Magnolia Leaf Christmas Tree

Magnolia Leaf Christmas Tree



Can we still be friends…..if I tell you that every tree on this porch came from Dollar General?


On sale.

Bottom of the barrel in the Christmas tree buying hierarchy.

I didn’t really have high expectations when I bought the trees.  At the time…..I wasn’t even sure what I was going to do with them.  It’s just really hard to pass up a Christmas sale on extremely under-priced greenery.


Christmas Ornament


I lugged 7 boxes of Christmas trees home that day.

Remember the “I’m a stuff-a-holic” post?

And how I had a little problem with buying multiples of things and how I wasn’t ever going to buy more than I really needed ever again and how I was going to be content with just one of something?

Well….this was before all that.

Christmas Dining area


Eventually those trees ended up on the screened-in-porch.

They weren’t really even fit to be inside anymore.  The trees kept dropping needles and were scraggly and lumpy and bumpy and full of holes after you put all the branches in.

They were trying so valiently to live up to the moniker “Christmas tree”…..and failing miserably.

Bless their little evergreen hearts.

Christmas Clock

And as I stared at those pitiful evergreen branches….I had an idea.

Scraggly trees with holes need a burst of life.

A burst of greenery.

Why not stuff them with fresh magnolia?

Magnolia Christmas trees


The trees are outside on the porch.

It’s cold so the magnolia will stay fresh longer.

And the best part…..the fresh magnolia is free and abundant.

The perfect combination for a bargain shopper.




So I clipped fresh magnolia and stuffed and fluffed and then stuffed some more.   Then hung a few ornaments and tags and ribbons and snowflakes.

It was amazing.

The magnolia made the trees look they never even saw the inside of a dollar general.

Like they graduated magna cum laud from an ivy league university.

And got an all-expenses paid scholarship to medical school.


Table Display Christmas


I love my magnolia covered bargain basement trees….because they are….well…..because they’re so me.

Sometimes people think I’m fancy.

But I’m not.

Not really.

I’m just a non-fancy girl with a porch full of scraggly bless-their-hearts Dollar General  trees…..

…..and a whole lot of Christmas imagination. 🙂


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  1. Wow! What a beautiful porch. And how genius is that to stuff your trees with real leaves. I love it. The whole room is so inviting and beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous… absolutely gorgeous! Adore your porch, your all grown up now dollar trees are stunning and your story made me smile. 🙂

  3. KariAnne, I love your no-fancy girl, full of Christmas imagination decorating!!! Those magnolias make me swoon!

  4. Happy First Day of Christmas. You know I’m loving this, KariAnne.♥ Gorgeous!!!

    What did we all do before we had various “dollar” type stores in our lives? You just gotta love “em, and I always manage to spend at least ten dollars. These stores are essential to stocking my mother’s game book addiction. She goes through them like water.

    Don’t forget that it is Holiday Porch Pink Saturday.

  5. Excellent camoflage! And free magnolia? you are so lucky! Can I pay you to ship me a box of it?!! I love magnolia but have never convinced myself to pay the price for it. You enjoy it for me kay?!!!

  6. They look great and I would NEVER have guessed Dollar General. The magnolia leaves make wonderful filler. Everything looks beautiful-xo Diana

  7. Your porch looks wonderful! It’s gorgeous! I love the Christmas trees and the greenery! I would never leave here!

  8. Dear Santa,
    All I want for Christmas is a scale like the one at Thistlewood Farm. You can even take the two I have and put them under someone elses tree.

  9. Oh how Gorgeous!!! Love your porch!! Magnolias are not free here…. I paid $15. for four branches….

  10. Love what those magnolia leaves did to the trees, Karianne! I’m so excited, by the way, a Dollar General just opened up down the road (3 miles) from us! Yippee!


  11. I love your “Linus” attitude of taking a not so perfect Charlie Brown tree and making it something very special. What a blessing and inspiration you are 🙂


  12. Bethanie Henry :

    LOVE LOVE!! I’ve been looking for a good magnolia tree to swipe some branches from…I’ve got my trimmers in the car just in case I run into a good one where there might be someone who would share. Or maybe someone who’s not home and Im “sure” wouldnt mind sharing. :)… I stuffed my fake evergreen wreaths full of boxwood cuttings (from my own bushes, no “borrowing” needed) added some sparkly ribbon and glittery snowflake ornament and they’re beautiful!! Yesterday I was looking thru my woods for some good greenery, it just isnt good stuff…what’s up with that? But my neighbors, who may or may not be friendly, have these awesome tall, full, evergreen bushes of some kind…well, they just happen to be verrrry close to our fence….if I stood up on my fence, I could lean just a tad and take a little snip snip…yep, I did it. They blow their grass in my yard all summer, I just considered it a pay back!! Im sure they wouldnt mind ;)…it was just what I needed to fill my wooden crate with white birtch logs, huge pine cones and lights. Cannot wait to see the rest of the 12 days of Christmas! xoxo

  13. I love this idea KariAnne! The magnolia really looks beautiful between the branches and it really livens up a fake tree.

  14. It’s what we do, right. Add some adornment to take away from all the drooping places that time has so ungraciously “blessed” us with!

    Wonder if I stuck some Magnolia leaves on my face if it would take away from my drooping eyelids…

  15. The magnolia looks gorgeous! I could move right in to your back porch! xo

  16. Love it! So beautiful! I like that you took something scraggly plus inexpensive and made them gorgeous! That’s the best!

  17. Oh wow KariAnne! Those are the best Dollar General trees I ever saw. That is such genius to stuff them with magnolia leaves. I know I will be copying your idea. I think the beauty of really and truly great design and decor is that it really doesn’t have to be expensive and fancy to be absolutely stunning and beautiful. These tress are a true testament to that as well as to the genius of your creative mind. I am looking forward to seeing the rest of your 12 Days series posts. Happy weekend!

  18. Oh how beautiful Karianne. No matter that they are bargain basement trees… They are glorious stuffed full of their glossy magnolia branches.
    Remember , that was my plan… to fill the house with those glossy leaves. But the tree was cut down 🙁 Well I got some anyway a few weeks ago. Made a beautiful mantle scape and waited to see what would happen…. it withered so fast. The warmth of the North Central Florida Fall made fast work of my beautiful leaves… So I bought faux. ( shhhhh… don’t hiss)
    So faux Magnolias, sticks and pinecones… will reveal soon.
    In the meantime I will admire your trees and smile.
    HUGS, Gee

  19. It’s like putting lipstick on a pig – but in this case that pig is now ready for the Miss America Pageant!!

  20. It’s beautiful, Kari and you can’t go wrong with magnolia.

  21. Love your Dollar General porch trees! I’m off to go shopping there now!

  22. O M G this is GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would have NEVER thought to buy trees at Dollar General EVER! But your magnolias make them SHINE!!!! And SPARKLE with Christmas beauty!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t have a source for magnolias and I just LOVE them. They are always a beautiful Christmas addition. XO, Pinky

  23. PS, where did you get the covers for the chairs at the table???? I am now thinkng you probably MADE them……………

  24. Karianne, your porch is beautiful, your trees are gorgeous. Nothing speaks to my Southern heart more than Magnolias, and what a wonderful use of them. You constantly amaze me with your creativity and imagination. Not to mention your awesome talent!

  25. This is just gorgeous. You entire house is gorgeous and I just love your blog. I look forward to reading your posts everyday!! I wish I had a Dollar General out here in Jersey. Just love taking a Charlie Brown tree and turing it into a beauty!! :))

  26. I love your posts… Not only do you have a creative flair with making everything beautiful…even dollar tree finds…but your writing style makes me smile… (As does your readers comments) keep up the great work. I look forward to your blogs.

  27. Just beautiful. I would love a porch to make as lovely as you did for yours.


  28. What a great idea! Love using magnolia leaves anyway, but this is both beautiful and useful!

  29. Fabulous! Those Dollar Store trees never knew they could be so beautiful! Wish I could come hang out and have some coffee on that porch with you. Happy December 1st my friend!


  30. If I had a porch like that I would never leave!!! You really do have a great imagination…who would have thought to marry a dollar tree and magnolia leaves? Makes me want to get a magnolia tree…but me thinks it’s too cold in Wisconsin! I read your stuff-a-holic post too, too funny, but true…I am a recovering one! My trigger phrase is…will my life be better if I buy this ? (So now I can only buy food! ). Haha! 😉

  31. DG rocks! And, so do your trees! I LOVE that you added fresh magnolia leaves … gives them a lush, full look. The snowflaks are such a fun touch … I buy a bazillion of those every year at Dollar Tree (3 for $1) and add them everywhere! Happy Holiday, sweet friend … your Christmas porch is gorgeous!

  32. Can I move in on your porch? I lurve it. And the trees are gorgeous. You are the most non-fancy fancy person I know (or is it fancy non-fancy person?)!

  33. LOVE IT! I figure between DG, Family Dollar, Big Lots, KMart, and other miscellaneous places, I could come up with more trees than I could shake a bough at! 🙂 Now I just need to plant a magnolia tree . . . 😉 Wonderful, Karianne! And I love that you’re fancy in such a non-fancy way!

  34. Oh what a fun idea! And what a treat to find another Christmas blog party. I’m headed right back to SandwichINK to add you to my blog party roundup! Have a great Pink Saturday.

  35. But… they worked so hard at being fabulous and you’re spilling all there secrets 😉 hehehe

    It all looks gorgeous ~ Very “Southern Christmas”. Just beautiful!!

  36. How beautiful! How merry! How cheerful! The perfect spot for a cup of hot cocoa!!

  37. Your porch – and your Dollar Store trees – are simply stunning. No such thing as Magnolia leaves around northern IL though! 😉

  38. Love the magnolias..I used to fill mine in with Hydrangeas..

  39. Absolutely stunning porch! Not a thing I would change about it 😉


  40. Karianne,
    You did absolute WONDERS with those trees…and your porch, geeeeeeeeeeeorgeous! I am in decorating ENVY!! Love it all! So excited to see what else you come up with during this 12 days of crafting!!
    Blessings on you this Christmas 🙂

  41. You know how much I love your porch….Such a wonderful Southern Porch…and you gave it that wonderful southern feel with the magnolia branches…Scarlett would be so very proud that you put the feel of “Tara” on your beautiful porch!!!….Now. are those drapes a new addition?…

  42. I love, love the metal box at the end! The magnolia leaves remind me of our family vacations every year in the south. We don’t have them here in Minnesota!

  43. It’s amazing what you can do with stuff from the Dollar General! I ran into your darling Christmas trees on Pinterest and thought I better get over and see how you fancied them up so beautifully. Free Magnolia! Now I need a Magnolia tree!!!

    Your porch looks so pretty dressed for Christmas! 🙂

  44. I really love this idea, Karianne…your porch is beautiful!

  45. I’ve been saying for years that fresh magnolia is the Christmas miracle cure. You can stuff it in a thrown-away toilet in the front yard next to a Chevy on cinder blocks and it will be the most awe-inspiring thrown away toilet evah!!!! 😉 Love your trees and your whole porch is just lovely.

  46. I always love to use magnolia leaves in my Christmas decor, but I have never used them in a tree…LOVE this idea…they look outstanding!!!


  47. Those Dollar General trees are thankful that they came to live with you…and got stuffed with magnolias, they’re standing a little taller since you did that (I’m certain that if you check, they were only 12 inches tall when you brought them home), fluffing out what”s left of their needles and looking down right festive. Heck, I’ll bet that late at night they sing…softly of course…probably something by Adele…or Christmas Carols…maybe they sing carols. Your porch is beautiful! xo

  48. I sincerely took that only buy one pledge to heart, so I was quite relieved to see that you made these purchases before the pledge was made. I would certainly hate to lose all respect for you at this point in our relationship. We do have a relationship don’t we? I would hate to have that stalker word stamped on my forehead. 🙂

    I love your trees. Every last one of them and I think my neighbors may have a magnolia tree that I am sure I can borrow from tonight at midnight.


  49. Your porch is so pretty and your trees like awesome with the magnolia!!

  50. Such a beautiful and creative porch! I am very happy to see your pretty home. What a dreamy post you have here. Thanks for the share and enjoy your weekend.

  51. my new goal, get to the dollar store, find some potential and karianne-ize it. (smiley face without the icon)

  52. I didn’t even know Dollar General had trees! I’m going to have to look into this after Christmas this year because I tree is not enough! Yours look amazing with the magnolia leaves, great idea!

  53. Gorgeous ideas for a gorgeous porch for a gorgeous non-fancy gal!! Thanks for sharing a great idea!

  54. Karianne you are amazing! You can turn anything into beauty! You have an amazing gift! Thanks for sharing!

  55. willing to trade my ivy league- educated doctor husband for one of those dollar store magnolia trees! they are so me, too!

  56. I haven’t stopped by in so long, and I just couldn’t wait to see all your Christmas gorgeousness! So glad I did today! Merry Christmas, and looking forward to stopping by again real soon…

  57. Karianne,
    Your porch …………..Gorgeous! I love the black and white chairs and the pine-cones, and pine thingys! Pretty,pretty!