I knew the Olympics were coming.

I remember discussions and promos and pictures of rings and vague references to summer 2016.  But I had no idea they were next month until I watched the Olympic trials last night.  I turned on the television and there was Bob Costas who never looks any older and the Olympic swimming pool.

I couldn’t turn away.

Each of the swimmers perched on the edge of the pool had worked hour after hour and month after month and year after year for that moment.

And in an instant it was over.

Some were victorious and some not so much.

I think there’s something about watching someone’s dream come true right in front of your eyes that’s fascinating.

Rio 2016….

….I don’t want to miss a minute. 🙂

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pergola project

Yesterday we spent all day at a basketball tournament.

I know you are thinking that it’s baseball season.

But we live in Kentucky.

At the end of a day of dribbling and passing and bouncing and shooting and running and lay-uping….

….we landed here.

Sitting around a fire laughing and talking and sharing and planning and hoping and dreaming and listening to crickets chirp under the stars.

It made me so happy that on that long ago day when our knees shook and our hearts trembled and we were so scared….

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office desk

Hello sunshine.

We had a cricket in our house this week.

Why is it that thousands of crickets outside sound like a symphony?  A gentle, lulling sound that dances across the blades of grass and swirls around the night sky and makes you want to hum along in tune.

And the sound of one cricket inside the house sounds like the noise on the radio when the station goes out of tune.

He’s hard to find, too.

He’s tricky.

First you think he’s by the refrigerator.

Then the pantry door.

Then the bathroom sink.

And just when you think you’ve pinpointed his location….

….he stops singing. 🙂



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Random thoughts on a Memorial Day weekend:

1.  I love the lady with the Chewbacca mask.  May we all live life with so much joy at the smallest of things.

2.  I had no idea when I wrote this post that this tip would go viral.  Apparently we all have couches that need assistance.

3.  I’m officially addicted to Family Feud.  I can’t help myself.  Steve Harvey has the best facial expressions.

4.  I ditched the purple and painted my toes red.  Just like my Lee Press On Nails from this military love story.

5.  Someone asked me if I had big plans for Memorial Day weekend and I said no.  I said I was just spending it with family and friends.

And then I thought just having family and friends around?

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spring placesetting ideas

Random thoughts on a Saturday morning.

1.  I’m sorry I’m late with Thistlekeeping today.  I was helping Cinderella get dressed for the ball.  Literally.  One of the twins dressed up as Cinderella for a birthday party and I sang “Lavender’s blue dilly dilly, lavender’s green” all the way to the party.  Just doing my part to help her get into character.

2.  The peonies are blooming.  I cut dozens and dozens and dozens of them to fill the house for a fun house tour I’m participating in with my friend, Julie.

3.  Someone told me this week that I smile when I talk.  I can’t help it.  Sometimes I have so much to say and the smiles have to come along for the ride.

4.  The second season of Poldark is arriving in June.  Nothing goes better with summer than long hair and ocean cliffs.

5.  And I’m flying on Wednesday to Salt Lake City to promote the second fabric line.

And I’m scared and worried and nervous.

So friend to friend, can I ask a favor?

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the influence of a mother in the lives of her children

My mother showed up for everything I ever did.

Every play.  Every assembly.  Every concert.  Every student council speech.  Every soccer game.  Every Miss Mayfair pageant.

Every.  Single.  Thing.

I think I thanked her in eye rolls.  And told her that no one else’s mom was there and was she sure she had time and did she really need to be there and I would be fine if she didn’t make it.

But she never listened.

Instead, when I opened the curtain or walked into the room or lined up on the field, she would be there in the front row with a camera and a big smile on her face listening to every word or note or paragraph or recitation…..

….never ever missing a thing.

I never really understood why.

Until I became a mom.

And now I’m the one on the front row of baseball games and cheerleading events and basketball games and assemblies and concerts, spending last night covered in pink and green and blue and yellow dust from the Relay For Life Color Run dancing the Electric Slide with my daughters.

So to my four children….I love you and I’m on the front row and remember….

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I drifted off to sleep last night with visions of yardsaling in my head.

You know.

The kind where you follow the signs that say BIG MULTI-FAMILY yard sale and you show up and they have an entire stash of milk glass sitting on a card table without price tags.

You try to turn away and avert  your eyes and tell yourself you have shelves full of milk glass at home and that you told yourself last yardsaling day that there was a moratorium on milk glass purchases.  You stroll around looking at old Christmas lights and wondering if they would look cute on the pergola and find some plastic urns you could spray paint and try to decide if you need sunglasses that have a pink flowers that sparkle on top of them.

And then in a burst of curiosity you ask how much the milk glass is.

Not that you’re going to buy it.

There’s a moratorium going on after all.

And the lady shrugs and looks confused as if she has no idea what milk glass is and tells you an aunt gave it to her and she has way too much of it and would $1.00 a piece be too much?  And right then and there something comes over you and you find yourself driving away with boxes of $1 milk glass in the back seat laughing all the way to your butler’s pantry.

But now it’s morning and it’s raining.

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just living is not enough one must have sunshine freedom and a little flower

Good morning sunshine.

Just in case you were wondering, I think I finally got all the pink out of my hair.

Good thing.

I’m off to speak on the main stage at the Country Living Fair this morning with the mini-thistles who I promised to take shopping after the event to places that don’t sell milk glass or vintage screen doors or shutters or random frames that you can transform into a chalkboard.

Places that rhyme with Forever 21 and the Gap.

If you happen to be in the Lebanon, TN area, I’ll be on the main stage from 12:00-1:00, right before the creative amazing couple from the new HGTV show, Hometown.

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