Carved Rock Necklace

Carved Rock Necklace

Carved Stone Necklace on Brick

Carved Rock Necklace

Where All the Pictures Match the Project

(this one’s for you, Mother)

Cape Cod Coastline


Step 1:  Sit on the beach at Cape Cod.

Let the wind blow through your hair and the sun shine on your face.


Stone from Cape Cod


Step 2:  As you sit there…..look at all the rocks on the beach.

Thousands of rocks.

Spend the next hour with the wind blowing through your hair and the sun shining on your face…..trying to think up rock crafts.


Stone Engraving Tool


Step 3:  Decide you want to carve one of the rocks.

And make a necklace.


Buy an inexpensive rock engraver from a local home improvement store.

I think mine was about $25.


Carbide Tip


Step 4:  Make sure it has a carbide tip.

Hold it just like you would hold a pen.

Plug in and apply a slight pressure to start carving the rock.


Carved Stone Project


Step 5:  Try to engrave several rocks.

Realize it’s not really working.

Here are the epic fails of the rock carving project.

My personal favorite…..the weak attempt at geologic humor.


Polished Stone Pebbles


Step 6:  Realize that your dreams of carving a rock necklace from the stones at Cape Cod are fading quickly.

Go back to the home improvement store and purchase a bag of polished stones.

Polished stones.

Not stones from the beach.

That’s the key to success.


Carving Stone


Step 7:  Using the engraving tool carve a heart and initials into the rock.

Or a monogram.

Or a picture.

Or some scintillating geologic humor.

Like, “You Rock.”


Carved Rock Necklace


Step 8:  Drill a hole in the top of the rock.

Insert a jump ring and hang a chain to finish your own Carved Stone Necklace project.


Geologic humor not included 🙂


PS  This post has been 100% approved by my mother who feels confident that 97.6% of you will agree with her photographic analysis 🙂


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  1. I absolutely love this project my friend! It should be all the rage!!!! Your daughter made me smile…I think she will be over joyed with this post for sure! : ) it is an absolute pleasure to be sharing the hosting of it’s a cinch with you today!!! : ) sending hugs to all!

  2. All I can think of is ‘thrust fault’ and ‘relative dating’…snort! Who knew geological humour could be so fun…my geography teacher would be so proud! Well I hope the engraver gets put to good use, good for keeping an eye on the silver.

  3. Girl, I never even knew that you could carve rocks. Or drill holes in them. Heck, I never even NOTICED the rocks on Cape Cod. ‘m generally too busy with the shells, and the water, and the sand.
    The fact that you sat on the beach in Cape Cod and even THOUGHT about ANY project other than reading and feeling the salt air just proves that you’re a ROCK STAR …Yeah, I know…I couldn’t resist!
    As for the photos, I’m in the 2.4% (at least I think it’s 2.4%….it’s far too early in the morning to do math!.)
    xo, Your BFF

    P.S. I told Gwen that I need a cool nickname. “Serendipity” is probably taken and “Refined”…well…anyone who knows me would snort coffee out of their nose at that one….just sayin’…

  4. Anne Presley :

    Rock’in with laughter – thanks for the “inclusion” in a post! However, it’s not my “fault” that I like things in an orderly, “layered” manner not a post that “drifts” and “dips”. I am sure you will have a “landslide” of comments today- hopefully from the 97.6%.
    By the way there actually is a geologic term:
    Daughter element or “daughter product”. It describes an element that occurs in a rock as end product of the radioactive decay of another element. Just glad there is no radioactive decay going on at Thistlewood, just brilliant, creative thought. Much love

  5. The geologic humor rock is my fave. 🙂 You rock! (pun intended!)

  6. Maybe we would could introduce your mom to mine. My mother is always asking, “Why do you always have to paint your houses at the top of such a huge rounded hill?”. Me, “Because it’s folk art mom and it’s cute.” Mom, “It makes me crazy wondering who is going to want to mow such a steep hill.” Me, “Really?”

    • LOL!! Just had to reply to this comment cause it’s just so funny! Where some see art – others just see a steep hill to mow! We all beat to different drums huh??!!

  7. 🙂 This is such a fun post! Do your pictures really not match your stories? I never could have told you that! Seriously – it never crossed my mind – I just love your photos and your writing – you rock!

  8. Sorry, “Mom.” With all due respect (and missing my mother) I love your daughter’s wonky sense of humor. 🙂

    Necklace is cute, but it’s not for your taste that I keep coming back. LOL That was not meant to be a slap. There are a lot of decorating and crafting blogs out here. I haven’t “dumped” you because I love your faith and enjoy your humor,

  9. hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You rock – I love it, sounds cave-man like and everything! You are hilarious.

    Moms are our toughest critics, I think. Do your own thing, honey, and don’t let the critics change you – even your mom!!!!


  10. Wilma & Betty would approve! I mean, it’s about time Wilma added a new accessory to her wardrobe – I’m getting tired of seeing her in that white rock chocker all the time! Doesn’t she realize it’s all about the accessories?

    You rock,
    are a rock star,
    rock my world,
    make my car go a rockin’,
    are better than watching 30 Rock,
    and win at Rock Paper Scissors every time!

    Have a great time with the wind blowing through your hair – it’s obviously the place where you get your best ideas (even if they’re from your mom)!

  11. You know, there is a disconnect between bloggers and our predecessors. (Did I spell that right?) Anyway, my mom wants me to write a book, and while she likes my blog ok, she actually said I am giving away my stuff for free. Seriously. I think the beauty of blogging is that we are vulnerable in showing who we are, warts and all, when it all boils down. Blogging is more immediate. It can be more thought-provoking when it isn’t all “perfect” because we are clearly about the content revealing our true selves. Even our wonky order or disorder of photos. They all tell the story of how the blogger’s mind works–fast or the thought is lost. It is the daily deal. Oh, I lost my thought. Figures.

  12. Your Mom..My sister..Family..gotta love ’em??? My sister rarely reads my blog..”It’s not my thing”…You’d think she read it just because her sister did it..I even put it on FB to try to get her attention..She might comment on the picture, but click on the link ? Heaven forbid…At least your Mom reads your blog..maybe I’m better off not having her read it…Have a great week..

  13. Mom’s ROCK! I’m just sayin’! Cute project Kari!

  14. Ha! My mom has not so subtly suggested that she be my editor and proof read all of my posts before they go up. Apparently my spelling and grammar leave something to be desired 🙂

  15. That’s so funny great minds think alike…. I just got home with a huge bag of stones from lake superior and a newly purchased dremel tool to begin drilling holes!!! If you don’t have one go buy one amazing. My Mother thought I was crazy and made me buy safety glasses because she was sure I would not wear them! She thinks I am nuts!~

  16. You made your mother happy, and you know what they say about momma being happy. I admit that I have an extremely orderly brain. It is categorized, organized and some other few “izes”, too. I just can’t help it. I was born that way. I do find that I have a tendency to comment on your story, and then after I hit post comment, I go oops, I wanted to comment on your photos, too.

    And, I concur. You Rock! And, I know your mother rocks, too.♥ After all, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  17. Ha! Oh yes, I love unsolicited opinions very much! Your posts rock and so does your necklace!

  18. At least your mom can (1) find your blog and (2) figure out how to comment on your blog. But sorry Mrs. Presley, I’m in the 2.4% … it’s like a puzzle that I try to puzzle out as I try to figure out where Kari is going with her posts … and how, in the end, I’m clunking my head going, “brilliant, just brilliant” …



  19. Your posts crack me up. My mom is the same way sometimes!

    Gotta love it!

  20. ditto. ditto. ditto.
    lol. i love it all. story-photos-comments and moms who don’t get why their daughters aren’t in the normal zone!
    and i do agree with mom that the tote bag turned pillow is one of your best posts. 😉

  21. Love it….and that is exactly why I love your blog. I look forward to reading your post daily and wondering what your brilliant mind has thought of. The pillow,glasses and tray are amongst a few of my favorite projects but the Lee Press on Nails is my all time fav.

    It’s funny my mother will say something to me about my decorating but I don’t let it bother me because it’s my own unique style and its what i love. Just recently when we were thrifting she said to me “you like the weirdest things” I had picked up an old grain sack wondering what I could make out of it. She said “I wish I knew you were going to like such strange things I would have saved your grandmothers things”. In her own strange way she made me feel good about my taste. Cause if grandma liked it then it must be good.

  22. Hey Karianne, That was a rockin’ tutorial! It’s good to listen to your mamma because mom knows best. And you know you’ll be there one day soon, you know telling those witty young ins how to improve their blogs. I’m not sure I would want a rock necklace it might be too heavy for my old neck muscles to support but it is a sweet idea. Do you think that engraver tool would work on dominoes? Have a great week and give your mamma an extra hug and thank her for being an awesome cheerleader. Joyous Wishes, Linda

  23. Lol. I’m actually loving the geological humor rock, I’d wear that as a necklace and endure the eye-rolling. As for mom, I feel you – mine lets me know what EVER she’s thinking. At all times. Un-requested. (knuckles)

  24. Firstly, I love the carved rock 🙂

    But with all due respect to your mom, I love your “normal” blogging style. It’s fun to see how the story will unfold and somehow connect to the project 🙂

    Have a great one!

  25. Okay I have to address the “mom” factor here… Karianne I love the way your photographs tells a story! Be thankful that your mom reads your blog… my mom doesn’t even know what a blog is, let alone read my blog. In fact she doesn’t even have a computer, internet service,or a mobile phone. I know crazy, huh!?! 🙂

    I love your rocks… but i have to admit all i could think of was “man that much kill her neck trying to wear that necklace…” Yeah, I know silly, huh. a quick note, try spay painting your rocks with a clear coat and then engrave them. It ought to work. i think that is how we did them when i was a kid. yeah we did all kinds of crazy artwork at the youth center on post when we lived overseas… it was a blast! to this day i still miss those times… there was nothing more fun than spending a portion of the day in a huge open room with the smell of paint, the buzz of hand engravers, and the quiet chitter chatter of preteens, young adults, and “older” adults exploring the world of “art” together!!

    Have a great day!

  26. You so eloquently present the simplest of things as a great “novel”…the storyline always leading to a “happily ever after”….you leave no stone unturned in the “plot”…..Glad you are having a great time with your family!

  27. You are so funny, Karianne–this was a great project–the stones are beautiful embellished with the carving. I loved your photographs, and you appeased your maternal unit–good job!! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving an encouraging comment–I appreciate it very much!

  28. So cute! And I love the way you write! It definitely took me awhile to get used to it, but now that I’m used to it, I love it! It makes you think and pay attention! 🙂

  29. Precious! Well, I learn something every day and what better place to do it than on your blog! Engrave a rock, drill a hole in it- seriously?! Wow! You’re a great storyteller and always have such an inspiring message with your great sense of humor! 🙂

  30. I love “constructive criticism,” especially when it’s unsolicited, don’t you? Ha. Your necklace looks gorgeous! I had no idea there was a rock-engraving tool. A must-have stocking stuffer!

  31. Ok I like you posts and have never not once thought the pictures didn’t match the post so what is your mother on about whay is she looking at……………………lol Does she read your comments and think some of us are strange and by some of us I mean me here does she think I am strange because we both know that I have been known to leave long winded rambling comments……………now to the necklace love it it’s different and cute and would love one of them but also never heard of a rock engraving tool so I learnt something too…………….

  32. Love the necklace — so what did the kids think about it?

  33. Super cool project!! My Mom does not know I have a blog.Sadly we are not very close.I am very close to my daughter.I pray we always stay that way!

  34. I love this project, Karianne! I wonder if you sealed the beach rocks with something, if it might work then? I love that your mom reads your blog…my mom is my biggest fan, too…

  35. Ha! Gotta love those bossy mommas 😉

  36. such an awesome, clever project, karianne! your mom story–too cute:) enjoy that vaca!

  37. I just sent my mom an email something along the lines of “next time you have an opinion about my decorating, keep it to yourself.”

    Because of her unsolicited advice, I just spent a day moving my king size bed — by myself — and carting furniture from one room to the next because she said she thought a piece would look better in my bedroom than in the living room.

    Of course, she was right.

    But your mom isn’t. I totally get that your photos tell a story.

    Solidarity among us gals with moms who can’t keep their advice to themselves!

    But we love them anyway. And we get the chance to do this to our kids someday.

    — Amy

  38. I love your mom’s input. lol Great post, and project.