Bird Plate Wall

Bird Plate Wall

Bird Plate Wall

I wish I could type laughter.

Because I wanted to tell you a really corny joke.

You know.

The kind of joke you are not ever supposed to laugh at…..I mean….everyone knows that corny jokes aren’t meant to be funny.  They’re….well….they’re corny.

But I always laugh.

I can’t help it.

The sheer absurdity of a really good corny joke always makes me giggle.

Every.  single.   time.


It’s a good thing, too, because I live in the land of corny jokes.

Someone is always has a popsicle stick with a joke on it or a cereal box or a fruit roll-up or a happy meal or an Easter egg joke book.


Did you hear the one about how to turn soup into gold?

Just add 24 carrots.”  🙂

Or did you ever wonder why the orange didn’t cross the road?

Because it ran out of juice.”  🙂  🙂


I was trying to distract you with corny jokes because this project is so easy.  There are only two steps and I had a whole post to fill.

That’s right….it’s the official two-step bird plate wall project.

Don’t blink.

Or you’ll miss it.


Are you ready?

Here goes.

(1)  Hang the plates on the wall.

This is the hard part.

You can do it.

Just ask yourself why the math book was sad?

Because it had way too many problems. 🙂


(2)  Purchase a vinyl “birds on a wire” kit from Hobby Lobby or other craft store using a 40% off coupon

Stretch the vinyl wires across the plates.

Cut the vinyl wires and tuck behind the plates.

Add a few birds.

Then ask yourself…..what you call cheese that isn’t yours.

                                                                                                                          …….get ready for it……

……Nacho cheese. 🙂

PS  My son just informs me that LOL is so out.

Now the cool people type “ha ha ha.”

I thought you should know.

Just in case you wanted to be one of the cool people. 🙂

PPS  I get asked all the time where to find the birds to make the plate wall.  Here’s a link to the bird decal (please note that this is an affiliate link):

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  1. What do u get when you cross a snowman with a vampire? Frostbite hahaha (am I cool)

    Cute project Karianne and thank yr son for the heads up

  2. You are the coolest KariAnne. Thanks for making me smile while I drink my morning coffee in the craziness of morning. When do you sleep???!!!

  3. why was the cafeteria clock always behind?
    because it went back four seconds! ha ha ha
    I think this is one of those corny jokes that gets a better laugh when shared verbally 😉
    thanks for the morning giggle and cool project! Have a great day!

  4. This is a really fun project, KariAnne! Easy but with a lot of style punch! I get corney jokes… and laugh too!

  5. Cute jokes and cute plates!
    Know which knight was the largest at Sir Arthurs’ round table? Sir Cumference- he got that way from eating too much pi. You’re welcome. 🙂

  6. Nacho cheese ….. lol … I mean hahaha 🙂

  7. I never met you in person, but I must tell you, that I find myself so looking forward to your daily emails. Your creativity, eye for beauty, and the best sense of humor, add smiles and joy to my day. Oh, and I want to be cool, so thanks for the huge tip from your son:)

  8. That explains why my 21-year-old daughter types hahaha on every text she sends me! She is much cooler than I am, LOL!

  9. Thanks for the heads up on the coolness factor. I might just be one step ahead of my kids….just for today! Love the plate wall. I thought it was way more complicated than that! Have a good one!

  10. surprised at how easy to make. just last evening I sat on my front porch watching the birds sitting on the wire. oh, the songs they sung! I especially like seeing two chase each other in the sky and land together on the wire. eventually one would leave he other behind. what’s up with that?!

  11. You are so funny! Love the corny jokes and the bird plate wall. Thanks for letting us know that LOL is out and Ha Ha Ha is back in.

  12. What did the bartender say when Oxygen (O), Hydrogen (H), Sulphur (S), Sodium (Na), and Phosphorous (P) walked in?

    Wait for it…

    “OH SNaP!”


  13. By the way, guys, it’s ok if you don’t get it at first – it’s nerd humor 🙂

  14. OMG!! You are the best… first love love love the wall! I’m going to do this in my sun room. Second I love corny and LOL (I know I’m not cool but that is okay!). Your style and posts just pull me in and you make everything look so easy and fun.

  15. I don’t care about being cool, but my grandson definitely let’s me know when w am and not.

    Love your bird plate wall. Where is it in your house?

  16. Like when I hit the wrong key.

  17. What did one plate say to the other? Dinner’s on me. ha ha ha.
    I’m so cool and so is your bird plate wall! Ba-dum-pum.
    When you look up the definition of corny, you will see a picture of me. lol.

  18. Ha ha ha! Why did the bird fly South for the winter … because it was too far to walk! 🙂

  19. HA HA HA!! Ok…those are funny…corny, but funny. Those are the kind of jokes where you giggle, and then roll your eyes, because you think you should have been smart enough to figure out the answer. And quite frankly, I thought you painted those birds on the plates! Cute idea! 😉

  20. Love it KariAnne! You never cease to amaze me with your creativity (and humor)! Thanks for giving my desire to decorate for spring a little shove in the right direction. Have a great day!

  21. ha ha ha….O, I am sooo cool.

  22. ha ha ha….too cool!! Love your posts! ~~Angela

  23. Charming plate wall!!! So happy to hear that LOL is out and Ha Ha Ha is back in:)


  24. Not cool, here! LOL indicates that I actually did.
    So, hahaha – because I only smiled. 🙂
    Pretty project.

  25. How do you get a kleenex to dance? Put a boogie in it!

    You are so creative. I love visiting your blog – I always leave inspired!

  26. I’m going to have to tell my math teacher husband that one. 🙂 I love the bird plates.

  27. So cute. You made me laugh and I always hahaha or teehee – I guess I was cool and didn’t know it. Your post reminded me of dinners at my sister’s. My niece and nephew who are in their 20s always have competitions on who can tell the corniest jokes. Allyson usually wins because she teaches grade school!

  28. So pretty!! I LOVE this!!

    And thanks for the Ha ha ha tip! I didn’t know LOL was out!

  29. Love a two step project! You had me at the Nacho cheese one – ha ha ha!!!! Living with kids gives us some many LOL or ha ha ha moments!

  30. KariAnne this post is for the birds…ha, ha, ha. Love it! Great graphic punch and LOVE simple. You da bomb (or is that not cool either?) I think cool got up and left about 30 years ago, but with age comes heat. Yes, I’m one HOT momma.

  31. Karianne, your posts always make me smile. I love your wit . . . and, of course, your beautiful photographs! I smiled when I saw the close up of the white plates on your wall. I have every one of them! You have great taste, my friend (smile!)!

  32. What do you get when you run over a bird with a lawnmower? Shredded tweet……This was my VERY favorite joke when I was about 9…of course now it’s banned I’m sure because of PETA…sigh…just like teeter totters and merry-go-rounds…the kind I pushed so fast my brothers would fly off the side…it was SUCH fun back then!We played for hours at the playground!
    LOL ing here…. hahaha is SO old school…..but I guess everything comes back around! Maybe yuk yuk will come back too….that’s a fun one….
    I voted for your birds….they were too cute!

  33. What’s not to love. I adore the birds and the whole concept.

  34. Thanks for helping us to be COOL Karianne, I recently heard about a woman who thought lol meant ‘lots of love.’ Imagine the reaction she got when she sent a text message saying, “sorry to hear that your Aunt Bea past away, lol.” Not COOL! Love those birds and the entire project. Hugs, Linda

  35. Where did Napoleon keep his armies? In his sleevies!! Get it? Arms in his Sleeves? This is the only joke I can ever remember…sad, but I giggle every time!

  36. Cheryl in Wisconsin :

    (Hold up 3 of your fingers): Why couldn’t Beethoven play piano with these three fingers?

    Because they’re mine!

  37. I love the bird plate wall so much!! And thank goodness we have the kids to keep us cool and let us know when our lol has become ha, ha, ha! Have a fabulous day 🙂

    xo, Tanya

  38. These plates are beautiful and what a great project. I giggled at the jokes, I like little jokes. The plates also look great with the chair you did and the boxes on the table.


  39. Found you through Country Living and no joke LOL or HAHAHA…your blog is terrific! I am signing up right now. Looking forward to lots of posts & lots of HAHA’s as we go along.

  40. We just had a new Hobby Lobby open in Washington–whoo-hoo (can you still say that!) I love the birds on the white plates, but I don’t think they’d show up on my collection of Flo-Blue:-(
    I love corny jokes and my grandson is always asking “PopPop” to tell him some…these would be good ones! XOXO

  41. I LOVE the bird plates, there will be some flying on my wall soon!

    I worked at a utility company for years – we always used LOL to mean “Little Old Lady”, and LOM was “Little Old Man”. It took me a loooong time to get used to LOL meaning Laughing Out Loud, I’m so glad to say good-bye to LOL – bring on the hahaha!!

  42. HaHaHa!!!..Love the bird plates

  43. Ha ha ha! I just LOL’d while I typed that… *sigh… who can keep up?
    Why did the football coach go to the bank?
    To get his quarter back.
    xo Heidi

  44. Sheryll & Critters. :

    I too love the Bird Plates and was so wanting to ask you about them….. so cool. I must put them on my wish list. I have a silly question. If I ever get the money for paint to paint my very expensive (checked) and fairly new (was up when I bought this house) wood paneling…… do you think if I painted stipes (the grooves are uneven ya know)… that it would look cool? I am not very hip or modern, but ya know what I mean? I was thinking of spacing the stripes ever so often per the paneling which is not in even strips. I so hope you understand this weird question… help? I like your taste in decorating, so hope you can help me out? Thank you (from Sheryll Lyn on FB).

  45. Sheryll & Critters. :

    And I want to borrow your jokes if it is okay? And yes, ha ha ha! I love them all.

  46. That Nacho Cheese joke is my favorite joke ever. No really, ask my kids.

    Love the plate wall! You’re so creative 🙂


  47. Delightful! I have been admiring those plates in your photos. Who knew that they were that simple. Awesome…that is what you are. 😉 (Do we still say awesome? Let me ask my teen. 😉 Have a wonderful rest of the day! ~k.

  48. Super Cute my friend. Pinning!

  49. Thanks so much for this idea, really simple but does make in impact!

  50. I guess I am WAY cooler than my 13-year-old daughter! I wrote “ha ha ha” in a text and she told me that I should have put LOL (ha ha ha)!

  51. I saw those plate when you did your post about the faux chair slipcover and I wondered how it was done! Thanks for solving that mystery.
    Oh and….What do you do when the Vitamin man comes to your door?
    You Vit-am-in

  52. Thanks for the chuckle! Reading your blog posts is always a good way to start the day!

  53. Why did the sea gull fly over the sea? Because if it flew over the bay it would be called a bagel! Yes…I’ll be here all week…seriously…I have been admiring the bird plates…I am So into birds…I am on my way to Hobby Lobby as we speak…or I write…thanks for sharing!!

  54. These are so cute, lovin’ those sweet birds… except I haven’t found the right “white” plates yet, and you say it’s so simple, really how hard is it to find white plates??? Ask your Son what category I fit in, instead of LOL, or hahaha… I say hehehe??? Just wondering! hehehe!

  55. Oh the plates look so cute and the jokes are so funny. Glad for the heads up on lol!

  56. Thanks for the LOL ha ha ha giggles today, needed them!

    So good to know your children are keeping you a kewl hipster Mum.

  57. Are birds the in thing now? Must be cause you see them everywhere! I must admit I’m really getting into the bird thing too. Just bought some super cute ones that look all aged so cute! Your plates look fab with the chair and boxes! I will hAve to remember it is cool to do ha ha ha! LOL Traci

  58. very cool project.
    we like easy. 🙂
    easy is wonderful.

    love the corny jokes….i’m trying really hard not to type LOL because my son has informed me of the very same thing.
    only old people do it, and you and me…we’re NOT old.

  59. I love these plate so much, Karianne! And no one ever accused me of being cool…a rock star maybe lol…

  60. Karianne I LOVE this! It looks awesome! (Is the word “awesome” out, too?)

  61. These are really cute, even if they’re super simple to make… you still have to have the creative juice to come up with it! I’m pinning. Little Bit from

  62. Alice Harper :

    I love the plates and birds combo. Fantastic idea with a lot of appeal. Thanks,

  63. Love the plates and the jokes 🙂

  64. I love the bird plates and I will for sure give this a try, it looks so beautiful and so unique, can’t imagine you made them, look so custom…

  65. Ha, ha, ha…sorry had to be one of the “cool people”….love your plates and love it more that it is an easy peasy project!…Thanks for the laughs…will have to tell one of them to my granddaughter as her new thing now is coming home from school “with a joke”…and of course you have to laugh really hard!…There is always room for a joke in your day!!…

  66. I don’t have a plate hanging kind of house, but if I did, I would want those birds on my plates!

    Current favorite jokes in this house of crazy…
    From the 7 year old : What do you find under an elephant’s tail? It must be the engine b.c the trunk is at the other end.

    From the almost 5 year old: Why did the chicken cross the road? To prove he wasn’t chicken!

    Happy Singing Bird on Wires!

  67. The bird plates are so cute!
    My six year old (almost 7) is into all these ‘why didn’t the chicken cross the road jokes’, so I’ll tell him the ‘orange joke’ – he’ll get a kick out of that one 😀
    Greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  68. Sigh… trying really hard to come up with a corny joke to share and I can’t :-/ Just my luck innit??
    Luv the plate wall .
    Hugs, Gee

  69. Charlette Milller :

    Cute project & funny jokes…I don’t watch tennis because it’s too noisy…bothe players are raising a racquet..

  70. Wow…and no cover charge for the entertainment? Bargain comedy 🙂 Cool plates and thanks for the LOL tip. LOL. 😉

  71. I was lured into the plate post too from Savvy Southern. But gotta go to the dentist now.. it’s two thirty! (tooth hurty).. Sorry, booo, my bad!

  72. Great idea KariAnne – so many possibilities for this great project! Heather

  73. Cutest plates EVER! And cutest jokes! Here’s mine: If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring? A: America’s first Pilgrims. Hahahahahahahahaha! Stole that from one of my sons’ homework riddles. =)


  74. I shared this as our Pin of the Week on our facebook page! Absolutely love this!

  75. adorable birds on a wire!!!! LOVE!

    i’m a major dork and i’m okay with that.. i think, most of the time… anyway.
    i’m sitting at work laughing while everyone is looking at me reading these “corny” jokes. way cute. i’ll add one..

    where did superman shop???
    at the supermarket.. duh.. 🙂

  76. I just “stumbled” on your blog a few days ago (maybe from a Pinterest post) – I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Everything about it and now I’m a faithful subscriber! Where did you get the “You are my sunshine” box…do you remember? Thanks!

  77. These are the cutest, most adorable plates I’ve ever seen! Love them and love your blog! Thank you for all your hard work!

  78. This looks so cute! Can you tell me where you get your plate holders from? I was thinking of doing a similar thing to my kitchen wall – just not sure where to get the best ones or pricing. thanks!! Great job!!

  79. Love the birdies and the jokes! Love yout ideas, too! Have a great day from me in south Louisiana!