Easy Last Minute Ornament Gift Idea (and a Fun Video)

Easy Last Minute Ornament Gift Idea (and a Fun Video)

monogram ornament

Remember the time that you created a simple personalized ornament for a segment on television in Nashville?

You were ready.

You had the cutest necklace and spent hours curling your hair and wore the best shade of red lipstick.

You and the project were going to be amazing.

A ratings blockbuster.

All over Nashville people would put down their coffee cups and stop whatever they were doing to watch incredulously as you created a monogrammed ornament project in minutes.

easy monogram ornament diy You started strong.

A few laughs here.  A red lipstick smile there.  You were excited and animated and talked through the process perfectly….until.

Until you gave the host of the show a paint pen that you didn’t prime to make the paint come out so she vainly pressed the paint pen on the ornament without a dot of paint in sight and when you saw it you literally laughed out loud when you saw it.

Like a guffaw.

Like bending over and laughing so hard the ornament almost fell out of your hand.


Remember when that happened on television in front of thousands of people?

Good times.

To see the segment that aired on Talk of the Town in Nashville….click here.

To make your own monogrammed ornament….I totally Reader’s Digested the project below.

monogrammed ornament diy

diy monogrammed ornament

monogram ornament diy project

monogrammed ornament project

PS  These would make the best gift ideas for a teacher or hostess gift.

PPS  Just make sure you prime your paint pen before taking your project on the road. 🙂

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  1. I love watching the news cast

  2. I knew you would be adorable and you were… adorable! The monogram ornaments are a fantastic gift idea BTW!
    Wishing you and yours a family & fun filled festive season!!

  3. You were just adorable. I do love the hand movements — you were so very expressive and of course the idea and concept were perfect. As I said before — Martha Stewart Watch Out!!!!!

  4. Such cute ideas! You video clip was adorable, too! I’m all about the easy this year. Thanks for some additional ideas.

  5. I enjoy the videos of you that you share with us. I am definitely making the monogram ornaments as favors for my cookie exchange next year. On the lookout for clear or white ornaments at the after Christmas sales. A blessed Christmas to you and your family.

  6. Karianne, you are just too darn cute! Loved the segment and your enthusiasm! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  7. Your sunny blog posts have put a smile on my face every morning, even a Monday morning. 🙂
    Happy Holidays to you and your family

  8. Wow, you’ve become a regular on TV! Great projects (I’m partial to the wood slice ornament) … and you look great …

  9. You are cuter than cute! Love your ideas and your sweet voice. Wish I knew you! =)

  10. tee hee, I guffawed just reading about it!

  11. It’s nice to know you’re human! 🙂

  12. I watched that clip…oh my…you are adorable! Cute project too..hehe! 😉

  13. The video clip was such fun…we’ve all been there…and you handled it perfectly!! What great ornament ideas…my kids would love this project.

  14. Dear friend,
    You were wonderful. I saw the program when it was “live”(sounds strange). I am wondering when you will have your own show. I enjoy your posts and have been with you since the beginning. Happy Holidays from middle TN:-)

  15. Well, that’s about the easiest DIY monogrammed ornament – EVER! Will save for post-Christmas crafting for next year.

  16. You are adorable – just loved seeing you on the video…you were perfect!! Now I’ve got to go get some paint pins and try making my own ornaments – thanks for the tutorial!!

  17. You were great on the video! you seemed very relaxed. I can see you doing many more of these shows.

  18. I love these ornaments!!! So easy and I am going to try and make some for next years tree once I figure out my color scheme:). I love reading your blog…I always read it first and then go back and check out the pictures:). Your posts always make me smile! I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

  19. That’s the beauty of live TV, KariAnne – it’s much more fun when everything doesn’t go perfectly! Viewers love it when they see that TV folks are “real” and bumble through life just like everyone else – that’s the secret to my success! Lots of bumbling!!! Love having you on Talk of the Town – can’t wait to plan new segments in 2015!

  20. You did a wonderful job and were absolutely adorable during the segment. The ornaments you created are so fun and easy. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.