DIY Side Table Project

DIY Side Table Project



Did you think I forgot about the Gatehouse?


I mean….I had that whole post about it and talked all about how I was decorating it and promised you amazing reveals and hot pink and zinc and tables and chairs and rugs and lights that look like space ships.

And then I never said another word.


I got a little side tracked….with this room and this room and this room.

No worries.

The light fixtures have arrived and the black and white awnings for the outside are here and I’ve finished this DIY side table project…..and I am officially back on track. 🙂

So today….here’s what I have been working on for the Gatehouse…

….contact paper has never looked so good. 🙂


DIY Side Table Project

3M TEKK Safety Products


$5 yard sale side table

electric sander


3M TEKK Digital WorkTunes Hearing Protector

3M TEKK Safety Eyewear

Safety Respirator

contact paper



Tutti Frutti pink paint


Step 1:  Put on safety gear and sand table

The goal is to remove the old finish so the paint will adhere to the table.

I used 3M TEKK Digital Work Tunes Hearing Protector and safety eyewear while I sanded.

Sanding with 60 grit sand paper is so much better wearing red lipstick.

edited to add:  3M also has a great paint/sanding respirator!  Cover up that red lipstick with a paint/sanding respirator.


Step 2:  Prime table

After I finished sanding….I applied spray primer to table.

Then let it dry according to directions.


Step 3:  Sand primer

Using 120 grit sandpaper….sand the primer to remove the rough finish.

Wipe down with a tack cloth to remove any residue from the surface.


Step 4:  Paint table

Apply two coats of paint to table.

Let dry in between coats according to directions.


Step 5:  Cut out a rectangle of contact paper

Measure top of table and cut a rectangle of contact paper to fit.

I cut mine just a little larger to make sure it covered all the sides.


Step 6:  Cut out a circle out of contact paper

I measured and planned eight circles for the top.

I made the circles with a compass.  I traced the outside circle and then traced the inside circle to create a ring.

Trace the circles in the pattern you want onto the BACK of the contact paper.


Step 7:  Connect the rings

Using a ruler, connect the rings together to complete the pattern.

You can use the lines on the back of the contact paper as a guide.


Step 7:  Cut out pattern

Using sharp scissors or a utility knife, cut out the pattern from the contact paper.

Remove backing and center on the top of the side table.

Smooth out all wrinkles.


I created a pattern with circles to go with the Gatehouse.

But what about squares or triangles or a trellis or diamonds.

All you need is contact paper….amazing safety gear….a $5 yard sale table….

….and a little imagination. 🙂

This post is a collaboration with

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Note:  I have been compensated by 3m for this post…..but my opinions about pink tables

and safety equipment and red lipstick  are completely and utterly  my own.

For my complete disclosure policy click here.

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  1. LOVE!!! The pop of white on that incredible pink is fabulous!

  2. What an awesome transformation! And, what a deal you got on that table! I love it! It’s so cute! I like your step by step too that included “red lipstick”. lol 🙂

  3. Unfortunately, my skin tone is such that I can’t wear red lipstick. Do you think that as long as I strictly follow the rest of the instructions, I could get my little table to look as cute? 🙂

    Can’t wait to see all the happenings at the Gatehouse!

  4. Love! Love! Love!

  5. The red lipstick is not really my shade, so Jane won’t let me apply. It looks good on you. See ya at Haven.

  6. AAAhhh the gatehouse. I have been waiting for the pops of colour to start to fly, and boy… I am glad I did. Nice hot pop of pink.
    Sexy safety gear there lady 🙂 Works perfectly with the red lipstick.
    Hugs, Gee

  7. Love the pic with red lipstick. Gotta feel a little girly even when you are working the power tools. 🙂

  8. You rock SO much! I need to start wearing red lipstick…

  9. The pink table is absolutely wonderful!! I have a couple of teenage daughters who would flip over it! What a super cute idea! Thanks for sharing how easy it was to make!!

  10. Karianne you are rocking that red lipstick! Love this table, the pink & white together are wonderful 🙂

    xo, Tanya

  11. LOVE THE PINK and well just the whole darn thing, just love your creativity~!!!!

    see you at Haven! Can’t wait!!!

  12. Gorgeous, as usual! 🙂 Contact paper is such a useful product, I don’t know why I don’t use it more!

    But my favorite? The red lipstick . . . Have a wonderfully COOL day, Sweet Lady!

  13. You really rocked that eyewear and headset! The red lipstick sent it over the top!! Wonderful little table….you never cease to amaze me! LOL~~Angela

  14. I am so impressed you were able to pull the backing off the contact paper without it all sticking together and tearing when you try to get it apart. Is there a secret to achieving this???? Maybe two people so you have 4 hands working?? Anyway, it looks great and what a fun thing to do to a tired old side table.

  15. cute as can be!

  16. Adorable! I bet you could also use that cut-out as a stencil! Great ideas and beautiful table!

  17. So cute!!!! Contact paper… who knew!

  18. Sheryll & Critters. :

    Wow, that table turned out just fabulous! I wish I had someplace to put that color of pink in my house. I have a feeling I could never get the contact paper on the table without a huge mess. Red lipstick is definitely your color….. wish I could look that good in any lipstick.

  19. You rocked it, of course!! I’m crazy about the pink, and who’d have thought CONTACT PAPER??? You — that’s who! 😉
    xo Heidi

  20. Lookin’ so good in your safety gear and red lipstick! Loving that fun shade of pink too!

  21. Fantastic Transformation!

  22. Oh, KA – isn’t that just the brightest most funnest thing ever?

    Cute post. Cute lady wearing red lipstick and cute cute cute sander-fella!

    Love the table – the gatehouse? Cannot even stand the wait!!

  23. I’m very very impressed with your ability to work with contact paper or is it easier than it was 35 years ago when I used it all over the place and struggled with wrinkles I’d smooth by popping with a pin and carefully smoothing???

  24. It’s the lipstick…has to be the lipstick!! Cute table reminds me of a pink polka dot dress I had when I was ten or so…same shade of pink…always felt special in that dress. Red lipstick! That’s your inspiration! 😉

  25. Must be the red lipstick!! Looks great..Somehow I don’t think that’s you doing the sanding..

  26. I’ve changed my mind….I’m NOT going to live in your pantry. I’m moving into the gatehouse! LOVE the table! xo

  27. your red lipstick is your signature look…and it suits you perfectly. 🙂

    the table is darling.
    can’t wait to see more of the gatehouse.

  28. What color name and brand of paint did you use for the hot pink? Spray paint or brush on?
    The table turned out awesome. Great idea with the contact paper.
    Have a Blessed Day 🙂

  29. My hubby uses those great 3M glasses!…and need to get those great work tunes hearing protectors too!…the table looks great…gotta love that contact paper!…

  30. Very cute……………..I like

  31. Look at you DIY’ing on vacation! Can’t wait for that gatehouse reveal!!!

    🙂 Linda

  32. Penny @ The Comforts of Home :

    LOVE IT! And your red lipstick :-).

  33. Sooo. I saw your post- realized those headphones are exactly what I need for when I sand, and promptly ordered them! Quick question though- don’t you wear a respirator or at least a dust mask when you sand?

  34. I just love how that came out. What a great way to add some contrast. Love the circles and the white with the hot pink. Fabulous!

  35. Thank goodness you had your safety lippy on C:

  36. OH you just had me laughing for 5 minutes with that picture of you and the red lipstick. SUCH a cute pink table and I’m loving the circles 🙂 Nice job rockstar!

  37. Love the red lipstick, oops, love the table too! What I really love is your sense of humor and writing style. Your table turned out gorgeous too, that hot pink is amazing! ~Diane

  38. So creative! You’re amazing!

  39. Love it Karianne. The color is so bright and cheery! The paper sets it off!