How to Make Sugar Letters

How to Make Sugar Letters


How to Make Sugar Letters

Isn’t it the simple things in life that make us the happiest?

The perfect mix on a diet coke at a drive-through window.

The new season of Survivor with Blair from the “Facts of Life.”

Constantly being able to drop into conversation that you made your first pecan pie (and crust).

And the new spooky effects on Pic Monkey.


I love them.

The only thing is…..I think I over-Pic-Monkeyed this post.

I couldn’t help it.

The spiders and the webs and the pumpkins and the gratuitous “Boo’s” were calling my name.


Please tell me you would have done the same thing.


Tell me that a bowl of sugar doesn’t look better with a hanging spider.  Or a pumpkin.  Or a floating piece of candy corn.


But maybe you can have too much of a good thing.

Maybe by the end of the post… will be thinking…..enough already with those hanging spiders and their giant webs.

But I had to

Time is slipping away.

I only have 31 days left to use them…..and then I’m moving on…..

… turkey season. 🙂



 Easy DIY Pressed Sugar Letters

(with a few hanging spiders thrown in)





(and a gratuituous “Boo!”)




Step 1:   Fill a bag full of 75 sugar cubes and crush with a hammer until the sugar cubes become ground sugar.

The original recipe I found over at Pixel Whisk called for super fine sugar.

But as I might have mentioned 24,679 times…..I live in the country.

We have brown sugar and white sugar and confectioner’s sugar and Splenda.

But currently, around here, superfine sugar is just a distant dream.

So I had to get creative and make my own.




Step 2:  Mist sugar with water from a spray bottle.

This is a little bit of trial and error.

I sprayed the top of the sugar lightly with water.

Then stirred the sugar.

Misted it again lightly.

Stirred the sugar again.

After two or three mistings and stirrings….your sugar should look like sand.




Step 3:  Add one to two drops of food coloring to sugar.

I added orange food coloring for the spooky effect.

Stir into sugar until all of your sugar is orange.




Step 4:  Pat out sugar and press cookie cutters into it.

Dump sugar out of bowl onto a sheet of parchment paper.

Using fingers….press it down to about 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick.

Press cookie cutters into flattened sugar.



Step 5:  Remove cookie cutters from sugar .

Because the cookie cutters are so small…..the sugar wil stay inside the cookie cutters.

Place the cookie cutters on the parchment paper.

Add a spider to your picture.

Tell yourself….it’s okay….you only have 31 days left for gratuitous spider pictures.




Step 6:  Using a toothpick, remove your letter from the cookie cutters.

Gently poke a toothpick into the center letter to slowly loosen it from the cookie cutter.

Slide the cookie cutter off and leave the letter on the parchment paper.

The letters will harden in one to two hours.




Your letters are now almost as sturdy as sugar cubes.

Ready to use at your next spooky party or get-together.

This is one of those projects that you will love.

It is so easy.


It only took me about 10 minutes.

And I got to show off my mad Pic Monkey skills.

I mean…..really…..when it’s all said and done……nothing makes a project look better than an over-sized spider web and a grinning pumpkin.

Except maybe a turkey 🙂


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  1. I love your spooky letters. This would be a great project to do with kids.


  2. EEEK…this is waaay too cute…and not sure what I like better, the adorable sugar cubes or the Pic Monkey effects! Have a wonderful Monday!!

  3. Too cute! Not over-monkeyed at all. Your way worked perfectly, but if you ever really, really need super-fine sugar, you can put regular sugar in your food processor or blender, and whirl it a bit. Those of us who live in the country have to make do!! (I live outside of a small town (pop. 609), it is 35 miles to Walmart, so I am good at making do.

  4. I have literally been killing myself over here thinking of ways to use pic monkey’s new Halloween stuff.

    I may throw up some Halloween decorations JUST so I have an excuse to use those cool things over there.

    great DIY project!

  5. Leave it to you to make the day sweeter my friend!!!! LOVE this project and I HAVE THOSE CUTTERS!!!! YAY!!!! It’s always so much fun sharing these posts with you and the gang! You as always ROCK with everything you do! BOO!!!! HUGS!!!!!

  6. That is a cool idea. The bright orange really woke me up this morning!!
    Have a wonderful Monday! I am off to my first day of work for the season. Gonna be a good, good day for working with the needy!!!
    Cheers, Gee

  7. Too cute! And this can be done for any occasion, what a neat idea Kari!
    Thanks for the tip, pinning this for sure.
    Debbie 🙂

  8. Just added sugar cubes to my grocery list. And pinned this.


    • Bliss,
      Just use regular sugar and give it a good whiz or two in your food processor or blender to make super fine sugar. I learned this when we lived in a city of just over 100,000 that oddly enough did NOT carry super fine sugar in a single store… we had to drive an hour to find it. Crazy, huh?

  9. boo and eek are my favorite parts of Halloween! These are so cute. And I had no idea that Picmonkey had special Halloween effects! Now I will be adding spiders and webs and gratuitous “boos” to all my future posts this month … regardless of whether or not they have anything to do with Halloween!



  10. Do they come with sound effects?

  11. I love this idea … now what are the chances I can find sugar cubes on this island???

  12. How on earth do you dream this stuff up??!! Such a cute idea.

  13. What’s better than a gratuitous spider?

    A gratuitous spider covered in neon orange sugar!


  14. These are SO cute, Karianne! Thanks for sharing the tutorial! And I am loving the spooky effects at PicMonkey, too!

  15. hahaha!
    ♥ PicMonkey! I spent too much time Saturday “zombie-fying my youngest. I posted it on his facebook page & shocked him!

    I love the sugar letters you created. I did something like that for a tea party once. (Wasn’t wild, however, about the appearance of the tea after adding cream & colored sugar flowers… 😮 )

  16. what a cute idea! My girls would love these (although Lord knows, more sugar is one thing my hyper little darlings do not need in life-ha!).

  17. you could pretty much make those in any color, for any occasion! very cute indeed!

  18. I think you rocked the picmonkey additions – and the funky sugar cubes too!

  19. Seem very easy to do and I think would fit great on a cake. Thanks for tutorial 🙂

  20. Love your sugar letters! So cute and such a fun idea! Love the spooky additions in the photos too!

  21. What a cute idea! I have to agree with Sandra, a quick whiz or two in the blender/food processor turns regular sugar into super fine. Oddly enough when we lived in Ohio no one carried super fine sugar in our city of over 100,000 folks… so I did what any self respecting baker does. I searched for an alternative (plus I was too cheap to drive an hour away to find some.. ha ha!)

    Have a wonderful day! Happy October 1st!

  22. These are DARLING!! I bet “foodie” people everywhere would love to see how to make these….hint hint! 😉 Seriously though, they are too clever…and I LOVE your spiders and webs, I say use them while you got them!


  23. Girl you rocked those PicMonkey graphics! These little letters are too cute to use!

  24. Amazing!!! I just love this! Need to get onto Pic Monkey pronto. 🙂

    Way to go on a totally creative, and easy, crafting food project!

  25. These are so cute! What a fun little project. I can see doing this for so many things… like a little baby shower (but maybe in a different color).

  26. Lovin’ the letters, and I totally need to check out Pic Monkey. And Blair better step it up and start to get more physical in the challenges, or she’ll be voted off … don’t ya think?!

  27. KariAnne, you are amazing me over here, girl. You are such a domestic goddess. I think I am going to have to get you a bigger crown. No joke, these are just too cute. I have just plain old sugar cubes in my sugar bowl. How boring I am!

    You must be getting so excited about your upcoming event. I’m still sad that I am going to miss you. Did Kijsa decide to come with you?

  28. Cute idea Karianne..Don’t you just love this time of year??

  29. I have never seen such a thing K…how adorable!
    the grand babies would love these…although their momma wouldn’t
    Blair is on survivor? I don’t watch it anymore but I used to watch
    Facts of Life what a long time ago
    love ya

  30. Cute! I pinned it! You can Boo me anytime, babe!

  31. You’re a genius! I love it!


  32. Your letters are adorable…
    I, too, am having fun at PicMonkey and their Halloween cuties…I’ve made 3 or 5 spooky headers to change throughout the month.

  33. Very cute idea Karianne, I’m not a bit surprised that you have letter cookie cutters, I bet you have number cookie cutters too. I love all the spiders and webs they are fun. Don’t forget to make these sugar treats with pink food color and a heart shaped cookie cutter for Valentine’s day in February. About the super fine sugar, you can make regular sugar super fine using a food processor or a blender I think. Joyous Wishes, Linda

  34. Love this post. SO SO CUTE and clever!

    Your mad skillz with PM is awesome…..added lotza fun to your post, I love your blog, but you knew that, right?


  35. I didn’t even know you could get cookie cutters that small!!!

  36. I think kids would love doing this, I love your pic monkey creations………….

  37. KariAnne, you always make everything fun…. who knew sugar could be this exciting or even orange?

  38. what a clever project, karianne! i’m pinning this:)

  39. This is adorable! I am having out of town company and I just have to make these!!!! Very very cute, Karianne!

  40. Kari, I annoint you Pic Monkey Princess! The combo of the black and white with the orange is just super! Wouldn’t kids love to have their name spelled out with those letters?

  41. ohmygosh, I agree, PicMonkey is da bomb!! I could go nuts with all their fun effects. love the letters!

  42. okay sister. LOVE.LOVE.LOVE. did i yell that loud enough? Even when halloween is over i am going to do HO HO HO for christmas! i always wanted to spell out HO in sugar!

  43. Now that is very clever! …and I do love your picmonkey effects! 🙂

    You mentioned Blair …Lisa Whelchel, is coming to a Ladies Conference hosted by our church in January. I had the pleasure of meeting her last January, and she is a super sweet person!

  44. Love your sugar letters AND the cool Halowe’en photo embellishments 🙂 It’s so easy (and fun!) to go a little Pic Monkey-crazy 🙂

  45. Karianne,
    These are just super cute!! I have that exact set of cutters. Now I see a new use for them.
    Love all the Pic-Monkey effects too. :0)

  46. These are so stinkin cute. I have a vision of my younger boy Jack poppin these in his mouth like tic tacs…oh it would be a rush for sure. Thanks so much for sharing at my party.

  47. Love these! We will be featuring them tomorrow! Have a fabulous week!

    Take care,


  48. So cute. Visiting from Debbie’s party.

    (I’m a PicMonkey junky, I totally get it)