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Sometimes you just have to say it.

The other day I was on the phone with my friend Vanessa talking about books and blogging and conferences and grilled chicken when all of a sudden I paused mid-conversation and said, “I can’t help it.  I have to tell you something.”

“What?” she said.

“At this exact moment in this exact light if I hold my head to the right and pull one wisp of hair out of the pencil holding up my curls….

….my hair looks amazing,”

She literally laughed out loud.

I know you’re not really supposed to say stuff like that.  I get it.  I understand.  You are supposed to be modest and self-effacing and keep your spectacular hair moments to yourself.  But sometimes you can’t help it.  Sometimes it’s so awesome you just have to share it with the world.

So promise me this.

The next time you are amazing (which I’m sure will be today) ….

….you have to let me know, too.

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$1000 Custom Furniture Giveaway

$1000 Custom Furniture Giveaway

interior define swatches

My UPS man is one of my best friends.


When you live in the middle of the country without stop lights and drive-through anything and gas station pizza is considered a delicacy….

….the luxury of having something delivered directly to your door is so lovely.

I’m used to checking sizes and measurements and placing painter’s tape on the floor to make sure the piece will fit in my home and ordering fabric samples to make sure the color is right.

When you live in the country it’s kind of a thing.Continue reading



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Random thoughts on a sunny Saturday:

1.  Does any one have a good breakfast cereal option?  Like one with raisins and almonds and crunch?  I’m running out of options.

2.  Someone told me that the new season of Poldark starts tomorrow on Masterpiece.  I cannot confirm.  Has anyone seen any information about it?

3.  I’ve been working on a plate wall and I am totally going asymmetrical.  I’m not sure about it.  I’ll keep you posted.

4.  I’ve started working on the book and I’m drinking lots of tea and hoping it goes well and I’ve set up my writing station at the Gatehouse and taking this writer’s words to heart.

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A while back I wrote a post about do-overs on the computer.

As in…..oh no what happened to what I was typing and where did it go and how to get it back.

I literally used it 5,079 times this week to fix all my mistakes and mis-types and keyboard errors.

It’s called control Z and you can read about how to use it here.

Life-changing stuff.


Now if I could just control Z my outfit from yesterday. 🙂Continue reading

Simple Tip to Make Your Windows Appear Larger

Simple Tip to Make Your Windows Appear Larger

Living Room Decor

I wish I could show you the first house we ever lived in.

I didn’t write a blog back then so the only pictures I have of the house involve family.  I didn’t really take pictures of the decorating.

But suffice it to say it looked NOTHING like this.  I had a yellow couch with red roses and blue flowers and tomato red walls and a pink rug with an overall geometric design and blue and white plates on the wall.

It was such a tiny house and I didn’t really have a lot of money to decorate with so I shopped yard sales and painted everything in sight and became an expert at making things look like they were so much more than they ever intended to be.

Like my windows.

We had eight foot ceilings and tiny windows and I tried everything to make them look like pictures in all the decorating magazines I read and nothing really worked.

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How to Decorate a Tree for Less and the Fabric Line is in Stores NOW

How to Decorate a Tree for Less and the Fabric Line is in Stores NOW

stockings and Christmas tree decorating

Remember Wonder Woman?

I think I was seven when I first saw her and her amazing headband.

She would stand with her hands on her hips looking totally amazing with her hair blowing in the wind and her cape streaming out behind her and she’d stare bad guys down and look them in the eye with all the disdain of someone who rocks four inch heel boots and a giant over-sized bronze belt.  Then, in a blink of an eye, she’d reach up and grab that headband and send it swirling across the stratosphere and knock that terrible no-good guy flat on his back.

I wanted to be her.

I wanted to have superpowers.

But more importantly……

….I really really really wanted that headband.Continue reading



Christmas decor dining room


(you can see the rest of this house tour I photographed last year….here)

I just decided at 7:46 am that this is my favorite day of the year.


I’m looking at Thanksgiving in my rear view mirror and giving thanks and celebrating family and still full from turkey and dressing.

And tomorrow?

Tomorrow is full of holly and jolly and Christmas lights and decking the halls and rocking around the Christmas tree.

But today?

Today I’m sitting in a quiet, still kitchen with a heart full of joy next to the glow of lights on the tree with a tiny yorkie curled up at my feet and the smell of sage evergreen filling the air listening to the rain falling outside my window with a barn door on the back porch waiting to be painted.

The calm before the storm.

The most wonderful day of the year. 🙂Continue reading




In the middle of middle-school homework, an intense on ancient philosophers ensued.

Who was the greatest?

Who was the wisest?

Who knew the most and said it in the most precise way?

Heavy stuff when you’re in seventh grade and you spent the last thirty minutes telling me plaid and hair bumps were in this fall.

“My favorite is the one who reminds me of when I was little,” one of the twins announced mid-conversation.

“When you were little?” I said.  “Which one? Socrates?  Aristotle?” 

“Nope,” she said.  “I like the one called Playdough.”

Maybe we should just stick with plaid this school year. 🙂Continue reading