Handmade Gift Idea:  Hand Stitched Notebook

Handmade Gift Idea: Hand Stitched Notebook

Hand-Stitched Notebook diy

If you’ve ever met my sister…..you know I am totally stating the obvious when I tell you that she’s amazing.


On the amazing scale if 1 is a really good hair day and a 10 is finding all the cute tags and wrapping paper that you bought last year for 90% off….

….she’s a 25.

Hand-Stitched Notebook how to

She can do anything she decides to do.

Like when she decided she was going to run a marathon….she did.

Or when she told me she wanted to take part in a 150 mile bike race….she did.

She’s starred in an off-Broadway play and had her monologues featured on the Huffington Post and went to India on a mission trip and rescued a Jack Russell terrier from Hurricane Katrina….

….because she said she would.

And when we watched the ice dancing on the Winter Olympics and she turned to me and said….I could do that.

She could.

Watch out 2018.

Hand-Stitched Notebook

When I was home for Thanksgiving she showed me these amazing hand stitched notebooks that she made.

Because she said she would.

I immediately fell in love with them and told her that you all needed to see them and could I post them on the blog and where did she get the notebooks and was it hard to do and after she finished learning how to ice dance could she show me how she made them.

Hand-Stitched Notebook project

And she said:

1. Of course.

2. Target and IKEA.

3.  It’s easy.

4.  She decided against the ice dancing thing after Charlie and Meryl stole America’s hearts.

5.  Here’s how she made them….

Hand-Stitched Notebook handmade gift 1.  Find a notebook with a paper cover.

2.  Lightly sketch what you want to hand-stitch on the front of the notebook with a pencil.

She made a row of birds and swirls and a camera and a jet plane and a moustache.  Just a few suggestions.

3.  Using embroidery thread, stitch along the outline.

She used a back-stitch, but you could also use a running stitch or split stitch or chain stitch.

Here’s a guide on how to sew all these stitches.

Hand-Stitched Notebook project (2) 4.  Continue until you have filled in the outline.

Tie off the end with a knot.

Here’s how it looks like on the reverse.

Hand-Stitched Notebook moustache And here’s the finished front of the notebook.

Hand-Stitched Notebook moustache

And after you finish stitching the front….open up and add a note inside.

Something simple.

Something from the heart.

Something to let that special someone know you care.

Hand-Stitched Notebook note

And so my amazing actress, almost ice dancer, bike rider, runner, sister and friend.

You make me laugh until my sides hurt.

You make me so proud.

You make my heart smile from ear to ear.

And when I am with you….

….there’s no place I’d rather be. 🙂


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  1. Karianne,
    I have 3 sisters and feel the same way about them. Nothing compares to the love between sisters! Your sister is amazing like you !

  2. There are people who have sisters of the blood and there are those who have sisters of the heart — how lucky you have both. She sounds like she a big rock star — just like you. I like to think of myself as a nova — just a little itty bitty twinkle — not yet bright and shining like Y-O-U!! Have a great day and I love the notebook idea.

  3. Your Word Were Very Touching To Read!
    You and Your Sister Are Amazing!

  4. KariAnne –

    These are sweet!

    What did your sister use to poke the holes in the covers I’m guessing it’s too thick for an embroidery needle to go through without a pre-drilled hole.

    Can you share?

    P.S. What a gracious tribute to your sister. She sounds pretty amazing. : )

  5. Ok, now that I’ve picked myself up off the floor from laughing at the tinnitus post above (you know at first I thought they were referring to voices in your head) What a great post! These are adorable! Your sister IS amazing! She must have gotten it from YOU! For those of us who are just out of time (or human) …..Barnes and Noble has some in their journal area that are lovely with handmade paper covers and stitching 🙂 Have a wonderful day!


  6. I love that you got your sisters rating all weird…or is that just me.

  7. This is a neat idea, and I agree with Michael–it seems like you need to pre-punch the holes.

  8. What a neat touch! Between Marianne’s post on sewing stars together, Cass’s doll pattern, and now you stitching a book, all this sewing enticement could ruin my junk career! Unless your sister can teach me how to sew metal… I have FULL faith here! 🙂

    Lovely project! Such a pretty, personalized detail to add! I could see a monogram in my future…

  9. What a fabulous gift idea. I love taking something wonderful to begin with and making it extra special with a personal touch. So smart!

    xo Michael

  10. Karianne, I am in shock that there is another woman like you with unlimited talents. I would love to know more about your mother and father and find out how you became super women. I know your children are special because we see them and you tell us about them, however, I may not have been following you long enough to know more of your background. Awesome!