I Hope You Like an Outtake

I Hope You Like an Outtake


I gave up trying to tame my hair a long time ago.  It doesn’t really listen and it goes all rogue and has its own mind and its own reality television show.

It was a battle I was never going to win.

Now, I just encourage the curls and let it go, but when I was younger, I tried valiantly to fight the fight.  I would spend hours with a curling iron, painstakingly twisting each strand of hair under around my face….

….kind of like a jelly roll with a barrette.

When my sister saw my incredible hair-don’t, she wanted to look just like me–so I’d jelly roll her hair, too.

I couldn’t help it.  I had to share the pastry-hair wealth.

Because having your back–hairdo or otherwise–that’s what sisters do.

This past Friday was our school’s last track meet of the season.

If you’ve ever been to a track meet before, you know it’s hours of waiting and staring and watching a zillion other events before they call the one event you came to see.

That was us.

Four hours into the meet, the announcer finally called the 800 meter.

Both of my twin daughters stepped onto the track.

The 800 meter is a hard race.  It’s two times around the track and you have to pace yourself.  If you go too slow at the beginning you get behind and everyone else passes you and you have to play catch up for the remainder of the race.  Or, if you start out too fast and try to lead the pack, you lose steam and can’t keep up the pace.

That’s what happened to one of the twins.

She started out so strong.

I watched as she almost sprinted the first 400 meters.  When she passed the half-way mark her face was a study in determination.  Her chin was set.  Her eyes were focused.  She was running the race like a champion.

Then mid-way through the race–she lost her steam.

You could see it in her stride.  It became slower and slower and slower and slower–until all the other racers passed her.

Until she was last.

Until she was all alone–slowly and painfully putting one running foot in front of the other.

My heart ached for her.

I watched her face and saw her spirits droop.  I saw the sadness.  I saw the anguish and sorrow and overwhelming defeat etched in every step of her race.  I thought she was done.  I was worried she might not finish.

And then?

Suddenly, she wasn’t alone.  She wasn’t running by herself any more.  There was another pair of running shoes next to hers.  Shoes that matched her step for step, length for length and meter for meter.

Encouraging her.

Believing in her.

Helping her run the last steps of her race.

Her twin sister had dropped back to run beside her.

I watched in awe as they finished the final 25 meters together, feet pounding the track, arms moving like clockwork, pony-tails swishing in time…

….as they crossed the finish line together.

That’s what sisters do.

They are there in the best of times and the worst of times.

They’re there for every bad date, every unfortunate choice of eye shadow, every awkward moment, every triumph and every jelly roll hairdo.

It’s good to have a sister.

Especially one who has your back…

…and your track shoes. 🙂

PS  Here are some behind the scenes after the meet.

I hope you like an outtake. 🙂

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  1. Adorable, looks like they actually are both winners! I don’t have a sister but it looks awesome.

  2. Absolutely lovely!

  3. My sister would absolutely do the same thing! Having a sister is the absolute best thing in my world! Thank you for the reminder

  4. The last photo made me laugh out loud!! Sooooo precious- love them!

  5. Beautiful girls and what a special bond they have. ☺️

  6. Awwww….so sweet!! I always wanted a sister, but wasn’t meant to be. Your girls are lucky to have each other 🌞

  7. I have 2 sisters and you’re right, there is nothing like that bond!

  8. The twins are darling! Love their hair! Perfect!!

  9. These two are adorable and, trust me, they won the race. And as he mom who raised such a stellar pair, you won too. Have a great day!

  10. Karianne, what a sweet gesture. That’s wonderful that they look out for each other like that.

    I’m a twin so, I totally get that special relationship they have between each other. Even as adults, my sister and I still talk, text or email each other every day.

    The photo outtakes of your girls are adorable. Too cute.

    Have a great week.

  11. What a beautiful family you have raised!! You will all love that these sweet memories are written for future enjoyment!!

  12. Awww, I’m in tears. Sooo sweet, KariAnne. Such a wonderful outtake! Unfortunately, I didn’t have a sister close to my age. One sister is 7 years younger than me and the other one is 9 years younger. The only thing the 7yo sister did was tear up my doll collection! LOL But now? Shoot, we’d fight to the death for each other. You know I love your stories! 😀 ❤

  13. I got goose bumps reading your story. Your girls are absolutely ADORABLE!! You can tell how close they are. Lucky You!! Great job girls!

  14. Cutest girls ever!

  15. Sweet sister love!
    My sister and I are doing our third half marathon together next weekend!!! The first year, she had to help me finish, last year it was my turn to be her helper…this year~ we both hope to finish strong! Amen to sister love ~ on and off the track!

  16. Andrea Boudreau :

    Love that they had a great time after the race, sisters are special 🙂

  17. Oh my they are so much like you! What a wonderful job you have done my friend raising them. Such compassionate hearts they have in your stories.love their sweet smiles like yours too! Pulled a Lucy. Was going through email and just began to read. Loving the part about crazy curls! I can so relate even ironing my hair so would not be curly kinky. But I only had brothers not sisters. But smiled as I was reading and thought my adopted sister haha Kari anne would love this! Then laughed out loud when you started telling tale of twins. Oh my Lucy I am! Pray a little prayer as my baby always to me graduates. Yes bawl bag all week this Lucy will be! Enjoy this sunshine!!!!

  18. I don’t tear up easily, but you did insist when you told this story! 🙂
    I have a close & a not close sister. The close one is much younger. I just take things as they are—the not close one is not an issue—we are just very different. I feel blessed to have a special sis & I feel you are doubly blessed w/two special girls who love each other this much.

  19. They are beautiful…your ‘mini-me’s.

  20. Super cool!! 😉

  21. We have 19 yr old twin grandgirls and they have been such a joy in our lives…they, too, cover ea others backs….so adorable. Your twin girls are so delightful and pretty.

  22. Donna Marie :

    Looks like a chip from the ol’ block!!! (I had five sisters and I think we would fight to the death if challenged!!!)

  23. So sweet! Love that your daughters are so close. My daughter did track too, so I know all about the long waiting and late nights. Thanks for the great story to start my day!

  24. This is so sweet! Thank you and Beautiful girls!

  25. Awwww…. that is such a loving story and a testament to their mom and dad, too. Two mini KA’s… I can’t stand it!! <3
    P.S. LOVE the wood carving!!

  26. beautiful sisters, friends for life!

  27. This made my eyes leak. 🙂 What a special blog post! Thank you for sharing about the LOVE of sisters. Your girls are precious, inside and out, so evident by this caring example for each other..

  28. Kathleen Sullivan Cockrel :

    Bawling…happy tears. Y’all are so precious. 😍

  29. Crying happy tears — such a sweet story! Thanks for sharing!

  30. Teresa Gonzales :

    What a special bond they have! You have a special family!

  31. Rowena Philbeck :

    What a special story. That was awesome and great sisters. They look so much like you too!! Very special and thanks for sharing!!

  32. Those twin girls of yours are adorable, Karianne, and how very, very sweet of the one who dropped back to encourage her sister! This is in no way as brilliant as that and might even be considered an assault but I’ll never forget the time my young son’s girlfriend in High School treated him so badly that when my daughter found out about it she poured her slushy out on the girl’s head. I was equally touched and appalled, told my daughter under no uncertain terms that was not proper behavior. But, at the same time, secretly saw the sweetness in how she stood up for her brother. And I have to admit the action did have positive results because the girl steered way clear of the two of them after that 😉

  33. The Twinthistles are so beautiful, both inside and out – just like their Mother!! Sweet story and terrific outtakes too! Thank-you for the perfect Monday morning post.

  34. You must be so very proud of your girls!

  35. How wonderful!!! That is the best! You are raising them right KariAnne. Your heart had to swell when that happened. What cute girls!! Look at those beautiful smiles. Worth a million!!! Check out what Kathy Lee Gifford does to her hair. She has curly hair as well. What she does lasts 4-5 days. She was talking about it back in February, I believe, and has a video tutorial. But I love your hair…it is so you!!! And it is gorgeous!!!!!

  36. How sweet! You are so truly blessed and those girls are amazing!

  37. You brought me to tears…. your girls are incredible. You are so right…that’s what sisters do. I love my sisters with all my heart, they are my best friends always and I don’t know what I would ever do without them.

  38. You have done good Mom!! What great role models your girls are for all of us.😊 You can see your fun, sweet spirit in them, too. Thank you for sharing.

  39. Stop making me cry!!!!!!!!!! Your girls may not have won the race, but they are winners in the important parts of life.

  40. Man, I forgot my tissues! Sisters!

  41. Marty Oravetz :

    I love it, what a blessing.

  42. I think twin sisters must be very special indeed! My boys are fraternal and are friends, as well. Question: will you give a tutorial on how to do those braids???💗💗

  43. Cynthia Lucarotti :

    Such a BEAUTIFUL story!I agree, they were both winners!!! You have NOTHING to worry about! …. but I WAS hoping to see a picture of you and your sister’s hair when you weren’t the stylist!!!

  44. Suzy McCowen :

    Your twins are adorable! From some of your other posts, I am not surprised that the sister dropped back to be with her twin.

    Sisters make everything better! I have two and they are my best friends!!

    PS I put on Cajun Shrimp this morning and thought of you.

  45. Beautiful inside and out, what a credit to you both…

  46. Aw, they are so adorable! Love my sisters, each one of them, but my twin sister is the one I can always count on through thick or thin…without asking her to…she just knows. Love this sweet story. Tell your girls they are winners in my book!

  47. You’re heart must burst with pride.

  48. What a sweet story of life and love and family! The twins are absolutely gorgeous!

  49. Melted my heart! I have twin great nieces and they are two little peas in a pod at almost 4.
    Oh to be blessed with twins someday. Crossing my fingers:)

  50. They have won more than they would have winning the race. You have brought up two wonderful human beings. Plus your son.. Don’t want to leave him out. What a lesson they have already learned. This will serve them well in life.. Winning isn’t always what gives you true happiness.

  51. love this story! I didn’t have a sister growing up but always wanted one… then went on to be the mom of three girls . they are all married and moms themselves now… they may not always agree on everything but i’m happy they are always there for each other and hope they always will be!!!

  52. Those mini-Thistles.
    They’re beautiful…
    inside and out!! : )

  53. Julie Briones :

    Oh my stars! Just tears going down my cheeks here. You must be SUCH a proud mama!

  54. Oh, I didn’t have a sister, OR a brother … and neither did Hubby!!! So these stories reinforce just what I think I missed growing up AND even now … I love hearing about the special twins’ bond/the boys/the close spiritual and family ties you and their Dad have created! What a great job you’ve done! Huge Hugs, kj

    p.s. We have twin (a boy & a girl) grandchildren among our four girls’ own fifteen kiddos, so we have the large family now!


    Beautiful story, gorgeous girls and fabulous parents who have done all the right things in raising their family! Bless you all!

  56. Barbara Moore :

    I see two beautiful KariAnne faces! Precious girls and such good, good girls. You are blessed. And so are they.

  57. Your story made me cry. It’s so sweet that your daughters love each other and sacrifice for each other. This story reminds me of the basketball story that you shared of your twin daughters. That one made me cry too!

  58. What a sweet story, Kari Anne! Your girls are gorgeous, they look so much like you. I love their bond!!

  59. Once my sister stopped trying to kill me we got along very well (I grew taller than her so she backed off). And now, many years later, we’re besties.

  60. I. Did. Not. Mean. To. Cry!!!!! But I did!! How incredibly sweet. I want to send super big hugs to the both of them and then the mom and dad who fostered such wonderful children! All of my kids were in track so I know the work that goes into it and the time mom and dad have to spend at the track just to see the few moments of glory. And yes, sometimes the moments of heartache but your lovely daughters have each other and their parents. Sorry, but I have to go and wipe my nose and start on dinner. Big hugs!!

  61. Thanks mom love you:)

  62. My favorite DIY of yours-the twins!

  63. If anyone ever needs a “pick-me-up, that’s the story to read!

  64. Hey girls? Mom’s probably bursting with pride right now. Rightfully so, too.
    One of you fell back to support her sister (so…perfect) and one of you, didn’t quit even when it looked like you just couldn’t go on anymore (so inspiring on itself!).
    High fives!

  65. Teresa Emrich in Georgia :

    Wonderful Mother’s Day Gift
    The gift of sisterly love……just made your mom beam with pride!! It was a race won in many ways, especially in your love for each other! God bless you and enjoy the rest of track season.

  66. They are just like you! – and I suspect in every way! What a blessing!

  67. Jeanne Anne :

    Kari Anne,
    Your the exclamation mark at the end of my day!!!!!!!!

  68. Such a sweet story…they have learned what’s important in life…

  69. They are precious—your little mini me’s!

    Jane x

  70. Oh, how I love reading about your wonderful spunky girls! Thank you for sharing this celebration of sister love.

  71. Louise Adkins :

    Wow! What an amazing thing for a sibling to do. Be a proud mama!

  72. Leslie Watkins :

    That’s amazing! They are just so very cute!! And there’s just a special bond with twins. My husband has a twin sister and they never cease to amaze me…

  73. Linda Andersen :

    What beautiful girls they are growing into!! Always so cute, but gosh, they have grown up!!! I have been MIA and missing your blogs, someday I hope to catch up! We moved into our dream home and I have been up to my ears in boxes and disarray 🙁 I was valiantly keeping all your blogs that rolled in until one day when they all got erased. Ugh. I’ve taken a time out and read a few today and I realized just how much I’ve missed you and your family! Love this story, but I’m not a bit surprised…

  74. Sherry Fisher :

    They are just too cute for words 😍

  75. Cathy Clark :

    I LOVE this sister story, as I have a sister who has ALWAYS had my back!!!! I dread the day that one of us won’t have the other…
    Thanks for your beautiful reminder of how wonderful sisters are!!! BTW your twins are breathtakingly beautiful!!!

  76. I love this ! Sisters have a certain bond for alwsys !🤗❤️😘😍

  77. These girls are priceless. Give them a hug from their admirer.

  78. Awesome………………………….. they have your smile!!!

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