Fall Tablescape Ideas

Fall Tablescape Ideas



Fall tablescape ideas

I spent yesterday afternoon discussing fall decorating with the twins.

And why leaves change colors.

And that fall is great because it’s not too hot and not too cold.

And why white pumpkins are amazing.

And why I had an old wheelbarrow on the back porch.



The conversation between me and my future fall decorators went a little like this:


“Mom….when I get older I’m going to live in a mansion.”

Me (listening distractedly)  :  Wow….a mansion…..that’s fancy.

“Yep.  And it’s going to have pink pumpkins……

……and a make-up room.”

Me (trying to decide if the black chargers or the white chargers look better):  Ummmm…..hmmmm.  A make-up room?  You’re going to have that much make-up?


“And I’m going to wear high heels and call my husband, “Honey.”

Me (turning to give these future plans and dreams my complete and undivided attention) :  “What? You are going to call your husband….”Honey”?

That is so sweet.”

She promptly rolled her eyes at me and made a face.

“Well….maybe not all the time.….just sometimes…..like you and dad.  “

Then with a big grin…..she laughed.

“I like when you call dad…..”Honey”

I smiled back and turned away to finish the table and in the quiet stillness…..started counting my blessings.

1.  The table was ready for fall.

2.  The air was cool and crisp and autumn days were around the corner.

3.  My daughter was going to have colored pumpkins and a make-up room in her future.

4.  And she knew how much her parents loved each other.


All was right with the world.


And then…..through my dreamy haze of blessings…..I heard her sister chime in.

“She’s right.

You call him, “Honey” all the time.

You always say….”Honey….can you hang this for me?”

And  “Honey….can you build this?

And “Honey….can you help me….I need to put this on the blog?”




You know those future fall decorators…..

……they’re a really tough crowd 🙂


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  1. Love kids, they always have the best perspective – yours sound great! Beautiful fall decor pics too!

  2. Haha! You were so busted there! Such a funny story – I didn’t see that coming at all. I was all ‘awww – that is so sweet’. I should have known that you weren’t done yet!
    Thanks for starting my day with a smile!

  3. LOL — kids say the darnedest things! Love your fall table 🙂
    xo Heidi

  4. Looks like a table ready for a fall tea party – honey.

  5. Awwww! All of it ….. so very precious!!!

  6. hilarious.
    loving your fall table…..note to self:: add more fresh flowers.

  7. Ha! Well, at least it’s working for you! I love that one little completely white pumpkin you have there. It’s the cutest!

  8. LOL … out of the mouths of babes … so very sweet (and funny)! Your pops of orange look beautiful against your gorgeous white pieces. Love how you’ve mixed black in there, too!

  9. Too cute! lol They don’t miss a thing, eh?
    Such a clean, crisp table-scape, very pretty.
    Debbie 🙂

  10. Well…I think it is a GOOD thing for our children to understand that with LOVE comes RESPONSIBILITY, right? 😉 And didn’t they always say you should sweeten the pot? I call my husband “honey” all the time….he calls me “doll” and we DO love each other and have long to-do lists…lol…but I think because of the “Honey-Doll”…they actually get done a little faster. At least in my own mind they do! Love your blog–and your young decorators will be picking up a few ideas beyond decorating, I’m thinking! 🙂

  11. From the mouth of babes

  12. Lovely table,great photography,witty delivery…thanks sugar pie honey bunch!

  13. Mine just asked if my husband and I French kiss! Love the orange, black and white!

  14. I love the poem “Children Learn What They Live”…and how wonderful that the girls are picking up on the very special relationship between you and your hubby….

    Love the table Kari….black chargers, great choice!!….and love that chevron runner!

  15. Well, at least they didn’t hear then name you called him when you got mad, right? Oh wait. That’s ME. When *I get mad. Trust me, it AIN”T Honey. LOL
    Love all your milk glass containers. And I agree, white pumpkins are the bestest. Have a great day, Honey of mine. xxoo

  16. Perfect table. Perfect post.

  17. What a great post Kari Anne, loved it! Your table looks beautiful dressed for Fall!

  18. I LOVE this post, Karianne…all IS right with your world! Your photos are BEAUTIFUL…

  19. If they also like to go to antique stores then an arranged marriage is in order with my 13 year old. Just one of them though.


  20. Your table is gorgeous! The orange flowers are stunning, and good call on the black chargers 🙂

    In our house, hubby and I call each other “hey you” – “honey” is much nicer, even if it’s followed by “do this, build that, help me” 🙂

  21. Out of the mouth of babes … or more like smart mouths of soon to be tweens! The table looks perfect. Definitely the black c hargers.



  22. What a sweet conversation. Don’t you LOVE moments like that? The moments that give you pause. You are very blessed and so is your family. 🙂

  23. SO sweet!! And your table is gorgeous with the bright orangey reds in the crisp white. Stunning!
    Mary Alice

  24. That post was so stinking cute it gave me goosebumps! Your table looked beautiful as well! You have inspired me to start collecting milk glass and I was beyond thrilled to see that I have some of the same pieces as the lovely KariAnne! Woo hoo! I must have some sort of good taste! Have a beautiful fall Tuesday!

  25. The table is gorgeous, but having a “honey” in your life…priceless!

  26. Great stiory, kids are so cute. I love the flowwers on the table beautiful color.


  27. LOVE THIS!!!

  28. The kids are too cute! I love it when things like that pop out of their mouths – as parents we never think our kids are listening to a word we say!

    And I love, love, LOVE your tablescape! So different from everything else I’m seeing these days! Good job!

  29. Awww…You are blessed…one sees you love him and one sees you need him. How beautiful…and so is the table!!

  30. You got some bright future Fall decorators on your hands Honey!~:)

  31. Beautiful table, wonderfully precious babies, very talented Mommy and a very helpful “Honey.” I start my morning with your cute posts and great ideas!

  32. Love the white chargers and the gorgeous flowers. So beautiful! and yes, your little ones are very perceptive. Maybe she should call her future hubby Honey-Do 🙂

  33. What a fun post, KariAnne–kids notice everything, don’t they?? I love your table–those bright orange flowers against the white is so pretty.

  34. All IS right with the world. Hug those girls…and call them “honey”. xo

  35. Three cheers for mansions with makeup rooms and the “honeys” that help make all of our dreams come true. Your table is lovely.

  36. Just lovely! You’ve also got a couple a sweet little “honeys” that will grow up to either love decorating or be really busy in that “makeup room”.

  37. It’s gorgeous, of course. And I love your ability to keep perspective.

  38. How sweet! I wish I would have written down the sweet and not so sweet things my girls said when they were little. What a wonderful day with your children.

  39. Kids have a way of bringing you back to reality..cute post..

  40. Adorable! Just when you think you’ve got it all wrapped up, they bring you back down to earth, huh?

  41. Oh you can SO cut your own tile! The trick is to respect the saw but don’t be afraid!!! And do it during the summer. Cutting tile in winter – NO FUN!!!! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I really, really appreciate it! Us new bloggers get so excited when the “big dogs” come to visit! Not that I’m calling you a dog or anything….

  42. your kids are adorable! the table is just stunning, i love the colors together and the white just makes the orange SO perfectly pop!

  43. So sweet! Brought tears to my eyes. I love that your kids recognize how much you and your husband love each other. You have to feel good about that – a job well done!

  44. AAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! You are too funny, Karianne! I was all “awwww” with the pics and your daughter’s dream house…
    then you crack me up!!!!
    You are amazing, no wonder your “honey” does what you ask!!!
    I LOVE the table… I regret not have picked up a milk glass little vase I saw yesterday at the thrift store.
    I should make a little center piece with all my milk glasses. Not quite fall yet, as I bought a turquoise runner yesterday.
    But the days here have been sunny like summer days so I can get away with that!
    Thank you for the never ending inspiration and laughter!!!

  45. Gorgeous table setting! Those flowers are so vibrant.

  46. pink pumpkins? and a big make-up room, huh? Your girls are too funny! Don’t they say the funniest things? I call my husband “honey” all the time and I just called my eldest “honey” when he informed me that “DAD was honey, not me!” I’ll have him know his Dad is always “Babe” but the boy’s are sometimes honey as well.

    Love your mums and the white china! So festive!! It makes me smile!! Have a wonderful day!

  47. What a beautiful tablescape and heartwarming story. You’re very blessed indeed. And even more blessed that you recognize how blessed you are! Great post!

  48. That my friend, is something we would put on our family quote board. 🙂 Do try the pumpkin spice latte…heavenly!

  49. That is the best story! kids are honest and funny and they make us keep life in perspective don’t they? and that able is beyond gorgeous KariAnne. I’m always inspired when I visit you.

  50. Haven’t they ever heard of the “honey do ” list? Kids are so insightful sometimes. Can’ wait for my fall to get here, it’s just around the corner of this cold front coming through!

  51. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

    We are having cooler Fall like weather. I am ready for my favorite season.

  52. Lovely post! The season to start reflecting on how blessed we are is around the corner and I know I have a lot of things I’m thankful for this year =)

  53. This is just gorgeous, as always! You always amaze me. This is so simple, clean but so elegant. I love the pops or orange. Fabulous job!

  54. I love the elegant simplicity of this KariAnne! It’s sooo gorgeous!

    What time is dinner? 😉

  55. Lovely, sweet, funny…this post has it all! Charming, real…love it.

  56. That is too cute 🙂 I teach first grade and I could write a book about the things those kids say!

  57. Kids don’t miss much 🙂
    Do you know what is really special about this KariAnne. . . . sweet little conversations like this get forgotten in the passage of time, but now when you read back over your blog you’ll always remember this.

  58. i have had a many of those conversations…sigh
    they grow up so fast
    beautiful as always

  59. The conversation and the table – just wonderful!

  60. You say Honey I say Darling……………………..as in darling can you help me with this………or that or something…………………………..lol

  61. Love the chevron runner! And that’s so cute about the mansion…a makeup room is seriously hardcore, she must plan on working really hard! 🙂

  62. You made me cry, then giggle!! Thank you! I cannot wait to meet you at the Southern Bloggers Conference next month!! YAY!!!

  63. Ahhhhh……out of the mouth of babes, huh, Karianne? ♥ How utterly sweet and charming! You’re obviously a wonderful role model for them and are bringing them up to appreciate the world around them. 🙂 That is truly a blessing!

    xoxo laurie

  64. Linda P. Bakersfield, CA :

    For the last 45 years I have called my husband honey. When are third son was 2 yrs. old (now 31) we would ask ‘what is your oldest brother’s name, second brother’s name, sister”s name, mommy’s name, and what is your daddy’s name – his reply ‘My Honey’. This post has brought back fond memories.

  65. Love that! My dad always called my mom “Honey”. He did it so much I didn’t call her “Mom” until I was 2. And now my kids call her Honey.

  66. What a sweet story. It’s funny (and scary) how perceptive kids can be! And that’s a beautiful table. I love your milk glass collection.

  67. 🙂 Those little scamps of ours don’t miss much do they!?!! Mine are the same way!

  68. Saw this on the link party. Love the pop of color and the table runner! Fantastic! xo Kristin

  69. Tough crowd, indeed!

    I love white pumpkins too! Your table is gorgeous!

  70. Kids, how can we not love them! Your table looks gorgeous!

  71. I love your stories!! And your creativity is amazing!!! Thanks for inspiring me today.
    You are Extraordinary!!!!

  72. Karianne,
    How lucky are those girls to grow up in such a lovely home surrounded by people who love each other and them so very much. They will for sure strive to pass on this love to their own children some day. I love the “Honey” part of the story…If he helps you do all of those chores he certainly is one “honey of a man”. Thank you once again, Karianne, for sharing your life with us all.

  73. We are a honey talking couple too! Hunnneee this and Hunnneee that 😉 I think it’s important to talk “sweet” to each other, in front of your kids especially. Your twins are too sweet!

  74. What a cute story! When I was very little I thought my mom’s name was Honey because that’s all I had ever heard my dad call her- it’s what my husband and I call each other now, too.

  75. this is such a sweet post!
    i’m a new reader and i love your blog! your projects are beautiful 🙂

  76. What a cute story and beautiful table too.

  77. You are probably too young to remember Art Linkletter…he wrote a book entitled “Kids Say The Darndest Things”. Your kids fit right in! Great story!! 😉

  78. I love how the orange looks against the white! A perfect combo! Where oh where to you get your table runner?

  79. Ohhhh! AHHHH! What a winner this is. Great job. I love loving any black and white check this fall!

  80. What a sweet post…and, yes, you are doubly…I mean triply blessed! It is true that the greatest gift a Father (or Mother) can give his (her) children is to love their Mother (Father). It’s wonderful that you have chosen to write these priceless conversations on your heart.
    Thank you for multiplying your blessing in the hearts of all your bloggy friends,
    Warm Autumn wishes….and, pretty pink pumpkins, too!
    Carolynn xo

  81. OOOh, i love this!!! especially because of the milk glass and fresh flowers. I did a similar one on my table using milk glass and flowers and pears! If you have time, please check it out here..http://buhayatbahay.blogspot.com/2012/09/fall-dining-tablescape-2012.html

    Saw this at the Lettered cottage! 🙂

  82. I believe they do have your number, KariAnne. This made me laugh aloud. And, I believe they are learning from a great example – their mother.♥

    The table looks great. I’ve been looking for cool, black chargers. Any suggestions?