How To Make a Linen Scrap Pillow of Your House

How To Make a Linen Scrap Pillow of Your House

Living Room Decor

I sat in this room Monday night until 10:15pm and watched the last college football game of this college football season.

It was the national championship game.

Alabama v. Clemson.

The Crimson Tide v. the Tigers.

Normally I wouldn’t be watching football.  I would be watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and wondering how Bethany from the New York Housewives showed up in Beverly Hills, but I bartered the Golden Globes telecast from my husband in exchange for watching the national championship last night.

It was a good trade.

How to Make a Pillow of Your House

The game lived up to its name.

It was indeed a match of champions.

One team was ahead and then the other team was ahead and then there was an incredible run back for a touchdown and a field goal and then another touchdown.

I stopped wishing I was watching Lisa and her swans going to the hospital and sat on the edge of my seat to watch every minute of the championship game.

Living Room Decorating with Pillows

There was yelling and screaming and people sighing and hands in the air and eye rolling and pillows tossed to the ground.

Pillows just like this one.

A linen scrap pillow my sister made for me for Christmas of the house.

House Pillow Cut outs

She printed off the house from my logo and used it as a guide to trace the house onto linen fabric.

And then she cut out the pieces of the linen and stitched them onto a linen pillow.

Piece after piece painstakingly cut out and placed and stitched.

House Pillow

She overlapped the trees and bushes in a different fabric.

She cut out the shutters and created an outline of the windows and then sewed the roof and the door and the porch.

A little piece of Thistlewood art for my football watching party.

Living Room Pillows

I won’t tell you who I was rooting for.

I want us to be friends.

But I’m happy to report that all the pillows made it through the game safely.

And now they’re ready for basketball season. 🙂


PS  If you want to make your own, and you don’t sew, you could always glue on the pieces of fabric with fabric glue.

PPS  If you ever bought a pallet letter or helped support by brother’s shop, thank you…thank you….thank you for being part of his adoption journey.

They are in China right now meeting the precious new addition to their family.

You can read his journey on his blog (and see the cutest pictures of his family)….here.


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  1. Love the pillow…but no time to chat, heading over to your brothers blog. So excited for their new family!

  2. ROLL TIDE BABY! I am one happy Bama girl.
    Oh, and I LOVE the pillow.

  3. That’s a very attractive room. One of my favorite color combos is blue and white!

  4. I love the homemade Christmas gift idea! And your sister did a beautiful job!

  5. Yes! My husband and I were up very late- I head a number of people comment that it was the best game they had ever watched! Don’t worry – it is just a game – friends are forever!!! The beautiful pillow looks like something I might could do! Maybe I could give it a try! I did not know your brother was adopting. I will check out their blog! You have such a special family! Have a wonderful week!

  6. LOVE it

  7. Being adopted myself this story of your brother is wonderful. I wish it was less expensive for people to adopt. Plus it would help if it didn’t take so long. I was in an orphanage for 3 years. My adoptive parents saw me for 1.5 of those years waiting for judges and social workers to make the adoption happen. I was allowed to visit with them once a month . I hope that some of this has changed, at least here in America. My prayers are with them. Have a great Wed.

  8. I encourage everyone to read your brother’s story and tribute to your dad. What a wonderful legacy he has left for your family. It’s not hard to see that everyone in the family is very talented, however, more importantly, embracing life, memories and sharing experiences.

    All the best to “Son of Whale” and his fabulous sister!

  9. Your family is so thoughtful and creative…I love the pillow. Your brother’s blog is beautiful and touched me…so happy for them…

  10. There is a terrific mount of talent to be found in your family! I’m glad to hear no pillows were injured during the playing of the game! 😉

  11. Thanks for sharing your family, I am now a follower of Son of Whale too.
    What a lovely story of the adventures in store for them.
    xo Pat

  12. Michelle Rudis :

    Ahhh…your posts always manage to bring up a swirl of emotions in me–usually it’s a good mix of laughter and nostalgia. But today it was laughter, nostalgia and tears. Love the pillow, KariAnne! What a caring and thoughtful sister!! Made me think of my own sweet sisters and all they’ve done for me over the years–ergo, nostalgia. And, reading on, I could just see the pillows you described getting a pounding and flying during the game. In came the laughter. Then, at your suggestion, I went to read your brother’s story of adoption. Tears. Mega tears. I thought of my own children, my step-children, my grandchildren, my step-grandchildren…and how I love each and every one of them with all my heart. More tears. But good tears. Thank you for sharing!

  13. Your room is so refreshing. The word, “crisp” comes to mind when I look at the white and blue. It’s so not my style but I do enjoy it so thank you for sharing your space with me.

    P.S. Roll Tide.

  14. What is the name of your fabric line? Where can we see the full line and which company is it with? I would love more information on this and I am sure many more of your readers would also . Love your blog.

  15. Watch the game. It was a well fought game. I just read your brother’s blog. Oh my! LOVE the son of a whale and “the whale”! You are part of a wonderful family! God blessings!

  16. **. Sorry this comment is so long. Skip it if you wish!**

    The pillow is beautiful but the adoption story even more so. This past spring, new neighbors moved in next door to me. A wonderful young couple. She is Chinese, first generation American. Her husband’s family has been in America for generations. After a few months, she excitedly told me one day that they would be gone for three weeks because they were going to China to get their adoptive son.
    I thought it interesting that they were able to adopt a little boy from China as I have always heard that it is girls who are most often given up for adoption.
    I believe that God placed this young family and I beside one another because we are now on a similar journey. On September 17, I was blessed with the birth of a third grand daughter. The first child for my daughter, she was born with cleft lip and palette. The little boy next door was also born with cleft lip and palette. He was not perfect in his family’s eyes so he was abandoned on the steps of an orphanage, in a beautiful, handmade basket.
    My precious grand daughter had her first surgery on January 8. He had surgery on January 11. Our families are traveling this road together.

    Congratulations on the precious addition to your family! What a wonderful blessing.

  17. You are a wise woman to not divulge which team you were cheering for – as for me, well I was at Bama when The Bear was there so I am dieheart, Roll Tide, football lovin’, SEC fan. Sorry, I digress, here is my question –
    I notice the white plates hanging on your wall – how do you hang them? I find those wire things that supposed fit the top and bottom of the plate do not fit properly being either to small or to large.

  18. Miz karianne, you have the most wonderful family. No, really. You do. Oh, okay….I know you already know that, but it never hurts to hear it from others, right? LOL
    Thank you for linking to Sonofwhale….I spent a lot of time perusing his posts and I can honestly say that I wish we were neighbors! (If I can’t be YOUR neighbor that lives down the lane then I wanna be his, okay?) LOL, no…I’m not a wanna be stalker…..I just think we should surround ourselves with the type of people we want to be….
    And I know his gratitude for that miter saw also….I’m counting the days until I can get mine! That will be a day filled with praise and thanks for me!
    Love your sister’s pillow, too. Such talent and creativity in your family…..awesome.
    Have a great day, Little One.

  19. I was watching that game with my husband and all of a sudden I said…..It is going to come down to this ….whichever team has the most points at the end of the game is going to win! He told me that I was brilliant and should probably become a sports commentator. I bet you know what I meant. BTW, I love the pillow!

  20. What a charming pillow! I have a beach home and I think I may try something similar in white on pale blue chambray. Your family is beyond talented. What wonderful news for your brother too! I must checkout his blog. I missed that game since my team didn’t make the playoff but I can tell you that Erika’s dance video shocked Bethany in the Hamptons who promptly dropped about a million insults and Lisa R got the runs at the dinner party but did yoga the next morning to put everything back in balance. Jiggy accompanied Lisa to the Hamptons – no swans. And Yolanda had her breast implants removed so her body can focus on fighting the Lymes Disease. Who knew?

  21. I just went over to your brother’s site, and GRACIOUS ME, you should have warned me with a tissue alert! I really have no idea where I’ll put my wooden letter, but by golly, I’ve ordered one.

  22. Love the pillow, love your sister’s creativity,
    visited your brother’s blog and love his family,
    and love you for sharing this with all of us!! : )

  23. enjoy reading your blog, especially this day. That championship game was truly mesmerizing – wondering what was the next thing that would occur. I grew up in SC. My mother loved listening to Clemson football games on the radio, her Parkinson’s disease may have slowed her physically but her mind was always clear. Guess you know who I was cheering for most.
    Best wishes to your brother and his family with their family’s expansion and new journey. My two children are adopted and have brought so much joy to my life.

  24. Just spent 20 minutes reading your brother’s blog. What a beautiful touching story…..about your father, how his handmade letters helped provide for their adoption, the journey of little Mia Kate to your family. Just beautiful. Loved it all…..and your pillow too! You have a very special family. I want to order a letter too!

  25. What an amazing gift!! Perhaps someday if I learn to sew in this lifetime I can manage to make something that distantly resembles my house…..but most likely it will look more like a rock.


  26. Amazing pillow by another creative sister!!! You all are so very talented…and your brother’s blog… Simply wonderful!! Tissues required…This is the third of you to reach all the way to my soul and leave indelible fingerprints on my heart! ❤️

  27. I LOVE that pillow!! I don’t think my blocky condo building would make such great art, but I would love to do this with my parents’ house so I can have a piece of “home” with me at home. 🙂

  28. I love the pillow and the story of your brother and his family….you all touch my heart with your talents and kindness…Mia Kate will have such a wonderful family and so much love! You are all truly blessed.

  29. The pillow is a wonderful gift and idea. I just went to your brother’s blog. You have a wonderful family and I am so proud of all of you. Blessings

  30. How do I get into your family? Can I just sneak in quietly at a family gathering? What a talented and thoughtful sister. And I’m possibly the only person who couldn’t care less about football. Who needs sports when there are beautiful rooms to admire????

  31. I ADORE your four white chairs! Are they fabric? Leather? Comfortable? I need new chairs for my living room and these are timeless and classy.

  32. What a cute idea! Thank you for sharing that one:) Love all the colors in your room btw! It’s very cozy looking;)

  33. Tricia McDavid :

    Game was great! Go Tigers!!

  34. Oh my goodness, I love that pillow so much that I wish I was your sister so that I could have one too. And, of course, if Ohio State was playing, you would have rooted for us, right? Can’t wait to see your talented brother’s family, so I must go. See you later girl!

  35. First of all – that pillow – how creative! I read your brother’s adoption story (LOVE adoption stories) and about your dad – what a wonderful man! I was born and raised in Texas. We moved to Birmingham 27 years ago. I was pulling for Alabama (Don’t tell my sons, they both attended Auburn) 🙂 Seriously, I enjoy your blog and I’m happy for you and your family.

  36. I love the barter deal. You guys are pretty good to each other!!! The pillow is so creative and sweet. Isn’t it great to have something someone made you, especially some who loves you

  37. After reading your brother’s blog, I realized that you are both very gifted writers, both sharing the deep love for your families, talented artists with strong faith, generous with your readers. Now throw in your sister’s handcrafted gift, heartfelt with her design of your nest of a home, hands down..talented siblings. Looks like 2016 will be memorable and surely pretty awesome. Congrats on your new niece!

  38. Nice just saying I liked it

  39. The pillow is so darn cute! Your family is as creative as you are!

    You are a good sport—I really dislike football, I’m putting that very politely. Thankfully we have several TV’s in our home and my husband rarely misses me when he’s involved!!

    Jane x

  40. What an adorable project!!! And congratulations on the new addition to your family!!! Blessings to all!!!

  41. Congrats!!!

  42. How adorable is that pillow! What a fantastic gift from your Sister …sigh, I love gifts from the heart 🙂
    I love how you get so excited about your movies and Television shows,I have no cable …yes I said it Zero cable!

  43. The pillow is beautiful!

  44. What an absolutely beautiful, unique, and thoughtful gift…I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that your sister is da bomb…how on earth did your family wind up with ALL of the talent??? Sooooooo not fair! 🙂 Actually, a pillow like this would make the perfect gift for just about anyone, wouldn’t it?

    I also want to say, MANY HAPPY CONGRATULATIONS to your brother and his family upon their new addition…oh, happy day…you must all be sooooooooo excited and over-the-moon ecstatic!!! There is truly nothing more joyous or special than expanding your family, imho, and kudos to your brother and family for wanting to share their hearts and home with a child who desperately needs and deserves a loving family! Not only does your family have ALL the talent…they’ve got ALL the heart, as well! 🙂