Five Fall Decorating Ideas For the Dining Room (and a Giveaway)

Five Fall Decorating Ideas For the Dining Room (and a Giveaway)



Dear incredible, wonderful, almost-millionaire wheel of fortune contestant,

We interrupt this regularly scheduled post on fall decorating ideas for the dining room….

….to tell you that you are a rock star.

I cheered you on from my living room couch.

You were so close.



You had it.


All but that one letter.

And when you spun the wheel and held that million dollar sign over your head….I was right there with you.

I would have done exactly the same thing….

….except with red lipstick and without the bow tie.



It was definitely awkward all around.

Awkward for the guy in the pink shirt with the tentative look on his face who looked like he would have rather had a root canal than solve the puzzle instead of you.

Awkward for poor Vanna who probably didn’t know if she should light up the rest of the letters or just stand there in that super cute long pink dress.

Awkward for the audience who sat in stunned silence…..

….almost afraid to breathe a word.

Hoping against all hope that no one noticed the whole “curio” mispronunciation thing.


I wish things had turned out differently.

I wish Pat would have ignored the buzzer and declared you the winner.


It wasn’t to be.

But even with that little mispronunciation … wonderful wheel of fortune friend… still went home with some cash….

…..and the sympathy of half the country. 🙂

And now…..back to our regularly scheduled post.

As promised….here are a few fall decorating ideas for the dining room.

Without a “curio” in sight. 🙂


Five Fall Decorating Ideas for the Dining Room

1.  Cut these leaf chargers out of 1″ plywood.

I traced a leaf pattern on to the back of a piece of wrapping paper (so much easier because it has the grid).

Then the leaves were cut out, primed painted and sanded.

These would look cute painted with chalkboard paint or a thankful saying, too.


2. Layer the table with wrapping paper.

I layered the table with wrapping paper, then added this natural paper mesh runner and topped it all off with pieces of reclaimed wood.

I love the look of the wrapping paper through the mesh.

And so easy to clean up.


3.  Make wall art from a doormat


I sprayed the pumpkin doormat white and then hung it on a piece of plywood which I painted and striped.

You could also try this idea with a black spider mat like this one.

And then go on a five hundred mile yard sale…find a cornucopia…paint it white and add these acorns which I spray painted silver.


4.  Add a monogram to your pumpkin.

Especially a monogram that’s made of keys.

Paint a pumpkin white and hot glue keys in the shape of your monogram.

The whole key monogram thing would also look great on a spider web pumpkin, too.


5.  Combine textures and colors

Add a straw pumpkin to a mercury glass vase.

Or a ball of yarn to milk glass.

Or tuck a burlap pumpkin inside of a drawer.


Five fall decorating ideas for the dining room.

Primed and painted and sanded and layered….and each and every one….

…spelled and pronounced correctly. 🙂

PS  Good thing we have a hutch instead of a “curio cabinet.” 🙂

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Harvest blogger badge

And now for the best part (well….except maybe that pumpkin doormat :))

It’s a #MyHarvestHome giveaway for

Five $75 Kirkland’s Gift Certificates

Can you even believe it?

Fall shopping just got a little more fun!

Kirkland’s is giving away….not one….not two….but FIVE $75 gift certificates…

 to five of our readers!

All you have to do is enter below through Rafflecopter below!

Happy fall decorating to you!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Kirkland’s partnered with several bloggers like me to raise brand awareness. All purchases and content are on my own accord and reflect my personal opinion and style. Kirkland’s blogger outreach policies abide by the WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.

For official Kirkland’s giveaway rules, visit Kirklands. 

Sharing this over at Centsational Girl today!

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  1. I’d love the large antique silver framed floor mirror.

  2. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!! Stunning! Over the top AMAZING!!!! You dazzle me with you style my friend…I am in awe how you are an endless fountain of decorating youth! You breathe fresh air into everything you create! My absolute FAV is the doormat art…I have seen some but this is the Michelangelo of them all…the Sistine Chapel of doormat art…you just knocked this one out of the park : ) Thank you for the morning inspiration and smiles!!!! hugs…

  3. I LOVE Kirkland’s!! This is one of my faves(too many faves to choose from lol)

    Marilyn Monroe Balalaika Plaque
    Item #: 090011

    I also love your blog and love the ideas above!! Very creative! Thanks for the chance to win!

    Joey J.

  4. Your Dining Room is gorgeous..all of the pumpkins! Love them! I also love the pumpkins shown on Kirkland’s. The acorn bowl fillers are near the top of my Autumn list too.

  5. It’s so pumpkinlicious, I love it all. But I have to say the door mat art is my favorite. Where did you get the pumpkin mat from? Thanks for the inspiration and the change to win.

  6. I’m thinking that the pig platter and the metal drying rack would look great in my “Part-two” kitchen.

  7. Wonderful post! I needed a few more additions to my “falling”. Kirkland’s is calling me. I love the Selina red accent table.

  8. I like the white ceramic fruit bowl that’s on clearance. 🙂

  9. How blessed those of your friends and family are, to be able to sit down to a gorgeous table like yours. You are so gifted!

  10. dianne anderson :

    I love the art pieces offered by Kirklands, especially “Boat by the Lake”.

  11. Love your dining room! The wall art is outstanding!! Thanks for the chance to win…love kirklands….really love that peacock charger, so many great goodies…sigh

  12. Beautiful! Love all of your white pumpkins!

    I love the chalkboard easel… It would look great in my entry to welcome guests!

  13. I like the distressed cream arched mirror, thanks for the chance to win!

  14. I am in need of wall clocks and I saw several I would love to buy! By the way, that pumpkin door mat art? Love it! I pinned it for a future craft day 🙂

  15. I like the Sweet Olive dinnerware. I had never heard of Kirkland’s before.

  16. I love the Distressed Wooden Storage Shelf, but then what’s not love at Kirklands. I also love your decorating style. You always have such great ideas. Thanks for sharing and the chance to win.

  17. Love this store!

  18. Good Gracious. Love your ideas. Also love the Gracia Chocolate Bonded Leather Arm Chair @ Kirklands! Have an awesome Monday KA! xo

  19. I just found and have been following your blog for about a month now! Love, love, love it! Seeing all the beautiful picture of your home inspired me to redo my kitchen! I just built a 101 inch farmhouse table and the great giveaway would be wonderful to get the Stone Gabrielle Parsons Chairs from Kirklands. Thanks for inspiring kitchen creativity here :)!

  20. I love the fall decorating ideas! Great give-away… I’m crazy about the Harrison 5 drawer study desk. 😉

  21. You are so talented! Love your fall dining room….

    I love Kirkland’s Glass Beverage Dispencer….been looking for a couple for laundry detergent and fabric softener. Thanks for a chance to win.

  22. Love the handpainted antique ivory cabinet!

  23. Love, love, love your fall décor, especially all of the white pumpkins in your hutch. You are so creative. Kirkland’s is such a fun shop…when I visit our daughter in El Paso, we head to Kirklands to shop and now there is one only 70 miles from my home!

  24. Love the hurricanes with leather straps! Thanks for the chance to win!

  25. Well, who could pick just one thing? However, I’d have to say I absolutely adore the Taupe and Ivory Cheveron Accent Chair. I would love to have this in my new guest room 🙂

  26. wow. i just never ealized you could buy kirkland’s on line. there local store closed so i gave up! yah!!

  27. I like the ivory turkey statue to use for Thanksgiving!

  28. oops, favorite thing(s)? anchors away reversible pillow, cream and orange & cream and blue coarl pillows.

  29. Oh the accent rugs are just what I need..2 please for in my kitchen and office areas…thanks 🙂 and Blessings!

  30. I love your neutral autumn home! Well, I love your home no matter what season it is, fall just happens to be my favorite time of year! 😉

    I have to say, I’m pretty smitten with that bronze deer head plaque from Kirklands.

  31. Dear favorite writer O’Mine (yeah…. it’s you KariAnne) I just wanted to not for the record (again) that I love and adore the way your mind works. And because I think you are all things fabulous, I am now addicted to Duck Dynasty. I had to stop and google ‘dynasty’ to spellcheck because after working all night I’m reading it as ‘dye-nasty’. None the less, am LOVING that show! For pete’s sake! It’s like they sat in on my childhood. Hysterical. Miss Kay could have been any one of about 30 aunts of mine!

    Now, on the the autumn décor. Stunning. Completely crushing on everything on your curio….uh, hutch. Also visited Kirklands and am going to order the bronze acorns. For some reason our oaks only give us regular acorns. Maybe if I spray paint the tree bronze the acorns will auto-bronze when they fall? Jes wondrin…..

  32. acorn bowl filler or any of the other fall decor. It is my favorite time of year!

  33. It is wonderful how you can breathe new life into a doormat…unbelievable! In checking out Kirklands, I found out we have one in town…who knew? And, they have some really neat bowls…especially a star shaped one. Now, I’m going to go back and see what else I missed that you created! 😉

  34. DANG it! I got on a tangent and forgot to say thank you for some wonderful inspiration!!!! Big Daddy, the Mr., is from Newfoundland. I am thinking I will use your plywood plate charger idea and do a maple leaf, paint it red and be able to use it autumn, Christmas and Canadian & American Independence Days! How brilliant is that?

    Complete side note? Since we’re on pronunciation this morning, I’d like to teach folks how to properly pronounce Newfoundland. I had always said “New-FOUND-land”. Wrong. No Love. People from there actually pronounce “New-FIN-lind” also incorrect would be the ever popular “New-found-LAND”. Who knew? Not me.

  35. Do I have to pick just one…Slate Fleur de Lei Wall Plaque is gorgeous! Have the perfect place for it!

  36. I just love the way you tell your stories….it’s like I’m standing right in front of you hearing it! Thank you always for that, I truly enjoy opening your web site every day….this is beautiful, thank you for sharing. AND I LOVEEEE Kirkland’s, I have one right around the corner and consider myself one of the luckiest people….
    Again, thank you for your inspiration and for your love of life itself.

  37. I love Kirkland’s (and you too, KariAnne)!!!

  38. I love the set of 3 wooden horse panels! This would be a great wall addition above my sofa; right now it’s just a big blank wall begging for decor!

  39. Love the brown geometric accent rug! Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  40. I’d get their new “welcome” Rug!

  41. I would love to purchase one of their big wall clocks. Thanks for chance to win!

  42. Love, love, LOVE the décor

    Cream pumpkin wreath.

  43. I love the brown chalkboard basket. Those are very popular lately and would add to my collection that I’ve been acquiring.

  44. I love the Nova Beveled Mirror. It would look perfect over my fireplace. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  45. Sheryll & Critters. :

    Those are all just spectacular ideas you showed us. WOW!

    And I actually saw that show and was just horrified when he stumbled with the pronouncement. I was horrified for him that they did not see that he was nervous and all. I don’t even want to watch that show any longer….. it needs to just go away in my opinion.

    Oh well…… so much for my two cents.. lol lol lol.

  46. I have my eye on the distressed black chest…

  47. Your Dining room is lovely!!! I love the silver and white pumpkins…so classy!!!!!!!!!

  48. Love all your ideas!!! Your house is looking so festive for fall!!! I love the bronze deer head wall plaque! Have a wonderful week!!!~~angela

  49. OMG! Love it!! soooo, ummmm, can I move in! I’ll just hang out in the dining room!
    Have a super Monday!


  50. I want the mirrored chest. The problem is I NEED 2 mirrored chests, And with a hubby that is not working at the moment, its hard to justify buying 1 let alone 2! (and I am the queen of justifying things, by the way) Maybe he could gaze into the mirrored chests and feel better and go back to work…see, how I do that. Anyway $75,00 would be great for my mirrored chest.

  51. You seriously want me to name only ONE Kirkland item? Can’t be done. We have a store here and I have to be restrained when I go in there. But do they carry pumpkin or spiderweb door mats? Because I’m pinning that.

  52. Xavie Augenblick :

    I love the Wexford Vanity Sink, 36 in! Would be perfect in our new guest powder room.

  53. I am looking for a chair for my bedroom – so I went straight to the chairs. And love the Marissa Tufted Lounge Chair. The detailing is great.

  54. I love the Silver Snowflake Mason Jar Lanterns! Thanks for the giveaway!

  55. I love this post! Wow, where do I begin? The leaf chargers are amazing! The skeleton key monogram is a great idea; I could go on and on! What a great giveaway! I’m just loving Kirkland’s rustic lodge collection- the wood mirror and rustic shelf are two of my favorites! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  56. I love your pretty fall touches. And I adore the blue and cream mercury glass lamp at Kirkland’s!

  57. Nicely done crafties, KA!!!!

    Happy Autumn to you!!

  58. I really liked those large acorns! But am on the lookout for a coffee table.

  59. Love the wall plaque..Love decorating for fall the best!!

  60. I like the Tufted Linen Chaise Lounger.

  61. I love the bronze acorn filler. It could be used so many ways. Thank you for the chance!

  62. I’ve been looking at the Villa Pantina 8-pc. King Comforter Set. Would love to win a $75 gift card towards its purchase!

  63. I love your dining room, KariAnne!! It’s so pretty and autumnal without being over the top. Makes me want to go spray paint every single orange faux pumpkin white or silver or encase them in glitter 🙂
    I like the pretty fall decor at Kirklands…these rattan pumpkins would look so pretty as part of a fall dinner tablescape:

  64. Put on your ball cap… you’ve certainly hit it out of the park! Gorgeous, just friggin’ gorgeous.

    I really like the hurricanes with the straps — thanks so much for the opportunity!

  65. Chalkboard easel is calling my me! Love your fall table!

  66. Wow, your dining room is fantastic! I am loving the Belladonna Skull and Crossbone Jar and the Poisonous Hemlock jar for halloween!

  67. Luv all your little pumpkins KariAnne.. peeking from drawers… on candle sticks…. Beautiful as always.
    Hugs, Gee

  68. Very nice! Love the light color scheme. Quite elegant. It doesn’t have to be orange to be festive! 🙂

  69. Holy COW…the “Bonjour Cow” dinnerware had me at hello!! Also, where is the pumpkin doormat from? I LOVE it!!

  70. I am loving the mercury pumpkins at Kirkland’s website. I love your home Kari Anne, I steal a lot of your ideas for my own home. Keep up the good work, I need more projects!

  71. Would you believe I got caught on the phone and MISSED that whole debacle?! Bless his HEART!!

    OK, my favorite of the 5 ideas? The door mat on the wall (way to multitask, door mat! 😉 ), and the key monogram on the pumpkin! An “M” would work great, too! 🙂

    Happy FALL!! And I get to go to a State Park for a meeting this afternoon! I can’t wait!

  72. We are expecting our first baby in Spring! Depending on whether it’s a boy or girl, I can’t decide between the yellow chevron table lamp or the green diamond diamond print table lamp. Too cute!

  73. I don’t watch wheel of fortune, but this reminded me of the stories I’d hear about Vanna. You see, my grandparents were good friends with Vanna’s (I think now ex) hubby’s parents. Let’s just say, there were a few dramatics. Small world……my grandparents, cute ole Canadians with white hair, great stories and sweaters with elbow patches, ended up befriending them. It’s my very distant brush with stardom. That and the time my Dad arranged for me to go for lunch with Johnny Depp (whilst filming 21 jump st in Vancouver where I grew up), and I was mortified that my Dad wanted me to meet some tv actor who I didn’t know, so I refused to go. True story.

  74. Minogue Mirror. I would love this in my bedroom.

  75. I have always loved Kirkland’s! Their rustic collection is a favorite
    of mine…The “Rustic Lodge 3-Cubby Wall Shelf” is fabulous!!!!!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  76. LOVE their Bonjour dishes, so pretty!! xo

  77. Grand Bazaar Tapestry set would look great on my stair wall.

  78. I love the Bordeaux metal lantern!

  79. KariAnne, I love the DoorMat ART… so wonderful… love your post… brought a smile to my face..and what a way to start my MONDAY…. thank you… chilly start this morning in my part of Kentucky… Fall is here…. love , love , love it….

  80. Your doormat art is so clever!!

  81. I can’t believe I never knew about Krklands…. I must have been living under a rock! One of those cute Kilim ottomans would look very attractive – under my rock. 😉

  82. I’m so inspired! Love the drapes and how they frame the room, but everything in the room is fabulous! The mercury glass ornaments are a great touch. I want to go shopping at Kirkland’s this instant!

  83. I like the “Here Piggy Piggy” canvas art.

  84. Super pretty and my absolute fav is that hutch! What a great idea with the pumpkins 🙂

  85. Just ordered that bi-fold chalkboard easel on-line from Kirklands! Love it!!! Guess that puts my “favorite” to rest.

  86. I really like the bronze acorn filler. Yummy!

  87. I loved several of the canvas art pieces!

  88. I love the lamp selection.

  89. Love all your fall decorations. The door mat is really a great idea. I’m off to Kirkland.
    Have a great Fall Day.

  90. I love your pumpkins!!! I really want your pumpkin doormat wall art!!! I searched Kirklands and decided your suggestion about the spider web mat was my favorite. I also really like the monogram door mats and the price is great!! Still searching for that pumpkin doormat. Thanks for give away…

  91. Love the color scheme with all the textures in your dining room! Kirkland’s has so much great stuff; it’s hard to choose! Thank you for the chance to enter.

  92. your dining room looks wonderful. you just amaze me with your ideas. i am a Kirkland’s fan. today i am kind of loving the simon book shelf.

  93. beautiful fall decorating, i love it all. i love the harrison slate five drawer study desk, need it for my eight year olds room and it would be small enough to fit…:-) thanks for the chance.

  94. I really like this: Boat By The Lake Wood Art Print. My walls could use some new prints.

  95. Looooove the mercury pumpkins!!

  96. I love anything mercury! The pumpkins are fabulous.

    Mary L

  97. I need that screaming skeleton that is motion activiated to complete my dining room. The glass jar and apothocry jar would also help.

  98. I need that screaming skeleton that is motion activiated to complete my dining room. The glass jar and apothocary jar would also help.

  99. I love the whole cabin and lodge items they have. I just adore the bronze deer head plaque.
    I shop at Kirklands whenever I get a chance! Love it!!

  100. I love the Autumn Hydrangea Wreath. Beautiful colors!!

  101. Love the Cabin & Lodge Collection – I’m ready for fall!

  102. I just love Kirkland’s urn planter. It’s even on sale! I could use it inside, outside, for any season too. Plus, about a million other things on their site too! 🙂

  103. Kirklands is one of my fave stores: my daughter and I go there about every 2 weeks. It is an HOUR away from her and 45 mins. for me but we make the trip!!! LOOOOOOVE tyhat dorrmat art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O M G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. I LOVE Kirkland’s! I love the mahogany rush bench and many, many, other things! thanks for the opportunity for the giveaway!

  105. I love the birch tea light candle holders… I’m needing more birch wood in my home

  106. I usually only shop the sale section on a budget, but I currently have Kirkland’s pillows on my couch and lamps beside my bed!

    I don’t think I even realized they had furniture, though! I could go for a velvet settee!

  107. I’m in love with Kirkland’s metal drying rack!

  108. I would say the pre-lit mercury glass pumpkins are my favorite. Much like a bird, I love shiny things and can’t get enough! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. Love shopping at Kirklands!

  109. Denise Fogleman :

    I love the straw pumpkins. I also love your doormat wall art. I am definitely going to try this out!

  110. You are just over the top! LOVED this! So very crafty! So very cool!~ Loved all your autumn projects – beautifully done! I would LOVE Kirkland’s ‘crescent woven basket’

  111. I love all your fall decor. I love Kirkland’s we have one near us and they always have such wonderful stuff in there especially at the holidays. Thanks for the chances.

  112. I like the tan applique pillow.

  113. I’m loving the Autumn Hydrangea Wreath!

  114. What happened to the spider? Beautiful and classy as always.
    Love you.

  115. I love the Spice Flower Metal Wall Plaque! It would look just right in my house 🙂

  116. Wow! What an absolutely gorgeous tablescape, to say nothing of the rest of your decor.

  117. It all look fantastic friend! Have a great night! Take care, Laura

  118. Thanks for introducing me to Kirkland’s. I would love to win a gift card!

  119. I just love your doormat art….how cute! I liked the Kirklands boxwood wreath topiary. Thanks
    for the chance to win.

  120. Beautiful fall decor! Love all of your white pumpkins! I’m loving the Bordeaux Metal Lantern!

  121. I’d love to have the black scrolled 8-candle chandelier !

  122. Those chargers! So smart and I love a good woodworking project 🙂

  123. Oh my gosh, that Udder Madness slipper chair is MADE for my family room!! I haven’t been on in forever and they have soooo many wonderful things now! Thanks for hosting, Kari — your dining room is smashing as usual!
    xo Heidi

  124. The neutral color scheme is great! Gives fall a whole new look!

  125. I love the Fall display in your hutch, Karianne. And I love the color palette of your Fall decor.

    Thanks for hosting a fantastic giveaway….I’m really crushing on that tufted linen chair!

  126. Love the BonJour Rooster Dinnerware and the new Rooster Canister Set cause I just love Rooster stuff especially in my kitchen. Thank You for the chance to win.

  127. I love the Accolade Round Mirror! I love your blog too!

  128. Love the Distressed Cathedral Arch Plaque… and love your leaf chargers!

  129. love all the Fall Cabin Retreat items…..goes so well with my husband’s “lodge”….

  130. I’m “falling” for your decorating style in your dining room! The wall between the two windows (still crushing on those drapes) is beautiful. GOT to get me a pumpkin or spider door mat and spray away! Love your idea of silvering the large Kirkland acorns, too. Here you are coming to Big M soon!!!
    Angelic Accents

  131. Oh my! You are such a creative genius! I bought some milk glass today and thought of you! At Kirkland’s I’m looking at their cute Halloween decorations!

  132. I love the dishes.

  133. I was just there on Sunday! I fell in LOVE with this giant wall clock:

    I have no idea where it would go, but I know I would have to have it somewhere that I can see every day. Probably on the wall on our back deck (it’s under cover) or as a focal point in the kitchen!

    I also love these pumpkins:

    There were too many pumpkins to chose from, but this can stay out until Christmas decorations go up!

  134. I like the Malibu picnic tote set and the Mirage 18 pc. Aluminum Barbecue Set.

  135. The Melody Mocha Sofa is calling me for the fall! It would be perfect for our home!

  136. I love going to Kirkland’s for their owl decor! I especially love (right now) their owl cookie jar!

  137. thanks for a chance to win.

  138. I’d love the birch tealight candle holders for my house this fall. Enjoyed your post- glad I missed the awkwardness of the Wheel of Fortune youre talking about!

  139. I love the Rooster Cutting Board and Galvanized Tiered Tray. Your home is my favorite – love the way your write and your creative ideas. You make my 30 minute lunch hour more fun! Thank you for the opportunity!

  140. karianne, I love the tufted linen lounge chair at kirklands….I just need to eat bon bons, and watch jeapordy.
    btw, brilliant idea with the doormat.

  141. Love the arched mirror. Tons of cute things they have!!

  142. I’m loving the pre-lit mercury glass pumpkins, the Autumn Typography print, the Family Rules Canvas print, (I want one for every season so I can switch them out)

  143. I LOVE the bronze deer head! We went to a new microbrewery with a very lodge like look. The deer head looked amazing with their hand hewn wood bar. I want it!

  144. I LOVE the natural rattan pumpkins! So cute, and wouldn’t just have to be for Fall/ Autumn.

  145. I love the Golden Scroll Wall Mirror, 29 in. on Kirkland’s site. I’ve been a fan of theirs since the 80’s, when they were in the mall (back when I shopped in malls!)

  146. Love your dining room – looks ready for a special dinner! Thanks for the giveaway…my sis-in-law could use it as she has just moved from the mid-west to Delaware!

  147. Karianne!!!
    You dont know how fun it was for me to see a little glitz and glam with your sparkle and shine decorations! I love some glitz and shine – Dont hate me…Im not a big burlapy kind of lady. But oh the acorns and shiney pumpkin made me to cartwheels! ha! xox

  148. love love love all the pumpkins…. and that ‘doormat’… I need to start spraypainting me one! at kirklands I love the stella mirror!!!

  149. White ceramic fruit bowl

  150. Your dining room is absolutely gorgeous! My mom turned me on to Kirklands some years ago, and we’ve been besties ever since! I love the Crackle Glass Pumpkin Statue. It would go great on my table for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

  151. You’ll think I crazy and that is just the beginning of my story, but I don’t want the Kirkland’s gift certificate if my name comes up for it–please give it to someone else who needs a little more luck on their side. BUT, this crazy lady just loves this post and had to tell you so. BUT, then you know, I love all of your posts. You tell such a funny story and I love your writing style too.

  152. Fall is one of my absolute favorite times of year. The pumpkins are adorable and can’t wait to decorate my mantle for fall.

  153. Pre-lit monogrammed pumpkin

  154. Love your style and your ideas! Hope to win the gift card so I can decorate my home with kirkland !

  155. I’m in the market for a new chair, so I really liked the wicker arm chair.

  156. Another winner, KariAnne. And, doormat wall art!!!!! You have outdone yourself.♥♥♥

  157. Love your tablescape!! It has the perfect amount of sparkle!