Am I the last person in America not to know about chalkboard spray paint?

The last person in the world?

In the universe?

Are there currently spray painters on Mars using chalkboard spray paint…..creating incredible chalkboard spray paint projects with Martian craft supplies?

And all the time…..I had no idea.


Just in case you haven’t been to Mars lately….I couldn’t let the weekend go by without showing you this amazing chalkboard spray paint project by the wonderful, awe-inspiring, creative, chalkboard spray paint force that is Linda from All About Paint.

PS  Have an incredibly blessed and wonderful weekend!

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  1. So happy that I was able to enlighten you to the joy that is chalkboard spray paint!


  2. Well, no, I didn’t know about chalkboard spray paint.. until I read it on Linda’s blog (which is totally great, btw). But then, it has not been that long ago that I first heard of regular chalk paint. I am still excited about the spray paint for plastic—sigh, I am behind the times, but I am peddling as fast as I can to catch up!!

  3. Love the chalkboard spray paint. Linda’s project is so cute!

  4. Here I thought I was the last one to know about chalkboard spray paint … lol. I purchased a can over the summer to do a project and loved it. So great to work with. Can’t wait to see your project.

  5. Blast it all.. I just bought the “other brand” of spray paint!

    I think I must have Charlie Brown Syndrome this week…

  6. I bought some at one point. Never used it. Have no idea what happened to it.

  7. I had no idea either! I’m still going through my first quart of chalkboard paint even after painting a whole wall and a piece of furniture with it. Now that I know about your linky party, the wheels are turning on what damage I could do with a can of chalkboard spray paint. Count me in!

  8. I just love you –you know?
    You make me smile!

  9. I HAD NO IDEA. Leave it to Linda and her fabulosity!!! Can’t wait for the link party. 🙂

  10. I don not know how to chalkboard spray paint because it is not something I have ever done but I am pretty sure it would suck………….lol

  11. Hey…I just got used to the regular brush on paint….and now in the form of spray….I must have been living under a rock on Mars!!!..
    I bought my “Krylon Paint” today and will be ready for the “paint party”…..:)

  12. I love chalkboard spray paint too! It’s so versatile. I thought I was living under a rock when I found out about chalkboard vinyl and contact paper! Cute post!

  13. Linda’s project is just amazing – I was awed by it when I first saw it on her blog! I have a large framed print I just got at goodwill. I redid the frame last week and am planning to paint the print with chalkboard paint – but the paint I got isn’t spray paint. Home Depot either doesn’t carry it or the sales guy doesn’t know they carry it. I got it in a quart. Oh well, I’ll just roll it on!

  14. Love this project!! I didn’t see chalkboard spray paint at the store either…. I shall look again.

  15. I actually just heard about it, but haven’t tried it yet. I definitely will, though. 🙂

  16. BTW, I usually spray paint out in the yard and get a lot on the grass. DO you think there would be some benefit to chalkboard grass? Just asking, because you are definitely the guru of all things crafty 🙂