Christmas Tour 2013:  I’ll Have a Little Color With That

Christmas Tour 2013: I’ll Have a Little Color With That


Thistlewood farm 3

Color for Christmas.


With two scoops of whipped cream and extra sprinkles.

Are you ready to take the brightest Christmas tour on the planet?

I mean….seriously…  might be a little overwhelming.

You might want to pull up a cup of coffee….

….and put on a set of shades. 🙂


When we bought the gatehouse which was a former beauty shop in it’s previous much more exciting life….

….I was waiting for this day.


You see…I knew….that I knew….that I knew…..

… would be so much fun to decorate for Christmas.



I’ve never used bright colors when decorating for Christmas before.

Normally….over at the farmhouse….I am all about silver and gold and glitter and white.

I never met a neutral I didn’t like.



But here?  At the Gatehouse?



Umm….orange and pink together?


pink-and-blue-Christmas-dining room

But why stop at just orange and pink?

When you can add blue?

Wonderful, vibrant turquoise topped with glitter and glitz.



I was feeling so festive….I added party decorations.

Easy and inexpensive and full of color.

I added poms to the light fixture and a hot pink felt party runner to the table.


And stacked wrapping paper in a bin for pattern and color.


In the office I added a white tree with pompom trim left over from a pillow project and a giant bin of ornaments I got for half price.



Ribbons and trims I’m using to wrap packages…..also make fun decorations.

I keep them in the organizer in the office.

Until they are ready for their close-up.


In the living room area I mixed the pink with orange and black patterns.

The white fluffy rug is my absolute favorite.



I added another white tree in the living room.

This time with black and white and pink ornaments.

And decorated with packages tied up with snowflakes and string.


Quick wrapping tip.

Add foam snowflakes you can buy for .50 from the dollar store to the top of your package.

Love the white against the pink paper.


Even the windows have little pops of pink glitter.

I added a pink monogram to this project (how-to details to come).


Christmas at the Gatehouse is even more fun than I thought it was going to be.

I put on Christmas music and decorated and decorated and decorated.

Hot pink.

And black.

And orange.

And blue.

And just when I thought I had enough color…..

….I added some more.

And the beauty-shop-turned-gatehouse…..

…..smiled from ear to ear.


PS  For a little less color and a little more glitter and silver and farmhouse…..I’ll be posting projects from the main house later this week.


If you are visiting from The Inspired Room….welcome!

So happy to have you on the tour!

If not….stop by for a visit and plenty of Christmas inspiration!

Jeanne Oliver 4

And now for the next house on the tour.

Jeanne Oliver is up next with a vintage Christmas tour!

jen rizzo button

To see the tour from the beginning….

You can start at Jen Rizzo’s…. here. 🙂

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  1. Fantastic!!!!!!

  2. Fantastic and fun!!!

  3. Fabulous Darling! xo ~Sally

  4. Fun, fresh, inspiring! Love all the creative touches… and think I’ll be heading to the Dollar Store for some snowflakes after work today. 🙂
    xo Heidi

  5. what fun!! love all the joy & cheer !
    merry christmas

  6. How fun!!!!! Love the pink & black color scheme, so joyful!

  7. Love it. Every colorful bit friend!

  8. Love all the great use of color – I love color during the Holidays!

  9. Wow! How fun is this?? Love it! 🙂


    Gorgeous… all the color,very cheerful!!!!!

  11. Love every pink and orange and blue detail! You knocked it out of the park again my friend, every bit of it is so fabulous and amazing!


  12. Oh this little gatehouse makes me smile! 🙂 Gorgeous!

  13. Love it!! You’re so lucky you have a space that your alter ego can decorate!!

  14. What a fun home! I love all the color. I will have to show my Maddy because your studio will be her favorite on the tour. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  15. It’s PERFECT, Karianne! You rocked it out. 🙂

  16. Holy cow! I love the color. It looks so super cool and fun! The kitchen wall is awesome. Thank you so much for sharing and being a part of the tour!!!

  17. Love you bright and cheerful Christmas decor in the Gatehouse! Your tour was fabulous!

  18. Your Christmas at the Gatehouse tour is the perfect way to start off my Monday morning. Just looking at your vibrant decor gave me more energy!!! It’s going to be a great week!

  19. Oh, girl! That was so fun to look at. My eyes are popping out! 🙂 LOVE!

  20. What a fun space to have! I had seen on one of my little one’s tv shows, a stage done in pink, orange and turquoise, and was thinking how cute it would be for a playroom. Your gatehouse is perfect. I can’t imagine how you found all the Christmas decor in such a short time. It all came together perfectly…like lipstick on a rockstar! ;.)

  21. Fantastically FUN!! 😉

  22. Amazing ! Love that pink china cabinet !

  23. Yeah, I would say the Dollar Stores EVERYWHERE are going to sell out of those white snowflakes now – and maybe even out of any pink and orange Christmas décor, too! You made it all look so fun and festive and happy! Who would have thought of pink and orange and black??? It makes me think of a Caribbean vacation! Ahhhhhh!

  24. Such colorful fun over here KariAnne!!! Love the Candyland magic look and your little gatehouse!! Beautiful!
    So happy to be joining you for the Holiday Housewalk this week!!

  25. KariAnne, this is fantastic! So fresh and fun! Loved the tour, thanks for sharing. Sarah

  26. I love how colorful and bright your home is and your Christmas decor is fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  27. I LOVE the pink Karianne! Everything looks amazing.

  28. Sheryll & Critters. :

    Everything is so beautiful. Like a fantasy come true. I have to admit, I am anxiously waiting for your own farm house tour. It is my favorite. I love houses in lot’s of soft whites. And glitter and gold and okay, silver too.

  29. Hi KariAnne, I have soo much to do and you put me to shame. You must never ever sleep, or eat. Love everything so much dear. You have Magic in those hands, and your head of course. I’m up and away today with my red, green, and gold to sprinkle about my little home. Thanks for the boosts. Sandy

  30. Seriously love this! So fun and the color is amazing!!! XO

  31. OK, girl, I want info on the tinsel snowflakes you have in the kitchen – SO CUTE! Made or bought? And if bought, WHERE??

    Love the pink and orange with visits from BLUE! 🙂 Happy Christmas decorating! Can’t wait to see the Main House!

  32. Love the colors……especially fond of the white tree with pink and black..Elvis would be so proud..You’ve got a real gift, maybe you should keep this up..Talent and flair, what a combination!

  33. LOVE IT! Can you tell me where you found the gray and white rug – just what i’ve been searching for!!

  34. So bright and cheery, KariAnne! It’s fun being on the tour with you!!

  35. Such fun! You can never go wrong with pink! Love it!

  36. love the brights, just so much fun! now i have to find a dollar store and nab all of those giant snowflakes!!!

  37. Karianne,
    Wow -weeeeee!!!!! I Love all the color! You know I love the gold, silver, and whites too. But I love colr as well! You get to have both!! How blessed you are and what a fun Christmas for your whole family, with all the pretty colors and glam! Pink, and blue, are two of my favorite colors. I have a few rooms with pink and blue, so soothing to look at. But that punch of orange you used with the pink is super fun!!! I Love it!! You’re the best blogger ever!!

  38. You truly always amaze me with you talent!!!!


  39. Good lord! Those are bright colors. It must have been so much fun to have an extra space to decorate and to go this wild with your colors. I love it.

  40. I LOVE the fun colors you used, it’s so unique and cheerful! Great job!

  41. Love the pink..Great job…you got your color for sure

  42. I wanna be you when I grow up!! This is ah-mazing!!


  44. I just LOVE all the color. If only my I could get my hubby on board with adding some brights to our abode. Great decorating!

  45. Love it!!!! I’ve seen lots of beautiful houses decorated for Christmas – but I want to come see yours in person! I particularly like your idea to use ribbon and other wrapping materials as decor while they wait to be used. Why not? Love it!

  46. Just Beautiful… Love the Gatehouse…. I was wondering if you have ever or even care to, tell us how you use the gatehouse. Will it be your studio? Retail shop? Just wondering… Thanks for sharing…

  47. Oh what a Holly Jolly time you must have had…this space is just so much fun!!
    Thanks so much for letting me peek in!

  48. Joann Locascio :

    Wow! That *IS* spectacular! What a beautiful use of colors AND! Orange is my favorite color! Thank you so much for sharing and brightening up my day! 😀

  49. AMAZING! How do you find the time and energy!!! You must have elves! LOL!! I’m soooooo envious!!~~Angela

  50. Oh. My. Goodness. It’s like a winter wonderland made just for a girl like me! That pink hutch is killing it!! Love it all… I want to move in. 🙂

  51. So… just FYI. I now read all your posts in your voice. Just thought you should know. It makes everything SO much better in my world. Thank you. Oh, and ps. This is ridiculous. WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE BEING SO AMAZING ?!?!?!?! LOVE. ;} The pink and orange are just… LOVE. Have an awesome week, friend!!!!

  52. Well ms did it again…it’s gorgeous…xo

  53. I had the song “the future’s so bright I gotta wear shades” running through my head as I read this post! 😉 I seriously cannot get enough of the gatehouse and it looks magnificent all dressed up for Christmas. The colors are amazing and just so stinkin’ fun! Well done friend, well done!

  54. Wow, you are truly so talented! I love it, everything!!

  55. Love the color combo!! So festive and cheery!!

  56. It is bright… and oh so beautiful!! I love all the pops of color, so festive and fun! You rocked it!!

  57. Wow, oh wow!! WOW!

  58. Sharon in Chicago :

    What a splash of FUN you are, Ms KariAnn! You’re inspiring me to get going on my black & white & periwinkle studio.

  59. Be still my little green heart! I knew you would make the Gatehouse stunning, but this is SO fun and imaginative and fabulous and… You must be the reason that Hobby Lobby starts selling Christmas decor in July.

  60. Wow! Absolutely FABULOUS ! What a fun space!!

  61. Brilliant as always!

  62. KariAnne I feel like your McDonald’s cause all that came to mind to say is “do da doo doo doo, I’m lov’in it!” Cheeriest Christmas I’ve seen since 1972! BTW, have you ever told us what you’re gonna do with the gatehouse? I can’t remember. Is it for guests, store, giant playhouse for the girls (or Mom’s)?

  63. Your kids must love all those fun colors.

  64. Oh my goodness! So much fun! I love it! You must have had a blast doing it. Everything looks beautiful.

  65. What a fun and funky gatehouse! Love that you have two homes to express your creativity in completely different ways. You did an amazing job!

  66. OMG!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! I admire pretty silver trees, but I am a color JUNKIE! I LOVE this!!

  67. If you happen to find a squatter living in the Gatehouse it will be me. Absolutely GORGEOUS, KariAnne!

  68. LOVE this Christmas decor! The colors are great….so fun and different!

  69. Total fabulosity – just like you KariAnne! Stunning!

  70. So cheerful and beautifully done,Karianne!! I bet you and your girls love being out there crafting and creating! Thanks for showing some cheerful color on this dreary Atlanta morning! I adore the hot pink cabinet with crystal knobs!! Have a wonderful Season!!

  71. Just STUNNING!!!! I’m in love!

  72. Wow! Happy doesn’t begin to describe your home. I want to go back in time 20 years and start fresh. I thought I was being bold adding “pops” of color to my home but the best impact is to go full throttle. I just went through and followed you via all of your social media because I’m in love with what you do.

    Have a great Christmas!

  73. Oh my god, I FREAKING LOVE IT. I’ve had enough of tasteful neutral decor at Christmas, why not have some fun with it? 😉 You go girl. xxx

  74. Oh my goodness! I love all of your bright festive decorations! Can I move into the gatehouse?

  75. So beautiful with lots of colour, everything just pops.
    Enjoy very much reading your blog!!

  76. You are such a master! Love your wild colors! Red and green seems so boring now! Great job!

  77. Never better! Makes me want to put on my white vinyl boots, my black and white herringbone miniskirt and my black cat eyeglasses!

  78. Love the bright colors you’ve decorated with, Karianne! It looks so festive and fun! That pink is gorgeous and if I had my way there would be way more of it in my own home. : )

  79. Wow wow wow!! I smiled through every photo image! Completely, totally FESTIVE! Love!!

  80. Where or where is the hot pink grandmother clock painted on the Gatehouse wall? I have been waiting to see it complete with a clock face, but it seems to be hiding. Did you change your mind and paint it out???


  81. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it all! Merry and bright indeed!

  82. So super-sweet I had a sugar rush by the end of the post….
    Loving how you used your pendant lampshade to add height to your festive decorations. A great way to add interest to the table setting without getting in the way of conversation.

  83. Soooooooooooooo FUN!! It looks like a party in pictures. And of course I am loving the pink and orange together!

  84. What fun! You could have named this “I’m Dreaming of a Pink & Black Christmas”! Everything is very artistic and quite striking! I love it! I used to decorate my home for Christmas in burnt orange and burgundy, which aren’t exactly traditional colors. (I always loved it – but this year I went with a more traditional color scheme.) Anyway, thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed visiting your blog on the tour!

  85. Oh my goodness, everything about this post has me swooning!!! I LOOOOVE hot pink and navy together. Off to look again and pin every picture!!