DIY Galvanized Metal Tags

DIY Galvanized Metal Tags


If you ever stopped by my mother’s house on Christmas morning and met my family….

….this post would make even more sense.

Suffice it to say we are a lot.

A lot of family (27 people just with us).

A lot of laughing.  A lot of homemade cookies (not by me).  A lot of inside jokes.  A lot of opinions.  A lot of coffee.

And a lot of handmade presents.

We are also a lot of competitive (in a good way).  Everyone wants to give a gift from the heart.  The kind of gift where you open it and joy trickles out from between the tissue paper.

And it all starts with the wrapping.


I finally got my gift for everyone this year worked out (thank you SO much for all the suggestions).

And it’s PERFECT.

Not just a little perfect–the kind of perfect like Elizabeth’s dresses in the crown.  The kind of perfect like walking into a Christmas tree lot the smell wraps you in all the Christmases that have gone before.  The kind of perfect when your red lipstick coordinates with your pants.

But I can’t show you what I made.

I can’t give it away.

What if someone from my family read the blog and then they knew and the joy already trickled out before I had a chance to give it to them?  So, here’s a sneak peek.  I know you are thinking you might know what it is….

…but you might be wrong. 🙂

That’s the thing about sneak peeks.

They are tricky.


So I’ll show you the wrapping instead.

It’s this cute red and white paper and gingham bows and these letters.

Can you even believe how cute they are?

And here’s the best part.


I found them at a Walmart.  They were super affordable–just a little over a dollar and they also had burlap.

I think they are supposed to hang on the wall?  I found them back with the crafts, but not where you think they should be.

They were next to the floral department and the craft foam.


Maybe they are supposed to go in a floral arrangement?


I knew they would be perfect for the gifts.

I just strung a ribbon through one of the hooks on the back.

And tied them on the top of the present so each person’s initial is on top of their gift.


Then they can keep the galvanized letter monogram and put it in their floral arrangements.

It’s like two gifts in one.

The perfect present and another perfect present on top.

I think I’m the winner.  Right?

Not that I’m competing or anything. 🙂

PS  I am seriously laughing out loud as I type that.


And now just in case you wanted a little more gift wrap inspiration here are a few fun ideas from some of my friends.

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  1. These are so cute! I love how they add the perfect farmhouse touch along with that red and white gingham ribbon too. I can’t wait to see what you give them this year. You’re always so creative. I bet they’re excited already. Hope your have the best day, CoCo

  2. I must insert a sad comment here. I have been buying these letters at Walmart and they have enormous potential. However, (sad music..) Some Walmarts are discontinuing them! Moment of silence here. I never thought of using them on packages. By the time I get around to wrapping presents the packages are just barely wrapped! Midnight Christmas eve is not the time for creativity! 😉

  3. Christi {Jealous Hands} :

    Adore this – and can’t wait to see what the gift ends up being! xo

  4. Those letters are beyond perfect. I need to see if my WalMart has them. I am so curious to see what you are giving as your hand crafted gift. I’ll be waiting on pins and needles. The sneak peek already looks very promising. Isn’t the joy of giving the best? You have me so excited for the excitement of Christmas. Well done Karianne!

    Thanks for blog hopping with me today!


  5. I found galvanized tin initials too at Walmart only these were with the Christmas decor. I’m using mine for the stockings. So cute!
    I’m dying to see what you ended up making. Can’t wait for you to share! I’m sure you’re the hands down winner especially since you topped it off with the darling tags! 🙂
    Hope your week is going well. Hugs,

  6. OK, so I didn’t have time today to head to Walmart but I totally have to go there now! Those are AMAZING~!!! WHERE do you find the time lol!!!
    Warmest Christmas Wags,
    terry & agatha

  7. Can you adopt me into the family?!?
    So adorably cute I can’t stand it!! : )

  8. So fun! I would not want to be your sister-in-law!! Too much pressure! Ha! Have a great Friday karianne


  9. OH my goodness! Excuse me while I make an emergency run to WalMArt! It never occurred to me to use an initial —let alone a galvanized one! And with the paper ~~ perfection. Once again, you hit it out of the park! Thanks so much for hopping with us today! Happy Holidays!

  10. Winner,winner,chicken dinner.

  11. Love these. I love wrapping gifts as well.

  12. On my way to Walmart today. Only Problem is we have multiple names starting with the same letter! LOL
    My sisters and I are all L’s and my nieces and brother in law A’s. Plus my husband and other brother in law are D’s. Good thing my son is a Q! Love all these wrapping ideas. The bow tutorial and those tassels❤️❤️ Thanks😘

  13. Well you did “win”, in my opinion, the wrap it up
    tour. SO…. there you have it ! Another win for
    your not so competitive side. You make me smile
    every time. Thanks for the joy you share on here.
    It is my favorite blog. Blessing to you and all of
    yours this season . Merry Christmas !

  14. I read the title of the blog. I saw the picture and I gasped, and said to me out loud”Oh my goodness she has stolen her Mothers fabric scissors for TIN. For shame ~ But I read some more, and said “Ok she bought her own.”
    Take time to relax and have the best Christmas ever with the other 26 gatherers. Jere

  15. Yes, your galvanized initials are definitely ‘the winners’! LOVE! And, I giggled about your “P.S.” 🙂

  16. I have those same galvanized letters on my dining room wall spelling out “eat, pray, love” and on the tree in there spelling out “Noel”! I am off to get some for gift tags! Thanks for the inspiration!

  17. Lanita Anderson :

    Love your wrapping and the GREAT letters! I may have to check those out…….what a great idea for gift wrap! Happy Weekend…..

  18. Michele Riggsbee :

    I love, love, love this gift wrap idea! I wish I had more gifts to give this year! I adore gingham and envision it with brown paper or some “birch bark” paper that I have! Thanks for the pretty idea! I bought small galvanized ornaments/tags this past year from Michael’s when they were on sale! I forgot I had them!

  19. Chris Breidenbach :

    Christmas time is so much about memories and your post reminded me of special times with my family. We have lost so many people that have starring roles in my bank of memories, that those thoughts come to mind with a little pain mixed with a little joy. The joy is what holds us together. We had a tradition of exchanging homemade gifts, which caused sheer panic in our non creative family members. My brother was a talented artist, though, and we all hoped that he had drawn our name. It was no secret, we shared that without reservation. My brothers projects were always perfectly beautiful, and the other end of the spectrum brought a gift that perhaps was not perfect. But those less than perfect gifts came wrapped in a lot of thought and meaning and we were all winners even if we were not Tom’s choice for the year. Thanks for sharing, your love of family is the best thing about your blog!

  20. Where did you find the red and white paper with writing on it?

  21. I adore galvanized letters and using them as gift tags that can double as decor after Christmas is such a great idea – pinned it!

  22. I always love your posts and sense of humor so much! I need to go hunt down these initials asap. Can’t wait to see what’s inside 🙂 xo

  23. I am an initial nut! I had never thought to use them for gift giving! Love the idea! Thanks girl!

  24. I’ll have to check out my Walmart. I love them!

  25. Toooooo cute!!!