Fall Kitchen Decorating Ideas and a Little Sunshine

Fall Kitchen Decorating Ideas and a Little Sunshine


It’s been a little cold and dark and gloomy and around here lately.

I’m looking out the window right now at the dark storm clouds gathering.

I didn’t even realize how dark it was until I took these kitchen pictures yesterday to show you all a few fall kitchen decorating ideas.

It didn’t have all this light.

Not even close.

This picture has been brightened and lightened through the miracle of photo editing.

It originally looked more like this.


Can you even believe it?

Look at the picture and scroll back up and look at the first picture.

A little light makes all the difference.

A little light. A little sunshine.  A little joy.


I think that’s what we all need today.

A little sunshine.

I have extra over here at the farmhouse and I wanted to share some with you.




Just in case you needed some

Just in case you had a hard week.

Just in case you were a little sad.

Just in case.

I wanted to share.


Nothing fancy.

Nothing earth shattering.

But yesterday when I stood in the middle of my kitchen with the pumpkins and the sheaves of wheat and the stacks of white dishes and those antique floors….

….I stopped.

I stopped for just an instant to take it all in.


There was joy.  There was light.  There was sunshine.

I just had to look for it.

Sunshine that I lost a pound.

Sunshine that I finished the last chapter of the book.


Sunshine that I finally fixed my roots that you could see from outer space.

Sunshine that the dogs had a bath.

Sunshine that my husband’s eyes twinkled at me this morning over a cup of coffee.

Simple.  Sweet.  Wonderful. Sunshine.


There was so much sunshine that I wanted to share it.

So today I wanted to take a moment to tell you.

Yes.  You with the coffee or the hot tea or the diet coke with a blueberry muffin.


You. Are. Amazing. tiny-pumpkin-fall

You are a rock star.


I thought you needed to know.

Just in case no one had mentioned it yet to you today.

I wanted to be the first.


Now you probably already knew how amazing you are.

You are probably thinking “thank goodness she finally noticed it and mentioned it.”

You probably already figured out that you are a rock star.

And from one rock star to another….

….I totally agree. 🙂

PS  If you get a chance today, maybe spread a little sunshine in your corner of the world…

….there’s probably someone else amazing who needs it.


Looking for similar items for your home? 

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  1. Everyone needs a little sunshine. I love the pumpkin pillow. Can you tell me more about it.

  2. Beautiful pics, as always!

  3. The book is done? I am so excited!!! How much longer do we have to wait until it is a available?

  4. This is so true. Everyone has a battle in their lives going on right now. I know that I do. Thank you for sharing the love sister. And for reminding me that even on my worst day, I am truly blessed. I choose to see my glass sparkling full :)!! Blessings to you from Missouri. And I know you get this a lot, but your house is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

  5. KariAnne, your kitchen is so so lovely, I can understand why you are filled with sunshine when you stand in there! I’m also bowled over but the degree and effectiveness of your photo editing. Well done! Your photo DID make me smile and feel all warm and sunny!! Thanks for sending smiles our way this morning… 🙂

    (PS I just finished a kitchen reno, changing my terribly dark kitchen to all white and it makes me smile too!)

  6. You are the biggest ray of sunshine that no cloudy day could dim! Thanks for your sunny perspective that reminds us to find our gratitude.
    xo Pat

  7. Thanks for the sunshine – I needed it today!

  8. I just want to come visit and have tea with you in your gorgeous home.
    It’s cold where I am… we’re expecting snow today. O Canada indeed…
    Thanks for spreading the sunshine 🙂

  9. What a sweet posting. Thank you for making my day!!

  10. Always love reading what you have to say and so enjoy looking at the lovely pictures of your home. It’s a little dark and gloomy here in Canada today as well

  11. Nan, Odessa, DE :

    You are the best!
    Thanks for being in my email. YOU make this a better day.

  12. Oh, Karianne, please help me to be more amazing and more like a rockstar by sharing if you use a preprogrammed editing tool for editing or if you do it yourself. In lightroom? Adobe?

    Your photos always look beautiful and bright!

  13. My motto is “scatter joy” and Rock Star, you are killing it, through Words, Photos and Reminders.
    Way to scatter joy. Thanks!

  14. I’m feeling the sunshine myself. Partially because you have finished the last chapter. What a daunting mission this was just a little while ago…and YOU DID IT! You are definitely a rock star. And now, someone has said that I am too. Well, I truly feel I am in great company!
    Thank you for sharing your inmost with us. Such a joy to read! I now cannot wait to read your book!!!!

  15. Thanks, Ms. Sunshine. Your house is beautiful and makes me smile. My house makes me smile, too. I am decorating for fall and Halloween and it is almost 90 outside! Oh, for some rain and chilly!

  16. “Sunshine that I lost a pound.
    Sunshine that I finished the last chapter of the book.”
    YOU are a rockstar!!! Each of those two sentences deserve at least an entire post, themselves.

  17. Thanks for the sunshine my friend!!! You’re the best!


  18. Thanks for the sunshine. You were the first (and perhaps only) one to send me that message this morning. Oh, happy day!

  19. Cheryl Autrey :

    Again you make me smile! Love you Sweet Karieann, you are such a Ray of Sunshine! Your home looks Beautiful with all the pumpkins! I too love the pillow!! Hope you have a Bless Day.

  20. ? Luving all the sunshine spreading!! I truly luv your beautiful kitchen with it’s antique floor and white dishes. Your bubbly contagious personality!
    Doing my part to spread some sunshine Rock star!
    Happy today.
    Hugs, Gee

  21. Ray’s of sunshine today, dancing moonbeams tonight, a zillion stars twirling, in dizzy delight!

  22. (1) It’s very dark and rainy here, but it’s OK because we’ve had unprecedented sunshine (and thus drought), and we’re all happy to have an excuse to feel cozy, while the plants are happy for the big drink. Change is good. (There’s a line in the movie “White Mischief” from eons ago, but it’s set in Kenya, which is dear to me, so I love it. Anyway, one character wakes up, looks out the window and moans, “Another f—ing beautiful day!”)
    (2) When I see these dazzling photos of sun-drenched homes I think, why doesn’t mine look that way? Not even on June 21, day of the most sun? Your before/after shots reveal that those pictures are kind of movie stars’ hair–enhanced! That knowledge doesn’t stop me from wanting to be IN a brilliantly white room, with beautifully colored hair on my head.

  23. Thank you, Sweet Friend. I really needed this today.

  24. You are my sunshine my only sunshine you make me happy when skies are blue! (I sang this to my babies) having a sunny day without the sun is a wonderful thing.

  25. As I read this I said out loud,”Ahhhh, thanks and right back at YOU, my rock star friend!” This over my cup of coffee with pumpkin spice creamer and the dog looking at me with a cocked head. LOL Your kitchen looks so bright and inviting with all the fall touches. Thanks for the sunshine boost.?

  26. Beautiful pictures makes one feel inspired for the coming winter hopefully not a lot of snow here in Southern Ontario

  27. Gosh…THANK you SO much for this!!!! I needed ALLOT of sunshine ! Thank you☺️

  28. Hi Karianne, thank you so much for this ray of sunshine. What photo shop are you using to create all these rays? I need some help! ☀️

  29. Can I confess that I kinda like the non-sunshiny photo of your kitchen? We are having a chilly, overcast day here in Michigan and I have soup in the crockpot, bread in the oven, and the cloudiness makes me feel like nesting. Which I am doing. It’s rare that I have time to nest these days so I am thoroughly enjoying it. But I love your sunny attitude. 🙂

  30. You are so amazing – how can someone I never actually met – make me feel so great??? You have a gift my friend.

    Thank you for making me feel like I really am a Rock Star!!

  31. When I see a post from Thistlewood, I know Karianne is in the house. Love my rock star!

  32. Thank you for the encouragement. It’s always needed and appreciated. And that gift you have of spreading it…makes you the rock star! Have a great day!

  33. You don’t know how much I needed this post today. I’m struggling with unresolved health problem, and sometimes it’s too depressing. But I, like you, really crave and appreciate sunny days. I’m looking out my home office at the beautiful lake behind my house right now, and know I should be grateful for so many blessings – and I am grateful – but sometimes life is hard. Thanks for posting!

  34. Great post Karianne! It’s 1.44am in the morning in Australia… I have been tossing and turning for ages so decided to do a bit of net surfing and here was another great post… Thanks… Vicki x

  35. In either picture, that kitchen of yours with all the rock-star Karianne touches is just beautiful! And I’m so happy for you about the book — I just can’t wait to read it!! And thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the sunshine you spread our way everyday. 🙂

  36. Thanks for letting the sunshine in!

  37. Love this post, your décor is lovely but even more than that your words just made my day. I feel like I received a blessing and I so appreciate you! I hope you receive back all the positive energy you are putting out there!

  38. Thanks for the sunshine…I’ll be sure and spread some around this afternoon! And you finished the last chapter…fantastic! 😉

  39. You are a simply wonderful person.

  40. Karianne, boy did I come to right place today! You are my friend sunshine for sure!! I have to say I wish the world was filled with a few more of you. xo

  41. Love love the wheat but adore your words. Keep writing!!!

  42. Jackye Vondenstein :

    Your kitchen is beautiful on a cloudy day or a sunny one! Thanks for the inspiration! !

  43. So now I know why your kitchen
    looks like heaven on a cloudy day!
    Photo editing, who knew! #rockstar

  44. KariAnne your kitchen looks amazing! Thanks for sharing the sunshine!?

  45. I have loved your kitchen in all its whiteness since I started following your blog. But I just realized I haven’t ever seen your refrigerator. Is it in that beautiful pantry/butlers pantry area with the great shelves?
    What a difference sunshine makes in a home!

  46. I call you the “word girl” to my few close friends. They thought I should let you know. I call you that because you take the English language and weave it into beautiful thoughts, stories, instructions, life lessons, oh hell, the list goes on and on. The magic is that you do it so well and on the very day I need it, whatever “it” might be – you deliver with words. Thank you KariAnne.

  47. KariAnne, you are so adorable and sweet. Thank you for sending that encouraging message. I don’t think that anyone can be told often enough how very special and unique they are. I’m so glad that God made each of us an original!!

  48. Hi Sunshine! I’m so happy that you’re so happy! It was a joy to meet you in Pike Road. If you’re ever in Birmingham you’ll have to come over and drink a diet coke with me. 🙂

  49. KariAnne, you just lit my world up like you wouldn’t believe…I am just soooooooo stoked to hear you finished the last chapter of your book…GO *YOU*!!!! I’ll bet that is one huge weight lifted off of your shoulders…oh, and getting your roots done must help, too! 😉 Seriously, I can’t wait for the book…I am sooooooooo happy for you and for me and all of us, really…oh, sunshiney day!

    As always, your house is such a warm, inviting, beautiful space that causes me to sigh and dream…and your lovely photos of your home are second-to-none! Thank you for sharing your sunshine with us…today is an overcast day here and I need all of the light I can get! Thankfully, your light is very bright and all-encompassing…it even makes its way into the darkest corners of my world and lights them with love! Happy day to you, sunshine, and many happy congratulations on finishing the book!!! 🙂

  50. Karen Peterson :

    You always brighten my day, Kari Anne! Thank you for making the world a better place with your sunny personality.

  51. I am sitting here with “My Sunshine” on my lap- my 2 1/2 yr. old Grandson!! Benjamin is probably one of the youngest followers of Thistlewood Farm and he is so excited about all of the pumpkins. He just wants me to keep scrolling through the pictures over and over. “Gem, pumpkins again”( he named me Gem and I love it!). He is another lover of pumpkins- the acorn didn’t fall far from the old oak tree! I add pumpkins of all sizes, colors and textures everywhere through the house and he loves them. You have brightened our day- Thank-you so much. P.S. Thrilled about the completion of the BOOK!!!

  52. Thank goodness for photo editing ! I have to smile looking back on my old photos. I still have lots to learn but goodness, I’ve come a long way! Thanks for spreading sunshine. You’re awesome too! I’ve had a sunshine week and I’m happy to share it with anyone who will receive it! (Or even if they won’t ). Happy rest of the week, rock star!
    Cecilia ?

  53. I love your happy sunshiny day, KariAnne! Thank you for spreading some of that sunshine our way, too.
    And I am grateful for photo editing, too!

  54. You are an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your stunning photos and your beautiful words.

  55. I LOVE the sunshine kitchen pic… but I also really really liked the darker version too. It had a certain sweetness… a coziness… and a hominess. Your spirit shines brightly in your kitchen even on a dark cloudy day, Miss K.

    Thanks for shining and spreading a little sparkle and glitter on us too. 😉

  56. Elizabeth Sellon :

    Oh you just always know what we need. and today more than any in a long time I needed sunshine. Thank you for being a rock to land on in the storms that life can bring.

  57. Where did you get the very small pumpkins that you have in cups and under the domed cake stand? Are they real? I found small ones at Kroger, but they are still too big–and expensive if I buy very many.

  58. Thank you so much for your awesome words I so needed th hear that.

  59. What a bright, uplifting post! I love the way the orange pumpkins stand out in your white kitchen. Can’t wait to see your book. How exciting!

  60. I am new to your blog, and I just want you to know I love it and all of your sweet stories. You have beautiful heart! You are truly a happy shiny person! Thank you for spreading the light!

  61. I wish you lived by me so I could come over and you could help me with my photo editing! Your pictures are always so pretty…. ? Have a blessed day!

  62. You truly are a ray of sunshine, KariAnne! P.S. How DID you lighten that photo so well? I use Photoshop, but could always use more tips 😉 Happy Friday from across the puddle x

  63. Always the best kitchen ever!!

  64. Yeeessssss! You did it! On time and everything. I am super proud of you. Super super proud. You have proved it baby, you can DO HARD THINGS! Yay done. Yay you. Yay book. Yay sunshine.

    My heart is just glowing for you and your 1000 words a day to done.
    The Other Marian

  65. Nice reminder that no matter how beautiful the home, the light, the situation….if you don’t shine from within…it’s useless. Pretty pictures and I like the kitchen with the shadows—because the pumpkins are so bright there.

    Grins, this made me smile…and you are amazing …truly. Thank you, Sandi

  66. Everyone can spread a little sunshine if they just try a little…thanks!!!

  67. You are such an amazing cheerleader! Just at the right moment, I stumble upon your blog and it’s always serendipitous. I leave feeling better than I had the moment before. I leave inspired to write better, inspired to encourage those around me, inspired to stop and notice the grace that is overflowing everywhere I look.

    You spoke to my heart today, and I am better for it. Thank you, dear friend!

  68. Listen. I follow several great design blogs, and in one hour, you have earned the title of FAVORITE!!! I love your writing style, your sense of humor, and your eye for design.

    I needed this sunshine today. Thank you. <3

  69. My house is dark year round. Which is great for summer months but, alas I rather have a sunny house & crank the air in summer. lol Love your beautiful home. Thanks for sharing at the InspirationSpotlight party @DearCreatives. Shared.

  70. Seriously need the skinny on that pumpkin pillow!

  71. Anna-ruth Murphy :

    You are the BEST!


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