Friendship and Wooden Arrows

Friendship and Wooden Arrows



The only thing better than having one of the funniest, most creative, talented friends on the planet….

….is having a hilarious, amazing genius of a friend who has written a book on how to make stuff.

All kinds of stuff.

Like stuff for your walls.

Like picture frames and mirrors and signs….

….and these wooden arrows I made for the new chalkboard wall at the gatehouse.


Here’s what the room used to look like.

Before the chalkboard wall.

Before the questionable choice of hanging a grocery sign in a living room.

I mean….there was a perfectly reasonable explanation on the whole grocery sign thing….and a good story.

But I got tired of explaining over and over and over again…..and it seemed like the brilliance of that statement piece….

….got totally lost in translation. 🙂

And so the grocery store sign retired to the kitchen….along with the groceries.

And now I had a blank wall to fill.


Enter Ashley (and Jamin).

I met her at the La-z-boy event.

I was a little speechless when I met her because I have followed her blog forever and eternity.

But here was the best thin… amazing as her blog is… amazing as her home is….as funny and hilarious and creative and inspiring and wonderful as the posts that she writes in a voice that makes you want to move in next door to her…..

….in person….she is even better.

I wish I could find the words to tell you how she much makes me laugh.

I wish I would have thought of adding glass to the top of a door to make an out door table just like she did.

I wish she would buy the white farmhouse at the end of the road and stop by for sweet tea every day.

And when I found out she wrote a book called Handmade Walls…..I shamelessly begged her to send me a copy….

….so I could put it on my coffee table and name drop her to all my friends.


And a month later this arrived at my door.

Well….actually… looked much cuter when it arrived.

It was pristine and perfect and wonderful.

Here’s how it looks now….after I’ve read it cover to cover and marked all the pages and made the projects….

….well-loved with worn corners and extra sawdust.


It’s full of projects like this fun lettered sign with knobs.


And layered picture frames.


And a giant frame with extra pictures.

And project after project after project…..all for your walls.

So many more than this post can hold.


But for the blank space in the gatehouse left behind when the grocery sign went to town…..

…..I wanted something special.

Something that would erase the memory of the grocery story sign forever.

So we followed the plans in the book and made two arrows….because really….why stop at one when you have directions and extra wood…..

….and the cutest carpenter on the planet with twinkling brown eyes.


And when we hung the arrows on the wall…..and I stepped back to get the full effect….I couldn’t help myself.

I ran across the room and hugged a pair of twinkling brown eyes….

….and then I twirled.

And twirled and twirled around and around.

I told myself and the chalkboard wall….how lucky we were.


And as I twirled….I was so happy for that friendship.

And for friends that were talented enough to write a book and think up how to make a wooden arrow and write down directions for anyone to make one.

And for gatehouses and chalkboard walls and chevron chairs and white fuzzy rugs.

And for a grocery store sign…..

….that knew it was just a placeholder all along. 🙂

PS  For your very own copy of Handmade Walls….click here.

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  1. I had to go back and forth. The black wall made the room look totally different and yes, the arrows, so unique, really pop! So do I want to go out or in? To the kitchen for a quick craft or to the main house to do laundry? Or do I want to go in the kitchen for a snack or stay in here during this silly commercial of old actors texting?
    You know? It’s like the arrows say make up your own mind because we rock on this new chalkboard wall ! I’m amazed. I think awesome perfect and you make a change and the awesome is even better!!

  2. I love a great idea shared by a friend! Thanks so much Karianne, the room looks great!

  3. Oh gosh, her book has been on my wish list FOR-EVER… I need to just do it! Love the arrows… have a great day, Kari!
    xo Heidi

  4. Marisa Franca :

    See, this is why I love your blog!! You, my genius, made two arrows so people could decide where they want to go! And when people have a quirky sense of humor many things get lost in the translation and if you have to s’plain it just isn’t as funny. I think I’ll go on over and introduce myself to your friend. May I say you sent me?

  5. LOVE those arrows! I just found The Handmade Home a few weeks back! I’ll have to get one of those books! Life to the full! Melissa

  6. The arrows pointing in both directions are perfect for you Karianne… no matter which way you are looking you find a creative idea to share with us, I love that!
    I am going to check out that book! I can tell from the little teasers you showed that it is full of great ideas…

  7. I just love your excitement in this post! The arrows turned out wonderfully withte chalkboard wall!

  8. I just love your excitement in this post! The arrows turned out wonderfully with the chalkboard wall!

  9. So cute! The different directions are great, no matter which way you go, is the right way! Perhaps that should be a life philosophy. 🙂

  10. My carpenter has blue eyes, and I’ll tell ‘ya right now they work every bit as wonderful as brown ones!

  11. How did I ever start my day before YOU? You are my smile in the morning and the kick in my step for that first appointment.
    Love you, Girl.

  12. Yya! I love adding arrows to my designs. The wooden ones you made for fantastic!

  13. Love the arrows..Don’t know which way to go?? Wherever you go , it will be perfect?? The book looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing..

  14. Poor little grocery sign! 😉 I think it definitely knew it was meant to be in the kitchen all along and the arrows are in their rightful place. Although if they were in my house I could see my kids running back and forth asking which way they should go and laughing their heads off! The chalkboard wall is amazing my friend!

  15. LOVE it! And I love the textural feel of the chalkboard wall. It makes it seem special, and not like, “Oh look! There’s a TV on this wall!,” but instead, “Oh Look! How warm and inviting this space is – and . . . is that a TV?” 🙂

  16. I love the look of the arrows in the space! and I always love how you are always willing to sing your friend’s praises with the world. 🙂 That’s what true friendship is all about.

  17. Love the black wall behind the tv! so easy for reminders or love notes to the cutie w/ brown eyes…… Arrows are just the right touch!

  18. You could have gone left and you could have gone right, but I think you totally went in the right direction…

    {woka, woka, woka}

  19. Anne @ Walden Woods :

    Friends are wonderful – and even more so when they inspire you to greatness! The chalkboard wall added so much dimension and depth and the arrows answer all your questions! I love the zigzags! And speaking of the La-z-boy event – have you heard the outcome? You got my vote every chance I had – I was ready to move in. Thanks for your inspiration.

  20. So can I be cheesy for a moment and comment? This made me tear up, and not because you wrote about said book. Because you are such a treasured, fun friend. ;} You inspire me daily. LOVE you sweet gal!

  21. While I love the arrows, and may need to make my own set, I miss the grocery sign. I guess I’m a little odd, I saw nothing wrong with the sign in the living room. I thought the size, color and unexpected placement was perfect. But I would never expect things around you not to change.

  22. Love the arrows Kari…and how fun was it to meet this talented person when you were in NC…by your excitement, the book must be over the top amazing!!

  23. I. LOVE. IT. !!

  24. Yay for a-maz-ing friends and Gatehouses and twinkly carpenters and giant arrows!
    The Other Marian

  25. Love those arrows….and Ashley….and your storytelling;)