How to Get Started On a Home Remodel

How to Get Started On a Home Remodel


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master bath project

Have you ever seen this door before when I photographed the master bedroom?

Are you going all Let’s Make a Deal right now and asking yourself what’s behind it?

I’m a little nervous to show you.

This is definitely not the farmhouse’s moment.

You see….it’s the master bathroom.

A never-been-seen-before-you-won’t-even-believe-what-it-looks-like-because-you-might-head-for-the-hills kind of space.

And today I’m opening the door.

Are you ready?

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14 Things You Can Accomplish With an Imagination Room

14 Things You Can Accomplish With an Imagination Room

imagination room paint colors

When you are in seventh grade and you have an imagination room tucked into the corner of your house at the top of the stairs, the world is your oyster.

There’s nothing you can’t accomplish.

No place you can’t visit.

No dream you can’t achieve.

After all Dr. Seuss was right “You have brains in your head, You have feet in your shoes.  You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”

Oh, my seventh grade friend….

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I’m Falling For You

I’m Falling For You

fall leaves

I spent yesterday taking pictures for Yankee Candle’s candles that are coming out for fall and I thought it might be fun to give you a sneak peek.

When they first mentioned fall, I took a long look outside at my hydrangea and my peonies and my green grass and my acres and acres of summer….

….and my heart fell.

How in the world do you photograph fall in summer?

And then I remembered a spot on our property with an old brick oven that used to be used for outdoor cooking.

Add some pumpkins and you might imagine there’s a hayride around the corner.Continue reading

As the Window Turns

As the Window Turns


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farmhouse style family room

Welcome to “As the Window Turns.”

It’s another exciting episode.

To catch you up to speed, you can read all about where we started here.

Here’s the second chapter about eight mistakes not to make when buying windows.

And in today’s installment, I went all old school and visited the local window store.Continue reading

You Will Never Guess What Showed Up In the Mail

You Will Never Guess What Showed Up In the Mail

farmhouse dining room with box

It was an ordinary day at the gatehouse.

I had coffee.

And did the dishes.

And tried to figure out how to curl my hair with a flat iron to hide the fact that I had accidentally spray painted part of it pink.

Nothing really unusual or out of the ordinary.


Until this seemingly unremarkable box showed up at my house and plopped itself on my dining room table.Continue reading

A Giant Sale:  20% Everything and FREE Shipping

A Giant Sale: 20% Everything and FREE Shipping

dough bowl pinecones

Can we please interrupt this sale for just a moment?

Please tell me you watched Downton Abbey last night.

That wedding.

Two people who have loved each other for so long in such a sweet way without letting the other know finally stand at an altar and pledge their troth.

And the church.

And her coat.

And that schoolhouse reception with the perfect place settings and banners and tiny cakes and the surprise guest.

And the first kiss.

I can’t even.

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Save The Date (and a Giveaway)

Save The Date (and a Giveaway)

Save the Date

I’m so excited I want to dance the lawnmower in my living room and shake my purple toes and hula hoop across Kentucky.  I’ve been working and hoping and planning and dreaming for this day for over four months now and it’s almost here.

Can I get an exclamation point!

Maybe one more !  and a couple of friends !!!!!

But I digress.

Let me start at the beginning.  I love shopping.

I’m not picky.  I shop thrift stores and estate sales and the dollar store and the side of the road and that table in the front aisle at WalMart with the 75% off snorkels and tic tac toe sets.

I’ve been known to spend an afternoon with a slurpee and a shopping cart when everything goes 90% off after Christmas.

But I’ve never had my own shop before.

I’ve never had my own collection of everything I really loved all in one place.

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Ch Ch Ch Changes

Ch Ch Ch Changes

Painting Projects

Good morning sunshine.

Top of the morning to you.

I’m in the beautiful football loving state of Alabama today working on a historic show house and DIYing it all day today.  We are building a kitchen island and making a headboard out of a door and picture frames out of molding and I’m picking out furniture and incorporating it with a selection of antiques from the original owners and measuring and dreaming and planning and decorating.

And drinking coffee.

Lots and lots of coffee.

If you want to follow along with my adventures today, you can find me on Instagram and Periscope (it’s an app for your phone and my name is @ThistlewoodFarm).Continue reading