How To:  Chalkboard Calendar

How To: Chalkboard Calendar


How to make a chalkboard calendar in 12 easy steps.

Around here….I think they have my number.

It’s 1-800-she-brakes-for-trash.

And it’s toll-free.


Sanford and Son called and they want their truck back.

I think that’s what my neighbors say when they see me clanging around the corner in that old pick-up truck loaded down with who-knows-what from who-knows-where sticking out of the back.  But have you ever driven around the country?  Seriously.  It is a little slice of junk heaven.

They see chicken wire…..I see cloches.

They see abandoned barns….I see mantels.

They see pallets…..I see frames and tables and desks.

 Days of the Week Labels

And you should have seen how they laughed when a giant window straight out of the trash came traveling down those back country roads.

All 40 panes of it.

But I couldn’t leave it behind.

It was just laying there by the side of the road.

All by itself.

Calling to me.

Loud and clear.

And as soon as I saw it……I knew that I knew that I knew. 


It was destined for greatness.

Destined to see its name in lights with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Maybe even a guest appearance as a judge on American Idol.

Or tossing it’s hat into the ring on America’s Got Talent.

So…..just in case you are ever in my neighborhood…..driving down a winding country road and a window calls your name and you see chalkboards and Hollywood and America’s Got Talent in your future……

……here are the details.


(1)  The window was originally 40 panes.

(2)  We decided 7 panes across and 4 panes down was the perfect size for a calendar on the wall.


(3)  The entire chalkboard measures 51″ x 86″.

(4)  To make the chalkboard calendar we removed all the glass panes (some of them were gone any way).

Frame For Chalkboard Calendar

(5)  Then purchased a 4 x 8 piece of 1/2″ plywood and cut it to fit the back of the window pane.

(6)  Painted it with chalkboard paint.

(7)  Nailed the plywood board to the back of the frame.

(8)  Removed the outside edge of the window panes on the edge (so the edges resembled a tic-tac-toe board).

(9)  Framed it out the entire calendar with 1″x 2″ boards.  This creates a finished edge for the calendar.

Days of the Week Labels

(10)  Painted the days of the week to go across the top of the calendar.

(11)  Glued the labels on to the top of the chalkboard.

(12)  Nailed the entire calendar directly onto the wall (we have solid wood walls which made this step easy).

(13)  Stenciled burlap bag to hold all the chalk.




I love it.

I makes my heart smile every day.

It was easy and fun and one of my favorite projects ever….in the history of ever.  And if you have any more questions…..don’t hesitate to e-mail me.  But I’ve got to run……

……Sanford and Son are beeping in on the other line 🙂

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  1. What a wonderful use of something everyone else passed by! If I may, I will file this in my inspiration folder?

  2. Totally love it ♥

  3. Ha, so that is where my truck has gone. I thought it had headed off to truck heaven, This is seriously too cool. Pinning it so someone with greater skills than me, someone similar to you, can create this.


  4. You described the creative mind so well, “they see chicken wire, I see cloches, etc. . . . “. You are incredibly talented and creative and a continuing source of inspiration to me. I LOVE your chalkboard!

  5. you’re so funny. i agree with maureen (above) that you describe the creative mind so well. hahaha. i could just see you when you spotted that old picture window. congratulations, you did an outstanding job on that one. not only is it beautiful, it’s also useful, and in “saving” and repurposing it, you kept it alive. good job.

  6. This is one of my favorite projects that you’ve created to date! It makes my heart smile too. Looking around my home for empty wall space.

    Your Friend,

  7. I think this might have been the first picture I saw on your blog. That is such a great project. I love a good wall calendar! 🙂

  8. OMG!!!! I would have pulled over and blocked traffic for that!!! I think that is my favorite project of all blog-time! You are so lucky to have found that and a genius to make it into an awesome, fantastic, unbelievable calendar!!!!
    I wish I had one just like it!

  9. Great idea for this large window, Karianne! What a statement piece, too.

  10. I love this project – it’s one of my all time favs! Love me a chalkboard calendar!

  11. I’d be braking too and we’d cause a massive pile up (is there such a thing in the country?)! Then we’d jump from our pick ups, race towards the cast off piece of junk and get into a tug of war! Although I’d love to go Sanford & Soning with you, it would probably ruin our friendship so I’ll just admire from afar!

  12. love this! can you imagine how much this would cost if it was on sale in a store???!!!

  13. This looks awesome above your couch….the scale is great! Your blog is so enjoyable and inspiring to read…..keep up all your hard work and keep your creative juices flowing:).

  14. It really IS such a great project…now I have a couple of windows waiting on me…thanks for the tutorial!

  15. I love this chalkboard. I really, really do. It’s outstanding and I love that you were able to give the frame a new life. Originally 40 panels? That must’ve been massive! Wonder what kind of building it was from? Like you, I would probably smile every time I walked through the room. How could you not?! =D

  16. I love it, too! Do you stand in your stocking feet on the couch to write on it? lol!

  17. Nice job, that thing must weigh a ton!!! Perhaps you should replace the nails with a few long screws to make sure it never falls on anyone’s head as they sit on that couch…

    Such a pretty room!

  18. I would love to replicate this in my house! Seriously – it one of my favorite things in yours
    It might be a little hard to find one with that many panes and my house is so small I would have
    to find a smaller version but sigh…:)

    keep up all the awesomeness will ya? the signs will be done by the weekend…I can’t wait:)

  19. I love that chalkboard calendar! If I had the wall space I’d be recreating that piece for my own home. Somday…!

  20. Great idea..very clever..DO you have 12 of them 🙂 ?

  21. It would make my heart smile, too! I always LOVE seeing your chalkboard calendar … you gotz such amazing skills! You can bring your clanging truck down my street ANYtime, but, please stop and share your goodies, as I don’t seem to have your luck at finding curbside treasures!

  22. Adorable! I wish I lived in your neighborhood, we’de be playing tug of war over that one! Great idea and perfectly executed!

  23. Your posts almost always make me smile. I love your sense of humor and I love your calendar.

  24. I can see it now: The new tlc show, Thistlewood Farms, starring the amazingly talented Karianne. The show will feature you out ‘collecing’ your treasures, picker style, and making masterpieces out of them. There will be giant chalkboards, freshy pom-pom pillows, stencilling, burlap goodness, barn doors-turned mantel art, basket clad pantries… that’s a show I’d pvr. Seriously.

  25. My favorite too! I think this project was the first-ever post I saw of yours … and that makes ME smile!


  26. Girl I would have pulled over in a heart beat too! What you did was stunning, I love love love this! What a fabulous idea! You amaze me.

  27. I absolutely love this! Seriously, it’s my favorite use of old windows ever. Oh, and I rescued junk off the side of the road today too. 🙂

  28. Goodness, this is adorable!
    I just have one question…how did you hang it? I’m sure it’s extremely heavy. Would love some details on that one , as I have a huge window (6 x 10) that I want to hang in my entry…just not sure how to do it!

  29. Love this and love how your photos always come out. I have so much to learn there! Last day of voting???? I’m on pins and needles here.

  30. Amazing! My kids are the ones ducking down these days- “PLEASE MOM, DON”T STOP!” I love this calendar! I am a curbside junker. Favorite finds include my antique rolling two sided chalkboard, and inners of a piano keyboard. Both will never be parted with!

  31. Good luck KariAnne! I’ve been voting 🙂

  32. Amazing is all I can say. Reading your posts I have wondered how you made the huge calendar and now I know. It really is a good way to use someones junk. I too am a curbside junker but once I get my finds home, I have a hard time coming up with how to re-purpose them.

    Good luck!

  33. An amazing project! It looks stunning over your sofa, and I’m sure it’s really happy in it’s new life in your home!

  34. Awesome job on rescuing the window. I can see it is really happy as a chalkboard calendar! Just voted. Good luck Karianne.

  35. You loved it, and now we all love it.♥ Just like we love you.♥♥♥

  36. I’m so envious of your wood walls! You can hang anything you want anywhere you want it! My husband has a fit every time I want to hang anything heavier than a picture on our drywalled walls.

    Your window chalkboard calendar is gorgeous! Around here if I were to buy a 40-pane window, it would cost at least $200. ($5 per pane at the salvage places, more at antique stores.) I don’t have much luck finding things in the trash.

  37. This project is awesome! I would love something like this for our house to keep up with everything!

  38. Just when I think you have wowed me with a fantastic project you share yet another!
    Love it and you and your blog!!

  39. Wow you are always sharing such wonderful ideas and this one really is something I want

  40. What a great idea for re-purposing “junk” I love how it looks above your couch 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this awesome project, I can see you’ve already inspired more than just a few folks!

  41. That chalkboard is absolutely amazing, truly amazing. You are one in a million, I would not have seen a calendar when I saw that on the side of the road.
    I voted for you!!!
    Hugs, Cindy

  42. It’s gorgeous. And there are so many of us now who are so, so jealous!

  43. They see abandoned barns….I see mantels. This remided me that whe we first built this house we went to the frm where my MIL grew up. The people were allowing the barn to literally fall apart. We wanted to ask them if we could have a piece of barnwood for our mantle. We were met in the driveway with the guy holding a GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he obviously said no. We never got any barnbard. Your calendar is genius. Amazing. Great tutorial. XO, Pinky

  44. Always love seeing that beautiful chalkboard window…..You are “Keeping America Beautiful” by picking up someone’s “throw aways” along the side of the road, and also “Keeping Your Home Beautiful” by doing so!!….:)

  45. You are incredible. How perfect that it had 7 panes? I think I need to live in the country. You find way cooler stuff than I do out there.

  46. Love it! Great idea, now if I can just find a huge old window to work with. I don’t have a truck, we drive a Prius, but you would be amazed at the things you can fit in it. Where there is a will there is a way!

  47. I’m jealous of the junk {not that I’d be half as inspired as you are!} You’re a DIY genius. 🙂

  48. I simply adore this creation! Always have!!! I have a 10 pane window that needs some attention i do believe!!!! once again my friend…you are an inspiration! : ) sending hugs…

  49. Love! What a great ideaa!

  50. Thank you! Thank you! We looked at a house last night with our realtor and decided it was the one for us (60’s lights and all). The kitchen is sort of laid out weird. They placed a counter to make an L right in the center of the kitchen leaving an area that looks like it is for a breakfast nook but there is no room for a table …well, other than a small cafe table( but we have 5 kids so not really practical) Which is fine because the diningroom is just a few feet away. I kept thinking what do I do with this space and the wall separating the diningroom and kitchen? This chalkboard is the perfect solution! So, glad I came across your blog today!

  51. this is pure genius! i love, love, love it!

  52. you rock…and I would love to find one this big……I love the way you write your posts fun to read

  53. Outstanding project! Not only is it functional, it’s gorgeous! I had to share this one all over the land for SNS 153. 🙂

  54. This is stunning, amazing, and just fantastic….Love!

  55. Holy cow, you’ve been BUSY! I love it, so! How functional and beautiful. Great job!

  56. Oh Karianne! My jealousy pains are excruciating! I’ve had that shutter/wall staircase pinned for months. Didn’t know if I actually would DO it but I LOVE it! And your wall – I love it too! It’s making my heart go pitter patter!

  57. My gosh this is fabulous! Every time I come over here to your blog I am amazed! You have such talent! LOVE it all!

  58. Amazing! Ok, have you tried chalk pens!? I have a vinyl wall chalkboard calendar, and I discovered these…best thing EVER. No messy chalky stuff and you can write just like you would with a pen, plus, they wash right off with a paper towel and some fantastic. You know the writing on the boards at coffee shops? I think those are what they use. I have SO many old windows, this is just such a great way to repurpose! (Plus, even if your neighbors were laughing at you, they’re not laughing now;)

  59. I love your chalkboard calendar although I have no place to put one. I also love the wooden pedestal at the side of the sofa.

    I passed up old windows twice in the last 3 years. Now I am so angry with myself. Living in a little cottage makes storing things difficult.

  60. This is awesome! I have painted one of my kitchen walls (well, a 6 X 6 area of it) with magnetic paint and then with chalk paint. I have been struggling with a way to make it more useful for dates and such because I can get a little messy with it and I certainly don’t write in a straight line, and now I know what to do. This calendar chalkboard idea is perfect!
    Thank you so much for sharing!!

  61. I want this!!!!!! This is seriously amazing, love it!

  62. I just LOVE this project and your photos are beautiful! This was just featured in my chalkboard project roundup 🙂
    ~Katie @ Upcycled Treasures

  63. AMAZing!!!

  64. You are such a genius and visionary!! May I vote more than once since it has so many uses? Perhaps you are the trash whisperer and something wonderful and enduring calls out to you before it is destroyed. What a gift you have!! Hope you win. Big Hugs!

  65. Karrianne, I noticed in mysoulful home that this project is part of a contest on BHG.
    When or how can I vote on it?

  66. Congratulations! I love your style!

  67. Very cool! But do you have a photo of the burlap bag you mentioned, or did I miss it? I was curious to see it, too!