Add Trim to a Sheet

Add Trim to a Sheet

Yellow Pink Orange Pillow


Remember my “no buy” words?

There’s one important point I forgot to mention.

They don’t apply to the clearance bins at Wal-mart.


turquoise pouf


Those clearance bins are amazing.


It’s like the eighth wonder of the world at your friendly neighborhood super-center.

And the truly amazing thing.

You never know what you are going to find.

A package of “Over-the-Hill” party balloons next to a package of kleenex tissues next to a tire gauge next to a lopsided aquarium next to glittered scarecrow next to……


bunch of yellow ball trim




Four yards of tiny yellow ball trim were calling my name from behind a package holiday cards.

And as soon as I saw it I knew the trim was perfect.

The perfect way to customize a $4.97 flat sheet from Wal-mart.


yellow ball trim sheet



Easy Way to Customize a $4.97 Sheet

(or how I narrowly escaped buying a treadmill at Wal-mart)


trim project



$4.97 Flat twin sheet from Wal-mart

Trim from Wal-mart clearance bin





(1)  Go to Wal-mart to purchase a gallon of milk.

(2)  On the way to the milk section……casually notice they have their treadmills marked down.

(3)  Stop.

(4)  Stare at the treadmills longingly.

(5)  Remember that you already have a treadmill, but decide that these treadmills are way better super-sonic-state-of-the-art treadmills.

(6)  Take a moment to wonder when Wal-mart started going all state-of-the-art.

(7)  Imagine yourself……walking on that treadmill…..drinking giant bottles of imported water in really cute work-out gear and new neon tennis shoes.

(8)  Remember that you are on a budget.

(9)  Sigh.

(10)  Deliberately turn away from the super-sonic-state-of-the-art mark-downs.

(11)  Head for the clearance bins to shake off your non-treadmill purchase malaise.

finished yellow ball trim

(12)  Spy yellow ball trim that makes your heart beat faster.

(13)  Purchase trim and $4.97  twin flat sheet in orange.

(14)  Drive home.

(15)  Sew trim to inside edge of sheet.


pillow trim


(16)  Realize you forgot milk.

(17)  Decide you are totally okay with forgetting milk.

After all……you have to make another trip to Wal-Mart tomorrow anyway.


You really need check out that clearance bin again…..

……because now that glittered scarecrow is calling your name 🙂


PS  Have you ever  bought a treadmill at Wal-Mart?   Please tell me it really wasn’t that great 🙂

PPS  I am partying this over at Between Naps on A Porch and Kim’s.

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  1. Cute post, Kari Anne! (And if you were on the treadmill you would not have time to sew that cute sheet.)

  2. Jeezzzzz, that’s the best Wally World score that I have heard of in months! 🙂

  3. You go girl with that wally world score!

  4. Those clearance bins at Wallmart are such treasure troves, aren’t they?? We have a new Wallmart just built about 5 minutes from here….guess where I am going today? 😉 I love the color combinations you chose for the sheet! What an inexpensive way to add some fun to a plain sheet! Can’t wait to see what you do with the glitter scarecrow!

  5. Ahhh, yes, cheap therapy. The last thing I bought at Wal*Mart is the smallest mower they had…small yard=tight corners. It works like a charm. I love it.

    I think from the looks of that terrific sheet that I should be spending more time hanging out upside down in the clearance bins.

    Cute post!

  6. Who needs milk anyway, when you can get some super sonic yellow trim 🙂

  7. First off, my dear lady, quit going to Walmart to buy your milk. It’s CHEAPER at Walgreens. 🙂 We go through a lot of milk here at Casa Durdan, so I’m a milk sale expert! 🙂 It’s over $3 a gallon at our Walmart and only $2.29 on sale at Walgreens. Of course, that’s not every week, but at least 3 weeks out of 4. Whew! I feel better getting that off my chest. (Granted this is Illinois I’m talking about. You may know have heard of our little state. Our motto is, “Illinois, Where OUR Governors Make Our License Plates.”) hee hee.

    Love the trim on that sheet! You inspire me every day Karianne! That was a MUCH better purchase than a treadmill. 🙂

    • Oh my gosh! That motto is so funny! And sad. I’m from Illinois too and we always wonder why the voters in our state keep electing the same crooks. Can anyone say photo ID voter registration?

  8. They transformed the Walmart in our old town in MD to a super Walmart … we had fun getting lost in there and reveling at all of the randomness available.

  9. Well, they do not have great clearance bins where I get milk…just leftover stuff for the grads of 2012..! I love that room…Reminds of the song, “Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows everywhere”….you have to be old to know that song!!! 🙂

  10. How cute! I love that pom pom trim and what a great way to dress up a flat sheet. I always check out the clearance area for fabric and trim at Hobby Lobby. You can’t get it cut, you have to buy whatever yardage is on the board for trim, but I have found some decent deals.

  11. How about a pop pom bedecked treadmill! That would really make it state of the art!

    No need to rush back to WalMart – I think you’re the only one with your eye on that glittered scarecrow!!

  12. love the yellow trim! SO cute!

  13. Waaay too cute…
    and treadmills aren’t all they’re cracked up to be !:)

  14. Soooo cute, what a great idea! And you can’t sleep cuddled up on a treadmill like you can with these sheets. Just sayin’… 😉

  15. Love the pom-pom trim on the sheet … so cute, and you really don’t need a treadmill with all the walking up and down the isles at Wal-mart. That counts … you know. 😀

  16. This is so cute! I love pom pom trim; our drapes in the office have it too! Wal-Mart definitely hold surprises. I always find something! Great idea- much better than a treadmill! Mine just stares at me in the office! Your sheets are adorable!

  17. *sigh*

    Why is it that I live in a big city and yet have no Wal-Mart … and you live in a small town but can run off to Wal-Mart two days in a row? How can that be?


    Love the custom sheet! So cute … my favorite trim ever.

    me (with a tan)!

  18. Now you are making me want to get pom poms.. and a sheet. Not sure the lads will be as keen on the orange sheet with pom poms though. 🙂 Adorable!!! That is one store I rarely frequent. What have I missed??
    Gee 🙂

  19. Really cute post and up-cycle on the sheet. Great easy to the point how-to. You and that super cute room brighten my day! Oh and Karianne wouldn’t it be awesome if you could get milk delivered to that milk box you purchased every morning and save yourself from those awful tempting trips to Walmart? Just kidding! Joyous wishes, Linda

  20. Oh how cute!! I always like an up cycle project.

  21. Milk makes us too acidic anyway. Pompoms, I believe, keep our alkaline at the proper levels!


  22. Cutest post ever! I love it when our creative juices flow like that…and I also love a great find at a great price!

    Love the bed…it’s so colorful and unique!

    You’ve got the touch girl!

    Who needs milk?!!!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  23. Love! Now I want to go to Wal-mart and find things! I love the colors!!!

  24. Glittered Scarecrow???? I’m on my way!!! 😉 This just proves what I always say to my hubby…Wal-Mart is so wonderfully wacky! And I think we who shop there have to be slightly wacky too, right? Just sayin’. LOL!


    P.S. LOVE the pom-pom trimmed sheet!

  25. Very cute fix-up! And it looks like it came from Pottery Barn for at least 49.97 instead of 4.97 sale from wal-mart!! You rock, girlfriend!

  26. This is gorgeous, I love the colors you put together too, totally gorgeous! You are so very clever, and I love that you love the clearance bins too!

  27. The way I see it, you had to purchase the yellow ball trim, and it wouldn’t have done a thing for the treadmill. Ergo, the orange flat sheet. Just think about the money you saved.

  28. Karianne you rock, I LOVE this idea!!! So cute!

  29. Reason number 5,342 I need to learn how to sew! DANG! Love me some ball fringe – and you are sooooo right about the clearance aisle at Walmart – it sucks you in!

  30. Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Flea Market Makeovers :

    LOVE this! Those yellow fluffy balls are so perfect on that sheet.

  31. You really glammed up a totally plain sheet. I think you should branch out and decorate more things that start out plain. If you’ll tell us about it in a blog, of course!

  32. Heh. Awesome.

  33. such cuteness…fun cuteness, karianne! enjoy your week!

  34. Clearance bins are EVIL SPAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had almost the exact same conversation with myself this past Saturday at a competitor’s store only about TVs not treadmills… MY bins were $4.94, so even harder to resist!!! I mean really, 3 more cents less!

    So even though I had told myself I was not going to buy anything that wasn’t on my list, I bought berkinstock knock-offs for, you guessed it! $4.94, three new t-shirts for my vacation that begins on Sunday (cause you HAVE to have some new clothes when you pack a suitcase, come on!), miscellaneous travel sized doo-dads that were close by and new pjs just because. It doesn’t matter that I now own 18 pairs of pjs, most of which I never even wear, I just adore pjs. 😀

    Glad we have this in common, we can hold hands if we ever go shopping together and keep each other away from those nasty clearance bins!

  35. That is smart, affordable and adorable! I love it! And I really love the orange, yellow and pink all together! You’re so clever Kari Anne!

  36. I love these colours together, so bright and cheery! Great pick, I would have ended up with the scarecrow, cheap, slightly crushed biscuts, a 50 pack of hairbands and a wierd bowl/planter/dish I.did.not.need……

  37. You are too funny. You have become my afternoon comedy relief. Great sheet, great bed but gotta say I’m a Target Girl. Every time I go into Walmart I get a cold the next day. Whether it’s germs from the ooie gooie carts or psychosematic form the stress of dealing with that place but it happens.

  38. LOOOOOOVE it and the pom poms are picture perfect!!!! Talk about a BURST of color!!!! you are simply brilliant! hugs…

  39. Girl, your photos are KILLING me! They are so gorgeous. This cheap Wal Mart sheet looks like it should be in a high end magazine now. Love ya and your talent self. 😉


  40. How cute!!! I never find any good stuff in the Clearance Section of Walmart. Maybe I’m just not looking deep enough! …You on the other hand, made this sheet look like a thousand bucks with that great trim ….great find!

  41. I LOVE your writing style, it is almost as nice as your decorating abilities and they are over the top!!!
    What a sweet little addition to the orange sheet, and thanks for explaining how it was done.
    Hugs, cindy

  42. How cute is that yellow pom-pom trim on that sheet! You one funny lady, KariAnne!

  43. I hate to tell you this but treadmills aren’t all that great no matter where you get one! I imagine they all collect the same amount of dust…at least at our house. I love all the color you have in the room! Super cute sheet update…


  44. What a cute idea..My cat would love the Pom poms

  45. I wish everyone made me laugh as easily as you do. 🙂 Ok, I went and gathered everything from your list….sheet, scissors, thread….drats. NO cute little yellow trim. So I poured milk on it instead. Was that the next step. You kinda lost me after step 14. 🙂 xxoo

  46. Adorable and pinnable:)
    super cute

  47. Linda@Coastal Charm :

    Oh my..I love your THRIFTY idea with the clearance pom pom trim…hop over and share it at my NIFTY THRIFTY Party…hope to see ya there.


  48. Cute sheet. Darling bedding!!

    And no. But I got a kick butt one from QVC. Super nice, wide path and killer suspension 🙂 Nice bounce back for running. (not that I personally run) LOL

  49. That is too cute! I love the little extra something it gives when you fold it down.

  50. So funny about your minor detours. I do that at Target all the time. I only wish I had the know how to pick up a few things and whip together a set of sheets out of it! Came to you from #FindingTheFunny.

  51. LOL. LOVE this! It looks amazing. Also, as much as I like to learn how to do various DIY projects, I usually get bored reading about them. Thank you for writing the first DIY post that I’ve ever read where I didn’t get bored. This post is hilarious. Now I’m feeling the need to go check out the Walmart clearance bins. But not the treadmills. Because I hate running more than I hate waiting in the Customer Service line at Walmart. And that’s a whole lot of hate.

  52. A fabulous job – I have a real weakness for bobble trim, but mine goes into books and journals. Love that colour too. Happy Pink Saturday!

  53. Christina at I Gotta Create! :

    I am drooling over those colors!! Superb job bringing it all together. Pinning!

    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!
    Wildly Original Linky party is open!

  54. Wow! Great score from the Wal-mart clearance bin! And, I LOVE the colors! Gorgeous combos! 🙂

  55. Orange is so hot now a days, i remember when you saw it for one month [end of Oct. -end of Nov.] and and didn’t see it again for a whole year!
    Love your post and also all the comments. I stayed here way too long!!!!
    Love the throw pillow on the bed, did you make that too?
    Havea great weekend, peglydem

  56. Great great post! Funny . . love it. And very neat idea ! What’s it take to just be a bit creative? Maybe more than a trip to Wal-Mart for me – but that’s a great idea.
    Happy Pink (and very bright wonderful colors) Saturday!

  57. Absolutely gorgeous! Hopping a little late from Pink Saturday.

    My PINK, come and see when you get a chance.
    Have a lovely Sunday!

  58. Adorable and hilarious – my favorite two combinations. You were one of the most clicked links at last week’s #findingthefunny! We’re featuring you tomorrow, and I pinned this. Thanks for linking up!

  59. I love it! And PS you totally rocked your budget even though the trim cost more than milk, you DIDN’T buy the treadmill which ended up being a fantastic savings!

  60. I searched for trimming sheets and found you. This is such a cute post! Thanks for sharing your process and pictures. 🙂

  61. This is beautiful! I love it.