Five Creative Chalkboard Project Ideas

Five Creative Chalkboard Project Ideas



I vaguely remember a world before chalkboard paint.

It’s kind of hazy, but I’m pretty sure it co-incided with phones that had rotary dials and clock radios with numbers that flipped.

I can’t pin point an exact date when I discovered it, but I think it all started with this 40-pane window that we rescued from the trash and drove down the back roads to our house.

When I saw it in the trash, it called my name and told me it was a calendar in disguise.

I speak trash, so I understood perfectly.


The challenge was I didn’t know how to get from point A (the trash) to point B (a giant chalkboard calendar for my family room wall).

Enter chalkboard paint.

And now we’re best friends.


In case you need a little friendship and some inspiration today, I’m a chalkboard matchmaker.

And here’s a few of my favorite chalkboard projects to get your relationship started.

giant oversized chalkboard

Giant Over-sized Chalkboard


Chalkboard Bicycle Wheel Calendar


Chalkboard Word Find


Chalkboard Word Find Pumpkins



Reverse Lettered Chalkboard Sign

PS  Hope you enjoyed meeting my BFF.

You can see all the rest of my chalkboard projects…

PPS  Thanks to for the inspiration behind this post.  You can see the original post (with a lot more explanation on the projects)….here.


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  1. You certainly have the greatest chalkboards…I so remember the first time I saw the “calendar chalkboard” I gasped and though it was the most creative thing on earth!….From a roadside find to a fabulous work of art!…and must say that I love the last chalkboard with that quote…how true!….Have a great weekend!

  2. I didn’t have time today to causually read, but then a 40 pane window – wow – I had to look now, what a great find and fixer-upper you did, but no, not enough with the window pane, then you further caught me with all the chalkboard ideas, now I want to paint some chalkboard things. I don’t have time today, but I will, have a good one.

  3. I love all of these chalkboard projects! The bicycle wheel…there are no words. The only chalkboard project I have done that I loved was painting the inside of a scratched silver tray. Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. I need more room in my house…and a trash pile with a mult-paned window! How did we ever survive without chalk paint before? Beautiful projects:) Have great weekend.

  5. so cute, I love them all, Miz karianne!

  6. I remember that huge windowpane chalkboard…the first time I saw that…I thought how ingenious!
    And the story that went with it…priceless! I was hooked! 😉

  7. I love the bicycle wheel idea!

  8. i speak trash too!! i love all your chalkboards, you never fail to inspire 🙂

  9. Rowena Philbeck :

    Very nice. You have such creative thoughts to do all that. Love the bicycle idea…I have chalk paint but have really never used it. I have to get creative as well. HUMMMMM……..

  10. You are increasing your talking ability — chalk paint. I have thought and thought about where I could use chalk paint — I really want to do something but I’m having a hard time deciding. I’ve thought about doing the whole inside of our pantry door — my pantry a mouse could live in , not like your pantry. Anyway, that way I could write our food inventory or grocery list on it. If I found a humongous window I’d probably just pass it by — it would be waiting for you — trash just doesn’t say anything to me. Might be lack of imagination when it comes to decor *sigh* I’ll just keep pinning all your posts. Have a great weekend!!

  11. I too love chalkboards and old windows! Thanks for sharing your ideas as they are all really awesome! Have a fantastic weekend.

  12. I love chalkboard paint too…have one whole wall in the kitchen painted with the stuff. 🙂 I adore the word seek pumpkins; I just may have to make over some very pathetic ones I have.

  13. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! I look forward every day to getting the new posts in my inbox – it truly brightens my day.

    You have such a terrific way with words, and your home is so warm and welcoming!

    If you’re in the area feel free to stop in for a visit at – I’d love to see you there!


  14. Your calendar is amazing! Chalkboard paint forever : )

  15. OMG – great chalkboards – thanks for all the ideas…. What a great find and to turn it into something useful and pretty.

  16. I am still laughing over, I speak trash!
    Projects are awesome.

  17. I’ve always had a love affair for chalkboards. It started in elementary school and continues to this day. Maybe that’s why I became a teacher? You can’t have too many chalkboards, and the more unusual, the better. I adore yours, Karianne!

  18. I never met a chalkboard I didn’t like! : )

  19. I love the pumpkins & the blocks with the scrabble letters!!!

  20. The pumpkins are GENIUS! That, is awesome!

  21. Love the chalkboard pumpkin I want to try that!

  22. What an artist you are! … to have created that 40 pane window into a beautiful and unique wall décor / chalkboard. Kudos!

  23. Chalkboard pumpkins rock!

  24. These are great! If I tried to do this, though…I don’t know…I just can’t seem to pull things like this off. I’m more of the failed Pinterest project picture gal than the Pinterest model, but I love that your projects ARE the models. Lovely pictures, adorable projects, and such a creative mind! Visiting from the Favorite Things Blog Hop

  25. Kari Anne, I am loving all of these ideas!
    Featuring you nest week on the blog… Thank you so much for partying with us!