Faux Wood Wallpaper Bookcase

Faux Wood Wallpaper Bookcase



To the 271 people who wandered the aisles of Hobby Lobby looking for the paper to make the faux wood wallpaper bookcase….

I’m truly sorry.


What was I thinking? 🙂

I totally should have mentioned it wasn’t in the gift wrap aisle.

Or the scrap-book paper aisle.

Or the contact paper aisle.


It’s just that I got a little carried away that week.

I mean there was the whole one room three-ways things thing and I got all wrapped up in moving the dining room furniture and hauling in the garden gate in from the yard and spray painting a basket and ordering gas station pizza for everyone because the rest of the living room covered every spare inch of the kitchen.


And I totally forgot to mention that the paper….was located in the hobby aisle next to the model cars.

All 4 feet by 12 feet of it.

Of course it was.

After all….isn’t that the first place everyone looks for faux wood paper for book cases. 🙂


Faux Wood Wallpaper Bookcase



Double-sided Tape

Faux Wood Paper from the hobby aisle at Hobby Lobby



Step 1:  Measure space on back of bookcases

Each of the bookcases on my shelf were different sizes, so I measured each one individually.

Cut out a piece of paper slightly larger than your space.


Step 2:  Insert paper into the back of the bookcases

Tape top of paper in place with painter’s tape or any other non-stick tape.

Fold paper in crease to make sure you get an accurate fit.

Then with the edge of the scissors or a small utility knife….cut the paper in the crease.


Make sure to take into account any extra spaces.

I had a 1 x 2 on the side of each shelf, so I made sure to make allowances for the 1 x 2 when cutting out the paper.


Step 3:  Apply double-sided tape

After the paper is cut to fit exactly….remove the paper and apply double-sided tape.

Apply a lot.

I put mine every 5 to 6 inches.

Then take paper with tape and press firmly into the bookcases.


When I was planning this project….I researched all the ways to hang the paper.

There were projects that used spray adhesive.

Or Mod Podge.

Or covering cardboard and inserting the covered piece of cardboard into the space.

Bur for me….it came down to double stick tape…..which has held up amazingly well in the two and a half weeks since the room challenge.


So to all the aisle wanderers at Hobby Lobby….I adore you.

And I wanted to tell you the official location of the paper because…..

….I knew you “wood” want to know. 🙂

PS  That last line was totally free of charge. 🙂

PPS  Please tell me when you were looking for the paper…..you found that AMAZING burlap ribbon with red checked buttons.  Totally Christmas.

PPPS  If you don’t have a Hobby Lobby near you….here’s a great resource for the paper (please note that this is an affiliate link):

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  1. I really wish we had a Hobby Lobby around here, I will have to check on line. That wood paper is amazing and your bookshelves look awesome!

  2. In the middle of rural Kentucky you have a Hobby Lobby – not fair!!! I’ve never been! I keep hearing that I’m missing a lot and I adore that faux wood paper! I’ve got to see how far I have to travel to get me to a Hobby Lobby!!! Thanks for sharing this with us! P.S. Can’t wait to give you a hug at Haven!!!

  3. I am truly amazed at how real that paper looks!

  4. I am always calling dear husband over to see your cleverness. I think he is wishing you would just move in.

  5. You are so funny! Gas station pizza …..I would have to do such a thing and have done so, just me and the kids. Is your hubby around for such things? I have on my ideal man list that a beloved would need to see this side of me with joy. Even my son with autism does well with such -his autism is less rigid in that way.

  6. Love that faux wood paper!….loved when you first presented this to us…and I am a fan of double stick tape too!!!

  7. So, when I first heard the term “faux wood wallpaper” and then read that you were applying it to the back of your bookcases, I thought, “Oh no, it’s going to look like one of those cheap bookcases with the thin piece of particleboard on the back.” But that was before I saw your pictures with the finished project. Omigosh, genius! I love your white milkglass pieces and the few pretty flowers for accent on your shelves…with the faux wood wallpaper in the background. I should have trusted you and not second-guessed you! Sorry! Please forgive my initial reaction! Hey, now I’m a believer!

  8. Lucky me — I just accidentally happened upon that paper! And you would never know in its unassuming rolled form how fabulous it would look when it had a chance to show it’s true unrolled up form! Now if I only had a bookcase to put it in back of!

    🙂 Linda

  9. Your faux wood paper inspired me to change the background on one of the canvasses I was working on. I made it a faux barn siding. Complete with nails and everything. Thanks!! Will be revealing in a few days.
    Happy new week.
    Hugs, Gee

  10. That’s one section of Hobby Lobby I don’t wander through. Who knew treasures await next to the boxes of I-don’t-get-it guy hobby stuff. The paper looks fabulous, by the way! 🙂

  11. Genius, love this idea! I’m so going to go grab some….Thanks so much for sharing it! By some of the previous comments maybe we should buy extra and offer to ship it to those not fortunate enough to be close to HL…LOL

  12. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been in the model car aisle of Hobby Lobby! There’s another whole world to be discovered! Love the bookcases!!~~Ang

  13. Love this! I had no idea that Hobby Lobby had this type of paper! I have wandered through there and totally missed it! Your book cases look fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Looks amazing..What a great idea…

  15. Great story, what were they thinking by putting the paper where they put, Crazy! The bookcases do look fabulous ‘


  16. Inside I’m giggling. We buy real wood and paint it so we can buy fake wood paper made of real “wood at one time” “products (could have recycled paper in it but that’s wood made into paper and processed to remake the paper we make from wood)…and it’s all just a hobby …so we can easily change out our fake wood that really IS wood at one time so is it fake?!! Whew. Do you see the dilemma this thistleWOOD post is producing???
    At least you made it simple. It could be fake brick contact paper my Mom used to cover the real brick plastered over in my sisters room in an old sturdy farmhouse way back when fake bricks over real bricks covered with plaster and paint was all the rage….oh? About 1960 or so…

  17. I love how the faux wood came out!!! You are so very clever KariAnne!

  18. I am so sorry to say I’ve been admiring this since your post but not looking. So if our town ever finishes the Hobby Lobby and I buy fake real wood product to back my bookcase which is real wood in the front but particle board covered in fake wood paper that looks real and ive pledged and shoved books and bric a brac on for 29 years without a scratch…does that make me a faker and then you are the original?
    This means. Im getting too silly. Time for my devotions. Although hubby and I did pray and quote verses for you see, I’m greatly disabled yet going for serious tests and he too at the same time, going for results and more infusions that leave him sick for three days but in serious pain all the time. Your posts? Pretty. Inspiring. But oh so funny in this only you way…

  19. HA I was just there last Saturday LOOKING for this paper..of course I didn’t find it! Then I thought hey maybe I could find some wallpaper??? (but at 50 bucks a roll I think NOT) You see I was in a red toile faze and lined the back of my old 1970s kitchen cabinets with it (way before it became a fad I might add) out of necessity! Those cabinet doors are to die for but in a very bad way!! Anywho, they need some serious updating so thank you for putting my mine at ease..heading out to Hobby Lobby now!

    p.s. I miss the Christmas bows, but I did see the Fall plain burlap ones…I’m wondering if maybe I could buy those and use them for Fall and Christmas with a little DIY love????

    Nicole B.

  20. Oh Karianne,

    I am definitely going to Hobby Lobby today… with my 40% off coupon!! Because.. get this… I am getting my very.own. ART studio!!! The eldest boy flew the coop (boo hoo! much sniffling…) and his room now sits empty… because middle boy now has the full sized bed in his room, and young one has middle boy’s bed… the chalkboard wall is painted… “milk” paint (a color of white at Lowe’s) is soon to follow with the white shelves being moved out and into this room!! (maybe!!) but one way or another i have about a dozen uses for this paper! Thank you for sharing!!

  21. apology accepted, on behalf of all those frustrated Hobby Lobby aisle wanderers….my store is about 40 miles from me, so I save myself unwanted frustration by NOT running off to look at something…..hoping the urge to do so quickly passes! LOL
    Sigh….now, when I DO make it to HL again, I will have to check out that particular aisle…just in case there’s something else that might tempt me.
    have a great day, Miz karianne


    Looks awesome KariAnne as with everything that you do!!!!!!! 🙂

  23. And THIS is why you troll down EVERY aisle of Hobby Lobby! Because you never know what treasures you might unfold! I’ve got to get over there. I need some burlap ribbon, too, and would you believe that the last time I visited Michaels, I couldn’t find any? Hmmmm.

    I should have said, “wood” you believe . . . 😉

    Happy Monday, Sweet girl! Tell the softball folks I said “hi!” 🙂

  24. No Hobby Lobby close by here, but I did find it through Amazon at School Supplies, same price, same roll length and width! Have a great week!!!

  25. Oh Beans! I was in HL on Saturday to get some other things but also tried to find that paper, so it wasn’t a special trip just for that, but fiy, never did find that paper. I’ll go back and check again because I have the perfect triagular shelf in my livingroom that is crying out for something fun to go with the new look. I did see the super cute burlap ribbon selection, totes-adorable! I was a little ill when I saw the isles and isles of x-mas stuff out already. ugg. Not ready for that~ Have an amazing day!

  26. I bought 12 pieces of scrapbooking paper! Guess who’s going back today for the roll?

  27. Yep, it was a challenge, but I HAD to have that paper. Tracked down a few employees and we found it by a butcher paper, teacher’s section here in CA! Now, I need more bookcases, isn’t that always the case?

  28. Absolutely love this! I love all the pretty pink flowers too. 🙂 And you’re right the model cars would probably be the first place I’d look for faux wood paper! 😉


  29. I dont have a Hobby Lobby near me. :-(( and I cant find it online. Do you have any other ideas where I might find it?

    • Wendy, check on Amazon then School supplies, I think. They have it in stock and its the same everything as Hobby Lobby:)

  30. LOL I am dying because you know it’s those little details we forget to mention when we write these posts…we just get so excited to share 🙂 I used wall paper on the bookcase I did for the girls playroom! I love using it, but I did use spray adhesive only because I was afraid if I used the double sided sticky tape for sure I’d be finding one of girls wrapped up 🙂

    Love this wall paper…headed to Hobby Lobby now! Have a great day..

  31. http://www.amazon.com/gp/help/seller/at-a-glance.html?ie=UTF8&seller=A22378Z03K0GID This is the link to Amazon/School Supplies, they have it in stock:)

  32. Beautiful Kari!! You always can find a way to kick up the ordinary a notch or two!! Can’t wait to see you at Haven girlfriend!!!!

  33. The bookshelf looks so good! Thank you for sharing this with us and pointing us to the correct aisle! Love it!

  34. Totally hitting up the hobby isle now… 😉 Fabulous as always! xo

  35. Awesome idea! I love how it looks on your shelves. Apparently, I need to check EACH isle at Hobby Lobby.

  36. I guess I am not the only one who thinks HL puts stuff in the oddest places. I did find it today and got some major plans for it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  37. Wish we had a Hobby Lobby … love the paper and how you used it.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  38. Oh my word… I totally love it. I’m so going to use this in our farmhouse in the country on something. I’m pretty confident I’ll find plenty of uses. In fact, just this evening as I’m sitting in the living room of my city home, I want to paint the walls to lighten things up. We have built in bookshelves and I was thinking about what color to paint the back of the shelve…. I think I found the answer. Yippee!!

    Thanks so much.
    Carol H. Wright
    Urban Living the Wright Way

  39. Hilarious – I must have been the 272 person searching in HO LO … : ^ )
    It’s 35 min drive for me so I will plan a trip soon, have the ” Ugliest” bookcases in fam room
    That are crying out for that treatment!! Love you style…

  40. Sheryll & Critters. :

    How do you find all these treasures? HUH? I love this paper and WTG on your use of it. I just love it.

  41. Wow, that looks so pretty! and what luck… I live near a Hobby Lobby!!


  42. I LOVE it!! I just put some fabulous contact paper on the backs of the shelves in our office and it totally brightens things up. And I’m not jealous of all you people who have a Hobby Lobby at all…nope…not one bit…ok, who am I kidding? I’m so jealous! 😉

  43. What a fantastic way to add texture to a room

  44. I have this exact bulletin board paper on the backs of my built in bookshelves in my keeping room. I did it in February and everyone that comes in thinks that I’ve planked the backs with real wood! Amazing how something like this can make such a change and statement! 🙂 Yours look fabulous, as does all of your decorating!

  45. Love this look!!! & I would expect these papers to look too faux, but this truly looks like real wood… I’m so impressed! Great makeover! thanks for sharing 🙂 🙂 xx Liz Marie

  46. KariAnne,

    This faux wood wallpaper looks surprisingly good. I can’t believe it’s not real wood!

    It goes really well with your white color scheme in contrast. Incredible!


  47. Hello!
    I love this cute idea. I have recently inherited a few glassware collections from my grandmother, and I think this would be a great way to display them. Do you have any posts on suggested ways to display glassware? If you do and I missed them, I’m sorry! If not, could you write one please? I feel a living room furniture re-arrangement coming!

  48. Love that paper – looks amazing!!

  49. I just love that paper and it looks amazing on your bookshelves! You are just too talented!

    Take care,


  50. You did a good job, but I do have a suggestion. On the two top shelves you got the nail holes in line. On the bottom shelf you don’t . If this was “real” the nails would of been nailed to support boards on the back. I think the nails should of been lined up on all three sections. Other that that you did a good job.

  51. the paper looks so nice on the back of the bookshelves. might need to make a trip to get some for a photo backdrop!

  52. What a great idea! I use that paper for food photography. Never thought to back bookshelves with it!

  53. LOVE Hobby Lobby – the closest is an hour away – but, next weekend the girls and I are to go shopping – will check this out! You’re so creative – loved the look from the first time I saw it – and that’s o.k. – we all get excited about sharing things and miss a little here and there – I hope you have a blessed weekend,

  54. I am SO SAD that I don’t have a Hobby Lobby near me!!! This paper is so cool – what a great makeover! 🙂

  55. Love it, still do! ~Diane

  56. I can’t find this paper anywhere…. My Hobby Lobby had not idea about it and I searched… Do you have a vendor name?


  57. I wanted to invite you to the Friday Flash Blog Party, the best linky in town! I hope you’ll join us and link up. Who knows. You may just get highlighted!

    The party goes on through Monday.

    Jennifer @ The Jenny Evolution

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