Dear Country Living

Dear Country Living

Dear Country Living,


Thank you so much for this nomination.

I am excited.

And overwhelmed.

And thrilled…..


Muddy Laundry Room


That this is what was you saw on my blog the day the nominations came out.


Country living at its finest.

A little “during” in a world that is filled with “befores” and “afters.”


Desk with English chairs


Couldn’t you have stopped by the day I featured this?


Railroad Sign Chalkboard


Or this.


Maybe it’s for the best.

Because that’s really life in a farmhouse in the middle of the country.

A whole lot of mud next to a ruffled shower curtain.

  Laundry Room Muc


So while my farmhouse and I thank you for the opportunity.

I just wanted to tell you “It was an honor just to be nominated.”  🙂



Thistlewood Farm


PS  If you have ever had mud in your laundry room…..can you show a little support and vote over here.

Us muddy laundry roomers have to stick together 🙂

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  1. Karianne that is SO awesome! I just voted and I posted it to my fb page and asked my friends to vote for you too! Hope you win!

  2. Wow! Congratulations! I’ve cast my vote and crossed my fingers and toes for you!

    Have a blessed weekend,


  3. I just voted too! Good Luck!

  4. Laundry room! Try everywhere! most days I’m scared someone is going to come over for a visit…and see the state my house is in. I ‘m going to blame it on a land mine going off :O) I think if you really live in a house you’re going to have a little mud. I don’t think I would want a house where no one felt comfortable enough to bring a little mud in. And as always, your house is beautiful!

  5. You got my vote KariAnne!! CONGRATS!

  6. Kari,
    Just voted for Thislewood Farm….again. Now if the just had a category for best writing! Maybe next year!

  7. Congratulations! This mud sister voted and thanks for keeping it real.

  8. Oh how exciting! Congratulations! =D

  9. LOL, guess it’s back to only afters for you. haha

    Huge congrats, much deserved, definitely voted!! 🙂

  10. Congrats! I have already voted and shared this! So proud of you! Fingers and toes crossed!

  11. I just voted. This is so exciting Congrats!!! Come and stop by for a visit at Cloches and Lavender.


  12. Congratulations on your nomination! You are a witty writer and have great style so I know you will do very well. I promise to vote! Good luck!

  13. Mothers with mud unite!



    You soooooooooooooooooooooooooo deserve this nomination and I voted!

    Mud, flies and all. You have a gloriously awesome FAVVIE FAV kinda blog!

  15. Congratulations, my friend! So well deserved! Now, I’m off to vote =)

  16. Hey! Congratulations! How exciting! I’m off to vote too!

  17. Oh my gosh, KariAnne. I am so excited for you. I voted, and I shared on Facebook.♥♥♥

  18. Karianne, I was delighted to cast a vote for you today! Everyday I look forward to hopping on my laptop and clicking over to Thistlewood Farm – your pictures always have me ooohing and aaahing as I read through your cleverly written blog posts! Congratulations!!!

  19. Yea Karianne! That is awesome! Even if the “dirty clothes” pic was on the day after, you have such beautiful spaces and pictures, I know everyone who was visiting was still in love with you blog!

    Congrats 🙂

  20. Karianne you are so deserving of this honor and I voted for you this morning! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  21. I think it can only help you to have mud in your post that day. Because that is a great photo. And if you can take a great pic of muddy clothes, you can take a great photo of anything. Just wait till they scroll down to the cheesecake in a jar pics. They’ll be hooked. And I hope you win! You blog is exquisite.

  22. Just voted again. Voted yesterday too. XO

  23. Yippee, congrats! I am heading over to vote.

  24. I’ve bookmarked the page so I can vote for you every day 🙂 Congratulations, Karianne; I am SO excited and you are so deserving!!! Have you considered my suggestion, and probably countless others, to write a decorating book…PLEASE 🙂 Thankful for you and your blog! Hugs

  25. Congratulations Karianne..Good luck..

  26. Congrats, KariAnne!

  27. You got my vote, sweetie girl…..GOOOOOOOD LUCK
    XOXOXO bj

  28. WOOOOOOHOOOOO!!!! You deserve it, Karianne!!!! So happy for you!!!
    I voted and will vote everyday!!!!

  29. Karianne, I can’t tell how excited I am for you, congratulations! I just voted for you, and I will again and again. Nobody has super terrific muddy laundry like you.

    Good Luck!


  30. big congrats, karianne!! just voted-fingers crossed!

  31. Wow…. so glad Country Living listened when they were asking for nominations a few months ago.
    You are by far one of my favorite blogs.
    I just voted.
    Good Luck!!!

  32. Congratulations, You SO deserve the nomination! You have my vote.
    Best, Best Wishes!

  33. This is fabulous! I love your reality as well as your beauty. Enjoying getting to know you on blogtalk. You are an encouragement!

  34. Karianne I’m so excited for you! I saw that you had been selected yesterday and voted. But I’ll be back to vote every day until you WIN!! How’s that for a muddy buddy??

  35. Voted! How exciting!

  36. Congratulations!!!!!

  37. I went and voted who wouldn’t vote for you your blog is just so awesome……………..congratulations

  38. Couldn’t think of a more well deserved person for this award. Yep you have my vote!!!

  39. So thrilled that you and Thistlewood Farm are nominated KariAnne. I have voted and shared on my FB page too. Good luck 🙂

  40. Karianne I voted and it is so well deserved! Congratulations!

  41. I’m SO excited for you Karianne! This is HUGE!! Congratulations my friend. Well deserved, by far! Your post cracked me up! This is how I felt (on an admittedly miniscule level) about having a wreath made of toilet paper rolls posted on my blog when I went to Haven! I couldn’t believe I had left that ugliness up on my blog as the first thing people from the conference would see! Hahaha! I think your project gallery speaks for itself about how beautiful your style is!

  42. I just know you’ll win – muddy piles and all!
    Then they’ll jet you off to NYC where I’ll greet you and we’ll hang out and shop at H&M and Anthro and do touristy things and I’ll cheer for my well deserving friend!

  43. I can’t wait for you to win! Because I know you will …


  44. I LOVE your blog…so I’m voting everyday!! It will be great when you win!!! I need to know where you go the Kentucky map in the pic with the trunk and English chairs?? I would love to have one for my wall here in California. My other home is in Somerset…..see it on your map??


  45. How awesome Karianne! Congrats to you, I did vote, and hope I did it right..seemed it went through so that is a good thing. Best of luck to you!

  46. A BIG CONGRATULATIONS, Karianne…and can I say…I’m NOT surprised AT ALL…you go girl!

  47. Your blog’s progress in such a short time is nothing short of incredible…and EVERY accolade is so well-deserved! Of course I voted for you…best of luck, Karianne!

  48. I’m so incredibly happy for you! Your blog is so incredibly gorgeous and even though I don’t comment near as much as I should, I’m always here droolin’. I already voted for you too…and I seriously cannot wait to meet you at the SBC in Raleigh!


  49. Congratulations; you’ve got great mud. Think of it as Spa Mud for lovers of all things vintage. Good luck, I’m off to vote! 🙂

  50. Congrats, KariAnne! I wanna be like you when I grow up! 🙂
    xo heidi

  51. Wowwie Zowwie! This is sooooooo exciting!! I’m over-the-top thrilled for you!!! I voted…and will be back to keep voting…and shared it on FB as well. Best wishes!!!!
    P.S. God’s bigger than a muddy laundry room. And….Sometimes we shine best when everything isn’t so perfect. {hugs}

  52. I’ll absolutely vote for you. I’ve always thought if virtual me could live in a blog, I would live in Thistlewood Farms, for sure. You have a beautiful blog and home. Keep it up, Karianne.

  53. Karianne,
    Congratulations!! And you better believe I am voting for you!!! You always inspire me!

  54. Been away from the computer this weekend…just read this!!….CONGRATULATIONS….OH MY GOODNESS…I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!…TURNING CARTWHEELS CROSS THE FLOOR!!….I voted and I posted it on both of my Facebook pages!!!….YOU SO DESERVE IT!!!

  55. So excited for you! I’m splitting my daily votes between you and Cassie, but you are both awesome. I think it’s cruel that they put you in the same category… I mean, can’t they have a furniture makeover category????

  56. Congrats!! And thanks for keeping it real…laundry rooms are muddy, especially when in the country!

  57. Congratulations on the nomination! I voted for you.

  58. Just wanted to stop by and let you know I voted for you!!

  59. I meant to comment the other day and totally forgot–CONGRATULATIONS on your well-deserved nomination! Also, so impressed about how you handled it…you barely mentioned that we can all vote for you! I just love reading someone’s blog that truly loves what she writes about and doesn’t do it for the recognition. Now, that being said, I’ve been voting everyday!! Best of luck!!

  60. Holey Moley ! Congratulations! I’m voting for you EVERY day!!

  61. Congrats, cute Kari!! This is like high-school and both of your friends are up for prom queen, and you’d really like them to break tradition, have a tie and choose two this year. Actually, you really wish you were up for prom queen, but…. 🙂 Good luck!

  62. Congratulations, Karianne! I just popped over and voted for you. You should definitely win; your blog is so awesome!

  63. Congratulations-an honor WELL DESERVED! I voted 🙂