A Slice of Joy

A Slice of Joy

Upstairs Bathroom Chair

For the last week I have been valiantly fighting a cold. 

And it almost won.


Yesterday I finally vanquished it.

I was victorious….yet so exhausted.

And tired and bedraggled…..and so very, very weary.


And in that moment I realized that what I needed.  At that moment of weariness and exhaustion….all I needed……was encouragement and laughter and light.

And joy.

And so I reached for my file.

And read.  And read.  And read some more.

I could feel the joy start to bubble up.

It started with a smile.

Then a giggle.

And then…..when I read the following post that I wrote so long ago….I think I tossed my head back and laughed and laughed until my shoulders shook.

I had to share.

So I’m lifting my monogrammed coffee cup in victory and if you are like me…..and today…..you need a small slice of joy…..

…..here’s one served up just for you…..called “What’s a Mom To Say?”


If you are a member of the anti-wood painting club.

This is not the post for you.

If you have a visceral reaction to white, painted wood.

Cover your eyes and look away.


And don’t be a hater.



Oh wait.

I forgot.

The last time I said that on the blog, my son told me not to say it anymore.



He said (and I’m quoting here) “Don’t say, ‘Don’t be a hater,’ Mom.”


Why not?

I really think it has a certain ring to it.



“Seriously Mom, no one your age says stuff like that.  I mean….. if you are over the age of 30 and you don’t star on a television show….”

He trailed off into awkward silence as he stared at me.


Thinking about the wisdom of continuing with this train of thought.

And then he simply shrugged and continued on with his brazen attempt to put me into my place.




He squared his shoulders and boldly and unabashedly continued…..

“I just think you shouldn’t really be saying ‘Don’t be a hater’ if you are over the age of 30 and you don’t star on a television show….”


“….and I’m even a little sketchy about the late 20’s.”

And with that….he had officially thrown down the gauntlet.



I stopped and thought about this.

And then asked my little colloquialism expert what an ancient relic like me from the middle ages should say instead.

I really wanted to know.

What should I say to someone who might be so quick to dismiss my newly painted white trim?



What’s the proper turn of phrase for an over-thirty non-movie star mom?


(insert furrowed brow drawn up in deep contemplation)

(light bulb)

“I know.  Why don’t you say ‘Don’t be…..

…..a wet dishrag.'”

Oh.  I see.

The old cool, hip, super-current dishrag line.

Why didn’t I think of that?  🙂


PS  If you need a little more joy and a lot of laughs…..here’s a really fun announcement!  My incredible friend, Jen is putting together a Mid-West Meet-up!

And Heather and I are both going!

And we would all love to meet you!!!!!


Can you think how much fun we would have?  All that talking and shopping…..oh and the laughing. 🙂

Fingers crossed you live close enough to join us!  E-mail Jen or me if you have any questions!

Hope to see you there. 🙂

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  1. Oh my. Your bathroom is a sight for my weary eyes! So crisp and the red just pops out. You have the best accessories ever!

  2. KARIANNE! I am seriously thinking about coming! I just “googled” how far a drive…..I can handle 4.5 hrs.:) and getting to finally meet fellow bloggers would be Awesome.Fun.Amazing. ~Kim

  3. There will be no hating next month at the Midwest Meet-up! Fun and laughing only …

    🙂 Linda

  4. No hating here….if my woodwork was that dark I’d paint it too! Kids now a days, do seem free to speak their minds…my twenty-something’s certainly don’t hold back! 😉

  5. I love your son’s comments. I have 2 sons. (in their 20’s) and they still do not hesitate to tell me exactly what they think. sometimes I love that they do and sometimes,,,,,not so much. 😀

    I LOVE white.
    I am in the white fan club.
    Will you join Karianne?


  6. You completely crack me up. I will take a neutral stance on painting wood. Frankly, some of it is just asking for it. The bathroom is dazzling, and has your bright style. So does your son.

  7. Some wood needs painting and that was one of them! It’s amazing you’ve managed to survive this long and are still able to make a coherent sentence without the advice of the children!! LOL Of course I do cringe when my Yankee father-in-law keeps saying “y’all” when he’s only talking about ONE person….but he’s 84 so I can’t BE A HATER and get annoyed at him….
    Your son is too freakin cute!….I’m sure I’m too old to say “freakin” so don’t tell him.

  8. Karianne,
    I can’t even tell you how happy I am to have found your blog! Every single thing you post makes me either smile, laugh or draw inspiration. I adore your style and taste. And if I didn’t live in Northern Vermont I would just love to meet you at the Meet Up, but alas, it is much too far.
    Have a wonderful day.

  9. Karianne,

    If I sent you pics of my downstairs bathroom you would, well, you would think how could anyone live like that!! We need it totally gutted!! We don’t have 10 grand to do that. So where do we start?? It has tiled floor that is cracked and the ceiling is missing that popcorn stuff and tile all over the shower and walls, and NOT the good kind of tile!! Help, me please. My husband was single and raising 4 children for 12 years and just couldn’t afford to fix it. Now that we have found each other and married I need this bathroom fixed. I can do anything when it comes to decorating and redoing so to say, but this one is like I don’t know where to start!! Help me out please. How much did your remake cost? I am at a stand still and need a bathroom to love, just like yours!!!

  10. i love the bathroom!! It looks great!! And if some other “older” person was saying “don’t be a hater,” he would probably think it was cool! Most of the time it’s just a mom thing! 😉

  11. You did the right thing! Your bathroom looks so fresh. Your son… hilarious! My twins are only 4.5 {boys} and even now, some of the witty things that come out of their mouths makes me kinda nervous to what’s in store! Haha! Can’t wait to move South so I can join in on some of these get together’s you girls put on! Have a great week!

  12. I’ve got a running list of things I’m not allowed to say.

    Pretty soon I’ll be rendered mute and will have to mime everything when my girls are around!

    P.S. White trim makes me happy – haters be banished to dark wood Siberia!

  13. First of all, LOVE the bathroom. It’s absolutely gorgeous, so light and pretty with adorable decor. Second of all, you are HILARIOUS! I love this conversation with your son hahaha! He really has some guts and I personally think you could make the wet dishrag thing go viral — at least on Pinterest! 😛 Third of all, MIDWEST MEET-UP? Definitely gonna look into that! Love all around!! 😀

  14. You never fail to make me smile. You have a gift! Crazy as it is…..I am fighting a nasty cold…and I am soooo tired of it. This is the second time around. 🙁 That being said…I have a little DIY in mind today. That should help! 😉 btw: My daughter (the teen) doesn’t think that I should get to say “Oh that is so adorbs.” So…my friend Maranda and I…say it that much more. (When she’s not around! ha!) Cheers my friiend! (I’ll raise my glass of Nyquil!) 😉 k.

  15. *friend and *NyQuil….sorry…I just couldn’t let it go. Ha!

  16. It looks awesome girl! Your son sounds like my boys~what a cutie.

  17. Ooh, I’m in St. Louis!! Not too far away. That might be a fun little getaway to see some familiar faces 😉

  18. I laughed the first time I read about the “don’t be a hater” post and laughed again!!…Have fun at the “Midwest Meet-Up”…. I know you and Heather will have a great time along with Linda (I.A.S.W.P)…the town will never be the same!!

  19. Hysterical! “Wet dishrag” is a term my late mother used to use. She would be 97! He either just thought of it, or he must think you are REALLY old! ;>))

  20. I sell my painted furniture at an antique mall and yes they are haters.But truth be told my stuff sells and there’s does not.So when they comment about it I just smile 🙂
    Your bathroom looks amazing! I don’t think I saw this the first time around.
    Can’t wait to meet you in person.Yes I will be there 🙂

  21. LOL, kids sure will put you in check! Your bathroom is gorgeous!

  22. First of all, your bathroom is gorgeous. Please come over and do mine. Secondly, I hadn’t known about this Midwest blogger get-together. I’m about 1-1/2 hours away from Naperville. And you’re going? And Heather from The Picket Fence? Wow. I think I just might go! It’d be so cool to meet everyone! 🙂

  23. LOL…love that boy of yours and the that bathroom as well! Fabulous!! Squeeel…I can’t wait for our get together, it’s going to be a blast!


  24. Okay Mom, you can paint it if you want to, IT’S YOUR HOUSE! Just don’t forget to post those beautiful after pictures. Don’t think you can use the dish rag phrase, cause you ain’t old enough for that one…so you do you and let your son do himself. It’s great he’s reading YOUR blog, but if it ain’t broke, leave it alone. Now, he may be right in what he said but just couldn’t explain it to you. I’m African-American and “hater” is the street term for “jealous”. I don’t think that’s what you meant either. Love you blog and keep those paint projects coming!

  25. I love painted woodwork and have even thought about, when I have time, to paint the bookcases in my family room and brighten it. Of course, the key word is time! Love how you transformed that bathroom into a haven of beauty and tranquility, XOXO

  26. The white with the little pops of red… you must just smile every time you go in there. I would! Don’t think twice about your wording, I think it’s pretty cool (I can still say that can’t I) that he’s reading your Blog!

  27. Kari Anne, reading your posts each morning is a slice of joy for me. Your bright, bubbling personality makes me smile. I can just imagine how cute your son is. He gets his cleverness from his mom. ‘-)
    I love your bright white bathroom with it’s nautical touches. Love the seaside pillow. Is that needlepointed?
    Enjoy your day, hope it’s full of laughter. Wish I lived near by to meet up with you girls. ‘-)

  28. Kind of like the before better…..lol.
    It is gorgeous!!! Once again you have done your fabulous magic!!!!

  29. SO funny! Kids say and do the most funny things…writing them down will help you always remember them! OH I’d love to be at that blogger meetup…but I have another very important gathering to attend…my littlest grandson’s very first birthday! Have fun!

  30. Love it! Beautiful as always!

  31. I LOVE white painted trim…like a breath of fresh air. If I had my druthers, all my heavy oak trim would be white (ouch :)), but it’s the one thing my hubby asked me not to paint.

    I so enjoyed yours and your son’s conversation about age-appropriate phrases. Just today a student asked if they could interview me for their Psych class (not quite sure how to take that :)) regarding adult development. She needed someone middle-aged and someone a few years “wiser”. Before I agreed, I asked which category I fell into. Evidently, I’m in the “few years wiser’ category since she was choosing someone “31 years old” for the middle aged interview!!! I don’t even consider MYSELF middle-aged yet! Come to think of it, maybe that’s why she wants to speak with me 🙂 I wanted to defend my white hair with the usual, “I started graying at 25 and by 50 I just got tired of dying it every 3 weeks,” and “I’m ONLY 56,” but instead just grinned and said I was happy to be classified as the “wiser”. Bless their hearts 🙂

  32. LOL- Well, no need to call ME a wet dishrag-I love white painted wood! How funny that your son said that to your oh-so-ancient self. It looks great, by the way. I wish I could join you in March!!! xo Diana

  33. Ya know, I think I’d feel more hip being called a “hater” than a “wet dishrag”. Maybe he has a point.

  34. Lovely bathroom! I am not a hater of painted wood, I’m actually a lover of it. Just remember, haters gonna hate. I’m sure your son would ban that one too but I love it, even for those over 30. 😉 I keep forgetting to tell you congrats on your Country Living Reader’s Choice blogger award. I saw you in my copy and was like, hey, I “know” her! Very well deserved and such an honor.

    The Mid-west meet up sounds like great fun, it’s not too far from me so I’ll see if I can swing it, would be so fun to meet you guys in person.

  35. I remember this post. Made me laugh first time around, made me laugh this time too. And you must have ESP because I am trying to decide what color to paint my bathroom cabinet. Already have the bright white woodwork, but didn’t know if I wanted to go that bright for the cabinet also, but yours looks so crisp and clean I think I am just going to go ahead and paint it up bright white. Can’t go wrong when it was pickled pine (1990’s style) to begin with. If you could work on moving Naperville closer to Ohio, I’ll take you up on the get-together!

  36. Dang it! I booked a spontaneous flight to Florida to see my bestie. Heading back on the 16th. Been wanting to meet you for sometime. Hope you have a great time in Chicago-land!

  37. I ride the line on the painted wood issue (and your characterization of the Painted Wood Haters is spot-on!), but I LOVE what you’ve done in that room. 🙂 Not to mention, the hilarity was much appreciated. 😀

  38. 🙂 snicker. Your son is so funny!
    I would dearly love to meet up with some fun bloggers! Oh I wish it weren’t quite so far away. Hmmmmm. Wonder who I could get to go with me?

  39. Ok you show me pictures of an awesome looking bathroom and make me a little green with envy but I guess green with envy is better then green with sickness…………………………..wouldn’t want me throwing up over your awesome bathroom that would make a mess and that would be just aweful and smelly and someone would have to clean it and my luck you would make me do it………………..lol

  40. What a fun get together. I would so love to come, but not allowed to travel until mid April. SIGH!!! I think you are a rock star enough to say whatever you want 🙂

  41. you had me at red friend…xo

  42. I love all of the white – it’s gorgeous. And I’m in my early twenties and I say “don’t be a hater!!” Haha. Oh, kids.

  43. OMG, I laughed so hard regarding your son’s story regarding “don’t hate” comment. My 14 yo is always saying this statement lately, so of course I’ve picked it up as well (almost 50). lol, btw, I love the white with the punches of red!!!!

  44. This is hysterical!!! What a guy!!! I can just see you lauging til your shoulders shake. Glad you BEAT the $*$@ out of your cold:):) XO, Pinky

  45. Still laughing! I loved that post the first time around and it’s just as good again. Your son must be ADORABLE! You can tell him I said that. Your bathroom just makes me jealous. Thanks for the smile tonight.

  46. this was a great slice of joy for me!! i have been sick all week and then got worse — ended up with a double ear infection that i am trying to conquer. oh the joys! painted wood is lovely. i say PAINT & enjoy! 🙂

  47. I love your whiteboard with collage stamp art…I want to hang this on my bathroom too. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  48. I love it! I was really hoping you’d painted the door…because mine are almost exactly the same…a little lighter, but close. We’ve done the same thing…all the trim is now white (whole house), but we left the doors. It looks fine and honestly I just don’t have it in me to paint the doors!

    You’re son is too cute!

  49. Yes, to the valiant fight and not letting that cold steal your joy! I have no trouble at all painting wood trim but my mom (rest her soul) would cringe. I remember her and my aunt painstakingly restoring antiques to their natural wood (but then that was the style) Since they wouldn’t want to be old dish rags I bet they would now love the painted look of furniture, doors, trim and furniture. The midwest gathering looks like fun. I looked up Naperville, IL and it’s 4 hours and 47 minutes from my home in Michigan. It would make for a fun overnight stay in a historic hotel along with shopping and meeting a couple of rock star bloggers! Maybe next year, this event is just a week before my trip to historic St. Augustine! I know you gals will have fun and I can read all about it!

  50. LOL! I love your bathroom – and especially the EXIT sign – it’s fantastic! And of course I can sooooo relate to the children thinking we’re relics! My oldest daughter sent me a facebook post after my recent post you commented on and referenced an article talking about how we are “digital immigrants” and the “younger” generation is considered “digital natives”! Well, if that just doesn’t make me feel like a short, very overweight woman who wears a housecoat and scarf around her head. Hrmph.

    Ahhh children. Gotta love ’em.

    Have a great day!

  51. Your bathroom turned out beautifully, and I love the dark wood with the white trim. Your son is hilarious! So did you quit saying that “phrase” from then on?
    Oh how I wish I lived in the mid-west and could meet up with you girls. Unfortunately, it won’t happen for me.
    Hugs, Cindy

  52. The bathroom is GORGEOUS! Love the red with all that white. And the conversation with your son had me cracking up. My daughter is only 8 and already she’s rolling her eyes at Old Mom.

  53. I hope you’re feeling much better by now. What would you do without your four to keep you in line? ♥

  54. Oh your bathroom is gorgeous! Love the colors and am so glad to hear that you are feeling better!

  55. Glad you don’t feel like a “wet dish rag” any longer lol. I had that cold back in Dec not fun !!! But hey it was not the flu so consider ourselves lucky !!
    Love that bathroom ……..

    Kathy 🙂

  56. Your son’s lessons are preparing me for what I’m in store for with Jax a few years down the road (ugh). LOL. I love your beautiful bathroom … the crispness of the red and white work so beautifully together (love the whimsical EXIT sign)! And, what fun you guys are having a midwest get together … if only I lived closer!

  57. I needed a good laugh! And I love freshly painted wood! Fabulous! Hope you’re feeling better!

  58. Gotta love your boy, they sure do keep you on your toes don’t they? I am very tempted to join you in Naperville, will check the calendar! Thanks for posting the invite!

  59. Generally I am against painting wood, but only if it’s is in excellent condition (and something like oak or other hardwood). That said, after living with one of the ugliest blue 1970s era bathrooms in existence (for over ten years), I dream of nothing but white.

    Your bathroom is absolutely beautiful. bright, light, white. I love it. Enjoy. 🙂

    I may pin it to my bathroom board for future reference. Sigh.

  60. Ha – I think don’t be a hater sounds better. 😉 Love every detail – as usual!

  61. Just beautiful Karianne! Looks so crisp and clean! xo, Kimberly

  62. I just love that story!! A wet dishrag indeed! Love the bathroom – all the white with pops of red – divine! Glad you’re feeling better!! ~ Hugs, Jennifer

  63. I can see why this post made you laugh and you had to share it here! Wet dishrag? Priceless! This is the kind of story that will be blast to share with your son when he’s your age someday! 🙂 Love the pops of red, by the way!