The Day Superman Came to Town

The Day Superman Came to Town



Tomorrow I’ll be at Chapel Market.

If you are coming, I can’t wait to meet you.

If you live in a land far far away, please know that you will be missed.


I know this year will even better than last year.

And so much easier.

Because this year I’m bringing an assistant who is faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive and who can leap tall buildings with a single bound….

….my oldest son Denton.

To celebrate him, here’s one of my favorite stories ever about the day that Superman came to Chapel Market.

Thistlewood Farms - The Chapel Market Photo

Here’s superman in all his glory.

He’s a superhero disguised in a Thistlewood shirt.  A couple of years ago when he came to help me at market he was an incredible assistant.  He unloaded the car and set up the tables and put together the Christmas tree and hung the baskets and cut out tags and carried boxes and stacked t-shirts and drew on chalkboard trees….

…and promptly developed an entire inventory system for us in a matter of minutes.

And made everyone’s day just a little brighter with that smile.

(total aside:  seriously…best smile ever)


Several hours into the show I saw him deep in conversation with a group of shoppers.

I just stood there and grinned as he chatted away with them for ten minutes.

As a mother it was such a joy to watch.  He laughed and talked and made them smile and told them stories and listened when they told him theirs.  And when they all finished talking and turned to go….

…..he stood and waved good-bye to everyone like they had been best friends forever.


I thought that was the end of the story.

Until those same shoppers all walked through the door at the end of the show…..

…..each with a copy of the Christmas Ideas issue of Better Homes and Gardens.

Pens in hand… to the pages featuring our house.

I was so excited.

I couldn’t even believe it.

This was it.

This was the moment I had dreamed of.

I ran up to the door ready to sign the magazine.


And as my heart raced and I reached for the pen with excited anticipation, one of the ladies brushed by me and said,

“Has anyone seen Denton?  We’re here to get his autograph.”


I stood by and watched as he signed all the magazines.

And when he had finished, they turned to me almost as an afterthought and asked if I wanted to sign the magazine, too.

I smiled, took the pen and promptly wrote….

….”Denton’s mom.” 🙂

PS  If you stop by the booth, I’ll be the one standing next to Superman. 🙂

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  1. That’s cool – Huge compliments to mom because you raised a superman. Have a great weekend as always fun stopping by. Enjoyed!!

  2. It will be fun to see what he does with that wonderful outgoing personality (wonder where he gets that?!) as he goes on in life. Keep us posted!

  3. Christina in FL :

    Best. Smile. Ever. (He has yours. ) Best. Mom. Ever. (Denton has you.)
    Way to go Kari Anne and Denton/Superman! 🙂

  4. Glad to meet one of the young men- love the girls though Sherry

  5. I’ll be your assistant next year too. I’m not even kidding. I’m in Florida so it’s an easy drive. It would be fun!!!!

  6. Sweet, so sweet. These moments are made to be remembered.

  7. What a wonderful story about Superman and a Super-mom! Love!

  8. Proud moment!! Proud Mom!!
    Amazing son’s character, built
    by an amazing Mom and Dad!!
    We can all tell, ya know!! xoxo

  9. What a handsome young man, looks like his gorgeous Mother! Delightful story about your own Superman, Denton! I always enjoy the stories featuring your beautiful children. Wishing both of you an amazing day at Chapel Hill tomorrow. Thank-you for this terrific post. P.S. The T-shirts are to die for!!

  10. Oh, you have such a treasure trove of beautiful memories to hold tight in your heart, sweet friend!

  11. Sweet story from a very proud Mom…he sounds like a chip off the not-so-old block 😉

  12. I love that story and I still wear the same shirt you guys are wearing 🙂 Sure wish I could meet you in person. I’d be so excited I’d probably tackle you and babble like an idiot. Have a safe trip and I can’t wait to hear about your next adventures. Hugs!!

  13. He was a joy to talk to. Enjoyed meeting him. He made each and every customer feel important. What an awesome personality. Looking forward to seeing you both again tomorrow.

  14. Love this story! I’m happy for you that you get to enjoy Denton and be his mom:)

  15. What a delightful story and a remarkable Son. Good job, girl!

  16. Giggle! Great story. Have a great time this weekend, wish I could be there!

  17. What a fun story! Best wishes at market! 🙂

  18. Love this story. What a great son! Thanks for sharing.

  19. Like mother like son:) Don’t you just love having a son???? I am so blessed to have two and I would not trade that experience for the world.

    So I have to tell you my funny. Yesterday I was rushing through Sam’s Club on a quick errand. Of course I’m a magazine addict and when I saw that they were already selling Holiday magazines I was drawn to stop. First thought when I picked up the magazine you are featured in…june you don’t have time…come back another day…I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS! So I gave myself a few seconds to quickly flip through the one in hand and as the page of your dining room popped up I thought…gee that looks like KariAnne’s place…didn’t have time to read a bit and put it back. Little did I know….

    Congrats! Wish I lived closer would love to meet you. Please come to Minnesota!

    PS I’m leaving my home in about an hour and Sam’s Club is first on my list…I gotta get that magazine!

  20. Chuckles! I hope this year is just as much fun, and profitable!

  21. What a handsome and thoughtful young man you’ve raised there, Denton’s Mom! And he’s got your big bright smile too 😀 In fact, he looks just like you!! I love all the stories you share with us but especially the ones about your kids. They always illicit some kind of deep emotion in me, probably because I can sense just how much you love your kids just as I do mine. This one was certainly no exception — it caused me to do a shoulder-shaking, nose-wrinkling, squinty-eyed belly laugh. What a great way to start the morning!!


  23. Wonderful story!!! So glad you have Superman for a son!!

  24. ♥♥♥

  25. Miz karianne, I remember that story….so funny, and yet so heartwarming and tender at the same time. What awesome kids you have.
    And I admire the way you honor each one of them, celebrating not only their existence in your life, but also their uniquely different attributes and personalities.
    Way to go, Mom! And thanks for sharing this again.

  26. Love the story!!! He looks like you. Good selling tomorrow wish I could stop by..

  27. Do you sell your adorable t-shirts online?

  28. Great story! Denton looks like his mama I think. Wish I could be there, good luck and have fun.

  29. Now why did that make me cry? Touched my heart. My son too has a soul so sweet and kind, what a special man he grew to be.

  30. You have the best stories always.. And the BEST part of your stories is that they are all true..Love the way you tell them. Once again, thanks for sharing with all of us!

  31. Wonderful story! What a nice young man you have raised. Dont you just love those “wow, thats MY kid there! moments.” 🙂

  32. I am certain he is very much like you Kari Anne! Even that million dollar smile of his. . . . the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! What a beautiful legacy you are leaving in him.

  33. How fun! Have a great time together…perhaps dressed in T shirts that say”superman” and “superman’s Mom”. Miss you, friend!

  34. I read your blog and just adore you but don’t always have the time to comment. Your son looks just like you (in a handsome way of course) and inherited your fun personality. He will make a good hubby someday. My hubby and son hate browsing and shopping. Oh well, that’s what we have girlfriends for! Thanks for making so many of us feel like we have a shopping/decorator friend on a regular basis.

  35. Such a sweet story, a chip off the old block. Same great smile and personality. I bet you’re busting with pride. I too am know as my son’s mom. When we moved into our neighborhood ( which incidentally was my family’s farm before it was subdivided) I’d introduce myself and people would say “oh you’re Quentin’s mom!” Best intro ever!!

  36. More Superman stories, please! 🙂

  37. Denton is a Rock Star!
    He is your very own Chip Gaines!
    Hmmm…I see a show.
    And I would watch it!

  38. What a wonderful story! I know you are one proud momma. And yes, he does have a beautiful smile!!

  39. Karianne….I remember this story. I believe each of your kids thinks they are your favorite. You truly mother like there are no other.

  40. Aaaaaaand, I still have my magazine from that day… autographed by Superman and Denton’s Mom. KariAnne, I am so excited you are tagging along on Denton’s adventure again this year.

  41. Hope you both have a wonderfully fun time, KariAnne – I’m looking forward to hearing all about it!

  42. OMG! That is the BEST story! Isn’t it super cool to see that the “apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”! He has been blessed with his mama’s gift!

  43. How sweet… ?

  44. Forgot to add, Karianne… What a great compliment to you as a Mom..

  45. Forgot to add, Karianne, what a huge compliment this is to you as a Mom..

  46. What a great story! Can a girl get one of those t-shirts?

    Have a glorious weekend!


  47. Just a chip off the ol’ block!!!

  48. Only a Supermom can raise a Superman! I sooooooo love that beautiful photo of you both…Denton does have the best smile EVER because it’s exactly like his Mom’s! And it sounds like he also inherited your infectious charm and warmth, too! Y’all are both absolute Rock Stars and I know you are rocking the Chapel Market to its very core today with those gorgeous smiles! A most blissful and beautiful Saturday to you both!

  49. Colleen@lilacdrive :

    Dying for those pedestals, love….did you make them?

  50. Yes! I was there. I seriously had the BEST time, and he DOES have the best smile. If he were 10 years older I would like him to meet my daughter! Lol! You must post new pics of Superman and this years market.

  51. P.S. And pictures of you, of course! You are The Main Attraction!

  52. Oh yes, he looks just like his mom, with your beautiful smile! I so need one of those cute shirts! (Have a great show!!)

  53. Your son sounds cool, you deserve to be proud (and take the credit, why not: 🙂

  54. LOL. .such a cute story. Denton is a cutie and obviously a great help to you. You can definitely tell he’s your boy. Good luck and best wishes!

  55. What a great story. Sounds like he takes a lot after you! Have a great weekend with Superman!k

  56. KariAnne, he’s so handsome and he looks so much like you. I know you are so proud of what a fine son he is. His wife will thank you one of these days 🙂

  57. …and He was Superman this year too! It was such a fun day meeting you and Denton! My day was filled with sunshine with you, Lucy and Denton. Can’t wait till next year! 🙂