Holiday Recipe Linky Party

Holiday Recipe Linky Party

I am so thankful you are here.


I was a little worried that no one would show up.

I was worried that I would be sitting here with the Cheetos and the cheese ball and the fruit and cheese tray…..listening to the Chipmunk Christmas CD.

I mean….I don’t mind a little “Right Down Santa Claus Lane” with Alvin and Simon and Theodore…..

…..but it’s so much better with you here. 🙂


One of my 2012 recipes that I would totally link at a holiday recipe link party.

For more of my recipes….check out my recipe tab.

But enough about these shimmer pops…..

….I can’t wait to see your recipes!

I can’t wait to bake and broil and saute and cook and grill every last one of them.

And I know everyone will want to see them, too… I’m going to spend the day pinning and facebooking and tweeting some of your links and your recipes.

If you want to follow along….you can follow me on Facebook or Pinterest or Twitter!

And when you get done linking up here… sure to stop by each of these incredible blogs and link up to their parties for more linky fun!

Funky Junk:   Christmas Junk Decor

Inspired By Charm:  Quick and Easy Christmas Decor

Songbird:  Outdoor Christmas Decor

Shanty2Chic:  Christmas Crafts

         Funky Junk InteriorsInspiredByCharm132Photobucket

And now…….drumroll please…..(I’m going to let the previously named “macaroni and cheese” kitchen do the honors)……

…’s the Holiday Recipe Link Party (featuring some of the best chefs in blog land)….for 2013!

Link them up!

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  1. Hmm that looks delicious, I am of to check your shimmer pops out.

  2. Looking forward to adding some recipes to my repertoire! Thank you!

  3. Of course we will show up. I can’t wait to see what all everyone has for recipes! xo Diana

  4. Thanks for hosting the party Kari and sharing your amazing home! It is like an escape to visit your blog and see your beautiful photos!

  5. I’m here with my virtual fork in hand! Your shimmer pops look amazing!

  6. Those shimmer pops look beautiful and yummy! Thanks for hosting Karianne!

  7. YUMMY!!

    Karianne, I have soooo much fun with you!! Merry, Merry Christmas!!!!!!

  8. Can’t wait to see all the recipes. When’s dinner? 😉

  9. Thanks for hosting the fun Karianne! wow – this party is making me super hungry!! Your shimmer pops look almost too pretty to eat! Hope you and your family have a wonderful, joyous Christmas!! Can’t wait to see the creativity and fun you will be sharing in 2013!

  10. I’ve gained 5 pounds just looking at the pictures!

    I’ve enjoyed the 12 Days trip with you. Thanks for introducing me to some very creative people. It’s been fun.
    Merry Christmas. Gloria

  11. OMG, my daughter will love those shimmer pops. All of her favorite things on a stick. Thanks Karianne once again. Have a Merry Christmas.

  12. What a delicious recipe round up that is brewing!! Thanks for hosting us & for always inspiring :o)

  13. This is going to be fun. Thank you for hosting. =-)

  14. I’m here! Thanks for having a party…I only came for the mac & cheese. 🙂

  15. Ooooh those are so pretty!! I love the shimmer! Thanks for having us over Karianne…so fun.

  16. Hello, Cutiedoodle! I linked up some Oreo Balls, hit of every par-taaay! (When I don’t eat them all while standing in the pantry!)
    Thank you for hosting!

  17. Thanks for hosting!!! XO, Aimee

  18. Congratulations on your new cooking prowess 🙂 Thanks for hosting! I’m cooking now, might be back later with more recipes for you!
    xo, Andrea

  19. Thanks so much for hosting this super fun party! Such awesome inspiration! Have a very Merry Christmas.

  20. So fun, KariAnne!! (: Love this linky! XO

  21. What a fun link up! I shared a few of my favorites (hope that’s ok!) My Christmas Corn Flake Wreath and bread and cookies!

  22. Hope everyone enjoys the recipes C: Can’t wait to make some shimmer pops myself.

  23. No one show up?! It looks like it’s raining festive food over here! WOW… check out all those decadent creations!

    And yours were no less amazing. Thanks so much for being a part of our 12 Day run, it’s been an absolute pleasure playing with you! Your home and talents quite simply blow me away… Melissa up above is so right, coming here has been like a complete mini vacation to read and be inspired. Thanks so much for helping to make this event exactly what it was… amazing!

  24. Whew! Everything looks delicious so far! Looks like you’ll be covered in a layer of flour, sugar, and cocoa for the next few days, so you better get started 🙂

    Thanks for hosting!

  25. These look amazing! I’m in a decidedly peppermint mood today . . . 🙂

  26. Sorry I had to dig in the archives … and I had some other recipes from last year but hated the photos. Oh well …

    🙂 me

  27. Love those shimmer pops!!!!…

  28. Mmmmm, food party! I’ve linked up a blog post I wrote last year after the annual Christmas baking day with my friends. We each bake two kinds of cookies, and then we divide them up between us so we each end up with eight kinds of cookies. It makes the baking process a lot more fun, although the potential for a cookie disaster is a lot higher! 😉

  29. So many Thank-ful wishes coming to you!
    I was wondering last year about a cookie recipe.
    Could not find it right off…..and wha-la….
    here it was posted in living color on your blog
    with others linking up to you!!:)
    I couldn’t be more grateful!

  30. We used to torture my dad by playing that Alvin and the Chipmunks record (RECORD, not CD mind you!) over and over again!! This is such a fun party my friend and I’m thrilled to be sharing my Homemade Vanilla Extract recipe!
    Thanks for hosting us beautiful lady,

  31. If you start with the cocktail recipes, who cares if the rest don’t turn out? You will never know and you won’t care either : )

  32. hey..just saw you were having a recipe link party and it was perfect because my post was on my son in law cookies that i accidently concocted last Christmas and my son in law couldn’t get enough of them so I named them after him. we have our family christmas cookie exchange saturday and this is one of the cookie recipes i am taking…can’t wait to look through the other recipes:)

  33. Thanks for hosting. I can see I’m going to be doing alot of pinning on this one!

  34. I had a great time at the party and now have some new recipes to try. Thank you!

  35. Hi KariAnne: Thank you so much for hosting the party today!

  36. So many good looking recipes. I so wish that I had time to make every one…especially those shimmer pops. But really….then I’d only eat them. And they I’d need those elastic waist pants. So…I think I’ll just look at the photos. 😀

    I just spent some of my very valuable sleep time reading your blog. HeeHee! It’s really an amazing blog. I love the way you write…and your projects are so very inspiring. But…there is one burning question…have you really been blogging only a year?

  37. Girl, you’re gonna have to join a gym after this! Did you see those pecan cherry dunking cookies? Or that sausage bread? And I’m not even mentioning anything involving oreos. I think your Christmas Wish just came true! Woot.

  38. Karianne! I featured your shimmery goodness in my Features post here! Thanks for linking up to our par-tay!

  39. Yum these all look so delicious! I Pinned it so I can browse through later.

  40. Oh, no!!! I am too late for this one!!!!
    I actually have wonderful condensed milk goodies i could have linked up!
    But I am coming back to browse this party!
    I need some inspiration!

  41. I had to share a post from 2008, but it is one of my favorite recipe posts!!

  42. Thank you for hosting this party, have a great weekend.
    Merry Christmas,
    Wanda Ann @ Memories by the Mile

  43. Oh your shimmer pops look so cute and I am excited to check out these other great looking recipes!!

  44. Thank you so much for a fabulous party!! Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas

    xoxo, Tanya