Colorful Garden-Inspired Home Tour

Colorful Garden-Inspired Home Tour

Happy House 1

If I could be best friends with a house anywhere in the 48 contiguous states…..

….this would be the one.


It’s located at the end of a winding driveway lined with flowers and green grass and tucked away under the trees.

And when you open the back door and see the light streaming in through the green shuttered windows and the sunbeams dancing on the brick pavers… know that you know that you know…..

…..that you are home.

Happy House 7

My friend, Lori, was the designer for this amazing house.  

A couple of weeks ago I ran into her at our local fabric store and we stood and talked in the aisle.

Two friends sharing hearts next to the blue and white fabric section of the store.

Happy House 5

Happy House 6

Mid-conversation….I asked her what she had been working on and she told me about her various projects.

And then she showed me a picture….of this house.

And when I saw the home….I knew I had to photograph it.

One picture.

That’s all it took.

Happy House 12

And so it was….that two weeks later I turned my car down that winding road leading to the house to photograph it for the blog.

The house was even prettier than the picture.


The yard was full of flowers with arbors and bird houses and benches tucked under the trees.

Happy House 3

And inside?

It’s was as if you took the all the colors in the garden and brought them in to decorate the home.

Everywhere you looked there were patterns and textures and tiny personalized details like this hand-painted mural.

Happy House 8

Happy House 9

The kitchen even had a fireplace.

And a brick hearth.

And a wooden table set for two.

Happy House 11

Happy House 10

And the sitting room had a wooden-beam ceiling and persimmon chairs and brilliantly patterned fabric and a view of the property.

Every room was full of color and warmth and architectural details brimming with personality.

And while those all things were wonderful…..

…..that’s not what made it my favorite.

Not even close.

Happy House 2

What made me smile and laugh and dance when I walked into the house was so much more than the details and the beautiful decorating and the fabrics and the brick floors.

It was the amazing feeling of stepping into a place full of joy and happiness.

A place where you were welcomed with open arms and a glass of sweet tea.

A place where the all the stories went to live.

A place where lives were lived to the fullest and the conversation flowed and friendships were made and creativity and inspiration were woven into every room.

A place called home.

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  1. Holy whoa! I could live here! It’s all so perfect!

  2. While the house is so welcoming, so is your style of writing. I feel like I’m having conversation with my best friend over morning coffee as I read your blogs. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Beautiful home! So cheerful!

  4. Miz karianne, please tell me you have more pictures to share, especially the arbors surrounded by flowers, and the trees that share their benches, and lovely birdhouses….pleeeeze!

  5. I loved the paintings in the house. It’s bringing the inside in and when it is dreary outside — you look at the walls and you see the sunshine and the garden and the beautiful plants. Again, KariAnne you’ve got my curiosity (nosiness) up– how old is the house? And the people who live there now must be pretty darn special to want to continue with the houses’s history. Can’t wait to see more — we are seeing more, right??

  6. So pretty and yes ” homey”. I would love to see more pictures. Loved the house
    And yes you sweet girl!

  7. There is much to like here and you are right about it feeling like home. When it comes to decorating, there’s a real trick to that.

  8. Manette Gutterman :

    I’m smitten with this house! The colors make me smile, the green trim makes me envious, and the bright cozy furniture makes me want to curl up like a cat! I’ll be dreaming of it all day!

  9. Very fresh looking with the green trim. You wouldn’t happen to know the paint color?
    Beautiful balance of fresh and classic but not stiff. Uplifting!

  10. I wish there could be an Apartment Therapy house tour. I’d love to know the sources for the mural and the hanging lantern, for starters.

  11. Beautiful. I wonder if those are roller blinds in the half-shuttered windows?

  12. I love the wicker chairs. We’re looking for some for our family room and those would be perfect. Wish I knew the brand name so I could hunt some down. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Oh my word! That cradle as a coffee table??? Genius!! Love this house so much!!

  14. What a beautiful home! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Utterly charming! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I love how you wrote that it was like they had brought the outdoors in. That’s a perfect description of this charming home. And the colors don’t overwhelm. Your friend did a wonderful job!

    Jane xx

  17. Posts like this are just one reason I enjoy and follow your blog. So refreshing.

  18. Sheryll & Critters. :

    It is very beautiful.

    I am back thank goodness! I was getting depressed being out in the cold…yes even in this 90F degree heat in the shade. And it was ‘cool’ this morning and I sat outside for a long time for the first time in weeks, just to enjoy it. I am almost always outside, but usually doing grunt work, not just ahhing.

  19. Peggy Zortman :

    Delicious! Charming! More, please!

  20. Cute house, it exudes joy! My dream is to have either a dining room or a kitchen with a fireplace…I love that!

  21. Amazing, welcoming and a home. A great home.
    Thanks for sharing.

  22. OK, she’s picked all my favorite colors for this house!! Persimmon? To die for. Honestly. I bought my first “red” chair YEARS ago, and swore then that I would always have a chair in that color family. Thank you for sharing, KariAnne – and thank YOU, Lori!!!

  23. You left me craving more! Will there be a Sequel? Series?

  24. So beautiful!! I love the green everywhere…and the plants!!

  25. I usually DO NOT LIKE GREEN! But I like the feel of this home. Next Chapter of this home?
    This was just a tease, we want more.
    I MUST ask where is all the junk, collections, etc when you show us these homes?
    Always enjoy you, Kerianne

  26. Flowers outside the door to a house always tip me off to more beauty and creativity inside!

  27. So beautiful! This is a fine example of why I will never choose a neutral interior. Those colors make me happy!

  28. Oh this is such a wonderful room – so perfect for relaxing and enjoying the sunshine. Please, oh please. do show us more – and definitely the gardens with the arbors & benches – it all sounds so romantically charming!