How to Make a  Book Page Garland (and Style a Mantel on a Budget)

How to Make a Book Page Garland (and Style a Mantel on a Budget)



Does anyone know what happened to September?

I think I blinked…..and missed it.


Yesterday I was grilling and applying sun screen and watching fireworks on the Fourth of July…..

….and today I’m putting on long sleeves and drinking hot chocolate with mini marshmallows and watching the Christmas decorations go on sale at Hobby Lobby.


And the thing is……I still have pages and pages (total pun intended) of fall projects to share.

So….I’m doubling up.

I’m showing how to make a book page garland…..and decorating the mantel on a budget.


Before October goes all double-digit on me. 🙂


This mantel started with one white pumpkin.

The tiny one on the very left.

It sat there for a week trying to decide what to do.

There were visions of grandeur that involved silver leafed vases with a monogram and pumpkins made out of chicken wire and spider webs cut out of barn wood.


But in the end….I just shopped the house….

…..and the pumpkin called a bunch of friends.


How to Decorate a Fall Mantel on a Budget

1.  The wood piece came off of the house.


When we added the porch on the side of the house….this came off of the top of the arch….

….and onto the mantel.

2.  The tags that make the garland were in a package left over from Easter.

I stuck them on a ribbon and then hung them off the mantel.

I’m going to stamp letters on them.

Or maybe not.

Then I can just leave the tags up there until Easter rolls around again.

3.  The pumpkins are from the dollar store and yard sales.

I stacked them on milk glass.

(pumpkin milk glass hint:  if your pumpkins are too small….you can always flip your milk glass upside down)

4.  The branches are from the yard.

I spray painted them gray and added strands of book page garland.

Which leads me to the this……


How to Make a Book Page Garland




book pages (or I used book page scrapbook paper)


hemp cord or heavy twine

large eye needle


Step 1:  Start by cutting out flowers

I just made up a five petal pattern.

You want to make sure you leave a little space between each of the petals so it will fold up more easily.

Cut out about 40.

You can cut out about 5 at a time.


Step 2:  Fold up the edges of the flower

Crease each petal toward the center.


Step 3:  Fold into a flower shape

Flip over the flower cut-out and fold into the shape of a flower.

Just gather the petals into the center and twist at the bottom.

Repeat for all the cut-out flower shapes.


Step 4:  Tie a knot and thread the flowers

Make a knot at the end of your cord.

Thread the first flower and add a second stitch to keep in in place.

Repeat with the rest of the flowers until you have finished your garland.


This is what it looks like when you are finished and it’s hanging off your spray painted branches next to your pumpkin collection.

It only took an hour of The Godfather II to make one.

Hello October.

You are such a rock star.


PS  Someone just came in here while I was writing this and asked me if they could put on pirate make-up.

I guess they got the October memo, too. 🙂


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  1. Love it! The tutorial on the book page garland is great and the garland is simple elegance. I so relate to “It only took an hour of The Godfather II”…reminds me of when I use to ask my mother as a child how many Brady Bunches until we get there? Your mantel looks beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous as usual!

    I am wondering where you got all your milk glass? And was it expensive?

    I have a few pieces from my grandma (my mom is so awesome for sharing), but this past weekend we went to a giant garage sale and I guess other people have heard that milk glass is really “hip and cool” right now because every piece I found was like $25.

    So I had to keep walking (sniff), but I did come home with a very cool lamp, so I guess it wasn’t a total loss.

  3. You’re so cute KariAnne! I love your enthusiasm and creativity. I wish you lived close enough to shop my basement (dry, no stench!), have a cup of tea and bring your inspiration and creativity to my house. My house would love it! Have a great day!

  4. Sheryll & Critters. :

    Of course I am not a tadge bit surprised that your mantel is gorgeous again. (I still have trouble remembering if it is mantel or mantle ….. shooh….. please don’t laugh out loud at me.)

    I was (really I was) considering doing my mantel white with milk glass, but went with green branches with red tipped leaves and brass, cause it is still too hot outside to even think of it being fall yet here. Supposed to still be 89 here today, but it is usually hotter in the hot and colder in the cold in my neck of the woods than most areas of this huge city (land mass wise). So we will see. I have enjoyed the beautiful cool breezes the past week or so though.

  5. I love it. and I love how you pull everything together. The piece off of your porch is my favorite along with the book page garland. I’m really into things made from the pages of books. I made a pumpkin out of a book this weekend and the garland will compliment it perfectly.

    I’m with ya on where in the world did September go? As much as I wanted to hold onto Summer I’m finally realizing I just need to let go and embrace Fall.

    Happy Fall!

  6. Your mantel is gorgeous! I love the book page garland! Thanks for the great tutorial! It seems the months and years just fly by now! I can tell you are enjoying every precious minute- me too! Have a fantastic week!

  7. Just love the neutral fall decor — just perfect for the brief pause that is October. 🙂 I’ve welcomed it with open arms, but could use a week off of work to just paint and piddle and finish all the fall DIYs I’ve wanted to do. *Sigh* Too many ideas, so little time. 🙂
    xo Heidi

  8. I love the all white theme, it really makes a statement while still being simple.

  9. I was wondering the very same thing, but I am okay with it. Every month and every season offers such special gifts. Pirates are favored around our home.

    You know I love all the whites – especially with the KariAnne touch.

  10. Love that garland. I’ll be right over to get yours, because October will definitely be over before I can get around to making my own. xo Laura

  11. No….YOU are the rockstar! Love the mantle…and that garland (super cute!)
    Always love stopping by for great ideas!!
    Have a fabulous October day!!

  12. Really cute garland…both of them. I like the other one too…the one with Easter leftovers. I’m rooting for you to just leave them alone….they look kind of content, happy to let the little white pumpkins steal the show! And, just so you know you are the rock star…we just cheer you on…like an admiration society! 😉

  13. Love the garland Karianne! Your mantel is absolutely perfect! Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. Only KariAnn would have polka dot scissors!!! Love the garland, and the old porch pieces are to die for! Thanks for a happy “start to the day”.

  15. Love it! Love your writing style the most! You made my Monday better!

  16. I love your garland! I have several book page projects on my site…and they NEVER get old…do they? Thank you so much for sharing this darling project! 😀 Have a wonderful week! ~Tammy

  17. Beautiful Karianne! Just love the garland idea!

  18. Sharing on FB!

  19. September? Did we have September, this year? 🙂

  20. I love that you can use it for Easter! …Christmas, Valentines Day….!

  21. Wow, sometimes the things we end up doing ar just as satisfying as the ones we originally intended. It’s stunning! Don’t beat yourself up, you are a mom too, and you still have all those lovely ideas you can share with us in those dulldrum days of winter after Christmas has passed.

  22. Karianne,
    I love all the white, and that garland is the cutest little accent. Thank you!

  23. You are definitely not the only one that missed September! I literally blinked and it was over.

    Love all the milk glass on your mantel. Absolutely gorgeous.

  24. You have the knack of transforming the simple into the spectacular, Girl! Love it!

  25. You were seriously going to make spider webs out of barn wood? Be careful, lady, that’s pushing Martha Stewart crazy there. But I love the book garland. I’ve had a paper leaf garland pinned forever and now I might just make it. Thanks for being so inspiring.
    The other Marian

  26. I said those EXACT words to my hubby this morning….” What the heck happened to September” WOW, I guess it is true what they say…The older you get, the faster time goes by!!! Really ?/?/ Oh goodness gracious, I just LOVE the book page garland… I was at Hobby Lobby on Saturday, and saw for the very first time the book page scrapbook paper, I don’t even SCRAPBOOK, but I had to have some, thinking all the way home “hmmm, what am I going to use it for?” yes REALLY…and Lo and behold…karianne to the rescue, now I just have to go thru my sewing box and find a needle that is big enough to thread my hemp thru…..Thank You …..Thank You…..Thank You…my ROCK STAR FRIEND….who never uses capital letters for her name and now I do the same thing…..You are the BEST at inspiring me EVER….. in the history of EVER 😉 ~~amy~~

  27. Lisa Montgomery :

    I am so in love with this project. Don’t know how you continue to amaze and inspire constantly! The last time my husband and I went to Williamsburg, I bought a reproduced copy of love letters written in beautiful script that a man and woman from Jamestown had written to each other in the 1700’s. It is so quaint and pretty that I knew it would make a perfect paper craft. Now I know which craft I’m making! Lisa

  28. This fall is shooting by for me, too…I need to get out and enjoy it! Your mantel is beautiful, Karianne!

  29. So pretty – I love your creativity! Yes, what happened to September!….

  30. Your mantel looks gorgeous of course!!

    I felt a kindred spiritism when you asked where September went. I”VE BEEN WONDERING TOO. I am so still back in July and not ready for summer to end. I didn’t get to do all the things I wanted to and have all the lazy days I wanted. {not sure there were any}

    Time flying is where the kindred spirit ends, because while I love to come see all your gorgeous decor and house photos, I am totally not gifted at creating. My older sister stole all the creativism. 🙂 That’s ok. I forgive her. And I love your mantel. I know-I mentioned the mantel first, but it deserves a second recognition.

  31. KariAnne… your mantel is gorgeous!!! Can’t wait to meet you this month and hear your speech. Just want to make sure I have the right date – Oct. 26th – what time? Can you give me the specifics?

  32. Love the garland and the mantle! I love how you shop your house. I try to do that too as best I can. It is like a challenge to find things to decorate with and not spend money. I get all giddy while my husband and kids look at me like I’m crazy! yep, guess I am. Oh by the way, I have commented several times here and you answer all the time. I think that is really neat. You know what else is neat? My maiden name is Woods. Can’t believe I haven’t told you that. LOL Love your blog!

  33. Oh you always shop the house so well…the mantel is a beauty!…and you always create the cutest things Kari…love that book page garland!

  34. Cute – I like it all! Love the upside milk glass – I totally could be stealing that idea!

  35. Beautiful Display 🙂 and the garland is so creative with the painted branches.

  36. Love it, love it, love it oh and…I love it! 😉

  37. Oh what a gorgeous mantel Kari Anne and love the little garlands as well!

  38. Love the piece off your porch…it adds such interest! (Not that it’s not interesting without it!) It all looks so super cozy!

  39. You are just my daily dose of inspiration Kari Anne!
    Love this mantel. It’s perfect!

  40. This is charming and beautiful and sweet, all rolled into one. I fall behind in checking out my favorite blogs for a couple of weeks and while my head is turned, you storm ahead by about two million paces!

    One day, when I grow up, I will be able to keep up with you.

    Annie XO

  41. Oh you are so inspiring! Every time I come over here I aspire to be you when I grow up!! I have a special place in my heart for milk glass, white pumpkins and old book pages! Very lovely! Traci

  42. How do you do it all!! Your display is amazing and I love the garland…may have to give it a try! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  43. Sweet page flowers!!

  44. Hi KariAnne!
    Love your site! As a total newby to blogging I find your site is one of the ones that inspires me the most! I love your home. Could you tell me where you purchased the urns you have by your fireplace in your master? I’ve tried to search urns…and garden urns (adding trellis, etc) with no luck. Any help you can give me is appreciated!
    A Canadian fan!