Farmhouse House Tour

Farmhouse House Tour


Fall Letters

Happy almost September 1.

Happy almost fall.

Happy almost pumpkin patch and corn stalks and candy corn.

The leaves are falling and it’s 92 degrees….

….and I adore my brother.

He surprised me with a little video farmhouse home tour he created just for me.

I watched it and I cried.

And then I hugged him.

And even though he’s not really a hugger….

….I totally saw him smile. ๐Ÿ™‚

Click the arrow to watch.
And happy almost fall to you. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Beautiful ! It makes me feel like crying and it is not even my home ! Amazing what lovely photos, video and music can do to our soul. Your brother is very talented.

  2. oh karianne, how wonderful!! good for your brother and good for you. great job! just fantastic. (um, i liked it!)

  3. He’s clever and thoughtful – hmmmm seems to run in the family.

    Well done, very nice!

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend! Hugs!

  4. What a gift! I want to hug your brother!

  5. Oh KariAnne…how wonderful is this! Seems like a BIG Heart is part of the family DNA! I am sending a ton of BIG Hugs to your brother and to you and your entire family! Love you and have an amazing weekend…wishing you all the moon…the sun and the stars!

  6. Oh my! That is SOME brother. What awesomeness!!!! Have a great weekend. xo~Sal

  7. Looks like your brother is a ROCK STAR too! Loved his little video. Happy Labor Day!

  8. Beautiful. Familyโค

  9. Farmhousefancier :

    Okay. Yes, I’m a guy who subscribes to your website. No, I’m not that kind of guy, but..heh..there’s nothing wrong with ‘that’ kind of guy. I’m just not one of those and my insecure masculinity makes me say have to say that. My wife and I own a old farmhouse in VA. Not as grand as yours, though. In fact, I would call our place a working farmer’s special – originally two rooms up and two rooms down. It’s been added onto over the years before we took possession in 1998. We have plans to renovate once we return from our second three-year job stint in Brazil. That all aside, I do like to occasionally check in on your website. You do some creative things, such as the window frame calendar, that a guy can relate to – all the woodworking stuff with things you found and loaded into your pick-up (my kinda gal!) Anyway, about your brother’s video. He’s got some talent and if he isn’t already in the video production field, then he should be! Good pacing, good visuals, and good selection of music. I enjoyed watching it, so please extend a ‘guy’ thank-you to him among all the other ‘gal’ thank-yous and hugs! Keep up the creativity, the both of you!

    • Love that you stopped to say that you read this blog and that you are a “regular” And yep you’re right this guy needs to be in production! The lighting and timing of each shot was perfection!


  10. Ah. Ah. Definitely a double ah! I love it.

    I need a sibling.

  11. Amazingly beautiful!! No wonder you cried! I think your brother is a keeper…….

  12. Ok KariAnne, best brother EVER! I cannot believe how sweet this was. And how cool! And wow, your trees are already turning! By the way, tell your brother the way he captured the sunlight coming through the tree with the Thistlewood ornaments spinning on the breeze….magical…absolutely magical.

  13. Such artistic creativity! Truly stunning…and full of love and warmth. Bravo!

  14. That was so beautiful. So incredibly sweet of your brother! Thank you for sharing Kari Anne!

  15. Sheryll & Critters. :

    That was beautiful. What a wonderful brother and so thoughtful and giving.

  16. How sweet. It made me tear up for you. Your brother is a keeper and I love the guy comment above. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Ahh…that is just the sweetest video. Happy almost fall to you too! I am so ready.

  18. Lovely, Karianne! So looking forward to seeing your home this fall! Happy Labor Day! x

  19. And it made me smile too! Happy almost fall!

  20. Absolutely beautiful and a work of love. You have a great brother!

  21. So cute! And creatively done. What a sweet man. How funny that a non hugger grew up with you, Miss Love To Hug People. I can see you just huge grinning every time you watch this. Yay for thoughtful brothers.
    The Other Marian

  22. Barb Langlois :

    kari….really liking the mantle. The fall letters are awesome as is the board with the twigs. Any sharing of how is was accomplished? Like the mounted letters…are they metal letters? Awesome.

    • Ditto! I’m curious about the leaves. My most recent Midwest Living used dried cornstalks to make leaves, but your look like they are made from paper. If you are interested, Midwest Living has lots of fun cornstalk-ey seasonal decorations in its Sept/Oct issue–they have a rustic-ey, burlap-ey flair to them.

      You and your brother are very talented. Kudos.

  23. God had blessed this family with amazing talent and it makes my heart happy to see it used for such good. Makes me cry too. Love you and thank you for highlighting his talent- he deserves more accolades than he gets or words can express.

  24. Really moving. I’m guessing it must have been a present…birthday?

  25. Love!

  26. Catherine McD :

    Loved the clothesline and spring house tours as well which popped up at the end of your fall tour! So peaceful!! You and your brother make your beautiful work look so easy – true artists that allow us to just sit back, enjoy, and be inspired by your hard work and attention to every detail! Thank you!

  27. You are very blessed ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. What an awesome brother and beautiful gift! It made me tear up too! You are truly blessed, my friend, and I am so thrilled for all your successes! Have a gorgeous weekend!~~Angela

  29. Francis C. Moore :

    Very, very creative.

  30. Yes, your brother is an amazing guy and I am blessed to see his creativity almost every day! In addition to all the work he does, any time we have a staff gathering, he is the one who gets voted to make up crazy, fun stuff for us to do to get to know each other better and just have a great time! I am grateful to see both of you use your incredible gifts to bring others joy!

    I love fall and now I can’t wait for it to get here! Just have a few more 100+ degree days to get through…

  31. Talent obviously oozes from your family! Beautiful!

  32. Love it, what a special gift to you. Give him another hug from me!

  33. I’d be hugging him too! He captured the essence of Thistlewood Farm so beautifully! Enjoy your weekend…all 92 degrees of it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  34. What a brother !! SO special…

  35. That was beautiful. And your brother is wonderful.

  36. Wow! Lucky you to have a brother like him! I bet his homemade Christmas gifts rock! Give him a high five from me!

  37. How lovely! Your brother is pretty special!

  38. jennifer farnes :

    i don’t even know your brother…..but i want to hug him, too. lucky girl….blessed girl…such big sighs here. you romanticize your life on your blog and everyone wants to be you and live you life. it’s like opening the best kind of book and falling in. happy almost fall yourself.

  39. Karianne, Being a Kentucky girl myself, it hit my heart… goosebumps and thinking “Wow how wonderful for a brother to create something so special for his sister”… Now that is what family is all about… and girlie, in my neck of the woods in Ky ( Ky appalachians) it looks like I may have fall weather this coming week… one day high of 73… WooHoo… Hope your fall season is a blessed one… hugs dear Ky girl…

  40. That is amazing! How lucky for you to have such a thoughtful brother! I would have been bawling my eyes out.


  41. **Love this**!

  42. That deserved a hug & I bet he liked it – “hugger” or not…
    Have a lovely long weekend!

  43. I know he wants two sisters, or three if he already has two, so when is he adopting me? Either he makes me a video and basks in the glory (I have no bro or sis, till he adopts me that is) or I’m gonna have to make one for myself. Something a bit edgy, maybe with some rock and roll in the background. Uh huh. Then, the bloggers will flock to him for their own, or want him to adopt them too. I’m. Not. Kidding.

  44. Really. I’m. Not. Kidding.

  45. omg, so sweet! I think brother’s pretend not to be huggers when they really are ; ) Beautiful video! : )

  46. Wow, how special! He’s very talented too! What a fabulous family! I adore the video! I would hug him too!

  47. I love your home and everything in it! I wish I lived in a part of the country that was 1. Closer to you (not in a creepy way) and 2. That my town and surrounding area had such cute farmhouses to buy and live in!

  48. First I fell for your Mom, then I fell for your teenaged son, then the twins stole my heart, and not to mention your hunky sailor handy husband! But now your brother makes this beautiful heart warming video and surprises you? I hope you know how blessed you are and just how much I love your blog ( and everyone you surround yourself with). Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend southern sister.

  49. AWESOME! You are both so talented!

  50. I want to hug your brother too! That was amazing!

    ๐Ÿ™‚ Linda

  51. Beautifully done! And ‘right back atcha’ with the HAPPY FALL!!!

  52. I guess creativity runs in the family! So well done!

  53. Karieanne, what a sweet brother! I know your entire family must be so proud of what you have accomplished. However, I predict that you are on the verge of even bigger and better things! I am truly excited for you and look forward to saying, “Hey, I knew her when. . . .”

  54. Did you give him a kiss too? Beautiful!

  55. I think I may have teared up too… that is just beautiful!!!

  56. Your brother is as talented as you. Beautiful video- content of couse as well as the presentation. :). Fall is the best time of year! Looking forward to it.

  57. Not at all what I expected, but very beautiful!

  58. How very special for your brother to make that wonderful video for you. He is a very talented young man. It was great.

  59. Such a sweet video!!! Your brother did an amazing job, I would have hugged him too!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ This needs to be displayed front and center on your blog!!!

  60. Beautiful!

  61. Julia @ Cuckoo4Design :

    WOW, wow, wow. Amazing!

  62. This is beautiful!

  63. Is there anyone in your entire family who isn’t talented, artistic, and wonderful! You all are the best!

  64. I loved this……..what a lucky girl you are to have a brother like him!

  65. Beauti-FALL. Talented and loving brother you have. Love everything about your house AND his special tour of it.

  66. What an awesome brother. It almost makes this ‘Summer lovin’ gal ready to let go of warm weather and garden joys to go ahead and relish the arrival of Fall.

  67. Sigh . . . I remember when it looked like that nearly a month into school . . . Back in the dark ages . . . er, good old days! ๐Ÿ™‚

    What a fantastic video! Everyone is right – he’s a keeper! Happy Labor Day! And stay COOL!

  68. That is one SWEET brother you got there! I loved the video…it’s very special!

  69. WOW! How very sweet of your brother and what an amazing gift! A treasure for sure and a pleasure to watch!

  70. Just beautiful, KariAnne. What a wonderful gift and keepsake from your brother. You all are amazing!!!

  71. You have the sweetest brother ever and I would have cried too!

  72. Are you kidding me? This is the most adorable thing I have ever seen! You are one incredibly talented family! Love it!

  73. Ask your brother how he did that. I want to do that! So cool!

  74. Mark! As always, great job! Incredibly beautiful, the video and the sentiment. So cool.

  75. Aww KariAnne, what a great brother you have! Love the format, the “tour” was just beautiful and so creative!

  76. Super cool!

  77. Oh, what a nice brother. Love the music. Please let us know who played that and what it is called.
    Makes me want to move to the country!!!

  78. What a lovely gift.

  79. Holy cow how cool is that! Totally gave me goosebumps

  80. What a sweetheart…very, very thoughtful…

  81. I’m so glad you shared this video. It’s lovely! Hope you’re enjoying your time with your brother! xo

  82. Okay, that may have been the coolest (and sweetest) thing ever!! What a sweetheart your brother must be!

  83. That has to be the sweetest gift a brother can give a sister…how beautiful!

  84. What a beautiful gift from your brother! He highlighted your home in a very unique way. I enjoyed every second of the whole minute! By the way, I check your website all the time and feel like a kid unwrapping a gift when I see a new post. Love from Texas!

  85. OMG that was so sweet! I almost cried. J

  86. That is one creative, beautiful way to do a house tour! It’s obvious – talent does run in families.

  87. Love it! Such a sweet presentation. (And love the use of the tree symbolizing family and generations.)

  88. What a sweetie! Several people I adore are NOT huggers. I respect that and abide by it most of the time. However, some gestures cannot be thanked with words. Only a really good hug can convey a great and loving thanks. Invariably, my non-huggers smile when I do violate their space for that! Your brother is a great guy and it’s obvious to all of us that you are both from a great gene pool of creativity.

  89. Wow! I’m in awe of his creativity and originality. And how fitting it is for Thistlewood Farms and the girl behind it all. xo

  90. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!! I am anxiously awaiting fall too ๐Ÿ™‚ Warm apple cider and trips to the orchard, catching leaves while they fall, hay rides, pumpkins, pumpkin pie…… mmmmm the smell! And if we are really lucky, we will find a few wooly bears along the crunchy leaves!

  91. Magnificent….brothers are the greatest!

  92. I love you Fall mantle, it’s really beautiful! The video is very sweet too ๐Ÿ˜‰


  93. Okay, now I’m ready for fall! What a sweet brother! That’s a unique way to tour your house with photos hanging from the trees. The music totally makes it rock! That’s one rockin brother! I would have cried too!

  94. What a neat video! It inspired me to consider making my own. Thanks for a great post!

  95. So sweet! I love this video and it definitely makes me ready for fall!

  96. Well, let’s just say it ALREADY is fall here in the great northland 0f Fairbanks, AK. Golden birch and aspen leaves are falling alright! Great video and even more, such a personal and touching gift from your brother. My daughter painted a picture of a farmhouse I spent some years in growing up in Maine several years ago. She gave it to me for Christmas and I cried! Blessings to you and yours.

  97. all I can say. Is. Wow.

  98. KariAnne
    Love the simple ideas for the FALL, the branches are my favorite with the craft style leaves, so creative! The dried hydrangeas look beautiful on the Mantle

    Thanks so much again

  99. I seriously love this!! That’s all.