Always Look For the Amazing

Always Look For the Amazing


Yesterday was a day for bad days.

Everything went wrong.

Nothing went right.

I stepped in dog poop when I wasn’t looking and over-curled my hair so I looked like a poodle and ran into a spider web outside and discovered a rotted pumpkin on the hutch in the kitchen.

I awkwardly wasn’t funny when I really thought I was going to be and five different times I opened my mouth….

….and inserted my foot.

I wanted to crawl back into bed, pull the covers over my poodle curls and start over.

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The Most Important Lesson of All

The Most Important Lesson of All


This post was sponsored by Country Curtains.


Teaching life lessons to the next generation is hard.

You begin with the standards.

Be kind to others.

Open the door for your mother.

Be nice to your sister.  Hold your fork properly.  Don’t wear white after Labor Day.Continue reading

The Best New Addition to the Dining Room

The Best New Addition to the Dining Room

Dining Room Table Gray Chairs

Every couple of months, I’m lucky enough to get to go to the Kirkland’s corporate offices to tour all the behind the scenes.

I love those trips.

Everyone there feels like they should live down the street from me and I get to see all the upcoming collections and pretend like I’m a home and garden reporter in my head.

On my last trip, right in the middle of almost having a come-apart over all the reclaimed wood and this new vintage reproduction light collection, I spotted something out of the corner of my eye.

I couldn’t help it.  I skipped and rushed and ran to the back wall….

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Same Story Second Verse

Same Story Second Verse

tiny pumpkins fall

If I met you in aisle seven of the dollar store next to the shampoo and conditioner….

…I’d tell you a story.

I can’t help it.

I live my life in stories.

This blog is full of them.  They are the unsung heroes of the blog.  Dozens and dozens and dozens of stories that I write down and then forget all about.  They live on the pages of the blog, tucked away back in 2014 on a page no remembers about just waiting for the day someone discovers them.

Today is their lucky day.
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Lessons From a Recipe Wall

Lessons From a Recipe Wall

recipe wall kitchen

This is one of my most popular projects.

A recipe wall.

I created it back when the blog was still learning to walk and it’s been facebooked and tweeted and shared and pinned thousands and thousands of times.

It always gets to sit at the popular table in the cafeteria.

Odes have been written about it.  Poems have been composed it its honor.  Ballads have been sung to it on fluted lyre.

Town criers have stood on street corners with proclamations dedicated to its name.

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One Day They’ll Tell the Story

One Day They’ll Tell the Story

centerpiece for Thanksgiving

One day my children’s children’s children will tell stories about me.

I can’t wait.


I’ll be perched on a rocking chair with glasses and a gray messy bun still wearing yoga pants and red lipstick…..

….listening to every word.

This one will say this and that one will say that and they’ll laugh and giggle and roll their eyes and wonder if the stories are true.  They’ll talk about the time I brought the roast to garden club and the day I wore Lee Press On Nails and how I almost cried in a newspaper publisher’s office.

But the story they’ll tell over and over again?

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The Happiness Dare

The Happiness Dare


the happiness dare

I almost didn’t read this book.

My friend sent it to me and it arrived on a day when my hair looked amazing and I had just finished making twig spheres out of leftover sticks that had washed up in our driveway during the flash flood and I was wearing the summeriest red nail polish called Cajun Shrimp and in the most amazing of news….

….I made it to the twins’ orthodonist appointment on time.

I wasn’t sure I needed a book about happiness when I was already on a happiness marathon.

I remember opening up the package, looking at the super cute cover, turning to the first page and getting distracted when someone here asked me what a complex fraction was.  So I closed the cover, told myself I would get back to it later and take the happiness test that was in the back and did the next best thing to reading it….

….I decorated with it instead.

It sat on my coffee table for weeks helping the other books decorate the family room.

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Running With Pumpkins

Running With Pumpkins

fall with pumpkins

Today is the first day of school.

I’m consoling myself with coffee and trying to pretend like my hair actually has a style and distracting myself with pumpkin pictures.

The twins lined up for their first day of school picture in front of the house and they grinned and giggled and looked so full of life and teenager that I wanted to cry.

And the dogs and cats and I stood on the front walk and smiled watched them drive away and waved goodbye.

But on the inside?

My heart was running after them like the wind.

Here’s one of my favorite running stories ever.

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