Before and After Guest Bedroom

Before and After Guest Bedroom


disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Birch Lane.

Here’s a little throwback Thursday.

I’m not sure if a little throwback on a Thursday should make you a little wistful.

But this one does.

This is the before.  This room was the twins’ room when they were younger.  This is the room of tea parties and stuffed animal boarding school and fancy hats and dance parties and stories that never ended.  Before they moved upstairs and ditched the monograms and chose even brighter colors and painted murals on their walls.

The room was a little sad when they left.

After all, who doesn’t love a fancy hat and a tea party with choreography.

But now?

It’s repainted and restyled and redone….

…and ready for guests.

Here’s the after.

Same room.

Same angle.

Entirely different perspective.

It started with this rug.

I loved that other rug so much, but it was full of a life time of tea party crumbs.

When I saw this blue and white rug, I knew the room’s future.

It’s thick and cozy and full of hygge.

I used furniture we already had for the space.

This desk was repainted and finished with new hardware.

It’s perfect for guests to use if they bring computers or electronic devices.

I’m adding a charging station to the top.

I added a white metal accent chair with a wood seat.

It’s lightweight enough to move around the room if guests need extra seating.

I added the red snowflake pillow for a pop of color in this corner.

The bed is from my parent’s home.

It was repainted and fitted with a new blue and white striped duvet cover and shams.

And at the end of the bed, I added this plaid throw.

This is my favorite piece in the entire room.

It’s so soft and adds a little personality without going over the top.

Next came the wall art.

I painted the Colony Club sign for an extra bit of color on the wall and we spray painted the United States that was a clearance find.

The wire basket organizers are perfect for books, notebooks and extra supplies.

On the desk, I added this board game that my brother made for me for Christmas.

He routed the entire piece and framed it and I love the uniqueness of it.

It’s sitting on a desk with a story.

I finished off the room with a few accessories.

Like this handmade smile box my brother made.

And the fun metal stool and a wire basket.

And this super cute glass bottle set with the metal holder (that’s on sale right now).

Here’s one more look at the before to the after.

I love how it turned out.

It’s fresh and fun and ready for the next chapter.

All it needs is another dance party.

I’ll start working on my choreography. 🙂

A giant shout out to Birch Lane for partnering with me on this post (all opinions on the room and products and dance parties are my own).

Be sure and stop by Anita from Cedar Hill Farmhouse tomorrow to see her room refresh.

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wire basket (similar found here)

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  1. like your girls, this room is lovely and all grown up!

  2. Love everything!! Thanks for including before pictures so we can see what it looked like before!

  3. So fresh and fun! I love both rooms, it’s hard to believe they are one and the same! I may have to buy a plaid throw now… 😍

  4. Ok…, let me know when it is ready for it’s first guest!!!!! Lol!!
    LOVE every bit of it my friend. Super nice job!

  5. Debbie Andrews :

    I too love the room! What color did you use on the walls? How about the bed too?

  6. I absolutely love the before and the after is just as loveable — but in a different way. It’s wonderful that you have photos of the before — the twins will enjoy having it. I’m always amazed how much you can do with what you have. I think I need to make a major purge at our house. It is too cluttered and full of things that I just kept for no reason. 🙁 Have a happy day!

  7. I loved the original room but I have to admit I love the redo even more. I guess my attraction to less is more is the reason why. I find the room very peaceful! Great job! xoxoxo

  8. What guest wouldn’t love to
    snuggle down in that bed!!!
    I like what you’ve done!! : )

  9. Absolutely stunning! Love love love the transformation! You did a great job – as always. The whole scheme is what I had going on in my head for my daughter and her new husband’s room (May is the big day – and, yes, they grow up way too quickly)). Thank you for putting my vision to life so I can show my husband what’s inside my head – for the first time ever! ;). Have a blessed weekend!

  10. well, just a big ol’ WOW. Perfect, in every way. great accessories! Love every single thing, especially your family treasures….those handmades will be told in tales many years after we are all gone up yonder!

  11. What a lovely room…so fresh and bright! Who wouldn’t want to stay there? Lovely job, KariAnne!

  12. What is the name & brand of the wall color?

  13. Wow it always amazes me how much paint can refresh a room. It looks great! That rug is a good starting point; it looks plush and inviting. Any guest would feel pampered in this room. Love all the pretty accessories too!

  14. So pretty. When can I come? 😉

  15. Pamela Pickett :

    Wow! Love it…

  16. Very cleverly done, so thoughtful for guests. I love the positive Americana.

  17. It looks great! That throw looks so cozy. The girl’s room was so sweet. That little dollhouse in the corner. Tell me about that Kentucky map?

  18. Can I come stay in your guest room? Love it!!

  19. This is gorgeous! You have some very lucky guests!

  20. Yes, I could definitely hygge mig in that room. How refreshing! Isn’t it sometimes lovely to make a change? Often we must let things go not because they are no longer beautiful, but because they have faithfully served during their intended season.

  21. What a lovely guest room. It’s so sunny and warm. I’ll just go pack my bags…

  22. We’ve been thinking the master BR needs a refresh and the master bath. Just some new bedding and rug for the bath. Especially at this time of year, its almost a MUST. Your guest room is devine. So inviting, you may need to take bookings!!

  23. Marty Oravetz :

    This is so pretty and inviting. I absolutely loved the twins old room, it was one of my all time favorites.

  24. Teresa Gonzales :

    Beautiful! Love both ways! Both are very inviting!

  25. Talk about a transformation! Woo hoo!

  26. Lovely and charming.

  27. Love the red, white and blue…they are my favorite “classic colors”.


    KariAnne, once again, you have done a great job of redoing a room. Your Guest Room is just beautiful! You will have your guests coming and staying for a bit — instead of just for night!


  29. Karianne, check your date book and let me know when I can use the guest room. So pretty and inviting. Got a little teary looking at the little girls’ room.

  30. I mean really, this is a dream!
    Your home looks so cozy, nice and warm!
    xoxo, Colli

  31. KariAnne, It is always a delight to see your emails and I look forward to what you are doing. You are uplifting, inspiring, positive and your ideas are always so refreshing! I’m am always encouraged by your writings and feel happy when I read about your projects and your family! Thank you for sharing your life and your ideas with us!

  32. Your twins bedroom remains an all-time favorite room of mine!

  33. I totally LOVED the twins old room, it should definitely be in a magazine! The new room looks amazing, love what you did. Now let’s see the twins NEW room:):)

  34. Donna Nuttall :

    Absolutely love the room!

  35. As always… GORGEOUS!
    Thank you so much for partying with us… Have a great weekend!

  36. Gorgeous Makeover! I would love to be your guest just for that room Kari Anne 🙂


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