Fall Decorating Ideas (and a Thank You)

Fall Decorating Ideas (and a Thank You)


easy fall decorating ideas

Do you remember the commercial from Dove that ran last year?

It featured women who sat behind a curtain and described themselves in great detail to a sketch artist.  He asked them about their facial features like their chin and their hair and their eyebrows and cheekbones and so on.  They described themselves as they saw themselves to the artist.

He never saw them.

He simply drew the picture from what they described to him.

Then….each woman was briefly introduced to a stranger….someone who had never met her before.  And after a short visit…each woman left and the stranger was asked to describe the woman he or she had just met…..

…..to the exact same sketch artist.


The difference in the two sketches was remarkable.

Amazing….in fact.

The sketches where the women described themselves were mostly dull and sad and forlorn with over-exaggerated features.

And the sketches of the EXACT same women described by someone who had met them briefly…..were shining and happy and smiling…..

….and absolutely beautiful.


And the point of bringing up a random beauty commercial from 2013?

Because yesterday…..that is exactly how you made me feel.

I stood there in my open doorway with my cheetah print pumps and red lipstick and a fancy necklace….

….and I saw all the flaws.

Every.  Single.  One.

But not you.


You cheered and clapped and encouraged and used capital letters and extra exclamation points.

And then the most amazing thing happened.  Just like the women on the commercial….

….I saw myself through  your eyes.

And all those flaws just melted away.

It was one of the greatest gifts I have ever received.

And it’s not even my birthday. 🙂


And now enough with all that mushy stuff. 🙂

Because I realized that in my haste to list off all my favorite things about fall and read all of yours….

…..I totally forgot to link to the projects I featured on the fall tour.

So if you are looking for a fall project…..you have come to the right place.

Here’s a few fall decorating ideas (and some that are just fun projects) from yesterday’s tour.


Silhouette Pumpkins

diy project build giant abacus

Fall Vignette With a Giant Abacus

hallway fall decor

Spool Bookcase

felted acorn garland

Felted Acorns

kitchen fall decor

Painted Kitchen Island

If you missed the tour from yesterday….you can see it here.

Craft Room Ideas

And one more for the road.  

I’m partnering with one of my sponsors, ebay to create a series of decorating guides for them over the next few months.

Here’s one I just finished on Craft Room Organization Ideas.  You can check it out….here.

disclaimer:  I was compensated by ebay for this partnership.  But all opinions are completely my own.  Please see my disclosure policy for details.

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  1. Well honey bunny I hope you always see yourself the way you really are because you’re like a sun you give so much cheeriness to the world and it shows – you deserve to see that and feel it!

    That plaid throw makes me want to snuggle next to a fire with some warm cocoa! And the barn! It gets me every time!

  2. Mz KariAnne, YOU are the only reason I “click here”…. I read 5 or 6 blogs….maybe. But I never, ever skip yours… Your open heart and open door never fail to warm my heart… Keep up the splendid work!!! Your readers will not let you down!

  3. Well — there you go you’ve made me turn on the water works!! Yes indeed KariAnne I agree with Robin — you are the first thing I click on in the a m I search for it and if it’s not there I’m a bit disappointed. From the first time I saw you standing behind your door I knew we were going to be friends — now you are standing in front of the door — Brava Miss KariAnne, Brava!!!! We love you for who you are and your true beauty from inside has always sparkled through!! I certainly can’t resist your charm and friendliness plus your wonderful sense of humor. You make me laugh — you make me smile — you make me want to be a better person. Thank YOU!!

  4. You are a beautiful person! (and a great writer.) Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. I see you the way God sees you… From my Heart to yours.

  6. I love your style and the stories you weave…it’s more like talking over the fence with a neighbor than a blog read. I am grateful for you and all your lovely inspiration.

  7. I agree with everyone! Love you and all that you have to say and do! I never miss a post!

  8. oh my your blog…yours..is what I open to read each morning over my coffee. Why? because you are lovely, funny, a terrific writer who just pulls you in to the most amazing posts! All summer I was dealing with pain, shoulder pain from an injury (white washing brick, lots of brick) and the pain was continuel. Sometimes mornings were hard to wake up to, but your blog was a soothing balm to my day. I just celebrate with you and your amazing ideas, your home, and your funny and just too cute personaility. Thank you with sharing with us so much of you!! Love love your ideas!! You spure me on!! Oh and I just love that you are featured in a magazine…wow what fun!!

  9. As always, enjoy reading how you write! lovely fall ideas, I wish it would get cold here so I can began decorating for fall!

  10. So glad you have been enlightened to the beauty of you that we (and that guy with the bright blue eyes) see.

  11. It’s a morning pleasure to visit the farm and see what’s new. I appreciate that so many of your ideas are so very doable.

  12. You, KariAnne are a gift to all of us who open our computers, iPads and iPhones each and every day. You make us smile and laugh and tug at our hearts. You are an amazing woman, and I love your outlook on life. Thanks for being you!

  13. Your new picture was AWESOME but no matter whether you are a size 2 or 22 when we look into those sparkling eyes of yours we see a beautiful, sweet,soft heart. YOU are a wonderful creation of God. Love you!

  14. Absolutely wonderful!! All of it!

  15. I too read your blog because you are funny, entertaining, joyful and so much more. We do tend to see the flaws in ourselves, but it is nice to see how others view us once in a while. Carry on, KeriAnne, carry on because you inspire us all!

  16. ((HUGS))

  17. Flaws? What flaws? LOL 😀

  18. You are amazing and beautiful inside and out. 🙂

  19. I suppose I’m echoing what everyone else is saying… but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to tell you that I, too, loved your new picture on the Fall Home Tour post and think you look just beautiful! And.. KariAnne, every time I get one of your new blog posts, I sit down and savor it, read it as slowly as possible… cause I don’t want it to end! It’s always a treat.

  20. After reading your blog today I had to google the Dove commercial you mentioned. I had never heard or seen it on TV. Wow! Tears streaming down my face. What a great commercial. Thank you so much for your blog. I enjoy your writing so much. Have a very blessed week.

  21. love that Dove commercial too! Hope you have a beautiful day like your smile. Keep shining sweet girl!

  22. I can’t imagine that you’d see yourself as anyone other than the beautiful and amazing person you are!

  23. You are so funny, pretty and talented! I always read your blog and sometimes more than once on the same day! You make my dimples deeper with your humor! And I’m married to a twinkly eyed handyman too! I love your blog….and your writing…and your farmhouse…and your style and ooh those shoes! Fabian

  24. YOU, KariAnne are a gift to the world. Especially to women. So beautiful inside and out.
    I feel like Meg Ryan in “You’ve Got Mail”, as she made her way to her computer in her
    pajamas every morning looking for her favorite message. I too every morning make my way’
    to my office in my pajamas, turn my computer on and smile when I see, “I’ve Got Mail” from “Thistlewood Farms”! Blessings to you Kari for bringing your love and humor and sharing
    the “real you”.

  25. Oh dear. I don’t know if we’ll be able to stand you after this!!f JUST KIDDING! You are special in a lot of ways. You connect the rest of us with real women with lives just like ours. I don’t share a lot on the commonalities now because I am older than a lot of your audience. I thought you should know that because, for me, being a member of the “club” means that I can stay abreast of all the new trends in décor, kid stuff, personal sharing and life lessons that you offer through your blog. I happen to think you are cute as a button and that picture yesterday just bonded us even more!!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK. You are the first email I search for each day. You make me smile……..

  26. what a great post KariAnne! I think there’s a lesson here about being kind and loving to ourselves, and shut out that tiny internal jerk who’s always whispering to us that we’re not enough.
    not smart enough.
    not pretty enough.
    not thin enough. oh *that* one slays me.

    Women especially have an amazingly wonderful capacity for kindness and generosity to others. it’s way past time that we turned a little of that inward.
    we are enough.

  27. KARIANNE, I love too read your posts on your blog. You are a wonderfully talented writer. I’d be willing to bet there are book writing deals in your future. I enjoy your decorating gifts also.

  28. You are an Amazing Rock Star, Miss KariAnne! A wonderful weaver of stories and DIY. You are an inspiration! You are that girl friend that no matter how many days or years since the last conversation, you just pick up where it left off not skipping a beat. I can’t wait to open your post and see what is new. Thank you for just being your genuine self and your generosity in sharing.

  29. File yesterday’s comments in that special folder you pull out when you need a lift. 🙂 Well deserved.

  30. I love that you wrote this today, sweet girl! I remember that commercial and it made me sad. Yet I am guilty of the same thing. And like you, I have a tendency to not see beyond the flaws. Karianne, I think the compliments were 100% about how beautiful you look. Now let’s remember the 100% everyone didn’t mention, that percentage of sweet, happy, kind, creative, zany and loving human being you are.

    I’m going to keep working on my outside…I want it to match my inside. And you have definitely proved it can be done!

    Jane xx

  31. Ha Ha I meant to say to instead of too ; )

  32. You’re a ROCK STAR! Rock stars have got it goin’ on. I look forward to your post every day. You’re real and true. That’s what I like about you. Looking forward to seeing you at Chapel Market again.

  33. You, my dear, are 100% beautiful inside and out……always have been…..always will be!!~~Angela

  34. Y O U ….A R E ….T H E ….B E S T !!!!! Love all your posts! Keep being you…..Beautiful!!

  35. I remember that commercial! KariAnne, I gotta say, I initially started following you because of your gorgeous home, but your writing and personality has truly captured my heart. You’re the J.K. Rowling of the home blog world. 😉 Every day is an adventure.

  36. Karianne,
    I totally got teary eyed reading your post today, hugs to you!

  37. You are the cutest sweetie pie honey bunch of the blog world! Roald Dahl said, “If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” That’s you…Ms. Sunbeam! Thank you for your wonderful posts.

  38. I thoroughly enjoy your good humor and storytelling! You have a gift of making one feel right at home! Keep it coming! Happy Fall!

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