Easy Spring Mantel Decorating Ideas (and a Giveaway)

Easy Spring Mantel Decorating Ideas (and a Giveaway)

mantel decor

Yesterday was a good day.

A good good day.

Nothing out of the ordinary. Β No fireworks or cartwheels in the front yard or ticker tape parade. Β Just a whole lot of ordinarys that added up to spectacular.

I had a great hair day and found these black and white patterned pants from Old Navy that made me look skinny and went on a date with super yummy coffee and shopped and decorated for spring got these easy spring mantel decorating ideas ready for you and listened to all the middle school gossip and topped it all off with a basketball game where my son played like he was heading to the NBA and then talked to me all the way home over a McDonald’s chicken sandwich and fries.

And the snow melted and the sun shone.

And to celebrate and send a little joy your way, I thought I’d give away a $50 Amazon gift card to one of you.

Just because.

Just to make you smile.

Just because today is a good day, too. Β πŸ™‚

spring mantel

Here’s this year’s spring mantel.

It’s pretty simple.

I couldn’t help it. Β I fell in love with those trees andΒ everything else kind of fell into place.

how to decorate a spring mantel

I started with an old barn door painted white.

When planning your mantel, you always want a back drop.

Something that makes everything else look pretty. Β It could be a picture frame or a mirror or a piece of reclaimed wood or a large sign or a chalkboard.

Start with that and then layer.

how to decorate a spring mantel diy

I layered in these trees that I found at Hobby Lobby.

They were in the spring section and super affordable and 40% off.

They come in two sizes and I bought two large ones and one small one.

easy spring decorating ideas

Then I added in these birds stacked on wood blocks.

Another mantel decorating tip is to add height to different pieces in your display by stacking something underneath them.

You could use books or pedestals or dishes or bowls turned upside down or pieces of wood stacked like this.

spring mantel

I’m happy with how it turned out.

But I thought it might be fun to take a look at a few other spring mantels I put together through the years.

Almost like a family reunion.


There was the time I hung a basket and a wreath on the wall.


And the time I went all yellow with milk glass and book page flowers.


And the mantel in the kitchen where I added the back of a chair and mason jars filled with flowers.


And there was the time I added the burlap bows.

flowers decorating a mantel

And the time I filled pitchers with tulips.

Now which one is your favorite?

Which little bit of spring do you like the best?

Enter through your choice through the Rafflecopter widget and I’ll choose a random winner by Monday and the winner gets a $50 Amazon gift card.

Happy spring decorating from the farmhouse and me. πŸ™‚

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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  1. I love them all, but I think the one with the basket and the wreath is my fave. How refreshing to start thinking about spring!!

  2. Although they’re all really pretty, I am most drawn to this year’s mantle! Love those cute birds!

  3. Tried to leave my comment on rafflecopter. It wouldn’t let me:(. I love the dark wood mantle with the tray:D

  4. I love the fresh flowers! Nothing says spring like beautiful flowers!

  5. The mason jars filled with flowers- my fave- but they are all beautiful!

  6. Love the basket paired with the wreath!!

  7. I’m a sucker for flowers in a mason jar, so that one is my fave (although they are actually all gorgeous!) Thanks or the opportunity! πŸ™‚

  8. I love the basket with the wreath! So pretty!

  9. I love the tulips. Reminds me of Spring. Love your design style.

  10. The birds are my favorite with the tulips coming in at second! Spring can’t come soon enough!

  11. Oh this is so hard… well I love this spring’s mantel but the one with the wreath is equally as lovely. I think it is because I am truly smitten with that mantel! It looks so much like the one that was at our local antique shop for so very long that I let get away. Yep… I kept hemming and hawing and when I finally decided to get it someone else had snapped it up. Ok so maybe it did that me umm *cough cough* (several) months to make the decision. πŸ˜‰ Oh well! πŸ™‚

    Have a lovely spring like day!!!!

  12. Milk glass mantle, please! After too many years of passing up milk glass at garage sales. (@ 25 cents or less!), I am now on the prowl and LOVING what it brings to any space!!

  13. I love the basket with the wreath on it!

  14. You had me at pitchers and tulips!! : )

  15. I like the simple symmetry of the urns and burlap bows.

  16. I love them all but my favorite for spring is the yellow and milk glass with book page flowers. Love the color yellow for spring. Very bright, cheerful and inviting.

  17. I never would have thought to use the back of a chair as decor…GENIUS! Love that surprising architectural twist!!

  18. sherry guitard :

    Love those touches of yellow …. nothing makes me feel like spring more than yellow!

  19. I love this year’s mantel…the light wood and birds…so pretty! Fun giveaway!

  20. The spring one….I am so ready for it to come!

  21. Pink tulips! Need I say more?

  22. Oh my, I love the yellow, milk glass, and paper flowers.

  23. Nancy Blankenship :

    I love the mantel decorations for this year. I especially like the trees you got at Hobby Lobby. I am ready for Spring also.

  24. sherry guitard :

    Sorry I commented before reading the rafflecopter… my favorite mantle is the one with the trees and birds!

  25. I love the newest one! The white wooden panel and hinges!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  26. I love the mantle that you did yesterday …with the birds and trees and the door in the background…love it!

  27. I love the white mantel and it’s hard to decide which one is my favorite. The wooden birds are so cute!

  28. I choose this year’s mantel, LOVE those trees! And the layering. And I like the one with the old chair back and the pink flowers. πŸ™‚

  29. Hi, I love everything you do but I guess my favorite is still the one with burlap bows!

  30. They’re all so pretty but I love the kitchen mantel, it’s the pop of the pink flowers that just make me so happy!

  31. Love the kitchen mantel with the chair back. So artistic and unique.

  32. I’m off to Hobby Lobby for wooden trees. I love this years spring mantel!

  33. Christina in FL :

    Karianne, you knocked it out of the park (along with your son! πŸ™‚ I adore the trees and it all comes together so beautifully. I think I need to sew some trees. πŸ™‚
    Still looking forward to your book as well. πŸ™‚

  34. They are all great, but my favorite is the basket with the wreath. This year’s is terrific too! It was hard to choose πŸ™‚

  35. I really liked the basket on the wall, but my fav is this years display with the little birds and I like the wood cut out trees. But they are all really lovely!

  36. Ohhhhh Myyyyyy Goodnessssss…….. those mantels are amazing!!!!!!! ALL of them!!! Love the layered look of course…… πŸ™‚ …. and as always… you do make me smile … or laugh out loud ( for real) … Just an ordinary day ( which are the best days.. in my opinion) “A Great Hair Day” & “Skinny look Pants”…. lololol.. RIGHT in the middle of a post about mantles~~~ I smile!!!!!!!!!!

  37. I love the white mantel and the greenery in the urns.Very classic. Makes everything look so bright. Love,Love.

  38. Love the chairs by fireplace did the same w/wicker ones I got for Valentine’s Day

  39. Love them all, but especially the current one–love wood, and I always have my honey working at his Shopsmith with a project for me–he pampers me! I have great imagination, but zilch talent! Appreciate all your ideas and hard work. You are a real inspiration. Hugs to you and have a great day!

  40. I love this year’s mantel. So clean and fresh. I really, really adore those little wooden birds.

  41. My favorite is actually the tulips! I think the tulips just shout spring! Love, love, love the look!

  42. I love the new one best. I love trees and birds and the little wooden blocks!! (I’m going to make myself some blocks). The mantle is so simple, fresh looking and light. I just love it!!

  43. I love the bright pink flowers withe the dark wood behind them. It was so different than the others & I liked the contrast.

  44. They are ALL ahhhhsome!!! But….the winner is….the current one!! πŸ™‚

  45. I like the mantle with the basket and wreath. They’re all so pretty, though.

  46. Alexandra Robertson :

    I love the mason jars with flowers!! So pretty, but I loveee them all!

  47. I love the basket and wreath idea…totally my style. But I also love the dark wood mixed with the pink flowers…super springy:)

  48. Love them all! I have a sweet spot for burlap!

  49. I really like the basket with wreath hung inside. Clever, easy to do, and what an impact! They are all gorgeous!

  50. I love this year’s the best! Simple, Minimalistic yet beautiful! A close second was the year you added the back of a chair and mason jars filled with flowers. So beautiful! Have a wonderful day!

  51. The mantels are all so beautiful……and I really like the most recent one with the wooden trees and birds……but
    my very favorite is the mantel with the burlap bows! It is so pretty……just love it.

  52. Crystal Swartz :

    Lovely family reunion! I just adore this year’s spring mantle. The barn door painted white creates such a fresh, yet memorable appeal. The pop of greenery, pale chicks & layers…stunning and warm. Thanks for the inspiration!

  53. I love your new the best. Those trees are amazing! I want. πŸ™‚

  54. The yellow and white mantel shouts spring!

  55. Loved the trees and birds.

  56. LOVE this years…! I have a thing for birds ☺️

  57. Aubrey Benjamin :

    Loving the wooden and green trees mantel! Maybe it’s the “Spring” in it that I love πŸ™‚

  58. They are all super cute, but I think I really like this year’s the best! I love the cute wooden trees with the pops of green in those amazing little planters πŸ™‚

  59. I love this year’s mantel…the trees are so cute!

  60. My favorite would have to be when you went all yellow with milk glass and book page flowers!

  61. I love them all but I especially love the mantle with the hanging basket!

  62. Love the mantel with the bows.

  63. You can never go wrong with tulips!

    Where did you find the little wooden bird? I love it!

  64. Love the pop of green color on this year’s mantel sooooo very springy!

  65. Your mantel looks great! This year’s is definitely my favorite. And it sounds like a perfect day. I think I’ll go on a hunt for those pants this evening. Happy Friday!

  66. Love this Spring’s mantel, esp. the wooden tree cut-outs.

  67. Thank you! Great giveaway !

  68. michelle donnelly :

    LOVE those trees from this years mantle! I also love the blocks for adding height! Congrats on your awesome day – it sounds pretty perfect!

  69. Torn between the simple white pitchers with spring flowers and the trees! If I had to choose I think it’s the trees…and off to Hobby a Lobby I go! Thanks for your inspiration!!!

  70. Love the trees….you have inspired me to go to Hobby Lobby at lunch and check out the Spring dΓ©cor!

  71. I think they are all beautiful, but this year’s is my favorite. Simple and lovely- like a breath of fresh air!

  72. I love this year’s. The trees and the birds – yes!

  73. I could close my eyes and throw a dart and would be equally happy with any of these in my home, however I am a real basket loving girl!!! So, that’s the one that is my favorite. It’s awfully hard to pass on the pretty pink tulips though! Tough choices you have given us!

  74. Love the current spring mantel decor. Those trees plus the birds are fabulous. Also, really like some greenery to add a pop of color.

  75. Could not leave a comment, so thought I would ask a favor: would you please post a photo of you in your super skinny old navy pants and great hair day! Oh, to be young, feel skinny and have hair that looks nice some times!!!!! Your post makes my day!

  76. I love them all!! You have such a gift for decorating!! I love your posts. Thanks for sharing!!

  77. Love the current mantle! So clean and fresh! Love your humor, too.

  78. The basket and wreath. I have been eyeing that barley chair back for months trying to figure out what it was. It’s a close second.

  79. Love the second one!

  80. Love the mantle with burlap bows. More because if the items displayed on the mantle. So YOU!

  81. I chose this year’s mantel because I love birds and the neutral simplicity of your design. Heading out to Hobby Lobby today to get a couple of those trees!

  82. I love them all but I’m really enjoying the simplicity of this years mantle. It’s perfect!

  83. I love them all, but my favorite is the last one with the burlap bows!

  84. The new one is lovely!

  85. Burlap Bows,Greenery and White Dishes…Oh My!!

  86. I love the new decorated mantle with wooden trres and birds- just a sweet amount of greens and it is spring!

  87. My favorite is the mantel with the urns, greenery, and burlap bows. And, I’m not a “burlap” person!

  88. I so wish we had Hobby Lobby in the Pacific Northwest. I love this years mantle with the trees!

  89. Love, love, love the yellow, milk glass and book page flowers.

  90. Love, love the Milk Glass pitchers with tulips! You did awesome as always.

  91. I love them all. You have a great eye and layer so well.

  92. Your current one is my fav.

  93. I like the mantle with the white pitchers filled with tulips. So Springy!!

  94. I like the one with the tulips best because of the bright splash of color. Anything to brighten up the days this time of year!

  95. I love them all. I especially like the tree cutouts but it is because of the way you styled everything. How creative and inspiring you are!

  96. Ditto the comments that they are all wonderful, but in honor of my little parakeet ‘Sunny’, I must choose the wooden trees and sweet birdies. I wish I had a Hobby Lobby near me, because I think those trees could see several reincarnations as the seasons progress.

  97. Love, love, love the one with the chair back and tulips in mason jars.

  98. I guess the basket and wreath mantel is my favorite but they’re all beautiful! πŸ™‚

  99. So hard to choose just one, but I seem to be drawn to the milk glass with book page flowers. Can you do anything that isn’t a winner?

  100. The white on white is amazing, but I truly love the basket with wreath. I also love that I can pin right from your posts.

  101. Though they are all pretty, I think this years mantel is the best. Those trees & adorable birds did it for me! Well done!

  102. Hard to pick, but my fav is the chair back and mason jars. I also like the one with the black urns too.

  103. Love ’em all but I’m stealing that basket hanging with the wreath inside, ok? I swear I just said I need more pink pencils for my office and I got my last bunch on Amazon. Fingers crossed, happy Friday.

  104. stephanie bauling :

    I love the current mantle….love the wooden birds!!! (Just started collecting milk glass and like that mantle too)!!! Thank you for all your wonderful blogs…you make me laugh and smile…great way to start the day!!!

  105. I love the one you just did with the trees. It is simple yet elegant; clean-looking yet rustic.

  106. I like the white pitchers w/ tulips.

  107. Love this years mantle- something about “the tree of life” that inspires me! Or the fact that it’s so fresh and clean looking! I am so ready for spring to arrive! It’s going to be a good year!!!! πŸ™‚

  108. I love the mantel with the pink spring flowers! πŸ™‚

  109. I like the mantle with the milk glass because I love milk glass. My mantle is decorated for St. Patrick’s Day right now but I think afterwards I will put my milk glass there.

  110. I like this year’s the best! And your timing is perfect. Decorating my mantle is exactly what I’m doing this weekend

  111. Ohhhh… they are all so pretty. My mantle is a mess. :/ I love your mantle now, however the milk glass mantle with yellow flowers made me swoon. It belongs in a magazine.

  112. I really like them all, but the milk glass was stunning. You really have a gift for putting things together!

  113. Love your 2016 spring mantel with the tree cutouts and wooden birds. And the additional greenery adds a fresh pop of color!

  114. I’m especially partial to mason jars filled with flowers, so that one was my favorite!

  115. I love how each time your mantel really took a transformation! I love the concrete pots on your current mantel. Do you recall where you go them? My favorite spring mantel if the one with the woven tray with the wreath – so love that!!

    Thanks the great spring mantel inspiration πŸ™‚

  116. The one with the chair back is my favorite!

  117. I love your blog and your positive attitude! I like this year’s mantel.

  118. Love your present spring mantel. I will be stopping at Hobby Lobby for those adorable wooden trees. Have a lovely weekend.

  119. I love all your mantles, but this years, with the birds, is perfect. I think I might have to copy it! Have another perfect day!

  120. this year. the clean lines let you enjoy it all. thanks for the inspiration.

  121. I love your spring mantel, even though I am no where near ready for spring yet. I am one of those square pegs who really enjoys winter, so I am relishing it. I love all of your mantels, but if I have to pick one I choose the one where you hung a basket and a wreath on the wall. I love the different items you used to create it. The ones with the purple flowers & the tulips are tied for second!!! Love the pops of color. Thanks for sharing.

  122. My favorite is the pink tulips because they remind me of spring.

  123. I love the wood trees on this year’s mantel. I think I need to make a trip to Hobby Lobby πŸ™‚ The sun is shining in Iowa and the temps are in the 50s today. It is definitely making me think about some spring decorating.

  124. Loved them all – but especially the burlap bows with all the milk glass. Love milk glass!!! (with nests in them!)

  125. I love the pitchers with tulips! Nothing says spring like tulips!!

  126. I love them all!! The green in the pots! The trees and the birds all were speaking to my heart! But I do love that arrangement with yellow! Thanks for the inspiration! You have heralded spring in!!

  127. The rafflecopter system wouldn’t allow me to leave comments:( I absolutely love the one with the basket and the wreath! I also love the milk glass with the yellow. Thanks for the inspiration!

  128. Thank you for the giveaway! SO sweet of you! I like the old brown mantel with the basket and wreath above it.

  129. They are all so Pretty! But this year’s has to be my Fave!!
    Oh but those Burlap bows!!!
    I can’t decide!
    Thanks for sharing all of them with us!
    You are a Sweetie! πŸ™‚

  130. Thi might be your best mantle yet! Thank you SO very much for linking up on Thoughts of Home on Thursday. You elevate the happy with your presence.

  131. Love, love the mantle with the tulips – reminds me on spring πŸ™‚

  132. This year’s! I love those trees!

  133. Um, the bunny on the plate…I am in love, love, love. It is in the photo of the basket and wreath on the wall. Why do we love certain things? I have a collection of egg cups and so many of them have bunnies holding them. Way too cute.
    What a nice post, reminding us that sometimes a simple, peaceful day is the best. Spring? Too soon to get really excited about it here in Maine, though the days are about 2 hours longer, which is a reason to celebrate.
    I am feeling lucky, so thanks for my giftcard. LOL

  134. You have extraordinary taste. It was hard to choose just one mantle, but I am drawn to the one with the burlap bows. You’re a wonderful writer too. Thanks for the opportunity.

  135. Love them all, but the basket and wreath mantel is my favorite!

  136. They’re all gorgeous but I’m particularly fond of the urns with greenery and burlap. Looking forward to spring! πŸ™‚

  137. Good morning,

    I like the basket and wreath mantel. I tried to enter the contest, but for some reason I was unable to post a comment.

    Have a great day!

  138. I love all of the mantles, but my favorites are the ones using milk glass and I am a sucker for burlap bows!

  139. It’s so hard to choose! I love this year’s but I also love the basket with wreath version.

    I have a really really important question tho…I’ve noticed in the last few posts- it looks like you made a pillow cover with the image of your house…am I right? Please show me a good pic of that and how you did it??? You are so amazing…please move to Maine and be my neighbor…or better yet, move right in with me???

    Love everything you do and say!

  140. Rafflecopter said I have already entered…not so, Joe. πŸ˜‰ LOVE the big vase of yellow flowers and milk glass. Yellow reminds me of daffodils… and March… and my birthday! Yay for the first day of Spring!

  141. The one with the basket and wreath is my favorite, but I really do like them all!!

  142. Impossible to choose a favorite…with choices like birds and trees, wicker baskets, milk glass, old chair backs, and burlap bows! My goodness, spring can’t arrive too soon…..thanks for the inspiration!!!

  143. The basket and the wreath is my favorite.

  144. They’re all beautiful, but I love the one with the book page flowers and the one with the back of a chair!

  145. I love the last one with the pink tulips. Simple and so pretty and fresh.

  146. Michelle Rudis :

    Yikes! It’s hard to choose!! You know I love milkglass…but I’m going to have to go with the latest one, I think. I love everything about it but especially the illusion of greater depth that the wood trees give and those birds are just adorable. And thank you for sharing your ‘good days’ by offering a giveaway to us, Karianne. You are awesome!

  147. Thanks you so much for the giveaway! I adore the cute wooden trees. YOu and YOur blog always lift me up.

  148. Milkglass and yellow flowers!!! I don’t know how you get such great photos-must be a light source? I’ve been trying to take photos and I’m struggling with lots of shadowing….Anyway love all the photos.

  149. Angela Faulkner :

    The yellows are my favorite but then yellow is my favorite!

  150. Tulips are the calling cards to spring…..I gotta go with the 3 vases of tulips. Fresh and beautiful.

  151. Love this years the best! Will be picking up some of those wooden trees from the Hobbs!

  152. Love the last one with the white pitchers and pink tulips. Simple and fresh.

  153. This makes me happy! Can’t wait for spring!!!

  154. Tulips! I just adore that mantel though they all are beautiful!! β™‘

  155. I really like all of them but the wreath in the basket is my favorite!! Thanks

  156. I love the chair backs and flowers.

  157. The burlap bow arrangement is my favorite but I do own an urn/vase that is very similar to the one with the yellow flowers. I dig urns filled with just about anything!

  158. Difficult choice but Birdies always steal the show for me!

  159. I love the idea of hanging a basket on the wall… and the wreath on top is just icing on the cake!

  160. My favorite mantel is the current one. I love everything about it. Off to Hobby Lobby I go.

  161. Love them all but the milk glass and yellow flowers is my fave!

  162. I love pink tulips, so that is my favorite.

  163. They’re all pretty but my favorite is the basket and wreath on the wall.

  164. So hard to choose. I’m glad you had a rock star day.
    I love the trees and today’s mantle. I’ve also always had a soft spot for your milk glass, so the book page flowers gets a favorite. Love them all though.

  165. I loved the bunny. I have a collection of 100 bunnies…everything from Peter Rabbit to tiny brass bunnies. Smiles

  166. Have to go with the pink tulips! But I do love the cleverness of the chair back.

  167. I am in lovelovelove with those cutout trees!

  168. My favorite mantel is this year’s version. I love the little birds and trees against the barn wood background.

  169. Linda Buffington :

    I love all of them but have to say the kitchen one with the fresh flowers is my favorite.

  170. My favorite are the tulips!

  171. I adore those trees! Off to Hobby Lobby I go!

  172. The one you just created with the HL trees!!!

  173. Wow Marianne, they all look great but if I had to pick one it would be this years. I think I will go to Hobby Lobby and get me some trees.

  174. I love this year’s mantle. I love the natural wood of the trees and birds combined with the pops of greenery.

  175. I love the milk glass and the yellow flowers and the one from this year. So cute!!

  176. Hello Kari Anne,
    My very first comment on your so joyful, elegant, moving and so inspiring blog I discovered a few months ago.
    Reading your daily post (in the middle of the afternoon here in France) is always a wonderful break.
    Seems as if I knew you a little bit through all your posts.
    My favorite mantel is the one with burlap, I love the urns.

  177. tulips, of course

  178. I really like those trees on this year’s mantel.

  179. Think the wreath and basket is my fave! There all gorgeous! Of course I have a thing for baskets!!

  180. Beautiful! Wish it would warm up some so I could get in the spring spirit.

  181. I love great days like you had yesterday! I smiled the whole way through reading your post. In the Midwest we have had day after day of little to no sunshine, so your lovely reminder of spring on the way with the pink tulips is my vote today.

  182. I love this year’s mantel the best! Just admired those trees a few days ago at my Hobby Lobby!

  183. I love them all! But this year’s is especially pretty!

  184. I love the last one with the tulips. I love tulips!!!!

  185. Sharon Franklin :

    I Love the tulips in the pitchers!

  186. I’m unable to leave a comment on the giveaway. I’ve clicked all over and cannot get a keyboard to appear so I can type a comment.

  187. I love this year’s mantle! But also like all of the them.

  188. Lol. I’m supposed to leave the comment HERE!
    I like the one mantle with the pink flowers.
    Love that old chair back.

  189. I like all of them, but really do like this year’s the best. Trees and birds…my favorite things.

  190. Love the trees–going to go get some. Because I plagiarize spring mantels!

  191. I am typically a more is better guy, but I have to go with the tulips. I am ready for color and warmer temps and sunshine! Today is going to be in the high 50’s here in Iowa so I can not wait to open the windows for a bit!

  192. The current mantel is adorable, but white pitchers and pink tulips win. Every time.

  193. I like them all but I think this years is the winner winner, chicken dinner πŸ™‚

  194. I like the newest one, but the tulips in the pitchers is a close second.

  195. This year’s spring mantel is my fave. The wood trees and little wood birds are so sweet with the whites. I’ve got to get myself to the Lobby for some of that awesome greenery, too.

  196. Spring (because Texas) is not my favorite but I do love spring decor!



  197. The kitchen mantle is my favorite!

  198. I like the tulips in the white pictures – so simple, so pretty!

  199. All are beautiful but the one with the chair back is my favorite!

  200. Wow, this is a timely post. I’m trying to figure out want to put on my mantel, I like the basket and the wreath, it’s calling my name!

  201. Good morning, sunshine! I love the tulips on the mantle. So springlike!

  202. All are beautiful, but I just love pink tulips in white pitchers!!

  203. You are so creative! All are great and will pick two ~ the tulips (my fav flower) and this years, those birdies are adorable! Thanks for the super giveaway! Blessings!

  204. My fave is the chair back and mason jars with flowers. Simple, happy and “springy!”

  205. I like the big basket with the wreath! I think February is the longest month of the year! Thanks for the reminder that Spring is just around the corner.

  206. not fair… first I saw the armillary and clock, that was my fav; then I saw the boxwood and urns, that was my fav; then the ironstone and you go and finish up with tulips… they’re all wonderful, it’s just those items hit on my iwantit nerve! Thanks for brightening up our dreary winter days

  207. I love the simple pop of greenery against the white of this year’s mantel.

  208. Hi Kari Anne. All the Spring mantels are great and my favorite is the one with the basket and wreath…looks great! I’m sure you treasure the moments with your family but those car rides with my son are the best memories yet! Thanks for the chance.

  209. This year’s mantel! I love the birds and trees cutouts…and you had me at old barn door….thanks!

  210. Tulips in white pitchers! Love!!

  211. It is hard to pick which is my favorite. They are all lovely. I don’t have a mantel but maybe I can talk my husband into buying one so I can decorate it!

  212. Rhonda Franckhuser :

    Love the dark wood with the hot pink flowers!

  213. They are all lovely but I think Spring is long enough to allow for Each of them to take center stage for a while. I change the wreaths/door hangings on my front doors several times during Spring to reflect the holidays. While each “waits in the wings” for it’s entrance, a wall of my garage is always gloriously decorated. Never want to waste the *pretty*.

  214. Elaine Wesselma :

    I love this years mantel but I agree they are all beautiful. I also love the Burlap bow mantel. It is too hard to pick just one!

  215. #1 fits my style,but they are all super lovely!

  216. Teresa Gonzales :

    Love all of them-but am fond of birds- so this year is the winner! Tried to leave comment on Rafflecopter and it would not let me.

  217. Love them all but especially your new one with the trees!

  218. The one with tulips is my favorite, my favorite flower!! However they are all great looking.

  219. I love the new one! Very fresh and pretty!

  220. I love them all but my fave is the chair back with mason jars and flowers. I also love to take pieces and parts of “junk” and make something wonderful. Thanks for sharing your inspirations.

  221. Love the yellow with milk glass and book page flowers!

  222. It is a tie between the burlap bow mantel and the milk glass mantel. You can not make me choose! Haha. I am a suckered for all things white especially when beautiful flowers and/or greenery are tied in! Such lovely taste πŸ™‚

  223. I like the mantle you put together this year (2016) the best of all of them. I am particularly partial to the old barn wood you started with. Thanks!

  224. My favorite is the tulips – ALWAYS the tulips.

  225. Emily Halterman :

    I love tulips so I have to say that mantel was my favorite. I also do like the idea to hang a basket as a back drop for a mantle, such creativity.

  226. Love the simplicity of the tulips in vases!!

  227. All so very beautiful and hard to decide……..stuck between the basket with wreath and the burlap bows!

  228. I like them all, but tulips are my favorite flower and I actually have that picture pinned. My mom re-created it last year for Spring/Easter on her mantel.

  229. I love the one you just did. I adore those trees and I am hoping they have them at my Hobby Lobby because I am going there right now!

  230. Love the tulips in the white pitchers – feels like spring. Would look pretty in salt glazed pottery!

  231. I love tulips, white pottery, but really, really love the the basket and the wreath! In fact getting up now to change my mantle!

  232. I love all of your ideas for the mantle. My favorite is the tulips in white pitchers. Very simple and classic.

  233. I love the current mantle with new trees!! 2nd runner up would have to be the basket with wreath. I need to get to HL right away to get some trees πŸ™‚

  234. I love the trees and just as fast as I can, I am heading to Hobby Lobby. I would love to try flowers along with the birds for my mantel. I always find so much inspiration from your blog. I just wish hobby lobby and home goods were closer to me – Husband would know where to find me for sure. Judy C

  235. I love them all but today’s post is my absolute favorite!

  236. I do not have a hobby Lobby in the area but I am in love with the wooden trees. I need to search this weekend to find something similar. Love Love Love today’s post

  237. All pretty, but my favorite is the one with the burlap bows.

  238. I think I like this year’s mantel, but so hard to choose just one. That chair back is super-cool and I am really curious about the book page flowers – off to search your site for the tutorial. My mantel is so shallow, it’s hard to do much with it, especially with the big honkin’ man TV hanging above. I could have worse problems, I know! πŸ™‚

  239. I like the one from this year, love the birds and trees.

  240. Definitely the bright flowers and old chair back!

  241. All the mantels are gorgeous! I like the pitches and tulips best because I have a collection of cream pitchers and a new mantel! I will use what ever flowers I can find at the grocery store! Thanks for the inspiration!


  243. I truly love every one of them! This year’s, however, is my favourite…I love the white and green together…it looks so fresh and happy!

  244. I am a sucker for the tulips. SO springy. Ahhhh.

  245. I think I like the pitcher with tulips best just because I love tulips but they are all pretty. Thanks for the spring tips because my mantle is completely blank as of now and I really was in need of some spring ideas.!

  246. Jon Anne Winstead :

    I love the one for this year!! I would love to know where you got your plant/planters on the mantel as well!! I have to say, I have patterned my home after yours!! Bought some white couches/chairs, etc!! Thank you for your blog!! So happy you had a great day yesterday and the icing on the cake was with your son!! I’m so glad you’re enjoying your family!!
    Sad note: Our baby son died in 2007 so I’m sure that’s one of the reasons I love to read about parents having a great time with theirs!! We still have our wonderful children/grandchildren but Craig was our baby!!
    Again, I love your blog!!

  247. I like them all, but favor the latest one. Love the trees and birds, the greenery on either end adds a perfect pop of color. Using a barn door for the background is genius, as usual!

  248. Those tulips look beautiful. There’s no way I can choose a favorite. Those little wooden birds…I will not rest until I find them!

  249. I like this year’s mantle the best. simple and light.

  250. I love the one for this year. The birds! Love those birds! Want those birds! πŸ™‚

  251. I love the mantel with the flowers and mason jars.
    Still think you should publish a coffee table book. Your stories always bring a smile and your photos are amazing. One time before you commented that you did not have a publisher but don’t you know somebody that knows somebody? Your book would be the perfect gift.
    Until your book I will continue to read your posts. πŸ™‚

  252. It is really hard to pick my favorite! I love them all stinking much!!!! Each one has something really fresh and joyful and they are all creative! I think the one that I just kee coming back to is the basket with the wreath hung on the wall! Who thinks of that!?!?!! You, cause you are awesome! I love the variety in that particular mantle setting! The whole thing is so eye catching and each item up there is perfectly spring! I also really love what you have done this yes but I think you were asking which of the old ones were our favorites? Anyway, great job this year. You always amaze me with your decorating skills!

  253. If I must pick only one, my choice is the pink tulips in pitchers. But really I like all of them. The trees and birds this year are very cute too! And the mantle with the chair back…where do you find these things? I know, they find you. Ha! Love it! Sheila

  254. OK, they’re ALL super-cute, but this year’s is my favorite. I’m all about the trees. And the birds. And the topiaries. And now I really want to go to Hobby Lobby and check out SPRING!!!!!!!

  255. My favorite is the kitchen one with the mason jars of pink flowers! I love how you change things up with the things you already have. So creative.

  256. I love the latest version, with the layer of planked wood as the backdrop.

  257. My favorite is the current one because I LOVE birds and trees. Second choice is a tie between yellow flowers and purple flowers!

  258. I am loving the all white milk glass but the trees and birds make me have a happy face.

  259. The white pitchers with the pink tulips is my favorite. I loved them all but the simplicity of that
    one spoke to me. Maybe because I thought I can do that one. πŸ™‚

  260. There is just something about pink tulips (sigh)! They always look like Spring to me πŸ™‚

  261. I like the current one. It feels clean and white with a little pop of fresh green spring growth.

  262. I love the new one, but I also have a soft spot for the tulips in the pitchers!

  263. Oh, hard to choose. I like them all. But the one with the burlap bows just seems to whisper Spring, spring is almost here! πŸ™‚

  264. I love the trees……..and your giant lantern! :}

  265. 2016 Spring Mantel is my favorite!!

  266. I love all of the mantles, but I’m especially drawn to the one with the Mason jars filled with flowers. I’m really loving that chair back! So cool!

  267. How do you choose a favourite star from a sky filled with beautiful stars? I have the same conundrum here…I love all of your spring mantels! But, I will go with the newest one…I love how simple it is and the beautiful silhouettes you’ve created! There is something that feels almost primitive about it….but not so harsh as that…it’s very pleasing to the eyes! Enjoy that sun, dear friend!

  268. I love the one with all the greenery!

  269. I’ve got to go with the pink tulips.

  270. Loved the mantle reunion, I like each and everyone of them but I have to say I am partial to the urns and bows. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful ideas! Lisa @ Sweet Tea N’ Salty Air

  271. Love the mantle with the chair bank and tulips in mason jsrs

  272. Love this years!!! Hoping Hobby Lobby has some trees left when I get there tomorrow!!! Happy Spring!!

  273. My favorite Spring mantle is the one with the fresh tulips! Nothing screams Spring like fresh flowers!
    Love your blog!

  274. Well I truly must admit that my favorite of the choices Includes the beautiful fresh tulips. Quite Lovely!

  275. They are all very cute but I like the white old gate with the flat trees from hobby lobby and the white plate with rabbit is adorable
    linda m

  276. They are all so you! Love this year’s…..I love birds……that made it easy! Thanks for the opportunity!

  277. My favorite spring mantle is the one with the tulips in the white pitchers. They just look happy to be there!
    Thanks for making my day better today too!

  278. All the mantels are lovely…I really like this last one. But my favorite is the wreath in the basket…I’m such a sucker for wicker and rattan! Thanks for the chance! πŸ˜‰

  279. All are beautiful and/or cute but I love the new one with the adorable trees and birds!

  280. Both of the mantels with colorful fresh flowers make my heart sing…

  281. I love them all but I am partial to the first mantel because of the simplicity with the wooden trees, blocks and birds. Such a simply but elegant style that anyone can duplicate on a mantel or table top.

  282. Love the trees!

  283. I love Hobby Lobby and have found wonderful and many times clearance items there! I have always walked into Hobby Lobby with good intentions to “only” purchase what I needed and instead proudly leave with “bargains” I simply couldn’t pass up. My husband always would say” How much money did you save this time on things you didn’t need?”. Your mantel’s simplicity with white and wood tones is beautiful! I love distressed items and the idea of using the barn door really appealed to me. The trees are so simple and yet are so perfect with the door. I look forward everyday to seeing what your next post will be!!

  284. The pink flowers and barley twist piece had my heart a-flutter, but I have to say the basket and wreath mantle is my fave. So many pieces I like in EVERY mantle. Ps – isn’t it great when everything aligns? Kids talking to ya, good hair, and everything! Happy weekend! πŸ™‚

  285. Love the layered look. I guest the wreath with the basket. I really like the chairs!

  286. I’m really loving the simplicity of this year’s mantle.

  287. They are all beautiful. Love those wooden trees, always love looking at all your milk glass and I do love fresh flowers but the one that speaks to me is the basket with the wreath mantel. I love the texture and all the accessories. Have a great day.

  288. You know I’ve got to pick any of the mantels with flowers (esp. tulips) but my favorite picture is not from the mantle but of the yellow flowers in the ironstone! And I totally get the “good day”. Any time my 13 year old son decides to give me the scoop (though yesterday’s tales of his friends was a little “ew”) is a good day.

  289. My favorite is the one with all the milk glass and the yellow flowers. So cheery.

  290. I love both this year’s (where did you get the birds?) and the wreath in the basket! Thank you for offering this giveaway. πŸ™‚

  291. Love all of the mantels however my favorite is this year! Beautiful! Wouldn’t let me comment over on the other spot!

  292. I like them all. πŸ™‚

  293. I love the wooden trees and birds, Karianne. but my favorite spring mantel is the one with the pink tulips. Tulips are my absolute favorite flower.

  294. I like them all, but the tulips are my favorite. =)

  295. My favorite is the mantle with the Burlap bows

  296. I love, love, love this year’s mantel. I hope my next home has a fireplace (and a mantle, of course). We are currently living with family and looking for a house. Thank you so much for writing your blog. It’s always full of inspiration and great ideas. I love seeing it in my inbox!

  297. I love the burlap bows mantel–clean and fresh! This post reminds me of my favorite saying (which is right on my most visible wall of my house): “Today is a good day for a good day!”

  298. It’s hard to choose, but maybe the kitchen?

  299. Oh my goodness…I scrolled and scrolled through all these comments and lost my place twice.

    The basket. I liked the mantle with the basket on the wall. πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend.

  300. My favorite is the tulips in the milk glass pitchers.

  301. The Tulips! It is always The Tulips!

  302. I like this years mantle – love those trees..

  303. The burlap bow mantel. Love!

  304. Francis C. Moore :

    I loved the three white pitchers with tulips. The birds are also so cute.

  305. You are so creative! I love the spring colors of the pink and yellow flowers, the burlap bows, the barn door backdrop and the birdies. So I pretty much like everything. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the giveaway!

  306. the one with the wreath and basket. Beautiful.

  307. You have such a gift for darling vignettes. Your mantel designs are all quite charming but if I have to choose one I would choose the one with the old chair back. I have also saved interesting chairbacks! Thanks for the opportunity to comment and perhaps win a lovely gift card. Happy day!

  308. Love the little cabinet with the drawers! My Mom has something similar where she stores her cake decorating decorating tips.

  309. Love the Tulips! Nothing says spring better than tulips.

  310. The tulips, because what is prettier than tulips on a dreary day!?

  311. Can’t beat the tulips, but I do love your new trees. πŸ™‚

  312. LOVE your Spring mantel! I am on my way to Hobby Lobby! πŸ™‚

  313. nothing like tulips …..you bring JOY to my day…

  314. Love the new Spring mantel! Were the wooden birds also from Hobby Lobby?

  315. I love the new one for this Spring! But my fave would have to be the layered basket with wreath on it!

  316. While all of your mantles are so creative, your current Spring mantle is my favorite! Love the trees and adorable birds! Thank you for the inspiration!

  317. Love everything especially the white pitchers with tulips! Makes me feel like spring is here!

  318. They are all so lovely. I do love the whimsy of the trees and bird, hope my Hobby Lobby still has some.

  319. Love, love your new spring look! Might have to pick up a few trees of my own.

  320. Oh my, so many people commented already! All the mantles were beautiful, but the pink tulips were my favorite because I am so anxious for spring and I love white pitchers. Thanks for sharing all of them!

  321. As tulips are my favorite flower, I liked the white pitchers with tulips best. But they’re all lovely. Thank you for your delightful blog.

  322. Well, they are all like you, perky and refreshing! My favorite is the current one – primarily because you have given me an idea of how to use the old corn-crib door that came from my parents’ recently fallen barn!

  323. I like the basket with the wreath. I’ve hung a deeper basket on the wall and filled it with a stuffed animal, small pillows and throw, flowers. Whatever works!

  324. I think this year’s would be my favorite (those TREES!) but the tulips in pitchers is a close second. πŸ™‚ Thanks for hosting, Kari! Have a blessed weekend!
    xo Heidi

  325. Melanie Winter :

    I love spring and I love your mantle with the burlap bows! Super cute and springy!!! Thank you for an opportunity to win a gift card!

  326. Love all of them and really enjoy your blog your stories always make me smile.

  327. I ADORE all of them- but if I had to select just one- I would pick the corner burlap bows with greenery. It is very unique. Thanks so much for your generousity with the giveway!

  328. My favorite is the simplest one, the three white pitchers full of tulips.

  329. All are lovely, but since I have to choose, I’ll say the newest trees and birds one!

  330. All are beautiful…This years is my favorite though. Love those wood trees!

  331. I like them all, but think I am partial to the yellow flowers with the milk glass.

  332. They are all beautiful, but my favorite is the yelloe flowers and mikk glass! Thank you for the giveaway!

  333. the back of a chair…I have to retrain my brain to think like you! Love!!!

  334. I have to say I love the simplicity of the white pitchers filled with tulips. They both say spring to me.

  335. Judy Westmoreland :

    I like the pink tulips. Looks so refreshing and I am a sucker for flowers. Love seeing all your different mantels. Thanks for the giveaway.

  336. Martha Johnson :

    All your mantels are lovely, my favorite is the mantel with the burlap bows.

  337. I love your current mantle! I may need to run and get those trees at Hobby Lobby! So cute!

  338. This year’s mantel is my favorite….trees and birds…so fresh and new and full of life!

  339. Oh, I love all of these, but if I had to choose my favorite mantel, it would have to be the one with the burlap bows. I’m a sucker for white pottery and milk glass.

    Honestly, I’m seriously swooning over them all. Your talent and eye for detail amazes and inspires me!

  340. I love this spring’s mantel! You are so talented.

  341. I like the basket with the wreath.

  342. Love the wooden trees with the wooden birds so much that I went on Hobby Lobby and bought three trees. The trees are wonderful! But my favorite is the three white ironstone pitchers filled with pink tulips! I`m a sucker for fresh flowers and obsessed with white ironstone! You do a beautiful job as always!

  343. I love the simple, natural elements of the wreath and basket as a backdrop for the lovely white pitchers. Perfect for a refreshing hint of spring.

  344. Actually, I like the newest one, with wooden trees, the pink tulips would be my second choice. All were really beautiful!

  345. Rosalie McCreary :

    Wow!!! So many entries Karianne! Thanks for the giveaway!! I’ve always loved the pink tulips in the milk glass. Clean, simple and wonderful! Have a great weekend!

  346. I love all the mantels but my favorite is the pink tulips in white pitchers :). Glad everything is going well! Here’s hoping spring weather will be here to stay soon!

  347. Share a picture of the pants cuz if they make you look skinny I need a pair too !!
    Love your blog and your sense of being !! You are inspirational with the little things !

  348. I kept going back and forth trying to decide which I liked, I do believe it was the current one with the trees, boxwood and barnwood – but isn’t that the feel now – but they are all great.

  349. I like the tulips in the pitchers, they are just a pop of color and sing “Spring is coming”.

  350. Love, love, love the burlap bows with greenery, but I am digging the wood trees, and thinkin a trip to the Lob is in order.

  351. Soooo hard to choose but the basket and wreath and that sweet little bunny have to be my favorite! You have such an amazing imagination and charm! I can’t wait to read every blog!

  352. Tough choice but have to pick the white vases with tulips! Definitely my favorite flowers and I loved the contrast of the white vases with the dark wood behind it.

  353. Love the basket with the wreath idea. I love it so much, that I am going to do the same thing!

  354. I just love your newest mantel! Those wooden birds are so sweet.

  355. Kathy Schermerhorn :

    I love the simplicity of your new mantle. Just the right amount for spring!

  356. This years mantle is really pretty, I love the trees!

  357. Love them all …..Especially the one with the burlap bows and greenery!

  358. This year’s but the pink tulips pull a close second. The naturalness of this year’s is so simplistic and beautiful.

  359. All are fun but think I like this year’s the best. Love the barn door.

  360. Love your blog & all of the spring mantels- the burlap bows are a favorite for me.

  361. christine burns :

    All are beautiful, but especially love the birds, trees and barn door! Thanks for inspiring me.

  362. Basket and wreath because I am drawn to that old dark wood on the fireplace. Or the new one because I love the white of the mantel against the old brick and then add the old door and other things…Course if I had a mantel I would copy any one of them

  363. From the back of a chair to the tulips in the white pitchers to the old barn door and to the burlap bows each one of your mantels has an element that says, “Hello spring.” I like them all!

  364. I love the wood trees and birds. I think a shopping trip to Hobby Lobby is in my future :).

  365. I really like the all yellow with milk glass and book page flowers.

  366. Love love them all but I do like the basket and wreath. I have a hundred year old fireplace and mantle so loved the new fresh ideas.

  367. I, very much, like the current mantle of wood birds and trees. The white and light wood are so fresh and simple. I’ve looked at so many mantles and porches for spring inspiration and your mantle is the style that sparked my creative inspiration for this season.

  368. While the current one is awesome, my all time favorite is the one with the burlap bows and milk glass!

  369. Love them all but I think the basket with the wreathe is my favorite. Love you KariAnne!!

  370. Sherri Gonyier :

    Todays is just fun, I love the trees and birds and backdrop. They all are very beautiful though each in there own way. It is hard to choose but yes I think todays is my favorite! Thanks!

  371. I love the simplicity of the tulips on the mantel. It’s hard to beat tulips! Happy almost spring! Blessings on your day!

  372. I love those trees from Hobby Lobby! I may have to do something similar πŸ™‚

  373. I always go for tulips and white pitchers! Love, love, love

  374. Where did you get the sweet bird babies? I like the one from the kitchen the best! Thanks!

  375. Linda Southworth :

    As soon as I saw those trees on the mantel it was a quicker heartbeat and looking, oh I hope Karianne tells us where the trees came from! Off to HOB LOB! Love the mantel!

  376. Since Fenton milk glass and white pitchers are two things I collect my favorite is the white pitchers with the tulips!

  377. Love pink, especially in fresh flowers! but also think those little birds are awfully fun.

  378. I have to go for the tulips. Nothing else quite says spring.

  379. I love the one where you put the basket and wreath on the wall.

  380. Your newest one! I love the clean white background and the pretty pop of fresh bright greens for spring!

  381. I am a sucker for tulips in a pitcher, but your most recent mantel with the tree cut-outs is adorable and so springy!

  382. Your newest one is my favorite! It is so clean and fresh layering neutral colors with a pop of green from the boxwoods. Perfect spring mantle!

  383. Tulips in the ironstone. Also like forsythia in pottery

  384. I love the all white one. But then again the burlap bows are a nice touch. But then again I love the pink tulips

  385. I love all of the mantels. Since I adore tulips (if I had to pick a favorite mantel), I would choose the one with pitchers filled with pink tulips πŸ™‚

  386. Lisa Mothersead :

    Loved them all and love skinny pant days, too!

  387. This years with the trees! You have such excellent ways of combining texture & whites. When I TRY to do this it looks like something is always missing? I must NEED you to come over!!!!

  388. I like the basket with the wreath.

  389. I like this year’s – those trees and birds are great

  390. I love the current mantle! I so want those trees!

  391. I am glad the vote thing wouldn’t work, now I don’t have to choose just one.
    I bounced one to another then couldn’t vote, I just can’t take this pressure!
    I loved every one of them.
    Thank you

  392. I can’t wait to update my mantels this weekend. The weather has turned warm this week here in Cincinnati (64*today) and boy am I ever ready for spring and sunshine! Thanks for the inspiration!

  393. I love them all but my fav is the yellow and white with book page flowers. :}

  394. Love the birds… Very simple but what a statement…Bring the outdoors in…READY For SPRING anyone?

  395. In my opinion, nothing says spring like tulips so my choice would be the pink tulips in the milk glass. Perfect!

  396. Love the birds and trees. What a bounty of ideas!

  397. Thank you for spring mantle ideas! It gets me so inspired! I usually have a hard time decorating my mantle.
    Also thanks for the opportunity to win an Amazon gift card!

  398. Love them all Kari!….but must say, that I so love how you took a back of a chair and used it as a great architectural element on the mantel…so, so creative and fun!….It says Kari was here!!!

  399. Timing is everything, I love one at noon and another at 3pm and then another alone , and one to snuggle with…. Life timing….

  400. This year’s mantel is stunning! There’s a touch of winter with the pale brown trees, but then, here comes spring with new birds and a touch of green. I love the combination of textures and elements to catch the eye…definitely eye candy! Thank you for the inspiration.

  401. All of them are unique and lovely. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the yellow and milk glass because it says Sunshine to me!

  402. I’m into ‘birds’, so I’m loving this years mantle.

  403. I love them all but the white pitchers are my favorite. I have a small collection of white pitchers so I am little biased (wink). Thank you for the giveaway opportunity. I invite you to add your giveaway to my giveaway list. Don’t forget to enter my giveaway too xo

  404. Oh yes! Spring!!! (Love them all but heading to Hobby Lobby for those little trees!)

  405. I love the mantel you just completed. The wooden trees are so cute. I’d love to win so I could buy these 3 trees for my daughter in law. Thanks for the opportunity.

  406. I love the basket and wreath–so cheerful!

  407. This Years Mantle So Pretty, Love Love Love the trees, will check out Home Goods to see if I can find them!!!

  408. I looove the old dark mantle! Iam a woodsy gal so would take your beautiful dark mantle and put the greenery on it, lots of greenery.

  409. I have a thing for baskets. So much texture and different materials. My fav is the one with the basket on the wall and the armillary on the mantle. I have a thing for artilleries too.

  410. Love the leaves

  411. Hi KariAnne,
    I am enjoying your blog posts so much! My sister told me about your site and I don’t think I’ve missed a day since reading that first one. You have such a wonderful way of writing and it’s so refreshing to read your stories. You always put a smile on my face. My favorites are the “romantic” ones between you and your hubby!

    I started a blog on August 1st, 2014 and haven’t missed a day since…I make and sell doll clothes to doll collectors and my blog is about dolls and sewing and tutorials, etc… but I still love the “home” blogs… yours especially…
    I bought some trees at Hobby Lobby like the ones you’re showing, only mine were Christmas trees.
    Thanks for the chance to win an Amazon gift card…
    Blessings, Jeanne

  412. Burlap bows is my favorite

  413. the trees mantel is my favorite πŸ™‚

  414. I love the Mason jar one but then today’s was fresh and fun too. Like them all. You are gifted!!

  415. I love them all, but the milk glass mantle is my favorite.


  416. I love the green color in the spring!

  417. The trees of course!

  418. I’m feeling partial to the yellow with milk glass today. And Amazon is my JAM! I teach middle school Language Arts, and just yesterday commented to one of my classes that I found the brightly colored copy paper, that I love using for the worksheets I give them, on Amazon for about half of what I pay at Staples. One of them informed me that his brother searched and you can by a hand grenade on Amazon……good to know, as I said, I teach middle school!

  419. I love the old barn door. I just picked up one of those at a sale yesterday and i am planning to use it over my mantle.

  420. The burlap bows! They make me swoon!!

  421. I love the barn door and the trees on the current one. But they are honestly all amazing. Where did the plants on the current one come from?

  422. I adore tulips, but I have to say that I like your most recent mantel best – something about barn door, wooden trees and birds!

  423. I do love those little birds, but I think the wreath layered on the basket was my favorite.

  424. Like all the mantles but LOVE the one with the pink tulips!

  425. Oh my! The basket and wreath is a hands-down winner for me. But then, I have never met a basket I don’t like! I also like the mason jars….may have to brughten up my mantle with that pretty idea too! Thanks for sharing mantles present and past! Have a great weekend. Xx-hb

  426. I think they were all beautiful but if I had to pick one, the white milk glass and yellow flowers. So fresh and upbeat. Definitely the KariAnne touch and love what a good day you had of ordinary things.

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    I left you my first comment on Friday and you sent me a beautiful reply. I thank you for your kindness. I’m truly a blog stalker and I love your blog, you are truly a breath of fresh air.

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