Etched Monogram Mason Jars DIY

Etched Monogram Mason Jars DIY



I wish you lived down the road.

I know I’ve said this before.

But it’s true.

I wish you lived in the white house with the picket fence and the roses and day lilies and the herd of goats in the front yard that are always escaping.

Okay…..maybe just the picket fence without the goats.

And when you stopped by the house to see the roses and drink sweet tea on the back porch and listen to me tell you all about how I made the monogrammed mason jars and listen to my sad tale of woe about  how “nobody”  broke one of the moss-covered urns last weekend…..

….you would bring  a pie.

With homemade crust and fresh strawberries from your garden.


So if you’re in the neighborhood with a pie….looking for some sweet tea and a monogrammed mason jar discussion…..

….just head towards Tennessee and turn left. 🙂

Monogrammed Mason Jar 1

Monogrammed Mason Jar DIY

(please note:  use gloves when making this project and follow all safety precautions on the label)


Step 1.  Purchase mason jars that don’t have writing on them

I bought them at Wal-mart.

12 of the quart size jars.

They were on the aisle next to the person wearing the superman cape.


Step 2:  Purchase alphabet stickers from a craft store

Place a letter sticker on the center of the mason jar.

I just bought regular stickers at Hobby Lobby and took the W’s out of the package.

I had to buy the entire alphabet of stickers.


Step 3:  Tape off a square around the letter 

Here’s an example of a single letter and a three-letter monogram with white tape around them.

Make sure you score the tape so it forms as tight a seal as possible.



Step 3:   Apply etching cream with a brush

Leave on for about 45 seconds.

I used Armour Etch.

Here are the directions for the project from their website.

Note:  Each etching cream may be slightly different.  

Be sure to follow directions and safety precautions on the bottle of etching cream you bought.



Step 4:  Wash off etching cream with soap and water.

Peel off “W” sticker.

Your “W” should be clear and the circle should be etched.

Wash glass with soap and water thoroughly again to make sure all etching cream is removed.

I ran mine through the dishwasher.


I thought they would make the cutest centerpieces for a wedding.

Or for a shower.

Oh….and I’ve been meaning to ask you….did you watch the American Idol finale?  Am I the only one?


And have you tried those new Crystal Light drink mixes that you squirt into your glass?  Amazing.

These are the kind of things we totally need to discuss….

…..on the back porch over sweet tea and pie. 🙂

 For more monogrammed projects….be sure to check out my monogram projects page.

Sharing this over at Kim’s.

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  1. Thank you for the great tutorial, I’ve been wanting to try etching cream and your tutorial was great. By the way your photos are awesome! I really wish I lived next door so we could etch glass together, and hopefully you wouldn’t have the goats… lol.

  2. I need to get in the etching cream GAME already! Maybe once school’s out and i can think straight again. 😉 Love this idea, Kari — pinning!
    xo Heidi
    pS — my guest room reveal is up today… we’d totally have to discuss that on your porch (over sweet tea and pie!).

  3. Wow! What a great idea. Didn’t even know about etching cream before. Thanks for the lovely tutorial.

  4. If I lived down the road it would be in an old farmhouse too! And since I love to bake, I would happily bring something by (often) and enjoy sweet tea and a laugh. Until then, your posts are immensely enjoyed from here! Have a wonderful day and I hope someone else will bring you that pie…

  5. I did this a few years ago with jars for our classrooms (the husband and I, that is). On each side of the jar…it was square…I put stickers that spelled smarty and then we filled it with smarties candy. It was to motivate our students, you know….to be smart!

    Have a sunny Monday! It is cloudy here in NY.

  6. PS…These look fabulous!

  7. These are ADORABLE! You know how I totally {heart} a monogram!! Have to try this! I am sooooooo wishing I could come over with a pie and have a proper chat – sigh – I guess this will have to do. Just know I’d be there in a flash if I could!!! ~Hugs, Jennifer

  8. Marydon Ford :

    Get the Crystal Light ready … I’m on my way over, sweetie.
    Delightful ideas you share … TYSM.
    TTFN ~

    • i’m loving the crystlal light flavors, too! I can bring my collection of them over to try! Ha ha!

  9. Super cute! I actually made a fudge pie yesterday. I passed it on to a sweet neighbor who is always lending me a hand unloading furniture out of my car, picking my lock when I have locked myself out of the house (he has gotten good at this one?!), helping my hubby fix the lawnmower. . . I would have gladly baked a second for you. It goes great with sweet tea! Life to the full! Melissa

  10. Thanks for the tutorial….I’ll be right over with the strawberry pie! Can we sit on your porch with all those roses? 😉

  11. colleen from alabama :

    I’m a few states over but would love to join you! You think my husband and kids would miss me if I just took a drive your way? I did something similar to this a couple of years ago for Christmas, except i cheated. I didn’t use etching cream… I used spray paint! The kind you use to frost glass or mirrors. It worked awesome! And was CHEAP! I don’t feel sophisticated enough for etching cream, but spray paint? Now that’s right up my alley! 🙂

  12. This is a wonderful idea! We are hosting a “post” wedding party for my son and fiance in October and I think these would be perfect, as you said, for center pieces as we are having the party in our backyard! Thank you and I shall be pinning! 🙂 ~~Angela

  13. LOL. You are spot on about the sightings on Walmart. You never know why you will see there. One time my college age daughter and I were in our local wallyworld getting some “personal” products when she turned to me and said ” mommy, can we leave here? There are scary people in this aisle .”

    By the way, love your house. I live Ina 100 year old farmhouse in MN. we are starting to renovate it now and I tell everyone who is helping with it that I want to maintain its aged integrity. It has earned it’s keep quite well and I don’t want it to be a cookie cutter of suburban houses.

  14. Dang auto correct. Lots of bad going on in my previous post

  15. Well, I’ll be ding danged. I love these.

    And, I would love a chat. I made an apple & peach pie yesterday. Will that do?

    I am pretty sure I need to drive toward
    Tennessee and turn right.

  16. Sheryll & Critters. :

    They are just beautiful and your porch is fabulous! And I would just love to have a recipe for the strawberry pie. I have never ever even tasted a strawberry pie. Please can I have the recipe?

  17. Sheryll & Critters. :

    Oh, I would love to come sit and visit with you and bring a strawberry pie, but since I live in Florida and have 8 fur babies, it would be a long trip and I am not so sure you would want all of us together.

  18. I would love to be the neighbor with a few goats. I wouldn’t want them escaping and being a nuisance to friends, neighbors, but I would find it joyfully entertaining to have them peering in my front door, looking for me. Recently found your blog. I love home and home projects. I can make pie, but my pie crusts do not look pretty at this point in my life. You sound like a lovely kindred spirit!

  19. I would love love to live in the house with the picket fence and I’d keep the goats (my grand daughters would love them)… and I’d bring my mason jars along with the pie (and I’d need to bring ice cream because I love a la mode) and we would do this together!!

  20. What a darling darling project, KariAnne!!! I am having 150 people for a backyard wedding celebration on Sunday and serving drinks out of mason jars. It crossed my mind to monogram all of them… then my sanity came back and remembered I have way too much to do and not enough time to do it!!! But after the celebration I’ll be up to my elbows in rubber gloves and etching cream!!! Thanks so much for all your fabulous ideas and inspiration!!! As you say… YOU ROCK!

  21. What a brilliant idea and so simple! I actually have some etching medium in the cupboard that I will try this on. And, if I lived next door, you’d hear a knock with a cherry pie in hand and we’d sit on your porch and enjoy the beautiful peonies I just brought you, XOXO

  22. These are so cute! I am making these for my French drying rack on the screened porch! Thanks for sharing another great idea! I love it! You always amaze me with your creativity!

  23. I so…wish I lived near you. I would be over in a flash with pie and tea in hand and we would sit and talk and talk for hours! LOVE…………the mason jars. i love monagram. My mom started me out on that at an early age! Thanks for shopping at Walmart and never giving it a bad name like some folks do.

  24. Oh I wonder if the guy at your Walmart wearing the superman cape is related to the guy I saw last week wearing a head-to-toe batman sweatsuit! Maybe there’s a whole underground Walmart superhero thing going on. LOL! I LOVE these etched jars and I’m on my way with a pie to come and sit on your porch and drink sweet tea and watch the goats escape. 🙂

  25. I would so love to bring the pie!!!
    And I’m pretty sure my husband would be calling me to find out when I was coming home. My parents were big on NOT overstaying my welcome…but then they didn’t know a girl name KariAnne, did they?
    Lovely idea! And who knew they had “plain” mason jars? Oh. You who frequents the aisle next to the red-caped one. 😉
    It almost seems unnecessary…I’m certain you will have one regardless of my wishes….
    Wishing you An Extaordinary Day!

  26. nancy conner :

    Wow…we’re on the same wave-length. I’ve seen etched Mason Jar mugs on many websites and a friend of mine recently hosted a wedding where they had to ORDER these for the reception! So, last week at Hobby Lobby, I purchased some etching cream and my craft table is currently set up and ready for me to take a shot at this! Thanks for confirming that it’s as easy peasy as I had hoped!

  27. I am 80 years old and have just moved myself from NC to UT, so your musings are really talking to me this morning. I am missing my friends and would love to share a glass of tea on Summer porch!! I saw a couple dozen mason jars at the Thrift the other day – anyone who is planning on trying this might want to go the bargain way! . . . Happy Day to ALL . . .

  28. What an awesome tutorial! I have always loved Mason Jars and I just never get tired of all the new ways to use them. I have a small one that is completely deformed on one side, like the glass melted. It is so cool, but I laughed and took great pride in the HUGE sticker on the side of the box that says, “Made In America”. We are so O.K. with imperfections!

  29. I have wanted to try etching words onto a wine bottle and putting lights inside but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Thanks for the inspiration or as my husband says, “pinspiration”.

  30. As the girl who used to pour glue on her desk and on her hands just so she could peel it off, thereby combating boredom at school, I have ALWAYS wanted to etch SOMETHING! I will do this. Someday. 🙂 Thanks for the tutorial!

    Alas, I fell off the AI wagon a few years ago. Steven Tyler did it for me, I think – and then all the other “knock-off” AI shows. I’ve decided that fiction is much better than reality. 😉

  31. I think I’ll have to make some of these for my daughter’s wedding this summer! Thanks for sharing, Karianne…and I wish I could stop by for that visit, too!

  32. What a great idea!

  33. I make a mean strawberry pie. . .just send me directions. Coming from Tennesse, I think that would be a right turn.

  34. great idea..wonderful look..

  35. I am so sorry but you have this all wrong. You would come to MY house with a strawberry pie and make my house look as fabulous as yours while I sat drinking sweet tea. What a wonderful neighbor you are! FYI My kids did NOT break your urn!!!

  36. KariAnne, I LOVE these! I am totally going to try this soon. By the way, I had the pie all made, and it seems to have disappeared. What’s up with that? 😉

    Jeanette @ Creating a Life

  37. Simple yet chic! Love your tutorial! I love adding limes and lemons to my vase arrangements too! I wish I lived down the road from you too – then we would use some limes for flower arrangements and a few for a couple of mojitos!! Wink! 😀

  38. No pie, but I would bring you some of my chocolate mint squares, all chilled, nice and refreshing with sweet tea. I love the jars ans I totally love that photo shoot with the limes and the hot pick flowers against your black and white, ooh I am so jealous! ~Diane

  39. Totally fun! I mean all of it; the etching, the pie, the turning right at Tennessee…although if I’m coming fom California is that still correct?

  40. Or do I mean left???

  41. Too cute! And you’re right. I haven’t done this one … yet. 🙂 Going on my mason jar Pinterest board for sure!

    🙂 Linda

  42. Love this project, Karianne!

  43. If only I wasn’t in northern Minnesota way up by the Boundary Waters…I’d be there in a heartbeat! LOVE your porch, the black/cream decor, and the etched mason jars! This is something I’ve wanted to attempt for some time and now I know how! Sounds pretty easy-peasy – something I can handle even in my one-armedness (while my shoulder heals)!

    Oh and by the way….if you ever find yourself up my way…I’ll get us some Chocolate Mousse Cake (from the Chocolate Moose restaurant) and make us Arnold Palmers…We’ll sit on my deck and look over my iris garden and my fabulous rock wall…

    Ahhhh…a great afternoon chatting like old friends…

    Now there’s a nice thought!

    Patty O

  44. Love this idea…I just bought 40 glass milk bottles in the hopes of having a milk and cookie party and this idea is perfect for those! And I’ll come and eat pie anytime…I’m in Tennessee too!

  45. I didn’t realize it was that easy! I definitely need some etching cream! And some limes to use in a jar of flowers, they look so great with those pink flowers!

  46. So cute Karianne!! I love the monogram & the limes you have inside the jars!! So pretty!!

  47. I would LOVE to be your neighbor! I would bring you pie. I would probably be a PEST and want to sit on that porch EVERY day!!! I have used the etching cream and couldn’t believe how easy it was!!! XO, Pinky

  48. These mason jars are so simple and pretty, they would be a great addition to a rustic wedding. Thank you so much for the tutorial!

  49. I love how something so simple makes such an impact. Cute idea, Karianne! I could just picture a whole row of them filled with colorful baubles and lined up in a craft room.

  50. So pretty Karianne! I think you are right , they would be wonderful for a wedding… or on my porch!

  51. Um..yes…LOVE!!!!!!

  52. I love these! Totally up my alley:) Pinning these cutie pies now.

  53. I’ve always loved glass etching. It is so simple to do and the possibilities are endless!

  54. So lovely Karianne! I love etching cream!

  55. What a gorgeous idea and I love the limes in the jar too.

  56. These are absolutely adorable! I did this to my regular canning jars (after reading your post)… “S” for strawberry, “R” for relish or raspberry, and a heart for those that I love! 🙂 Thank you for the wonderful idea!

  57. I love this! I’ve wondered how etching works. Very cool.

  58. Super cute Karianne. I love the idea of doing this on mason jars. I did etching forever ago on some wine glasses for a friend a house warming party…. One time and then never did it again. It’s such an easy craft.

  59. I made Mason jar candles for gifts last year with pieces of antique pocket watches and etched tiny notes on the backs ( the etching cream and a thin tip sharpie ) The notes dug through the tarnished surface to reveal a name or love note. Then I put black and white Xerox photos inside the empty watch cases. Wish I had thought to write on the Kerr Jars I used. A couple friends who got them gave me back the originals (why?) because the Epsom salts inside became jumbled with wax drippings. I liked the snow melting better than my originals. Perhaps I will remember to send you my new improved ones. Thank you Your website is wonderful

  60. I love your style of writing! And am so trying out these etching creams!