Farmhouse Bathroom Refresh (With a Little Help From My Friends)

Farmhouse Bathroom Refresh (With a Little Help From My Friends)

farmhouse bathroom ideas

Yesterday my husband had what I’m sure he would consider one of the more exciting opportunities this year so far…..

….helping me re-decorate the bathroom.

I know what you’re thinking.

We lead a very, very exciting life.

And you would be right. 🙂

farmhouse bathroom

farmhouse bathroom frame and wreath

I don’t think he would mind so much helping me with a project, if I would just speed up the process.

But it takes time.

It requires thought and precision timing and placement and the occasional moving of something from one side of the room to the other….

….and back again.

Only to have it end up right where you began.

Girls hit your Hallelujah.

farmhouse bathroom ladder

farmhouse bathroom soap

Thirty minutes into the process, in the effort to generally speed everything up so he could finish watching the last game of the NBA championships….

….he started making helpful suggestions.

Super helpful.

I smiled at the super helpful suggestions and nodded a little blankly and then went back to standing and staring.

And thinking.

About super important thing.

Like trying to remember where I put that nest with the wood sticks and wondering if soap would look cute in a nest and then thinking what if someone actually used the soap and then put it back into the nest, the nest would then be….well…soapy.

And are soapy nests even a good idea?

farmhouse bathroom refresh

farmhouse bathroom ivy

And that’s how the re-decorating process went.

Me staring and thinking.  Him waiting patiently and suggesting and smiling encouragingly at me with a face that upon closer inspection might have suggested he would rather be watching a basketball game.

Finally, into the awkward silence he said, “You should really feature me on the blog with my suggestions.  You know.  Kind of like a husband’s perspective on how to decorate.  I think people would like that.”

Husbands and decorating?

That snapped me out of my reverie.

farmhouse bathroom plants

farmhouse bathroom washcloths

“Really?” I said.  “Husband design suggestions.  That’s a thought.  It might be fun.”

Then I paused (and then asked the question you are all totally thinking), “Tell me a design suggestion you might make for the blog?”

He looked around the bathroom.

He looked it up and looked it down.  I could see the wheels turning and then he pointed.

“There,” he said excitedly pointing to the streamers put up with tape hanging just outside the bathroom in the hallway.  “There’s a suggestion. It’s a good idea to take down the streamers in the hallway after a party.  We could talk about how to remove the streamers without the tape taking off the paint.  That’s almost a diy idea.”

He stopped for a moment and looked at me with a grin.

“But when I write it, I’m leaving off the part…..

…..that the party was a month ago.” 


Month-old streamers?

Would you believe me if I told you we are just super festive?  🙂

Just Us

PS  Here we are.

Me thinking up projects.

Him wondering why I even put up those streamers with hard-to-get-off-almost-paint-removing tape. 🙂

PPS  I want to give a shout out to Lebron.  You won my heart when you left it all on the basketball court.  Here’s to next year rock star.

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  1. Your knight in shining armor is a cutie! And very patient! Fun perspective on a man’s decorating viewpoint!

  2. God bless your husband. Mine has given up on the decor commenting. And that’s why we are living happily ever after. 🙂

  3. Michelle Rudis :

    Adorable farmhouse bath, Kari Anne! I am totally in love with everything about it!! And what a sweet picture of you both. Definitely a cute couple. 🙂

  4. Love how you are able to make the bathroom look less utilitarian! What is the color on the wall? Your favorite?

    • The color is not SW Mindful Gray. Are you surprised? 🙂 It’s called SW Gris. 🙂

      Have a great day rock star!

  5. Your bathroom looks so crisp and fresh-love it! Is that a gray or blue on the wall? Adorable pic of the two of you :o)

  6. carol carroll :

    He is adorable, you are the perfect fit. He does not need to contribute to the decorating, he can just be in the room. It will light up the whole thing. Love you , you are great, and REAL…

  7. You two are adorbs!!!! is this bathroom your before???? Your BEFORE????? Really???
    When can you come to my house and look at my boring bathrooms?
    I need some help-ski!

  8. Gee you have it all on your blog Kari Anna – decorating , relationship insights and stand up comedy! You are so much better to read in the morning that the newspaper, so glad I found you! 😉 Blessings

  9. Sherry Fisher :

    You guys are so cute….and I love the bathroom, nest or no nest !

  10. Well if I was your husband I would get SUPER excited to redecorate with you!! I just love your style, and it’s funny I almost always spot something in your rooms that I have the same – in this case the stool, and the white milk glass nubby type thingies lol

  11. Such a lovely forsight …men, women, home decor and who wears the trousers! Brilliant

  12. I think I love your husband!!

  13. So cute!!

  14. When I close my eyes and imagine my dream bathroom, it looks very much like yours!!! So beautiful & crisp, light and airy. And I say yes to soapy nests, month old streamers & to cute, patient and helpful hubbies!!! 🙂

  15. Here’s to all the Knight’s in Shining Armour! I don’t know what I would do without mine! 😉 p.s. I like his suggestion! 😉

  16. This takes a lot of pondering . . . Man. Woman. Small Bathroom. Lock on door. Are you sure there wasn’t some hanky panky going on?? Twinkling brown eyes looks awwwwfully happy. . . . and so do you 🙂 Kind of smug. And why would you use sticky tape instead of frog tape on the streamers? I know why you would leave them up — 4th of July is coming up and you could be very economical and reuse.

  17. Obviously he doesn’t look at other women’s blogs where they post pics of their banners that are part of their decorating. Even frog tape has to be taken down soon or it can remove the varnish off your trim…(voice of experience). I too enjoy your blog for the humor as much as the style.

  18. What a cute photo of the 2 of you!

  19. Julie Blanner :

    You have created such a cute bathroom. I’m in love!

  20. See me smile !!!! 🙂

  21. Isn’t it great to have a husband who, even if he doesn’t always understand our crazy ways, will always support us and be our cheerleaders! You got a keeper for sure!!!!

  22. Mmmm, I dunno Miz karianne. Are you sure you want to collaborate on a post with him? Would you have to pay him? Would he then be considered a “guest blogger”? Whew…all kinds of things might start happening then!
    LOL, you guys compliment each other beautifully. What awesome role models you are for your children. Bless you

  23. Mary Stewart :

    ADORABLE! Oh, and the bathroom looks fab too!

  24. I agree with your hubs….streamers coming down from the hallway is a must after the party and tape can be so tricky. 😉

    Love the milk glass. Can you believe, I walked away from a milk glass lamp at the Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck, NY? I was all like, if it is here when I come back it was meant to be mine….I missed it 6 hours later by about 2 minutes. Oh, the pain! I will never. ever. make that mistake. again!

    Happy Day to you!

  25. … Karianne… I LOVE your bathroom….. so restful…
    I like the ivy plants … they add a really nice touch of ‘garden’ to the rom….
    …. great photo of you and hubby.. xxxx
    Hugs… Barb xxx

  26. You two are so cute. He is definitely a saint also. Love the bathroom.

  27. Teddee Grace :

    What a sweetie! You are so lucky. My guy (we date, not married) has only checked in by phone each night during these playoffs. I was so glad it ended last night. Maybe he’ll come up for air! Just put a little glass dish inside that nest. Cute idea.

  28. How adorable:) I wish the “decorating conversation” would go that way in our home! Lol! NOT A CHANCE:)

  29. Mmm, crisp blue greens, fresh white towels,
    chippy paint signs, ivy in vintage milk glass,
    it’s all so yummy! Mix in your fabulous sense
    of humor and a loving, caring husband and I
    think you get bliss! Love you Miss Karianne!
    p.s. Did you make the signs? Too cute!

  30. You two are so darn CUTE!!! This is why I say all the good ones are taken… YOU got a GOOD one. Hope you let him know (often) how great he is cause I don’t know many men who would give up the basketball finals for a bathroom remodel. Which looks pretty great by the way.

    Your posts are the best! I read every day. Love your sense of humor and your impeccable taste!
    Thanks for sharing your home and your life with all of use.

  31. gray matthews :


  32. Just too neet, fresh, creative and W H I T E -loving it! But don’t we all!!! Now to find a cooperative would be carpenter or eager DIY er to build me that ladder per my specific direction and instruction [you get the picture?]

  33. Well this is what I have to say about my hubby….the next house we build, I am putting a piece of tape on his mouth as he has waaay too many opinions!…But must say that it can be a good thing as he is truly interested in our home and is a great who will not whine when I ask him nicely of course to assist me in a project…I love that you featured your bathroom as it was the room that stole my heart when I discovered your blog!….and love that pic of you two cuties … it looks as it you are saying, “honey, pretty please!”

  34. So fresh and vibrant.. Love your small shelf and wood bowl.. Those moldings are gorgeous.. Glad you both have such a great sense of humor.. It’s what every marriage needs.. Nice work..

  35. Thanks for sharing the wall color. I love the bathroom and keep the soap in the nest!

  36. I so enjoy reading your blog! Not only do I get decorating ideas but a laugh too! I do have a question: Does the ivy survive in the milk glass containers without a hole in the bottom? I have some milk glass containers and would love to try a plant in them if it works!

  37. Barbara Moore :

    Love it all! Including Mr. Twinkle Eyes. Two people PERFECT for one another. Now…..those cute signs – we’re you fortunate enough to find old, peeling paint pieces of lumber or did you create them? If you weren’t so lucky, can you share how you made them so FABULOUS??

  38. As i was looking at the soap in the birds nest, i thought it’s so pretty but what if someone actually uses it and it gets soapy, then i read down….lol. Love your blog and all your ideas!

  39. Jerry Stocks :

    I have the same bathtub as you in a house we are renovating. We are actually making two bathrooms out of one old big one. The tub will be in the master bath and a stall shower in the other. I love the box with the tub stopper on top. Where did you use it in the bathroom? You and your husband are beautiful people.

  40. This was SUCH a cute read! And that bathroom is dreamy! Who knew a bathroom could be “dreamy”? 😉 LOVE it Karianne!

  41. I’m finally catching up on today’s emails, and WOW, your bathroom re-do is fantabulous!
    I myself adore using almost everything white….especially in bathrooms, it just makes everything look so calm and a little bigger once a few accents are introduced. I love that ladder… please do share the DIY, as I already have the perfect wall in my library/den to get some height in there!
    I’m always so happy reading your blog…it’s a nice read in the mornings…and now in the later evening too!
    Cheer’s from Vancouver, BC Canada!

  42. Sweetest posts ever, written straight from the heart with decorating tips included-you are the best!
    Darling photo too:)

  43. Love love….love your blog. Special thank you for the shout out to Lebron. I am finally getting caught up on my blig reading, I’ve been in the grieving process this past week. My beloved Cavs will be back next year!!! Okay, now back to dreaming, creating and decorating ….(the important stuff)

  44. Diana Walters :

    Cutie patooties….

  45. I NEED a wooden ladder in my bathroom, i NEEEEEED one!!! 🙂

    Looks fab, i love the neutral and pastel colours

    Sarah @ EDEA Smith

  46. Great re-do on the bathroom.

  47. Husbands should always be allowed to make suggestions about decorating, they might surprise you. The fact that they live in these spaces doesn’t count for much … 😉