How to Build a Pallet Wood Letter

How to Build a Pallet Wood Letter


distressed pallet wood letter

Remember the original Real Housewives of Orange County?

The one that started it all.

Remember Laurie and Jo and Jeana and Kimberly and of course….Vicki.

The show was fascinating and glamorous and they wore evening gowns to go shopping and diamond tiaras for lunch and ate at restaurants that looked like art galleries…..

…..and had shoe closets bigger than my living room.

Television at it’s finest.

And even though I wore sweatpants to go shopping and a black rubber band for lunch and adore Cracker Barrel and put my shoes in a big jumbled pile in the middle of my closet….

….I never missed an episode.

pallet wood letter project

And just when your Monday nights were full of tales from the OC and you thought lives of the rich and famous couldn’t get any better.

……they introduced The Real Housewives of New York.

And Miami.

And Atlanta.

Same song second verse.

Except only better.


And the entire point of this exciting and glamour-filled analogy?  Pallet letters are a lot like those real housewives.

Last year I posted the original pallet wood letter project.

Now meet the second verse. 🙂

(total aside:  you knew that I would bring it back around somehow.)

pallet wood letter

How to Build a Pallet Wood Letter

(written by the second most amazing carpenter I know)

Note:  Most letters measure around 9″ Tall , 7″ wide and 3.5″ deep. 

Step 1:  Harvest the wood from a pallet or other reclaimed lumber.  To make this letter use the 2 x 4 ribs that support the thinner boards.  You can also use new 2×4’s and stain them if you don’t have pallet wood.  Depending on the letter you will need at least 3-4 feet of 2 x 4 board.

pallet wood letter diy

Step 2:  Cut the wood to fit the letter.  This letter is 9 inches tall, and 6 inches wide.

Step 3:  Assemble the letter, using nails and wood glue.  I used 2 inch 18 gauge nails, and glue at the joints.

how to build a pallet wood letter

Step 4:  Sand down the edges and any burrs formed from cutting the rough wood.

Step 5:  Attach rusty braces on the corners for decoration and to add extra support.

diy pallet wood project

PS  I think the second verse is totally worth singing. 🙂

PPS  If your eyes started crossing at “harvest the wood from the pallet”….you can always order your own from my brother’s shop to help support his adoption.

They are only $20/letter.

Happy early Christmas and click here to order. 🙂

how to build a pallet wood letter diy project

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  1. Beautiful! Love the wooden letters! So much potential! Painted and distressed would look good too. Very inspired!

  2. Love these pallet letters Karianne!! I do really miss the OC Housewives…the drama….the big hair!! I never missed an episode!! Happy Fall my friend! ~ Heather

  3. Another home run!! Love these!!

  4. Are you putting your brother up for adoption?! Huh, wish I’d thought of this when I was a kid. And these letter rock!

  5. Carla Lombardo Ehrlich :

    Love the wooden letter!!! My question is…do you have a tutorial for the round piece on the table??? L.O.V.E. that!!!

  6. Love these!

  7. Love, love, love and where did you get that driftwood orb on the table?

  8. Love it!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Seriously when are you going to write a book!! You are always so hilarious! it would basically be DIY meets Chelsea Handler! Love ya!

  10. This is absolutely gorgeous!! I had a great time reading the post. lol

  11. Those are adorable — I think I’ll lasso my Honey into making me some– now get my detective clothes on for scouting some pallets (check) find the the pallets (check)get a rope to lasso my husband(check) ply him with some sweetness so he’ll actually agree (check). I’m stuck on the ply him with sweetness — I’ll let you know if it works. I may have to contact your brother 🙂

  12. Girl, you are too clever for words! Love them!

    I can’t build cap but that is super cute on your mantel!
    Love all your projects, with photos.

  14. Crap* too!

  15. Love, love it….and perfect “word”…Have a great weekend!!!

  16. what a wonderful idea, this looks great! those rusted brackets really make it special

  17. These are gorgeous and love the brackets. Thanks for linking up at Creative Collection!

  18. LOOOOOOOVE this! OMGOSH, I cannot get enough!
    xo, Riva

  19. I love this! How absolutely beautiful, you did a fabulous job!!! The letters make quite a statement!

  20. I adore those! How do you get your brackets rusty? Do you leave them sit out or soak them in something to make them rust quickly? I have to make this lol!
    thanks for sharing

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