractical to have in a condo)

  10. Oh miss KariAnne…I LOVE this finish!!! Totally adore it! I have to admit that I shall turn over the power tool duties to Joe…that is for sure…I am forbidden in this house…one day I will tell you about the hand router and the itch I had on my forehead when it was on…since that moment on there are no power tools for me and my scalp is very happy! : ) Going to try this one FOR SURE…the zinc looks SOOOO real…LOVE IT!!!! : ) hugs…

  11. Such a great idea – love this!

  12. Look at you and power tools! I only encounter hay trucks, tractors, and other assorted farm machinery when we take a drive in the country…which isn’t often enough, but always happens when we are in a hurry! After all, this is America’s Dairyland! (Just putting in a plug.). Great memo board BTW! 😉

  13. Girl,

    You even make Drimmels more fun, I swear.

    I love the way your mind works, you are so quirky and likable.

    I smile every single time I visit, always such a pleasure.

    Love your project, but love your ‘splainin it best.

  14. I meant Dremmel not Drimmel.

    I wasn’t compensated for my typo in any way, all my own thought and deed.

  15. I love this memo board and checking out the saw, too. Looks like something I could really be able to use.

  16. Love this!
    Headed out to pick up what I need to make this awesome memo board… will look great in the kitchen and I will have proof when the husband says “You didn’t tell me”! and I can understand the Hay Truck- here in PA its a hay truck and then you find out there are two cows and a horse walking in front of it! sigh…. its all ok, there’s just something wonderful about country roads and horses!
    Have a great day!

  17. Oh that dremel tool…I’ve been thinking about getting one. Hmmm my bday is around the corner, might have to put the word out to my sweet hubby 🙂 Super cute memo board & I too love that paint from Martha Stewart. I’ve used it on a couple of projects.

  18. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell us you still had on your red lipstick when you wielded the saw!

  19. My husband has one of those Dremel saws and it’s great! Can you pretty please send me the template? Thanks!

  20. What a great story, I can just I imagine the truck driving nine miles an hour and hay coming out! LOL The zinc board looks great and great tutorial!


  21. Don’t you mean your opinions are udderly your own?! ; )

    Love this project. I’m in the market for a memo board that doesn’t look office-y. My desk/work area is in the entryway of our home.

    This’ll work!


  22. I want one of those Dremmels!!! Super cool tool to make a super cool project!! You’re amazing, rock star!!~~Ang

  23. LUV IT!!! I will be adding this to my to-do-list. Okay…do I have this correct? Paint grey…paint metallic black…paint metallic grey? Just making sure I get it right:) Sorry about that slow truck.


  24. Your memo board is adorable-it’s just so hard to be patient behind vehicles.

  25. Sheryll & Critters. :

    Oh, it took you a whopping 14 minutes behind that hay truck? For shame! lol (forgive me for laughing, cause I thought maybe an hour). Okay, okay, I would be very impatient as well. Really.

    I love that memo board. Did you use the Martha Stewart Precious Metal Paint? I love, love, love those, but they are pricey for sure. I considered them for my bathroom, but changed my mind. I change my mind so often I can’t get anything done…… grrrrr.

    I would just love to have a Dremel Moto-Saw, but not in my budget yet. I would love to have a couple different of their saws…… maybe some day.

  26. Great project and I did not see ONE hayseed stuck to that board! xo Diana

  27. Great Dremmel, nice board, but really can we talk about that scale?

  28. Or is it a clock?

  29. Oh that Dremmel looks like my kind of saw!…Now, do I spy a mantel in your gate house?…Love the memo board…you are so creative!!!

  30. Love that story…and the memo board! I always seem to get behind a slow moving anything, especially in the morning on my way to work. Imagine my window down and I get to work with hay stuck in my hair. he! he! Thanks for making my day!

  31. Very cute…the board and the story! Thanks for sharing!

  32. This looks amazing!!

  33. Well I just love it, especially the pencil holder. Beautiful.

  34. oh so lovely! so worth it to have flecks of grey {paint} in our hair!! you are soooo creative girl! ♥

  35. Not only do I love this project – so cute! – I love that I didn’t know your post was for a sponsored product until the very end. Thank you for not mentioning it 16 times during the instructions! You do a great job of including your sponsor’s products, while we just think it’s a project post for us. 🙂 Great job, KariAnne! Keep the great ideas coming.