Farmhouse Dining Room Makeover With the 2017 Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year

Farmhouse Dining Room Makeover With the 2017 Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year


I couldn’t decide which I was more excited about….Christmas morning….

…or this post.

Several months ago, Sherwin-Williams contacted me to see if I was interested in working with them to design a room around their color of the year.

Design a room?  Discover a new paint color?  Plan a new space?  Why, yes.  Yes, I would.

Especially when they told me what the color was.

SW 6039 Poised Taupe.

As soon as I saw the color, the room leapt into my mind.  Poised Taupe is a warm/gray brown with the slightest hint of purple.  It’s so rich and luxurious and I knew it needed wood and natural tones and a whisper of pull-up-a-seat-and-lets-have-coffee-and-talk.

Ready to meet my new dining room?

Let’s go.


We started by painting the walls with SW 6039 Poised Taupe.

Then we gave the trim a new coat of paint with SW 7006 Extra White.

Next, we tackled the floors.  I loved the rug that had been in here for eight years, but it had seen its share of wear and tear and dirt and the floor was ready for a change.

Like this.


We taped off the center of the room in a rectangle and stained the floor with a deep brown border.

Then we taped off diamonds in the center and stained them with contrasting stains.

Lastly, we added a small dark square where the diamonds met.

I’ll share an exact how-to, later.



The floor was finished.  The walls were finished.  The trim was finished.

And then I found this.

I know….right?

A piece so amazing that I almost did a cartwheel when I found it.

Do you know what it is?  Do you have any idea what it started out life as?


It’s from the late 1800’s and it came out of a local general store here in the area.

It used to hold fabric bolts.  Here’s the ruler they used to measure the fabric with.

That piece at the top with the notch that looks like a handle?


It’s where they used to place the bolt and pull the fabric down to measure.

I’ve lifted it up here so you can see.

I kissed my 1800’s fabric bolt holder, gave it a giant hug, placed it on the wall in the dining room and filled it with my entire luncheon plate collection that used to be on the bottom shelf in the butler’s pantry.



I kept this bookcase that was originally on the wall here and filled it with even more books.

I added new fabrics to the space, like these embroidered pillows and a plaid wool throw I made myself from this fabric I found.

The contrast of the lighter fabrics with all the dark wood is so cozy.



This is the original table from the room, it’s just painted black to blend in with the space.

The centerpiece is a piece of wood in place of a runner and these wood vases filled with leaves from the yard.

I just layered the vases and leaves and then added some tiny woven pumpkins.



I kept the smocked burlap curtains which feel at home in this room, too.  In the bay window, I added a fold-down table.  The large piece on the opposite wall is so large it allowed me a little more space in the room and this table will be perfect for extra seating at Thanksgiving.

I decorated the top of the table with a lantern and stacked pumpkins.

These stacked wood slices are also perfect chargers for the table.




I am so in love with the new space and so thankful to Sherwin-Williams for this opportunity.  I’ve worked with them for three years on their color of the year and I think this one was my favorite.  It’s so different and unexpected.

And now?

I’m pulling up a chair.

Wrapping myself in gray plaid and drinking coffee.

The dining room and I are spending some much needed alone time together. 🙂

disclosure:  This post was written in collaboration with Sherwin-Williams.

All opinions are my own.

Please see my disclosure page for more information.


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  1. oh, wow!!!! When I saw that color on the internet, I thought…”why that color?” Now we know. Beautiful!!!!! Your room looks gorgeous (as always), Karianne! Thank you for sharing!!! ps, I am a Sherwin Williams fan because my store has the best customer service!

  2. OMG! OMG! OMG! Absolutely stunning. And welcoming. So beautifully, perfectly YOU❣️

  3. Ummmmmmmmm………………. My.. My..My… aren’t you the sneaky one??????? Did we know this was going on???? Did I miss a post or two some where along the line????????????? WOWOWOW!!! I love it !! the whole room is gorgeous!!! I just want to cozy up on those new”ish” hardwood floors and …. wait for you to fix me a plate !!! lolol… Seriously Karianne .. every square inch is amazing !!! And of course.. congrats to Sherwin Williams!! Beautiful color !!!

  4. Just beautifull! But please take a picture with your new camera so we can see the whole space!

    • Mari,

      I will. I tried to take it…but there are these white columns in the way and it didn’t look as pretty! I’ll take a few more pulled back ones when I decorate it for Christmas. 🙂

      Happy day friend!

  5. I love it, KariAnne! Taupe is seriously my favorite color- a perfect grey brown in my book! And your floors! To die for, not to mention that wonderful wood fabric holder. Lastly, your burlap curtains really shine against the new color! I thought you had bought new gold curtains! Just wow!
    You’re a rock star!

  6. Yes please! I MUST get me some of that paint and begin on my family room. If you don’t mind, I will be “borrowing” as many of your ideas as possible. I have been trying to find a taupe shade for my room but haven’t until today. Thank you, thank you for your decorating genius!

  7. The room is gorgeous!!

  8. KariAnn, your room is absolutely stunning!!!! And I may just have to move to Kentucky to find such unusual antiques. lol Honestly, I don’t know where you find them, but they are so beautiful and different I can’t stand it. Where I live, they would cost a small fortune. Beautiful job…as usual!

  9. I am not a taupe fan but you dining room looks amazing!

  10. Fabulous

  11. brocanteuserose :

    No words! there are no words for how amazing this space is! so I’m just going to use exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This room deserves every single one! 🙂

  12. Your dining room is just lovely. I love the color and all the new additions of the wood. This looks so cozy.

  13. Debbie Esparza :

    Just beautiful! I love the piece from the 1800’s! Job well done!

  14. KariAnne…….This is gorgeous! Love the way you used the fabric bolt holder. What a find! And oh yes, the wall color is beautiful.

  15. You hit it out of the park KariAnne! Your room is beautiful.

  16. Marcella Christiansen :

    That colour is just gorgeous!!!
    ABSOLUTELY love your new found material/ bolt piece of furniture…..what a unique piece!!!!

  17. Drop dead GORGEOUS!!!! I LOVE everything about it. The floor is kissable…Your new old fabric display is incredible.
    Love the new wall color…I have a room I’ve been dragging my feet on painting waiting for the perfect inspiration…Low and behold…as usual you come thru with the inspiration I’ve been waiting for.

  18. Love the floor!!! Awesome job! Also love the dark chairs!

  19. This is absolutely the most amazing room makeover yet!! The floor is spectacular and the Sherwin-Williams paint color is beautiful. That new to you piece is divine, what a great find! You have given it another life in your home-awesome! Those smocked burlap drapes must be proud to be part of this gorgeous dining room. I love everything that you have used in this room, it is perfect!! I foresee many happy celebrations in this room. Thank-you for sharing this marvelous post.

  20. Cynthia Sobczak :

    You did it again!!!Love the room, could you please, would you please ask me over for afternoon tea??? I will even bring the dainties!!! I live in central Canada and if for nothing else I am making a trip to your part of the states so I can find myself some old wood. Don’t know why but I can’t find any here for love or money.
    See ya soon…

  21. It’s beautiful Karianne!

  22. OH…MY…GOSH!!! Wow! Kari Anne, what an awesome job! It’s so beautiful! I soooo love it! Way to go, girl! ❤

  23. Stunning! Thanks for sharing!

  24. Simply GORGEOUS!!! So warm and inviting. Job well done.

  25. First one up this morning and while the coffee was being made, I snuggled down in my favorite spot with a comforter (a bit chilly here in Northern Ca.) to read your delightful post that I had been anticipating. It is charming and so inviting, the dark floors with the new pattern had me humming, paint color, furniture and so in love with the tablescape with unique items. That wonderful piece that you found from a local general store is a true keeper and love the history behind it. Just lovely Karianne.

  26. Your dining room looks fantastic! So inviting and warm. Your new fabric bolt holder is so unique and a great display piece. You have outdone yourself again!

  27. KariAnne Rock Star

    You are the best!

  28. Love it! All that milkglass too! You just elevated your home to new levels.

    Beautiful job karianne!


  29. When I first saw Poised Taupe I thought it was too dark value wise in SW ads. But seeing it in sunny room like yours-such a difference! The addition of the soft gold from the burlap curtains and leaves really sets it off. Outstanding work on your part!

  30. I don’t even have the right words to describe how I feel about this room now. It was stunning before, but now it’s just… drop dead gorgeous!

    Basically, I’m just over here swooning.


  31. Love this room! So glad to see some natural wood shining in the space. The floor…I love. As for the new color, always have liked taupe. I hope we never go back to sand!!

  32. Everything is so lovely but that floor! Oh,my! And where are the embroidered pillows from?

  33. Love the general store find!!! Gorgeous!!!!!

  34. Sandra Warthen :

    Love taupe and it is beautiful in your dining room. Have a major case of lust going on for the beautiful fabric holding unit you found. It is a fabulous addition to your dining room.

  35. Rowena Philbeck :

    Those are my colors and you did a beautiful job. Love it. I love the floor and I just drool about it since I don’t have the wood floors. I have tile and carpet which I would love in some time to change it. Don’t mind carpet in the bedrooms just in the main rooms. The color they choose is awesome…Love it with the white trim. YOU DID AMAZING!!!

  36. Absolutely beautiful!!!

  37. Looks homey and pretty, like you!


  39. My jaw dropped when I saw your general store piece that was meant to be for you with your fabric line! I am always amazed at what God brings together!

    Everything looks beautiful, Marianne!

  40. Great job! The floor is beautiful, love love!!

  41. So warm!! So Inviting!! I’m always one who loves the touch of wood with white. Too much white and it looks antiseptic. But the wood is the perfect touch. While I don’t see me trying that, your floors set it all off! Perfection!! Another great job KariAnne… any plans to take that color into other rooms????

  42. OH MY. What a beautiful space, KariAnne! I love the wall color and the beautiful fool…and That. Fabric. Holder.
    You did a wonderful job designing this special room, and bringing your personality into it, too!

  43. Gosh, you helped me so much with this new color. I am wanting to paint my laundry room and I have white bead board on one wall and white trim. I am going to buy new cabinets and this will be the perfect color! Plus, lucky me, I have a 30% off coupon for Sherwin Williams! How’s that for serendipity? Your room is gorgeous and just love the floor idea! I want to come and have a cup of coffee!

  44. Oh my goodness!! How beautiful!! Did you make the smocked burlap curtains? I am going to go to my local Sherwann Williams to check out the color. You did a stunning job!! You are very talented! I wish you lived near me in WI!

  45. Love everything about this! I’m looking for a new neutral paint color and this may just be it! But the furniture, that gorgeous job on the door, etc. Wow! You knocked this out of the park.

  46. Beautiful! Just beautiful.

  47. Wow wow wow! I can’t tell you how much I love this new color with all the warm wood pieces. It’s beautiful, warm and cozy, the perfect place to be on those cold winter days.mthis is a winner.


  48. This is sooo fantastic!!! Right at this moment I am doing the ” Gonna copy this look” dance!!!! Thank you so much for you!

  49. So classy and beautiful! Well done 😍

  50. Love,love,love, your new room! I had seen that color, and was considering painting my master bedroom. I would, paint my great room,( living room and dining room together). I have it painted in a two tone color of Sherwin-Williams and I like the way it is painted. Do you know of a co-ordinating color of “taupe gray” that would go with the Poised Taupe? Thanks for your help! 🙂

  51. Your new dining room is just gorgeous, KariAnne! You really did a beautiful job with every single decision, making this a lovely entertaining space. I can just picture myself sitting in that room, enjoying my hot cocoa, and reading another marvelous post from my talented ‘friend’, KariAnne. Thank you for sharing.

  52. What a lovely space and a nice Christmas present for you. I only use Sherwin-Williams paint because my store in Grosse Pointe Michigan has the most knowledgeable and professional staff. Last month, I painted my bedroom, dining room and hall with their Emerald Satin paint. A JOY to work with. The finish is just beautiful. I chose taupe and a soft ivory paint. My home was built in 1937 and has all of its original woodwork so I steered clear of anything GREY. That trend doesn’t suit my personality or home. I love your blog and your delightful sense of style and humor.

  53. Totally unexpected color and the entire room is so beautiful, I don’t know where and how to start to tell you how much I love it. The whole.entire.thing. The fabric shelves — what a fabulous find! And perfect for showcasing your dishes collections. Have you always had those chairs with the carved wood backs or do they just look extra special in this newly decorated room? And the stained floor — very chic. The room is so cozy, yes, but also…I dunno…I think ‘sophisticated’ is the way it makes me feel. You’re a true artist, Karianne. I dub your new dining room “Sophisticated Farmhouse.”

  54. Lovethe floor!

  55. You just may have outdone yourself with this room! Stunning! And I am loving that color…it is truly a neutral without meaning to be! And that floor….no words! 😉 😉

  56. I love the wall color! The room is gorgeous!

  57. Wow!!! How warm. And cozy. Yes, I am pulling up a chair and blanket with a coffee as well. Hmmm… we have been toying with a new color , this may be it!!!
    Thanks for the inspiration!!
    Happy midweek. ☺
    Hugs, Gee

  58. Christopher Otterbeck :

    Bravo! What a beautiful space, and that new piece from the general store??? Perfection! I just love redesigning a space, makes everything a little bit brighter.

  59. There’s a standing ovation happening right now in D/FW. Where do I begin? The happy heart palpitations over your newly stained floor? The fact that I never knew I desperately needed and wanted an antique fabric bolt cabinet?
    I sometimes wonder “How does she out due herself time and time again?”
    You are a star so bright you outshine the super moon.

  60. Love the new cabinet and your dining room is stunning!

  61. That floor…oh my, how I love it!

  62. Stunning! And I’m not usually envious of others’ good fortune…but that fabric bolt cabinet – WOW! I love it and can think of a million places where it would work in my own home!

  63. I love taupe. It adds just the right amount of richness to your dining space without making it too dark. I also love the fabric bolt thingy. And your floors. Just think of the fun you’ll have decorating that space for Christmas!

  64. The math alone would kill me. Beautiful job!

  65. I like the taupe color and all the touches in the room, especially that fabric holder and the stain treatment on the floors… but I’m struggling with the curtains now(which I love by the way) the walls and curtains are having a power struggle in my mind even though they are both neutrals, lol…have you thought about moving the curtains elsewhere and trying a colored curtain or even white curtains? It probably reads differently in person, better than photos can convey. Good job!

  66. Looks Beautiful!!! Good grief girl, when do you have time to eat and sleep!! LOL

  67. You had me at patterned floor!
    The room is truly stunning!! : )

  68. Wow – it is absolutely beautiful! Love that new fabric holder displaying your luncheon sets. How ironic that you released your fabric line this year and to snag such a great piece at the same time:)

    Love the pear with the off centered stem:) You have such an amazing creative eye.

  69. Lovely! So warm and cozy! Great job!

  70. LOVE IT! The room looks elegant, yet homey and farmhouse like. Just like you!

  71. Your dining room is lovely! Isn’t it nice to “scoot” your chair up to the table without fighting a rug? Easier to clean under, also. I removed my dining room rug a while back, and don’t miss it a bit. My wood floors lack your creative genius, but the room is still very warm and inviting.
    Down with dining room rugs and on with graceful functionality.
    Miss Eddie

  72. I literally gasped when I saw the bolt-holder-thingy along that wall! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it, and what you’ve done with the room!

  73. Oh great color. That is one I might have to use in my new home.

  74. How elegant yet welcoming. The colors are fabulous. The wall color works beautifully and oh my the floor…can’t wait to see how that was created.

  75. I love the entire room and the changes that you made although I loved it before also. My eyes fell on the 1800’s table that held fabric bolts and I thought WOW! No wonder you almost did a cartwheel. The way that you redid your floor is incredible. Your ideas amaze me every time. I know that Sherwin Williams appreciates you and the way that you bring about so much beauty in your home using their color of the year.

  76. Very cozy, homey and beautiful ♥

  77. I painted my living room almost the same color two years ago and I love it!! It has so much warmth and plays well with other colors. I know you will love it long term. I also love the stained floor!!

  78. You had me at the bolt-holder!!!! I’m swooning over it. Wherever did you find it?? Beautiful room! Beautiful color!!

  79. Beautiful job my friend! Love the wall color, the floors, the furniture, all of it! As always, you are amazing!

  80. I’m starstruck! I’m in love! I can’t believe how beautiful the room turned out. WOW!! Do you get the idea I really, really, like the room?? You did an amazing job! You certainly are a decorating genius!

  81. Oh my. That floor. That’s all I can say.

  82. Yowza!

    It’s amazing. All of it.

    You’ve totally outdone yourself (as if that were even possible!).

    Congrats on a beautiful transformation.


    P.S. My wife and I just (over the weekend) painted the finished part of our basement with Sherwin Williams’ “Latte” (SW6108). The room looks awesome. And we love SW paint — the only stuff we use. : )

  83. LOVE the color & transformation!

  84. Oh my word! I love that color! the floor! that fabric bolt holder! Beautiful new dining room!! I love Sherwin-Williams!

  85. We all think you are amazing! Simply beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us. On a side note, hope both of your daughters are healing up well. Happy Thanksgiving!

  86. Love it! It sorta has the feel of old money 🙂 Not only do I love the wall color but the floor….and those chairs.. It all came together perfectly. Will be looking forward to all the details. You always know how to make me look at things I already have and use the in a new way. Thanks@

  87. WOW! I want my dining room to look like yours!!

  88. Stunning!! THAT FLOOR IS TO DIE FOR!!

  89. Looks great, so very you. I’m finally getting closer to redoing one of the kids bedroom and turning it into an office. I need some paint that’s so very me. Love SW paints! I love your vintage snack plates too.

  90. I’m loving the snuggly warmth of your elegant-eclectic-uptown-down-home-eye-candy of a new dining room!
    I’m partial to shades of taupe, so I knew that I’d appreciate this new color.
    I definetly was not disappointed!

    Sherwin-Williams rocks, and you ROCKED the S-W!!


  91. Absolutely beautiful! I envy your creativity.

  92. It’s so different than I expected. I really like it! Those floors, the fabric bolt piece – everything together looks so warm and cozy. Warm & cozy is what I feel I’m lacking in my dining and family rooms. Great job! Thank you for sharing –

  93. I Love this color!! And it feels like you welcomed it into your home perfectly. It pairs so well with wood, amazing well with the extra bright white trim. While it doesn’t feel formal it does add elegance and comfort. I will look forward to how it handles Christmas decorations. Oh yummy, I can’t wait to see!!!

  94. I knew the room would be beautiful but OMG it’s more than that its STUNNING! I love the floors and that paint color! Want to work that in my house somewhere. But the thing that makes it your room is the fabric shelf. I think it was meant to be in your home because you would love it for its past life and gave it new life in your dining room. How perfect is that!! Can’t wait to see it decorated for 🎄 🎅🏻!

  95. It’s gorgeous! When you said you were changing the room, I was afraid you were changing the smocked curtains. But no, if it’s possible, they look even better in your new room. Love the wall color, the fabric bolt holder, the furniture, what you did with the floor, and your milk glass. Wow.

  96. What a lovely room. Thanks for sharing.

  97. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! It is absolutely gorgeous!!! If you ever want to get rid of your curtains, I know someone that would take them in a minute….. ME!!! They are stunning!!!

  98. Just stunning! I love how the floor ties in all of the colors in the room and I thought your curtains were gold colored silk ones. I can’t believe they are burlap. The new wall color actually makes them pop. I can’t wait to see it all decked up for Christmas! ;o)

  99. The bolt holder is the most gorgeous piece ever! Great Wall color for your house too. Just an amazing room.

  100. Karianne – I soooooooo love the entire room, but the floor is wonderful! I can’t wait to see your post with the “how to!” The bolt holder shelves are FAB – what a find! It’s the kind of piece that all of we “junk hunters” long to discover. You’ve a treasure there and the placement of the Fenton white grape pattern luncheon sets is eye catching. Thank you for all you share with us.

  101. That floor! Taking my breath away. Great job warming up that great new color with the wood…and how more appropriate for the home of “Wood”!

  102. Love the paint and the whole nine yards. . . took real talent to do the floor. Love the cupboard. . .perfect spot.

  103. I love it. I’ve found the color in my head. Thank you!!!!!
    Awesome. I. Need more photos to simply gaze 😊


    KariAnne, what a lovely job you have done with your dining room! It is just so beautiful! The antique fabric bolt holder is really nice! Enjoy your new room!

    God Bless!

  105. Love, Love, Love, KariAnne!

    This is wonderful color…just your description makes me envision it in every room of my own. We have been using Sherwin Williams for years.

    Your floor is awesome! Definitely tell us how you did this you talented lady!

    Jane x

  106. KariAnne,
    The painted walls are lovely, but the stained pattern floor is AMAZING! Beautiful….


  107. Love It! What a beautiful transformation. Very welcoming and so fallish!

  108. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the meaningful bolt holder! First my eyes caught the floors!
    Then the table…thought it was new! Love it ALL. Love that it tells a story. Even the wall paint tells the story of how much SW has been included in your designs and how they have forged a relationship with you, a truly talented artist. Cheers to that!

  109. I really do love every aspect of your new dining room! All of the paint, wood stains and fabric colors are breathtaking…especially together!
    Oh how I would love to be a fly on the wall and watch the whole process from start to finish! If you ever need help…😊.
    You are a Master at casting vision!
    💗 B

  110. Ok… I’m seriously DROOLING over this!!! I love LOVE LOVE it, what an amazing room!

  111. Karianne, are you sure your not hiding a magician somewhere? This is absolutely stunning and inviting. So glad to see those curtains made the cut(love them with the new wall color). My favorite is those floors.

  112. Well, Miz karianne….this is a little outa your color comfort zone…but I’m betting you will love this so much we can look forward to more! Now you’re getting close to MY colors, lol.
    I absolutely adore that floor. When I can afford to remove my carpeting and put down the flooring I want, this may well be the finishing touch! Thanks, this one is out of the ball park.

  113. So beautiful! I love the color!

  114. Lanita Anderson :

    Oh My Goodness…..I LOVE it!! What a wonderful transformation and so many great ideas! I love the “new” table and the floor, but I think my favorite is the new piece of furniture that used to display fabric!! It is wonderful and shows off your dishes splendidly!! Thanks for sharing….I know you are loving your new room! Blessings, Friend!

  115. Room is Beautiful!!! Please tell me more about the paint you used on your dinning room table.

  116. Such a warm and welcoming room with texture, color and that incredible fabric display piece. I used to have a drop leaf table in a dining room bay window also, and when linked with my regular table could seat 18! What a great memory and thanks for sharing your gorgeous Thanksgiving setting.

  117. WOW! Absolutely gorgeous! The wall color is beautiful, the floor is awesome and what a fantastic find that fabric holder is! So happy to see those beautiful curtains made the cut.

  118. I love the floor!! Well, everything about the room is gorgeous but the floor really grabbed my attention!

  119. Be-yu-ta-full!! love the floor treatment.

  120. Okay-I missed this post. Love it . Once again love the bolt holder, drop leaf table in the window and the floor. I really like the wood dining room chairs…I remember when you got them and posted the source…but do not remember who it was. Anyway-looks great !

  121. The room is lovely! The new wall color us so nice and I love the floor. You do good work Karianne 😉