Better Than a Hallmark Movie

Better Than a Hallmark Movie


Back in pre-historic times when the dinosaurs ruled the earth and I started blogging….

…..I met this blogger.

Don’t you love a story that begins like that?

Actually I think I met her house first.  I found her front door on Pinterest and followed it to her kitchen and the tiny cobblestones that surrounded her home.  And I left a comment on her blog full of so many exclamation points that it broke every rule in the MLA handbook.

I remember thinking that was the end of the conversation.  I mean….after all…..she was a designer.  A real designer.  With clients and a portfolio and beautiful homes she had furnished from shops I had only read about in magazines.

And I was a blogger.  A blogger who shopped at the side of the road and (even better)…..

…..the side of the lake. 🙂


But as it turns out…she was undeterred by the flurry of exclamation points….and she commented back.  We e-mailed back and forth and talked and laughed and giggled over a cup of coffee and thousands of miles.

And then one day…..we had a conversation on the phone.  With real words full of exclamation points you could actually hear.

It was wonderful.

We shared our hearts and our goals and our ideas and she shared her love story.

And I knew I had found a friend.


A year passed and then one day she e-mailed me to tell me she was selling her home.

She said she and her husband had plans and hopes and a really, really big dream.

And so the house went on the market.

Then we all waited.  And crossed our fingers and all ten toes.

And one day….that wonderful house with the hoop top door and the porches and the beautiful wisteria…..sold.

But the story doesn’t end there.


It gets better.

Way better.

Because you see….the couple that bought the house? 

The Little Inn Of Bayfield

That same couple who bought the house…..also bought this.

The Little Inn of Bayfield.

And just like in the movies….the Inn was part of Cynthia and her husband’s love story.

This was their place.

Their special place to get away.

The Dining Rooms at The Little Inn Bayfield...

These rooms were full of memories and joy and celebrations.

So many moments and steps along their journey had been spent…

And the new owners?  They loved Cynthia’s home and her design style and her eye for incredible detail…..

….and they hired her to transform the Inn.

Of course they did.

I couldn’t have written the script any better if I had tried.

little-dining-room I love this story.

It reads better than a Hallmark movie.

One I wish I was starring in.


I working on how to drop this story in conversation next time I’m at our special restaurant here in the county…..

….ordering gas station pizza. 🙂

PS  You can follow along with Cynthia and her renovation journey…

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  1. Yes, I can see what you mean about that house. What a pretty front door and I love the stone driveway that leads to it.

    Pretty dining hall at the Inn too. Very elegant and full of light. (Perfect windows for food photography too-lol. See how my mind works?).

    I’ll definitely pop over to Cynthia’s to look around.

    Have a great day, Karianne.


  2. Just LOVE your story telling KariAnne!!! (Too many?

  3. Karianne, You are THE BEST!!!!
    I got up this morning and read your post and happy danced all around the house! ( don’t picture it… you might spit out your coffee! ) 🙂
    Thank you so much… I love you and adore your blog. To have you do such a beautiful and generous post about our story is very humbling. I just can’t thank you enough.
    Now I have to go wake Kent up and make him read it!!!

  4. Another good one. So pretty. Makes me want to make plans to go to a B&B very soon.

  5. Wait a minute!! I want to know more — { big pout!!} I want more pictures — more words — this is like a movie trailer. You are teasing me. Now I’ve got to go to the very beginning and click on all the links. KariAnne you are the greatest — it’s a very lucky person who can call you a friend. Big Hugs — now I have to go back and reread before I go to the “Y”

  6. So very precious! I so love a love story and where dreams come true! This story is both! I giggled at exclamation marks when you posted a comment, because I did the same thing when I sent you a comment. You are pretty amazing! Yes even
    Better than gas station pizza! 🙂

  7. Love Cynthia and her gorgeous home. I had a little panic attack when they first put it on the market, but the story of how it sold and who bought it makes it all so serendipitous… like a movie.

  8. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story! I adore Cynthia’s style! I’m off to visit her blog and read more about her story! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  9. I have been to Bayfield! It is the most charming town and someday I hope to go back and stay at The Little Inn. I’ll be reading along 🙂

  10. Yes…it IS like a Hallmark movie! I subscribe to her blog…and I knew all the facts…but you’ve spun it into a wonderful movie!!!!!! (Hope that wasn’t too many!) 😉

  11. What a wonderful story! How fun is it that she is a fellow Canadian. I popped over to have a closer look around and was tickled to see her picture on her profile page is in front of the Angel Inn, right here in my neck of the woods!! I will be following her for sure.

  12. I have the honor of calling Cynthia a friend, a story similar to yours actually… she is the sweetest and most down to earth person with fantastic tastes and skill and oh so giving! I CAN NOT wait to see what her and Kent get into next, they are like watching a true love story with so many wonderful adventures! I am hoping to one day meet them and have a guided tour of Bayfield. 🙂

  13. How fun is this? Headed over to visit…

  14. Love this story and love Cynthia! She’s a class act!

  15. This is an amazing story and can’t with to see what their next big project is.

  16. I love a good Hallmark Story!!

  17. Love Cynthia and her now previous home and design style. Have been following her on Pinterest for a while now. So fun to read how you found her. I can’t wait to see what flair she will bring to The Bayfield Inn. Beautiful town and Inn, hubs and I visited there 10 yrs ago. Serendipity indeed!

  18. What a beautiful touching story. You are so right you couldn’t have written it any better. A true love story.


  19. LOVE THIS! and of course she loved you, Karianne. You are talented, smart, funny and have fantastic style. 🙂
    And I always break the exclamation point rule!!! (see???)

  20. This truly is better than a Hallmark card or a Lifetime Movie even! this just made me so happy! Thank you for sharing this story!

  21. Karianne, you are a gifted lady. You spin a lovely story each time. Sometimes I hear your voice (or what I imagine your voice sounds like) in my head as I’m writing and you inspire me each time. Thanks for sharing your wonderful gift with us! (Exclamation points also help reduce my stress in certain situations!!!!!)

  22. Thank you this was another bloody great post

  23. Okay, I know I’ve been out of bloggy world for a few weeks….okay the entire summer! I guess that’s why I’m just now seeing your new head shot! LOVE IT! You look so beautiful. Your writing shines the beauty that is you and your smile shows the rest. Your hair is just fab U lous by the way! Two thumbs up for always putting a smile on my face or a tear in my eye! You are the best!!!!!! (definitely not to many!!!!!)

  24. Wow! What a packed full post. Great stuff all round here 🙂

  25. Ahhh yes I knew the post title would prove valid! Definitely better than a Hallmark movie! 😀

  26. Karianne…do you know you have a special little gift? Not everyone has it…..but yours makes up for those who don’t……you make smiles appear from no where! You are a Hallmark movie!

    Smilin’ back at ya!

  27. Karianne,
    I just had to pop back over and thank you again for your wonderful feature.
    I also wanted to give a HUGE thank you to all your amazing readers who have been so supportive here and with comments and visits over on my blog!! They are fantastic ( which you already know! ) and I am so very very grateful to all of them for their beautiful, caring and generous spirits!!

  28. Good write-up. I certainly appreciate this website.
    Keep it up!