Farmhouse Pecan Pie

Farmhouse Pecan Pie

Farmhouse Pecan Pie Thistlewood Farm

I have always wanted to make a pecan pie.

Actually….I think I just wanted to be able to drop my pecan pie making ability into conversation.

Something a little like this….“Isn’t this great weather we are having and what about those Real Housewives of New York City and have you seen how amazing it looks when you spray paint a pumpkin with flat black spray paint…..oh…..and by the way….I made a pecan pie.”

I never have conversations like that.

I want to.


I want to be standing at the door to greet my family with a cute apron on and really cute highlights in my hair and a sparkling clean kitchen and a hot pecan pie on the stove.

And today I did.

Okay….well… apron was covered in flour and I need to get my hair done and the kitchen was a disaster.

But let’s rejoice in the small victories.


Piece of pecan pie


Because….today my family was greeted with this sitting on the stove.

My first ever pecan pie.

Ever in the history of ever.

And the best part…..this recipe is 100 years old.

It’s been around way before pinterest and cell phones and microwaves and coffee makers ever thought about being here.




It was my friend’s aunt’s mother’s sister’s cousin’s best friends grandmother’s.

100 years of pecan pie yumminess.

She told me it was good.  She told me that it wasn’t too sweet and wasn’t too runny and set-up perfectly after you let it cool.  But she left off the melt-in-your mouth part.  She left off the clean-your-plate-and-scrape-up-the-crumbs-with-your-finger part.

I should have made two 🙂

Pecan Pie Recipe

100-year-old Pecan Pie Recipe


clean-your-plate-and-scrape-up-the-crumbs-with-your-finger pecan pie



3 eggs

1 cup of white sugar

1/2 cup dark Karo syrup

1 stick of butter or margarine (softened)

1 cup pecan halves

1/4 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon vanilla

Eggs in bowl


Beat eggs until light and fluffy.

Add sugar and beat again.




Add syrup, butter, pecans, salt and vanilla.

Mix ingredients together and pour into pie crust.

Cook on 350 for 10 minutes; then reduce temperature to 325 for 30 minutes.

Temperature reduction is to keep crust from burning.

Ovens vary in performance and cook times should be adjusted accordingly (I had to cook mine an additional 10 minutes).

edited to add:   (The pie can look a little buttery until it is cooked completely.  Some people have reported having to cook it an additional 20 minutes)

Pie is done when center jiggles like jello when you shake the pie.

Make sure the pie cools completely before you cut it.

Piece of pecan pie


It is amazing.

And it didn’t even last 10 minutes at my house.

That is one good-looking pie recipe to have been around for more than a century.

A 100 year-old recipe.

I am totally working that one into conversation.  🙂


PS  I made the pie crust using this recipe (scroll down for the pie crust).  Who knew flour, butter and water could taste so delicious?

PPS  For more farmhouse recipes….check out my recipe page.



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  1. Congrats on your first Pecan Pie…and what a great way to start off by using a recipe handed down for 100 years!!….A recipe worthy for a custom Greta vinyl cutting work of art!!…..I have never made a pecan pie…always enjoyed my sisters pie every year at Thanksgiving….so maybe I shall break tradition and make my own pecan pie!….Looks fabulous Kari!!….Have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. KariAnne, I have always wanted to bake a pecan pie, so if YOU say it’s that scrumptious, I’ll follow this 100 yr.-old recipe soon and hopefully add it to my Thanksgiving dessert table.

  3. Thank you for the reminder! I really need to make up a pecan pie for our pastor…. and do you know what? This is the same recipe that my grandma used! 🙂 The same exact recipe that I grew up on…. and now I would like pecan pie for breakfast! sigh…. i guess grape nuts with toasted pecans sprinkled on top will have to satisfy for today. Yep my family needs a pecan pie… SOON! (my mom now makes a chocolate pecan pie… can you say to die for?!?!!!!)

    Have a great weekend! Now I’m off to cart my stuff over to a friend’s for a yard sale today before we head off to the optometrist this afternoon. 🙂

  4. Mmmm. I love me some pecan pie. I’ll have to try this recipe because it sounds and looks yummy. Congrats! We;l be calling you Betty Crocker before we know it! ~ Angie

  5. Congrats on your first pecan pie! I love that kind of pie. The first time I ever made one was when I was in high school and I made it for my dad who loves them. That would have been impressive if I hadn’t confused almonds for pecans and put the wrong nut in – it was the chewiest pie you could ever imagine!!

  6. How fun! 100 years of pecan pie making… My grandma also gave me a family recipe for pecan pie… You may have inspired me to actually make it instead of stopping at the farmers market for one! I always admire your photography and styling skills and loved the photo of your pie with pecans scattered under the plate… You succeeded in making me hungry! Ha! Have a great weekend!

  7. Pretty impressive Mrs. T..


  8. I think I may give this one a try … seriously … pinned it too! Oh, and that’s the best looking ingredients shot ever!



  9. Trying to leaving the first comment here is like trying to be first at Tater Tots and Jello Linky party. You are slaying me. Oh, and I have a pecan surprise for you.

    But I’m not telling… yet.

  10. Looks delicious! That’s my favorite pie. I recently learned that my new son-in-law to be loves it, too! That’s what he wants on the dessert table at their wedding and I think he’d be pretty happy with it for every birthday, holiday, and every other occasion. I had made a mental note to make him one for his birthday. Now, I’ll use this recipe and not have to go hunting for one! Thanks Karianne!

  11. Pecan pie is one of my fall favorites!
    My mom has a tried and true recipe, and I’ve never made it.
    I kind of always leave that part up to her. 🙂

    BUT, you’ve inspired me to give it a try.

    Does your family think you’re CRAZY for taking pictures of your ingredients? My family has WAY too much fun making fun of me with this blogging thing.

  12. That will be the next “Fall” goodie that I bake.. looks divine. I especially love that the recipe has stood the test of time
    and been enjoyed by everyone over the last 100 years ! Really special. LOVE IT !. Also, really creative how you laid out
    all the ingredients out on that bright tablecloth- very interesting. Thanks for Sharing such a great pie.

  13. Oh my! That looks SOOOO good! I haven’t made a pecan pie in years, but I think you just motivated me to do it son. Like today. 🙂
    Your pictures are always lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I loooove pie, any pie, but my most favorite is pecan. This sounds delicious, and how pretty it is! Or was, I can well imagine it didn’t last long.

  15. This sounds so yummy! I love old recipes! I have my grandmother’s 100 year old “Modern Pound cake” recipe. Your pie is gorgeous! I am trying this for the holidays!!!! Thanks for sharing the recipe! Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. Your pecan pie looks delicious Karianne! I wish I had more time to make these yummy treats. Love your photo of the ingredients!

  17. This pecan pie looks delicious. It sounds like a recipe my Mama used to make. Check out my family favorite recipes on my blog. I would love to connect with you there. Blessings, Deborah H. Bateman-Author

  18. This is THE Pecan Pie recipe by the way. It’s the same one Lee’s Mamaw used and her mother used, so I can guarantee it’s “real deal pecan pie” authenticity. 😉 Wish I could have come over and had a piece of that pie and a cup of coffee with you. Heck, I would have come over even if you didn’t have pecan pie and all ya had for me was a Little Debbie or a Twinkie…cause I love ya that much my friend! 😉


  19. That is exactly like my Granny’s recipe with one difference. If you coat your pecans with flour first they will sit on top of the filling so much better. Pecan is my favorite and yours is beautiful. Now I want one so bad.

  20. Are you a Pee-Can or Pe-Con sayer? Either way you slice it, I’m nuts for this!

  21. I’m hungry! That looks delicious! This is our family recipe as well even though I don’t think I’ve ever made it. My mom and sister always seem to bake the pecan pies! Thanks for sharing!

  22. Congrats on making your first pecan pie! It looks delectable and I see many more in your future! I’ve made countless numbers over the years, all without fail and everyone’s favorite!

  23. Yum! I drooled and then I pinned. 🙂

  24. TRULY….if I had to choose between MR. SWEET and a WHOLE Pecan Pie, Mr. Sweet would be packin’ it in !!

    Sure is a beautiful pie, too…..:)

  25. This is a beautiful pie! I can’t wait to make it, just one question. You said butter but didn’t list the measurement. Is it a stick and do you melt it?

    Thanks! Can’t wait to make this for my husband he LOVES pecan pie!

  26. I’ve never been a fan of Pecan Pie..Too fudge..Makes my teeth hurt just thinking about it,,I know that I’m definitely in the minority..

  27. Impressive!! I’ve got to try this for Thanksgiving.


  28. I adore pecan pie, my highlights have grown out, I’ve never owned an apron. We are peas in a pod. I did make an apple pie once which turned out beautifully. Then I talked about it a LOT, and offered to bring pie whenever I was invited out, but never ever followed through… now my friends all roll their eyes when pie is mentioned.
    The bridges we burn….

  29. I make pecan pies for Thanksgiving and Christmas, that’s it! You’ve got a great recipe and I think it’s probably about the same as mine. What a great pie, you did a great job on the pie because it looks delicious. I enjoyed your story, smiled a lot.
    Have a great weekend and HPS.

    The French Hutch

  30. I learned, many years ago, to make Pecan pie using this very recipe. We lived in Texas at the time near the Hill Country where lots of pecans come from…I love pie and this one is one of my very favorites! Yummy!
    ♥ Jil

  31. Oh yum! Now I really want it to be Thanksgiving! 🙂

  32. Pecan Pie is one of my husband’s favorite things. Yours looks divine. There’s still time if you’d like to share it at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. xo

  33. Oh, KariAnne, I am so impressed I hardly know how to put it in words. I just knew you had it in you. Is there anything better than a southern pecan pie? How about a southern pecan pie made by you? And who knew Karo syrup was still around? SIGH!!! As I said, quite impressive 🙂


  34. Good for you! And it’s beautiful too! I’ve made a few pecan pies before and they are yummy! Your recipe sounds a lot like mine – I will have to dig mine out and compare them!

  35. Now that pecan pie is a piece of art, so pretty! And I can taste it through the screen! So glad you included the recipe! I’ve never baked one that wasn’t runny! Can’t wait to try this one! 🙂

  36. Congrats on your first ever pecan pie. I doubt I’ll ever get around to it. I use to make beautiful meringue pies. But the kids are grown, I live alone, and Braums has a kick-ass pecan pie that you don’t even have to cook. Just thaw and eat.

  37. I’ll take two….


    Looks amazing!

  38. Yummm…your pie looks scrumptious!! I often say I may as well skip the wear and tear on my jaw and just glue it directly to my hips and thighs, but I think this would be absolutely worth it! Great job, KariAnne 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing the recipe, too. Can’t wait to try it!

  39. That looks amazing! My parents are coming next week, and I’m definitely going to make it.

    P.S. Why is Aviva so crazy? I mean, Ramona has her faults, but that brunch was ridiculous.

  40. Honestly, I believe you can’t beat those old handed down through the generations recipes. Putting this one in my recipe file. Thanks KariAnne 🙂

  41. That is one good lookin’ pie, Karianne! I spent several years of my childhood with a pecan orchard in my backyard…love them! Thanks for sharing!

  42. One of my favorite pies! Visiting from Pink Saturday.

    My PINK
    Have a fun weekend!


  43. KariAnne, leave it to you to make even the ingredients look beautiful! The karo syrup in the fancy little white bowl looks almost to pretty to use, but since pecan pie is my favorite I guess I’d have to make an exception. Thanks for sharing this delectable dessert.

  44. I have always shied away from making pecan pie because they look so difficult to make. Your pie looks delious and you make it sound easy to make. Pecan pie is my hubby’s favorite so it looks like I’m going to give it a try. I may even make some homemade whip cream to top it off. Thank you for sharing your 100 year old recipe.

  45. Pie is one of my favorite things to make, and pecan pie is my mom’s favorite. I always try to make her one for Thanksgiving (and why do I only do it then?). But you’re right, so many of the recipes are too sweet. They make your teeth hurt. I will try this perfect pecan recipe next time. Thanks.

  46. Now THIS says fall to me!

  47. KariAnne, that pie looks amazing!!! I have no doubt that it is pure mouth-watering sweet deliciousness. Mmmmm.
    And photography of that slice of sweetness….WOW! How do you do it? All?
    Off to pin your recipe…..

  48. What a wonderful post – I just love the way you have written about the pie and pictured the pie and that you made the pie.
    Also enjoyed reading your profile about here on your sidebar. Going to look around a bit. I’ve dropped in from Beverly’s Pink Saturday. Happy Pink Saturday!

  49. Yummy! Your Pecan Pie looks amazing! I love it so much, but I rarely make it because I don’t need the calories, otherwise it would be on the menu once a week.
    Your recipe looks fabulous, too.
    Hugs, Cindy

  50. Oooo, that looks so yummy! I’ve never attempted a pecan pie but I sure do love them. I had a friend in high school (back when dinosaurs roamed the earth) who used to make them all the time. I loved it when we would go to her house after school for some homemade pie! Well, now I’m hungry . . . the hazards of blog hopping and pinning!
    Have a great weekend!

  51. I’m feeling the need to make a pecan pie now… but I think I’m the only one in my home that will eat it. Dangerous.

    So… are you going to dish out the secret of your pie crust? Did you go homemade or out of the box? Inquiring minds want to know! My mom was homemade all the way (with a handful of this and a pinch of that and just mix it together until it feels right…), but I’m pretty much a box girl.

    And we’re a house divided as far as pronunciation goes… I say puh-CON, but my Georgia boy hubby says PEE-can. We’ve agreed to disagree.

  52. Mmm! This pie recipe looks so moist and delicious!

  53. “It was my friend’s aunt’s mother’s sister’s cousin’s best friends grandmother’s.”

    Your friend’s aunt’s mother, would also be your friend’s mom’s mother….
    Her mother’s sister’s cousin, would also be her mother’s cousin….

    So wouldn’t it just be your friend’s mother’s cousin’s best friend’s grandmother?

  54. I’ve been away, but saw this post on my phone and pinned it instantly! I can’t read blogs that well on my old phone – always runs out of memory – but I figured if you blogged it, I’d try it! And now that I’ve had a chance to read your post, am so dying to try this recipe! I looove pecan pie, and have never made one! Maybe this will be dessert forour Thanksgiving coming up!

  55. Oh so decadent, so delicious…my favourite pie!! I’ve only made it once (we aren’t dessert eaters much) and I added bourbon as the recipe called for it. And it was so yummy. I’m pinning this recipe though, should really give it another go!
    Debbie 🙂

  56. I love pecan pie! I doubt there is a better dessert out there 🙂

  57. It looks YUMMY, Karianne!!!!
    Pecan Pie is my FAVOURITE pie!!!
    I have never made one!

  58. YUM! I’ll have to give that a try this week. Wouldn’t that impress my family for Turkey Day?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!? And, of course, I would have to practice!

  59. I scrolled all the way down and there is no pie crust recipe! Will you post it and let me know????? ty!

  60. I just made this pie – it’s still in the oven. Now, the 100 years will continue to grow, Thank you for sharing this with all of us.

  61. This is same recipe hubby’s gma made. Iv added my own touch. Give the pecans a rough chop. It isn’t quite as pretty whole, but it slices beautifully as you aren’t cutting through or around whole nuts.

  62. Karo syrup was invented in the 60’s……..

  63. ^^ Karo syrup was invented in 1902 -_-

  64. What size pie crust did you use?

  65. Stephanie Hazel :

    Is it possible to create a link that will provide a printer-friendly option so I can add this to my hardcopy recipe book? Thx!!

  66. I just made this pie. Your looks beautiful, however, mine lloks nothing like yours. I can even see the pecans. The top is completely browned but no sign of nuts. The filling frothed up when baked!?? I followed your recipe as written. any ideas whay went wrong?